California Dreaming. by Lorry

Amber and Michael free from the clutches of Gary, head off to the sunny side of L.A hoping to follow their dreams but amongst the mix of finding where they belong...

they are blessed with a child and unknown shores of drama drop into their life which wasn't expected..

How will they cope?

Can they sustain their relationship though it all juggling with a child and their own dreams?
Find out in..

in the sequel to 'I Found that Girl'...

'California Dreaming'

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::Ch.1:: by Lorry
Author's Notes:

To any new readers who tune it's best to read the first saga to understand the story :)



Since the day Michael and I had escaped from Indiana and the mafia. We had been travelling on horse for two months or so I wasn't sure, the days don't matter as long as we keep moving from place to place.

We were now in a small town I hadn't bothered to see the sign of what this town was called.

I attended to the horses while Michael had gone to take a leak and in his absence I watched them feast on the fresh red apples, I picked from the trees when we stopped for a break some time ago. 

I gently stroked Michael's horse coat as he ate the apple from my hand and I smiled seeing him enjoy his snack.

I felt Michael's cool breath on my neck and feeling his lean arms wrap around my waist.
"Feeding Katie and chestnut love?" He asked and kissed my neck tenderly.


I turned around to face him, grinning up into his dark brown eyes.
In the first week of our travelling Michael had decided to cut his beautiful Afro that broke my heart and my attempts to persuade him not to get a haircut was unfruitful and he ended up cutting it at a local barber.



Running my hands through his curly hair and I grinned "you do realise applehead we ain't going to have Eh...your pet animals for too long right? And someone is in need for haircut again your hair grows so fast"


Michael bent down and pecked my lips lovingly as he grinned cheekily "well there will be different animals when we find our dream home gurl..let's go down this grassy path, when I came

back up I heard music coming from the other side there might be a festival going along"


"As long as your pets don't stay in our room then so be it and you can have as many pets as you like" I replied laughing.

He chuckled and grabbing my hand in his, we walked hand in hand and our free hand holding the rail for the horses to follow us as we made our down the grassy path till we arrived to a banner that read 'Retirement Horses Festival'


We walked into the festival with our horses and seeing the multicoloured stalls and seeing families wearing painted masks on their faces it was a lovely sight to see.

We dropped off our horses at the field where different other types of horses were eating or drinking water but we our bags removed before doing so.

After doing so we sat at a bench and ate our lunch in peace for the moment until later on we were approached by a white bearded blue eyed fella who sat next to us.

"So the latest horses in the field are they yours?" He asked interested.
Michael answered politely "yes they are ours"

"They are quite beautiful and were you able to get them?" He continued to ask more questions interested.

I stepped into the conversation "well they were a gift from our relatives for our engagement" I lied hopefully that he would take the bait and let it be.

He raised his ashy eyebrows in surprised and eyed our ringless hands. 

"We don't like to show off our rings for safety purposes" Michael lied and I could tell he had caught on and helped along we had to be cautious to, we don't want to be found.

The man shrugged his shoulders and said offhanded "uh congrats to the both of you" and the silence swept in till Michael gave a signal, it was time for us to leave but before we could leave the man halted our movement when he exclaimed, "Wait!"

We both looked at him waiting for his reason. 

He coughed and said "well I have an offer if you would sell your horses to me I will give you 2000 dollars in cash"

Michael immediately replied "no sale" and he stood up grabbing my hand and wanted us to move away but the man once again pushed his offer "how about I double that offer per house and a small van full with a days worth of gas ... What do you say to that?"

I politely smiled and answered the man "give us a few minutes to think about your offer"

The man stood up and walked away to give us some space. When he was far enough I turned around to Michael and glared "no sale?! What is going on your mind Michael Hm? We are broke that money and bus can get us a to our destination a little faster"

Michael glared back at me equally annoyed "I'm not selling our horses love, they are staying"

I groaned and took deep breath to calm my raging emotions. "Michael I know you love them but think of if we went into ride into a city with these horses we would be stripped from them anyway look at it this way we leave them here they will be cared for and we have a faster way of transport..please applehead?"

Michael continued to glare until his big brown eyes softened and he sighed, I knew he agreed and I squealed pulling him by the collar and kissing him sweetly and pushing him away just as the man reappeared.

He clapped his hands and inquired eagerly "so do we have a deal?"

Michael pinned his brown eyes on the nervous man and said seriously "before we hand over them to you..will they be looked after properly?"

The man nodded his head in agreement and stated "you have my word sir...great! Let me get the van and money for you I'll back in a couple of minutes"
After he left Michael and I went to the horse field and said our quick farewells to his babies and we went back to the bench where I sat in his lap and placed butterfly kisses on his face as we waited and his hand resting on my thigh.


There was a sudden rumble of an engine and we both looked up to see a purple and blue starred van drive in front of us. The window rolled down to reveal the man and he was grinning sheepishly.

He got out the van and patted the van "well here it is and your money is in the back of the bus... it was lovely doing business with you" he held out a hand to Michael and he shook firmly before letting go.

I opened the van front door and inspected the inside to see it wasn't in a bad condition and spotted the bags of money hidden amongst the blankets.

Turning around I saw Michael had been looking around the van not letting his whole body enter into the van. We nodded in agreement and he began to hand me our bags one by one.


Eventually we got everything arranged and we now sat in front of the van, we waved to the man and Michael started the engine and we were on our way to another city.


So we were on the main road, watching the cars pass by and the radio breaking the silence between us and feeling little bored I slithered my hand into Michael's and In response he squeezed my hand gently as he focused on the road.

After driving for an hour Michael spoke "love it's going to take another two hours sleep, I'll wake you when we arrive"
I laid my head on his shoulder and falling asleep to his light hums.

End Notes:

well there it is folks! here is the first chapter to the sequel! I hope you enjoy as much I did writing it..the next chapter will be up in soon! 


::Ch. 2:: by Lorry

When I woke up two hours later, my eyes were blinded for a second by the flashing lights and rainbow colours of the different designs and signs.

I rubbed my eyes to remove the dust and blinking my adjusted eyes to see where we were.

Sitting more comfortable and Michael had seen I had woken up chirped tiredly "evening sleepy head"

Looking at our surroundings as we drove on into the city, my curiosity peaked "applehead where are we?"

He replied "we're in vegas love"

"Why are we here applehead? I thought we going somewhere else?" I asked skeptical.

"I brought you to Las Vegas to marry you..and it was one of our routes" he responded and keeping his eyes on the road.

"I knew you would want to get married one day but I never expected it to be this early and all of the people why me?.." I said to him unsure and a little shocked at him wanting to marry me.

