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Meet experiment 72, a male humanoid hybrid created on a spaceship in outerspace. Also meet 62, a female humanoid hybrid created on the same ship.

This was the plan all along, to create the very first Human Hybrid in the secret hands of the Government with their goal to create one male and one female hybrid to achive in the process of breeding into what shall be known as a new revolution of humans.

After many failed attempts of this procedure, they finally got it.

Luna Phantomshire is one of the scientists aboard this lone ship that orbits the moon. She is known as the Head's assistant and is left with the responcibility of taking care of both specimens under her care, yet she does not know how to do so. And the more the specimens grow, the more dangerous they become in their nature...

The company behind this sceme is eager to get their hands on both 72 and 62, that's when they suddenly realise that they are related....

They are human.... but not entirely 

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This story is my verison of Michael's music video Scream... i hope you enjoy it!! it may be a bit crappy cause i began to write this a long time ago, but i have improved! enjoooyyyyy!!! XD

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if you ever heard or seen of the movie MAMA, you can see where i got my inspiration from 72 repeating his sister's name X3 new character! yay!

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new character! WHEEEE. If any of you peeps watch Attack on Titan you will know where i got the dude from ^^ enjoy!! 

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new chapter! yesh!!! *fist pump* hope you guys likes it!

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Im terribly sorry for my long absence due to school, but I bring you a brand new chapter of Experiment 72!!! :D Im hoping this will repay for my absence