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I am deeply sorry to everyone on this site. I am sorry I lost my temper and went nuts becasue I wasn't nominated. I felt so sad and like a bad writer. I am sorry if I let anyone down. To the people that tried to help me, I am sorry I went crazy on you. I just felt so mad at myself and wanted to give up and quit. But, I can't.  I wish that this would have never happened. Yeah, I kind of acted like Kanye West when I went on a rant.  I am not a person who cares about their ego. I felt like I was never wanted here and unloved. I felt so insecure about my work and kind of still do. It made me feel so mad at the world.  I felt so mad, I had to lash out. I am sorry for all the drama I caused. I feel like it was my fault. I make mistakes and I need to learn from them. I feel like an idiot.  I hope you can forgive me.

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