Michael suddenly stopped the van and parked the car on a deserted street.

Michael unbuckling his belt and faced me a look of horror and declared "why would you say that woman? I love you and why wouldn't I marry you? I've wanted to be your husband for so long"

Michael brought one long finger under my chin and brought his lips to mine kissing me deeply before pulling away and kissing my cheek as he stated strongly "and don't you ever forget it"

I nodded and he let go putting on his seatbelt on and we drove on, the thought I was going to actually get married and to Michael was mind blowing till I realized mama wasn't going to happy with her only child being married and not having a proper wedding.

So we drove past the distinctive and various type of people on the road and I wanted to know where my ring was.
"So Mr.Jackson where is my ring? You can't marry me without it" I implied jokingly but I was half serious.

Michael tittered a little nervous and replied playing along "well Mrs.Jackson I uh don't have the ring that's why we are on our way to a jewellery store I asked around while you were sleep"

I didn't say anymore and we kept on driving till the van stopped in front of a blue painted decent looking store and the sign from what I could tell from my seat was called 'J&C jewels'.

As I was unbuckling my seatbelt Michael stopped me
dropping his hand on my thigh.

"Someone needs to stay behind and look after the van..I'll be back" he patted my thigh before opening the door and walking out heading straight to the store.

So I sat in the car drumming my hands together to help my boredom but that died fast and I brought out my sketchbook and ended up drawing the scenery.

An hour later Michael came back holding a black bag in his hand and smiling weakly.

"What took you so long applehead you were in there for too long as it is!" I said to him annoyed.

He got into the car and apologized that he had spent an hour with one of the staff about the cheapest but wonderful and most durable rings he could find.

I placed the bag on my lap and just as I was about to open the bag, Michael exclaimed that I shouldn't till we arrived at the chapel and I obliged for his sake.
So we buckled up again for the third time this evening and went to the local chapel down the road. We parked the car in a deserted car park and strolled to the chapel.

When we entered into the chapel, the soft music of wedding bells played as we went straight up to the desk at the door.

The lady chewing bubblegum and clearly bored by the way she was playing with her nails brightened up when she saw Michael stand in front of her.

"What can I do for you suga?" She flirtatiously asked him.

Michael ignoring her asked bluntly "I want to marry my girlfriend beside me, how fast is it possible to happen?"
stepping beside MichaeI, I aimed a smug smile at her.

Yea he's mine! Thanks for trying bitch. I thought to myself.

The chance she thought she had flew away and she went back into professional mode checking in the book for any free reservations.

" both are very lucky to have come here today we have an available priest available in thirty minutes will that be alright?" She said falsely in a bubbly voice.

"That is much do I owe?" Michael asked smiling happily at the news.

"That will be $200 dollars sir" she responded.

Michael bringing out his wallet and finding the right amount of money, handed it over to her and she gave us a receipt in return and told us to wait.

We went to sit in the rows of seats in the chapel, the
butterflies in my stomach continued to flourish with every minute passing by and Michael rubbing down my arms as he chatted excited at the thought I was going to be his wife.

The time drifted faster than I thought and we were summoned by a tall and big boned man in his late forties clothed in a pineapple themed green top and shorts.

We stood before him and he read the vowels and we repeated it back to him. Michael was smiling beautifully his gaze filled with love and devotion now knowing I was going to be his and only his.

I felt the prick of tears run down my cheeks as the priest asked if we had any vowels prepared.

Michael chuckling quietly and taking a deep breath and began to say his vows to me,

"I don't have one prepared but I will say this, Amber I promise to love, hold and cherish you till the day I leave this earth and I promise to never stop loving you no matter what we go though in this life because I know we will make it through..and I also promise to give you an even better wedding some day that will show this world that you were right for me"

The tears flowed after his heart felt speech and I felt his emotions flow freely from his eyes as he drank in my properly tear stained face.

I sniffed and laughed rubbing my nose with my free hand and smiled crookedly at him and said my vows hoping all the love I had for him shows though.

"I don't even have my mine prepared either but I love you so much Michael even when you annoy me"

I paused hearing him and the priest chuckle lightly and that gave me the signal to go on.
"I never knew what true and passionate love was Michael until the day when that bitch tried breaking us apart but that only made my love for you stronger knowing you have always been there for me and I promise I will be by your side helping you chase our dreams become a reality and I'll always be yours forever and always...I don't care for a proper wedding all that matters is we are together"

I finished and I saw the tears in his eyes as we both stared at each other in wonder.
The priest cut in and asked us for our rings in which

Michael brought out the rings from the bag and the priest allowed us to put the ring on each others left finger.

I could feel my hands shaking trying to place Michael's ring on his hand and he laughed.

I glared at him playfully but the ring was on his left finger eventually and the priest blessed our marriage before reciting the sacred words 'you make kiss the bride'

And Michael pulling me by the waist into his arms, kissed
me so passionately and long I could feel my legs buckle in the process.

Before it became a little higher than pg rated the priest coughed to get our attention and we both giggled childishly embarrassed at our behavior.

We did the signing of making our marriage legal and the priest actually wished us the best of luck genuinely.

We left the chapel and drove off to the next hotel we could find which was a three star motel.

The neon green sign blinking, it was too dark to see what the motel looked like but it looked good enough.

So parking in the car park, we made our way into the motel and paided for two nights.

We brought everything we had with us from the van and went to our shared room.

Michael opening the door and I locked it behind me after he dropped the bags all over the room.

The room was cleaned and it seemed we had gotten the best room with the velvet heart shaped bed and simple furniture where as the bathroom was connected to the room.

I went into the bathroom to freshen up feeling anxious and nervous that tonight was the night I and Michael would make sounded so cliche but it wasn't when it was going to happen.

I had a quick shower to calm my nerves and changed into my pjs and walked out.
Michael was shirtless with only his red boxers on and laying down on the bed lost in his thoughts.

When he heard my entrance he stood up and walked up to me, grasping my waist softly prodding my back.

I felt a shiver run down my neck as we looked at each other. I admit I was nervous so rambling was my only option.

"So we're here eh Michael" I said shyly.
"Yes we are and I can't wait to have this moment with you" he crooned lovingly a gleam glowing in his coffee coloured eyes.

"Yea" I agreed shyly and Michael noticed and cupping my cheek soothingly said gently "you've gone shy amber don't be, I am your husband" there was a hidden layer of smugness in his gentleness.

I smacked his chest and of course it wouldn't hurt him instead a gleam of possessive shined in his eyes.
Suddenly Michael suddenly grabbing my ass and lifted me up into his arms and automatically I clung my legs around his waist.

