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Author's Chapter Notes:

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(Michael's POV)


Randy and I pulled into the crowded parking of Encino High School in my Rolls Royce.After about 10 minutes, I found a space and parked the car there.We got out and ran to the front entrance of the school.



As Randy and me walked into school's office, the halls emptied. "We must be late."I whispered to my little brother.



A frail women with gray hair sat behind a desk. Randy cleared his throat to get her attention.



She looked at us over tiny eyeglasses."Oh, hello! You two must be new students. I'll take you to principal." She got up and hobbled to a door that said Principal Garrett in bold letters.



Randy looked confused at the old lady." I was not expecting that. I thought she was going to hit with rulers." I rolled my at him, because to tell the truth, he is the strangest person I know. That's saying something because I know Steven Tyler.



We walked into the room and sat in chairs in front of a desk. A moment later , an Asian woman hurried in and sat on the other side of the desk. She smiled and said," Hello boys, I'm Mrs.Garrett and I have your class schedules."Randy stood up and took them.



Suddenly the door opened and a girl walked in." This is Sammy Rivera; she's going to show you two around." We followed Sammy out the room.

Chapter End Notes:

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