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Michael Jackson is back in Club 30, trying to find out more about the murder of Annie Wilkes, The dame from down the lane. As he questions everyone, he is found guilty of the murder of Annie. But he believes differently, he believes he was framed. Now, Michael is on the lamb, since he snaked his way from the cops, and he faces some new problems up ahead as he is chased. And may need help from his crush, his children friends, his pet monkey Bubbles, and Spike the rabbit to back him up in the face of the law. But did he really kill Annie? Or was it a setup like he said? Find out in Why isn't annie okay?

Rated: K+
Categories: Parody, Song Fics, Suspense Characters: Michael
General Warnings: None
Trigger Warnings: None
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Series: Parodies And Tropetacular Proportions Presents...
Chapters: 2 Completed: No
Word count: 2118 Read: 809
Published: Aug 16, 2014 Updated: Aug 17, 2014
Story Notes:

Based off of 'Smooth Criminal', From Moonwalker and the Bad album.



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So I've decided to add another chapter! Let's add some more reviews guys!

Thank you to mjlover1972 for being my first reviewer!

(I forgot to add this story is MUCH like Moonwalker! And some of his Bad era Short films! Lol! I can't believe I accidently said this was a short story. It's way to interesting to be a short story!)