"Eep!" I squeaked at the sudden movement and I was all but ready to scold Michael but instead he kissed me intensively and my mind went blank lost in his kisses.
One thing lead to another and my back was on the bed and we were exploring each other's body throughout the night.

End Notes:

The next chapter...I hope the vowels weren't too cheesy 😅 but hey their babies *sniff*


Hope you enjoy it, as always your comments are loved 😘


::Ch. 3:: by Lorry

Michael's pov:
It was several hours after I and my beautiful wife had made love for the first time, my mind during night was consumed in moment of heat and caressing her beautiful body that I didn't if my rough ways would have hurt her but she liked it for some reason.

Looking down at her covered naked body and frizzed hair running down her back I couldn't help but think she was so beautiful just sleeping soundly in my arms.

I'd never thought she would be such a shy person but now I know she has her moments and as her husband I knew now..
The words I didn't know tumbled out of my mouth softly, watching her made my heart swell in adoration for this girl no woman by my side.

I Just Want To Lay Next To You
For Awhile
You Look So Beautiful Tonight
Your Eyes Are So Lovely
Your Mouth Is So Sweet
A Lot Of People
Misunderstand Me
That's Because They Don't
Know Me At All
I Just Want To Touch You
And Hold You
I Need You
God I Need You
I Love You So Much

I kissed her forehead slightly and she mumbled in her sleep smiling and cuddled even further to me, she must may have heard my declaration of love for her.

The urge to sleep fell on my tired body and my eyes closed and I wrapped the duvet around us a little further to not let the chill breeze through.

The next morning..
The banging from the door awoke us from our slumber, it must have been the breakfast I had ordered an hour ago from the motel kitchen.

My wifey complained about the time and having to get up to open the door, I told her I will attend to the door and she didn't complain but burrow further into the duvets.

I got up from our warm bed and opened the door to see our breakfast in an older lady's arms, I gently took the tray out of her hands and thanked her, she blushed lightly and walked away.

Holding the tray in my hands, I shut the door behind me with my shoulder.

I sat in the middle of the bed and my beautiful wifey must have smelt the food and plopped up from covers.

"Mhm that smells so good, and oh beastly husband of mine you don't know what that smile of yours can do to unprepared woman" she said teasingly.

I rolled my eyes and snorted amused at her works and replied "if it works on them how doesn't not work on you?"

"I'm immune to your charms boo" she smirked coyly.

I laughed at her words and I dipped a fresh strawberry in the chocolate sauce provided and placed it on her mouth in which she happily opened her mouth to chew on it producing a sensual sound of approval.

I wanted more of her and pushing the tray onto the table, I pulled her into my lap and kissed her while wrapping my hands around her caging her to my chest.

She protested weakly "no Michael not now I'm still sore"
I continued to kiss her sweet lips tasting the strawberry in her mouth and I stated smugly "I know you are but your not protesting"

She didn't talk any further and that lead us to love making again and forgetting our breakfast.
Several hours later we were spread on the bed and eating our shared meal in bed.

Once again my lovely wife's hair resembled a tornado and she wasn't happy about it, she tried smoothing her hair out and the duvet slipped revealing part of her upper body part.

My eyes zoomed on and she knew where my gaze landed.
"Hell to the no! We are not doing it again you've tired me out enough as it is!" She exclaimed hotly.

I chuckled at her cute expression and suggested I would run a bath for her sore body and she agreed to it as long as I did not enter in with her.

That made me pout a little at the thought but I agreed, getting up and kissing her gently before going to the bathroom to run hot water and found those bubble scented stones.

The water filled fast and there was enough for her to lay in and not accidentally drown.

Testing the temperature and feeling that it was just right, I left the door open and went to get her.

I picked her up bridal style and she protested but I reasoned with her and she stayed quiet.

I bent down and laid her into the warm water and she sighed a breath of relief.

Seeing she was satisfied I got up but her wet hand on mine stopped me.

"Thank you boo..I love you my key" she said lovingly, I beamed lovingly into her eyes and said sweetly "I love you more my heart"

I quickly left the room before I broke our agreement and let her soak in the bath for herself.

We spent the rest of the day in bed and my love fighting me but I being stronger I pulled her to my side.

"We should try that casino down the street to get some exercise and maybe we might strike lucky" she commented.
"What we are doing here isn't exercise?" I teased raising my eyebrow down at her.

"Let's just go and no" she scoffed lightly.

We both got up from from the comfort of our bed and dressed while hiding our bags for safety.

We left the room locking the door behind us and checked the van before crossing the road to the nearby casino.

The smell of alcohol and cheap perfume filled the air when we opened the doors and stepped into the busy atomoshere, I tightened my hold on Amber's waist.

We went straight to the slot machines and we both sat on a separate machine.

I cracked my knuckles to emphasise my arrogance and Amber rolled her eyes.

"Alright babe since your going to be cocky, alright whoever wins in the slot machine gets the other to do whatever they want" she challenged.

"Anything?" I smirked at her and I could see loosing her confidence by the large gulp she took in.

"Alright let's start then" I said innocently.

The race was on and we both were concreting to beat each other until I saw the symbols on the machine stop at the orange and five symbol indicating my win.
I couldn't help but let out a joyous 'whoop!' and raise my hands up in the air.

Amber looking at my victory dance and gave up, pouting cutely and she accused childishly "you cheated!"
"I didn't cheat love, being with Joseph had it's perks" I responded.

She groaned in defeat because I won our little bet, she hopped off the stool and stood in front of me.

"I'll go get a bag and we can put the coins in there and we can do whatever I want" I said pulling her to me and pecking her lips.

Removing my hands from her hips I went to retrieve a bag and returned with the bag a second later.

We collected our winnings and went back to the motel after a decent meal at a local chicken and chip restaurant.

End Notes:

Well Micheal's Pov lol and there will be a switch if Pov thought out the story 😚

::Ch. 4:: by Lorry

It's been four months since that emotional and dramatic day when Michael and Amber had gone missing.

Joseph had been searching all over Gary looking for them and asking questions from his resources producing fruitless results.

The results were making a neutral Joseph one pissed off man, like a kettle on boil it was only a moment of time before his temper erupted and pity on the person who was in the crossfire when it happens.

Unfortunately the day came and Joseph erupted in the classical way of slamming his meaty hands on his expensive oaked table glaring at his sons seating in front of him.

They all flinched at his heated stare looking back frightened to speak up.

"I'm going to say this once more..where is your brother!?" He bellowed furiously at them.

They all flinched once more at his shout and Jermaine hoping to try and calm their enraged father.
"Maybe Joseph he went out to the outskirts of town" he said timidly.

Joseph zoning his glare on Jermaine and shook his head before spatting annoyed "I sometimes think you only have my looks and no brain..what makes you think I haven't checked there you fool! That Afro is causing you to lose your damn brain cells!"

The brothers all sniggered at his words and Jermaine lowed his head in embarrassment but one look from their father, they all shut up.

Joseph instead seeing that they didn't know the answer swiping his hard gaze on each face till he noticed Marlon rubbing his nose in act of nervousness.

Joseph narrowed his eyes at Marlon and calling out in a candy coated tone "Marlon son come here...Now"

Marlon looking like a child who had been caught digging
in the cookie jar went up to Joseph and stood in front of him beads of sweat running down his neck in fear and anxiety.

"Now son I know you something so why not be a good son and tell your brothers and I were your young brother is hiding with his slut" he said smiling at Marlon which didn't look right on his usually expressionless face.

Marlon swallowing loudly as he eyed his father and his other brothers watching holding their breath to see what would unfold in front of them.

After seconds of silence the smile on Joseph's face changed to a deep frown and the anger he had left aside burst forth like a volcano.

He grasped Marlon's neck in one thick hand and bashed his fist into Marlon's mouth and letting him go.

Marlon stumbled in front of him and he spat a glop of blood beside him and he could feel his lip drip blood. He stood in front of his father not budging when it came to revealing his brothers location, he promised Michael by
any means Joseph shouldn't find out at any cost.

Joseph saw his punch didn't have any effect and instead to vent his pent up anger on poor Marlon, punched him till he revealed where Michael was.

Now Joseph didn't care for Michael like any normal and loving father would be on the lookout for their missing child, he only cared that the boy would reveal their Empire to the world, these days on the mafia were becoming notorious among the police and the major of Gary.

But that didn't stop him from beating his son till he was black and blue. Marlon tired and in pain from Joseph's blows cried out "I don't know where they are but they aren't in this town"

I hope you won't kill me bro for revealing a part of the's about time I leave this hell hole once and for all.... Marlon thought in his painfully troubled mind.

Joseph punched him once for more emphasis and let him whimper pathetically on the ground.

He hadn't received the news he wanted but it was a start and that was all that was needed.
He straightened his shirt and glaring at his sons and said deadly serious,

"Now boys get your brother fixed up before we return home, we don't want your mother to wonder what happened and this is a warning to show you what will happen if any valid information is kept from me"

They all nodded in agreement an without saying a word helped their wounded brother on the floor.
Joseph not caring went out the door to prepare for future pro trolling with a few members in the next town.

A week later...

Marlon had arranged with the dealer for horses his own escape from Joseph, he had planned for a long time to get this plan on the get go but protecting Michael and Amber from the hateful hands of Joseph occupied most of his time but now it was his time.

Marlon was packing his bags late in the evening and making sure everything was in place before zipping his bag was halted by the door opening and his mother walked in.

She went to Marlon and cupping his cheek softly and stated firmly to her baby "now be careful Marlon please I don't want to lose you"

Marlon chuckling and smiling charmingly at her said jokingly "I will mother stop worrying"

Katherine only seeing the light humour and peace in his eyes replied "a mother always worries"
She removed her hand from his firm jaw before putting a few twenty dollars bills in his palm.

Marlon was surprised at the money in hand and tried to hand the money back to her she held her hand out and firmly refused and told him take it along.

Katherine implied hopeful to Marlon "I hope you find a nice girl for me to see one day"

Marlon smirked in response "no promises"

He stood up now with all his possessions and a gun hidden on him, walked to his mother and held her close for moment and let go before kissing her cheek affectionatly before wishing her a goodbye and walked out of her life.

Katherine's misty eyes watched her son walk way and prayed Joseph would never catch him on his descend to the horse dealer.

Katherine had already known where Michael and Amber's destination was from Amber's mother (Grace), for now

Joseph letting his clouded anger illuminate his mid and not thinking in his rational mind that the two woman behind the scenes would know anything.

They feigned ignorance and for months been talking on the phone about the mafia, Grace when she heard what her daughter had gotten into and never knowing what was going on in her suppose child's busy social life.

She felt guilty and sad that her own daughter had ran away for such reasons even when she ran away only minor details were mentioned and the real truth was staring her in the face.

Both worrying mothers knew there babies wouldn't be able to get in contract with either of them because of

Joseph's ability to find out where the call was made and track them so they were both blind to their children's whereabouts.

Apart from the women, Marlon had finally arrived to the destination with the horse dealer.

The average heighted and bony figured man before Marlon arrived was petting the horse's coat.

Turning his head to the sound of footsteps he sneered playfully "you are late Mr.Jackson" the wind blowing his jet black coloured long hair.

Marlon snorted in response "at least I'm here"

Marlon taking his place from the man, feed the horse a green apple and stroking it's smooth coat.

Afterwards climbing the massive powerful animal's back and in seconds was seating on its back.

Marlon looking down at lined face full of past woes in his troubled eyes of the horse dealer said grateful

"thanks ..remember our deal"

A nod in response is all he received and kicking the horse between the shoulders, the horse neighed loudly and galloped into the night.

If only Marlon used his knowledge, you never trust a dealer..that can stab you in the back.

End Notes:

Well some insight to what has happened since Amber and Michael have left Gary and Joseph isn't happy 😖...Enjoy


::Ch. 5:: by Lorry
Amber's pov:

After another day of laying in bed and forcing Michael to keep his greedy hands to himself.

We left in the early Afternoon checking out with our bags and going back to the van and dropping our bags we buckled in and we were off.

The summer breeze blowing my hair back, I watched the fast moving scenery and taking the fresh air in.

We moved past the signage and continued to drive on and
drove into town. We parked and looked around seeing a few similar shops and houses.

"Ok baby I'm seeing the same shops and it me or are we driving back to Gary?" I said sarcastically.

"Why didn't you say that before love?" Michael said annoyed.

"Excuse me hubby, but your the one driving and should have looked!" I exclaimed equally tickled off.

"Now love let's not argue we can always drive back" he said smoothly.

He started the van but the stupid thing refused to fire up the engine and he looked at the flashing red gas symbol indicating that we were out of gas.

"We're out of gas!" He chuckled nervously.

"Great just great" I groaned at the thought of us having to push the damn van to a nearest gas point that looked at least a mile away from here.

Michael refused to look at me and we both got out of the car. The bare sun glaring down on us in all its glory.
I felt the beads of sweat tickle my back in my long grey sleeve top.

I paused for a moment to remove the top and only leaving my red tank top also showing off my stomach.

Now I could feel Michael's eye ogle my upper half but I ignored him and we pushed the van.

The silence was welcoming but Michael decided to start humming and at first it was fine till he continued humming the same damn tune and my patience was already thin in this hot sun.

"Michael for the love of pizza stop humming please " I snapped and wiping the sweat off my forehead.

Michael looking like a kicked puppy didn't hum and there was a guilty silence between us.

I sighed we had been pushing the van for thirty minutes and we hadn't made any progress.

I stood still waiting for Michael to notice, a second later he did and turned around facing me asked,
"why did you stop pushing love?"

"I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier but I believe we aren't getting anywhere at all baby, I think we should just carry our stuff and walk there instead"

He nodded and we removed all our bags from the van and we made our way to the gas station.

Twenty minutes later coming back with our bags, to our shock the van had disappeared.

"Where is our Van! It was right here!" I shouted in anger.

Michael knew I was pissed off and tried rubbing my shoulders but I was too pissed off, shaking him off.

"I don't need a massage Michael!" I snapped at him angrily.

But Michael wasn't going give into my anger tantrum, he went in his grocery bag found a bottle of water opened it and stepping in front of me pouring the water all over my body.

I jumped at the feel of the cold water run down my overheated skin.

"Why did you do that for?" I asked him feeling more calmer.

"You needed to cool off and that was the only way I could think of" he replied simply, his usually neat hair frizzled in the heat and his Coca skin glistening in the heat.
"Your right thanks baby" I thanked him and wrapped my arms around his waist and tip toed to kiss him.

He kissed me back sweetly before he pulled away squinting at the feel of our sweaty bodies close together.

"You don't mind when we are in the bedroom hunnybun" I cooed at him.

He blushed a deep red and I wanted to tease a little further "aw are you getting shy?"
He scoffed and we played around some more for a few minutes.

The town fortaunely had a taxi service and we booked a taxi seating at the waiting area with our bags enjoying the large fan blowing in cool air.

The taxi we booked arrived and we got in and asked to be dropped off in L.A.
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::Ch. 6:: by Lorry

In Marlon's Journey...

Marlon not the best person at directions ended up at the last place to be expected and that was on the accidental route of the town a mile or more away from Indiana, abandoning his horse ages ago and finding himself here wasn't on his list of cleverly taken decisions.

He needed to get out of this town fast and there wasn't much vehicles around in sight.

So Marlon was sitting underneath the cool shade of a vacant tree or so he thought when he heard the whispers and laughter coming from the back of the tree.

He got up with his bags and saw a few gangly and young teens all hyped over the van they just stole.

Marlon desperately needing a ride and this van was his ticket to get out of here. So he causally walked up to the kids who all snubbed him thinking he was a stupid grown up.

As you can see Marlon wasn't in the mood to be nice to any child in the unbearable sun so he wiped out his gun from his hidden place and pointed it at the teens smirking and stating "you kids have five seconds to leave this van or my friend here will accidently shoot one of you which will it be?"

The teens all screamed and ran away scattering to wherever.

Marlon chuckled and withdrew his gun then opening the car skillfully with his hijackering skills and started the car then drove off in the right direction.
Finally taking the right route Michael and Amber arrived in L.A around the evening and went into a motel to spend the night.

Which unfortunately turned into weeks and the pair were only their last dime for their hotel fee and another evening meal between them.

Amber and Michael laying in bed after another round of exploring each other were enjoying the comfortable silence.

Amber was worried about their situation and said to her husband "Michael what are we going to do? We are broke! How are we going to find ourselves"

Michael kissing her earlobe and speaking into her ear softly "don't worry love we will find jobs and live here till we are able to maintain a flat how about that?"

She wasn't satisfied with that response and retorted "But--"

Michael interrupted responding strongly to her "no buts we will be fine Ok?" Feeling her concerns and worries.

Amber mumbled in agreement and suddenly Michael flipped her on her back in front of him and he hovered over her smirking sexily down at her.

"Now we are going to do something and you aren't going to worry alright love~" Michael said huskily.

Amber felt her heart quicken in speed at the look on his face and he dipped his head low to her neck placing sensual kisses and nothing was said for the rest of that day.

The next morning Michael forgetting to mention to Amber he went around the area looking for a job these past several weeks.

Now Amber taking her bag and leaving the hotel also not forgetting to drop a note for him so he wouldn't end up in a panic mode and look for her.

Now in the supermarket twenty minutes away from the hotel, Amber entered hoping to try and sneak some food walking around in the large supermarket filled with several food types and so forth.

She was stopped by a tall purple haired teenager who politely asked if she could guide her to the frozen food section.

"You walk down this lane and turn left you'll see the sign leading you right to the frozen section I'm happy to help" she replied professionally sweet to the lost customer.

The young girl said her thanks and went away while Amber stood there before attempting to walk away till she was stopped by a female voice.

She turned around to face a strawberry blond haired slim figure approach her.

I hoped I haven't been caught taking anything. Amber thought to herself fearfully.

The manager smiling warmly to Amber said to her "well your kind of talk is just what we are looking for in this place would you be interested in a job here? You'll have to go for training for two weeks but once that's done you can start work immediately"

"Sign me up" Amber grinned happily and the fear she felt vanishing along with the great news.

The manager chuckling at her response asked her to follow her back to the staff room and they did discussing the details and so forth included in working as a customer service helper in the store.

The details collected and Amber was assigned a two week training that started on Friday and she couldn't wait to start and get this Job on the go!

She went back to the hotel to open the door and view the scented candles and tray of various candy and chocolates on their bed.

Micheal coming out of the shower drying his unruly curly hair with a towel to see Amber on the bed already munching on a piece of candy.

"Wow everywhere smells heavenly Michael I can see we are celebrating, I have good news for you"
Michael chuckled and sat on the bed letting the towel slip slightly when parting his strong long legs in front of her.

Amber's eyes drifted their momentarily but she quickly looked up into smiling eyes of Michael.

"Well baby we are celebrating my job I forget to mention that I applied for in the area and the hotel we are currently called me back and said they hired me! They even said since I am now an employee they said they can lower down our fee as a discount" he explained in joy.

Amber was truly happy for Michael and gave him a kiss to congratulate him and she expressed her own news in which Michael in return kissed her as well.

He went back into the bathroom to change and came back wearing a blue top and navy jeans with white rolled up socks and climbed in the bed.

The young couple cuddled together and ate their sugary treats in blissful and easy going silence becoming lost in their thoughts.

::Ch. 7:: by Lorry

It was a regular afternoon for Amber working in the local supermarket near her and Michael's small apartment.

She was currently stacking and reloading old and new items onto the lower shelves using the shop ladder.

She hummed a happy tune as she stacked clearly enjoying the blissful and peaceful environment without a single rude or overconfident customer asking for assistance.

The manager walked towards her and Amber pausing her work looked into the dark brown eyes and strawberry blond shoulder length bobbing around her square yet feminine face.

She stopped in front of Amber and greeted her warmly "hey Amber, are you feeling alright?" ending in a concern tone lately Megan sees Amber run to the toilet to throw up or snap unintentionally at astonished regular customers.

"No biggie I'm fine" Amber said grinning from her place on the ladder.

"Are you sure Amber, you've had alot of toilet breaks as of late...are you pregnant?"
Amber snorted and looking up to see her work was done, hopped down from the ladder and stood in front of Megan.

"Don't worry---" she stopped now clutching her head feeling sudden dizzyness take over and she mumbled "I don't think feel good" then promptly fainted dropping to the floor.
Megan luckily catching her before she could bang her head, spoke into her walkie talkie urgently requesting a staff to call her husband and to call an ambulance.

Michael was relaxing at home on his day off waiting for Amber to come home, she always made sure to try and leave something for him to eat when he got home which he always thought back on how lucky he was to have her.

Now Michael was in bed taking a short nap when the telephone in their bedroom rang uprooting him from his nap.

He groaned in annoyance and dragging his curly head out from underneath the duvets and stretching a hand to pull the phone to his ear.

Now the phone resting in his ear, he switched his position now laying on his back.

Phone conversation:

Michael: hello?

Ben: good afternoon sir, is this Mr.Jackson I'm speaking to?

Micheal replied shortly swirling his long finger in his ear: yes.

Ben: well Mr.Jackson your wife fainted on duty and was taken to St.Kingsburys Hospital.

Michael's heart was banging in his chest at the thought of 'faint' and 'hospital' combined with Amber's name made him panic.
He asked breathlessly into the phone: what room?!?
Ben: number 62 sir.

Michael said his thanks and dropping the phone down, sprung from the bed and throwing on a red polo shirt, dark blue jeans and his trainers also not forgetting his wedding ring before rushing out the door and locking it then getting on the bus.

Arriving at the hospital and asking at the desk for which room his wife was, she gave him directions and he followed the directions to a large room filled with several patients on different beds and nurses stationed either helping or talking to their patient.

Michael looking around till he spotted Amber laying on the bed arguing with the doctor about wanting to leave and insisting she was abouselty fine.

Michael walked up to them and Amber pausing seeing Michael walk up grinned happily and he returned a small smile while bending to kiss her briefly.

Afterwards turning to the tall and lanky middle aged brunette haired, large square glasses doctor in front of him, they shook hands before he spoke.

"Hello sir I presume you are Mr.Jackson if I'm correct?" The doctors British accent clear in his mid brass voice.
Michael nodded and he continued on,

"Well Mr.Jackson your wife refused to let us have her stay a little longer because she--"

Amber interrupted "yes because I have told you many times I'm fine! Don't need to be here" she snapped crossing her arms.

Michael gave her a look of disapproval and she pouted looking away, he briefly spoke telling the doctor to continue.

The doctor coughed and holding out his clipboard shuffling though his papers.

"Well from your test results, Mrs. Jackson the reason you fainted was to due to your low sugar levels and we also found out you are one month in your pregnancy...congrats" the doctor smiled at the two young couple in front of him.

Michael standing by Amber was feeling a fleet of emotions all at once, happiness to relief and panic at being a father and how Amber was feeling.

In typical Amber fashion she pulled Michael by his polo shirt and looked into his big brown eyes and exclaimed hysterical "you big headed idiot! Why didn't you use protection?!"

Michael now grinning weakly gently removing her small hand from his shirt and standing up rightfully to look down at her in disbelief "and don't blame me love we are in this together, I thought you were using pills"

"I wasn't even thinking of the flipping pills you dummy! I thought it wouldn't happen" she sassed back.

Michael rolled his eyes and sassed back "now you weren't you listening in sex class at all when we were in school?"

Amber mumbled guilty she had been absent for class that day meaning she had skipped and leaving a horrified Michael to endure the embarrassing classes about the difference in full detail about a man and woman.

The two bickering couple now without realising had drawn in a listening crowd and everyone was holding in their laughter at their banter back and forth.

"I'll kill you, put you in a box and send you back to your mother" Amber hissed at him.

"I won't allow you do that to our child" he retorted sweetly.

Amber replied "I meant you!"

A nurse called out from a nearby corner of the room "are you two interested in a reality show?"

Simoustanly they responded "Hell no" and went back to arguing back and forth.

The doctor watched entertained at the whole show and muttering to himself "ah young love"

They froze and swiftly turning their heads around to snap at the calm and collected doctor "we are married for your information"

The doctor let them talk for a little longer and interluded to warn Amber to be careful and to take it easy while setting up a female doctor for her to come see for every semester she grows in her pregnancy and more details.

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::Ch. 8:: by Lorry

Amber's pov:

It's been a month after I found out I was pregnant and Michael after calming him down was over the moon and now
we were looking for a flat for ourselves hopefully we could fine before I developed any bigger.

Megan wanted me to stay home (she doesn't know we live in a hotel) but I stood my ground and said there was no point in me sitting at home.

So being the good friend she is changed my shift around and now I take the till shift every morning to early afternoon.

I was sitting comfortably on my new seating chair and doing the usual thing helping bag and price their items while giving them the change and so on.

A box of cigarettes were placed on the counter and I looked up smiling nicely into the face of a middle age man who's face was an expression of shock and astonishment.

He whispered "Amber...i-s-s that've grown so you remember me?"

I was a little skeptical of how this man knew my name, I didn't want to create a scene and the queue was getting longer looking back by the corner of my eye.

"Sir your holding up the queue, that will be $5.89 cents" I politely responded ignoring his question.

He gladly caught the hint and paid for his items and mumbled to me before moving on he would be back.

My shift finished just in time in the late afternoon and I grabbed my items walking briskly and carefully back to the hotel.

The pent up emotions I bolted up inside pouring into tears.

After all these years seeing him my heart still swelled in sick and twisted joy that he would want me back in his life after abandoning mama and I to go back to his happy family..why did it have to be here?!? In LA of all places!
I thought to myself anxiously and feeling nauseous.

I didn't want to throw up or call Michael because he has to work, so I breathed in a few times and getting up to change and taking a few tissues I wiped my tears.
Then wrapping the duvet around myself I fell asleep.

I heard the door open and woke up to see Michael in his brown Janitor uniform and his bag dropping to the ground when he saw me, he rushed forward, a look of concern written on his face.

He rubbed my face soothingly and asked "is something wrong with the baby?!"

I chuckled and replied "no Michael nothing is wrong with him, he's fine for's something worse"
Michael was hoping for a little girl to look just like me but I hoped to have a little boy with his eyes and smile but we were a little biased but we would wait till the day so bets were being made.

He stared waiting for me to speak, he removed his hand and pulled the covers off and climbed in to gently pull me into his arms and he kissed my forehead.
Feeling more at ease with my wonderful husband, I spoke sniffing here and there

"well I never told you Michael but my father at the time several years ago, did have a one night stand with my mother when she was working with him in his growing music company at the time thinking he could have an affair with her and still have his wife who at the time couldn't get pregnant till around the time I was two he left when his wife was able to get pregnant and leaving nothing in return for us to thrive on! I mean what kind of man does that Michael?! And why did he have to reappear now we already have our own problems!"

I exclaimed furiously at the end and feeling the wet tears flow down my face again.

Michael removing his hands around me, I turned around to look into his hurt and shocked eyes.

"what happened to our promise love? To never keep secrets, I remember exactly how you went completely ballistic when I finally came to you about the this why would you keep it from me for so long!" He exclaimed softly in a voice laced in venom.

"This is exactly why I didn't want to you tell Michael, I knew you would act this way!" I responded aggravated.

"Of course I would act this way if you told me sooner perhaps it would be different but you left it till now?" He responded glaring firmly in the eyes.

"Well excuse me I don't like remembering I am a dirty excuse from a failed affair Michael so get off my case" I hissed narrowing my eyes at him.

"And you think it makes me feel wonderful that I'm still connected to the mafia somehow? Hm imagine if Joseph received this information!" He replied sarcastically.

"Wow you made your point and I am not apologizing because

I wanted to keep this to myself alright?!" I shouted back in frustration at his pigheaded attitude.

We both needed to cool off so I got up from the bed and grabbing my coat I put it on wrapping around my prebum.

"Where are you going Amber?" He asked patiently.

"Out" I replied shortly.

"Out where?" He pressed wanting more information.

"Out wherever if it means being away from you for a while" I snapped harshly to him.

A flash of hurt was present in his doe like eyes and he warned seriously "be careful and don't let anything happen to our child"

"Of course I'll be, your talking like your going to give birth boy please" I rolled my eyes and grabbing my purse I went out the door.

There wasn't much for me to do, for one I can't drink with this little thing in my womb and eating spicy food gives me heartburn so a walk was the next best thing.

I walked around the area making sure take in the scenery in the dark and I breathed in the eerie air and looking up at the indigo coloured sky and the stars twinkling amongst it.

It was a beautiful sight and I felt the emotions that were brought back by my absent father's presence flowed away and the guilty feeling as I stood there recalling Michael and I's first fight.

My big mouth saying crap I didn't mean, I'm beginning to think it was my hormonal swings that were taking over my rational mind.

Dusting myself off and hugging my coat closer to my cold body I made my way back to the hotel.

Opening the door and seeing Michael standing by the mirror, the glow flowing into the room from the moon gave his features a mystical was beautiful.

I tiptoed to him and wrapping my arms around him which brought him out of his inner thoughts and he sighed.

"Your back" he reasoned stiffly.

"Michael I know I should have told you about my father a long time ago and I am truly for not telling you, I know now the promise we made last year I broke for that I will try harder not to hide any more from you"

Michael's body stilled and he turned around now putting his arms around my waist and I looked up smiling sadly to him.

"Love we are now married and sometimes we act so childish which I don't mind but I am yours as much as your mine..keeping secrets will only hinder us from growing so don't do it ok?"

"Mhmm...soo this is our first fight Michael how will we make up?" I inquired changing the subject and slipping my hands on his bare chest while stroking his hard chest coyly.

Michael's breathed hitched and his eyes darkened and he tipped my chin towards his eyeing me hotly before smirking "there are so many ways let me teach you"

And dipping his head down French kissing me till I could fill the world spin, Michael holding me tightly in his arms and that lead to a night of making up.

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::Ch. 9:: by Lorry
The afternoon shift ending for Amber and she was ready with her bag of goodies to snack on once she was in the hotel.

But that wasn't the case for her, no her ex father waiting at the front entrance to try and catch her before she went home.

The lord was shining on him today when he glanced up to see her walking out of the store.

Amber in a cheerful mood holding her belongings, her arm was jerked by a slim fingered large hand and she rotated her head to face her father who was smiling nervously at her.
Now Amber's mood was ruined by this unfortunate event so trying to stay calm was the only solution at this point.

"who are you?!" She asked feigning ignorance and wondered why he was back again.

"I'm here Amber to talk, that's all I want to do, will you at least give me a chance?"

Amber giving her father an angry glare and a sassy yet cold response "you can shove that chance----"

She was cut off by Michael standing in front of her and being a tall shield away from her father.

Michael returning early from work wanted to surprise Amber by picking her up and going somewhere for the rest of the day but when he saw from the distance that she was being confronted by some stranger his overprotectiveness kicked in and he acted on impulse.

Immediately shielding her from this stranger, Michael glared down at the man folding his arms and asking cutly "who are you"

Amber's father responses raising an eyebrow "who is this boy Amber?"

Amber wanted to step out and tell him but she allowed Michael to take over. This was his territory and Michael glaring at him and asking the same question.

Amber's father responded calmly "I am her father boy"

Michael hated being referenced to 'boy' and that brought too many dark memories from his early days with Joseph.

His eyes glaring darkly down on him and the thoughts of the memories he went though as a child and previously came flooding back, Amber sensing his mood soothingly ran her fingers though his hair.

Michael sighed at the touch of her hand in his hair and feeling smudge calmer continued glaring at Amber's father.

Amber's father scoffed at the affection and he responded "I am Amber's father, Andy"

Michael narrowing his eyes still sucispicous if he was telling the truth or not asked for prove.

Andy pulling out his wallet and showing them both an old faded baby photo of amber at two or three years hugging a stuffed toy in her tiny hands.

Now Michael seen the prove stepped aside for Amber to talk to him and now mentioning to Andy "I am Amber's husband"

"Husband?! Since when! You kids only look 18 or 19 to be married" Andy exclaimed aghast.

"So what if we are? It's clearly none of your business if we are or not Andy" Amber replied bluntly to him.

Amber was a little taken back at her words and it showed in his tired features but his eyes glanced downward to the small but growing bump.

"Your pregnant too! How could you this to her boy!" Andy switching his anger to Michael.
"I am not boy sir" Michael replied shortly eyeing Andy in disgust.

"Now don't even start if I'm pregnant Andy at least Micheal is man enough to actually stay and be there for me unlike you who left mama when you got your wife knocked up and leaving us!" Amber lashed brutally to Andy.

She felt the stinging tears drip down her chin and Michael didn't want to her so distressed so early in their pregnancy, ignoring Andy he comforted his stressing wife and taking her back to the hotel to calm down from her traumatic experience.

Andy watched them walk away and he sighed and pondered over the words Amber lashed out at him, the overload on his guilty shoulders multipled more now he didn't even get the chance to try and talk to her heck even apologize.

He could see the damage he had caused for his only daughter, perhaps if he had stayed maybe things would have been better but his mind at the time was foolish when he finally found out his wife had conceived.

Seventeen years later and previously two years ago Andy confessed to Cherri about his marital affair in their third year of marriage and of course she was furious like any other woman and kicking him out to give her space.

She slowly forgive him and she understood his reason to connect with his eldest child but sadly wasn't fruitful.

Andy returning home and hanging his coat in their hallway to go into the kitchen to see Cherri placing the lasagna into the oven.

She looked up from her cooking to smile warmly to her husband.

She punched in the right temperature to let the lasagna cook. She kissed his cheek lovingly in greeting.

"If you wondering where mini you has gone, he went to the boxing ring with his friends to practice more" she said shaking her long brown greying pixie cut styled hair.

Andy chuckled along "he will definitely be a boxer at least he isn't wasting my money this time like all the other sports he's tried over the years"

Cherri giggled at her husband agreeing about their son's tendacny to get bored and move on to something new.

"How did it..go?" She asked delicately biting her lip gazing up into Andy's face.

Andy sighed and rubbing his temple replied sadly "she didn't even give me a chance to till her husband suddenly appeared! Husband! And that isn't the least news she's pregnant too! I wish I had stayed perhaps I could have prevented this from happening"

Cherri dragging her husband to dining table and sitting him down, she sat beside him and rubbing his hand soothingly.

"Darling you shouldn't worry or think back about the what ifs because she's made her own decisions she isn't a child anymore, it will take time for her open up to you don't give up because today didn't turn out well try another day, by the way you describe her temper she reminds me of a certain someone twenty years ago" Cherri joked to Andy and he laughed shortly.

they shared a brief kiss but Junior walked in and covered his eyes in disgust at what he saw, they both stopped kissing to address their only son and he removed his hands grinning cheekily at his parents.

Junior sat next to them and the small knitted family chatted together.
End Notes:

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::Ch. 10:: by Lorry

It was my day off and I definitely didn't want to spend my day in our room so I went around the hotel to find my darling husband and I found him in one of the many ladies toilets mopping the floor and moving his hips to the beat playing in his ears from my Walkman.

I didn't want to disrupt his funk and I watched him dance while singing into the mop like it was a microphone and the room was his stage.

He stopped moving and he blushed in embarrassment when he saw me watching him from the door.

"Hey love what brought you here?" He asked removing the headphones from his ears and smiling a tinge of blush on his cheekbones.

"I didn't want to spend my day in the room, so I thought I could find you and spend some time with my fine looking husband" I grinned walking into into the toilet and standing in front of him.

Michael grinned cheekily and his eyes moved downward to my still flat stomach and using his large hand he rubbed my stomach softly.

"Well I'm glad you came it was getting a little is our little bun in the oven?" He responded.
"Bun in the oven? Really boo?" I raised my eyebrow at the name.

"Yes that is what her name will be for now till you grow a little more" he joked sweetly to me.

"Your bet for a girl is so wrong this little one will be a boy or as you call it bun in the oven" I replied sassy.

"We shall see in 7 months time love" he crooned smirking.
I removed his hand and rolled my eyes I spent more time with him just talking to him till we started sharing kisses and my back was pressed against the cold wall and Michael wanting to push it further till he backed away remembering he needed to return back to work.

I left him with a lingering kiss and swaying my hips confidently feeling his penetrating eyes burning into my back.
I left the hotel to walk into the park to have a seat on the bench. I saw a ice-cream cart giving out ice-cream for $2.00.

My stomach was craving a sugary treat thanks to my growing cutie and I chuckled patting my stomach.

I strolled to the ice-cream cart and I ordered a bunch of flavours while the man did his thing to get my order done.
A voice smoothly slipped in,

"wow that is such a unique intake of flavours" before I could even pay for my sugary treat two dollars was handed to the man and I was handed my ice-cream.

I turned around to face my father who had a look of desperate hope in his eyes.

"Now why did you pay for my ice-cream when I didn't ask for you to do so Andy" I said licking my ice-cream and moving away from the cart sadly he followed me.

"It's a start isn't it?" He asked matching his strides with mine while we walked aimlessly in the park avoiding running children and animals around us.

"Not really Andy, now what do you want?" I asked bluntly his presence was already giving me a headache even with my treat slowly being finished.

I choose for us to sit by a bench near the children playground and dumping my unfinished ice-cream into the bin next to the bench.

I returned back and stared into the famailar features the broad nose, his slim coal eyes and the now greying black hair.

He was ageing gradually the young father I knew then was only a distant memory.

He saw I was ready to listen to his part of the story and he breathed in slowly.

He moistened his lips and then began to tell his story..
"I'm not surprised your mother told you the full story, when I received the news of her pregnancy I was thrilled to bits because my mind then was so pleased about becoming a father and having an heir I didn't care if you were going to be a boy or a girl"

He breathed another air in and continued to speak,

"to fast-forward this story I stayed for two years with you and your mother but around the time you were almost three years old my wife Cherri was pregnant after so many years of trying I made a promise to keep in contact with both of you but with my new born son and my recovering wife I lost your details when I tried finding you at your old home a year later after everything had cooled down..but to my great despair you had moved on"

He paused to allow me have my say and I questioned him "then why didn't you try harder? What's your excuse?"
"There were so many problems coming back and forth when everything settled.." he replied calmly.

"That isn't a proper explanation, also if you truly loved my mama from what I recall from her side of the story you could have divorced your wife and stayed with us but nope it clearly shows you how you care.." I said glaring at him heatedly.

"What I did was wrong and I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart even with my apology it won't let your heart open to me but I'm hoping your willing to try and besides I want to be able to be with you and my new grandchild" he replied genuine.

"We shall see..I have other things to do Andy" I said shortly and giving him a small smile.

He nodded and I left him there quickly and went to the Thai restaurant to buy our dinner.

My mind was swimming in the previous conversation I had with him but I wasn't going to overturn it, it was my choice if I wanted to allow him back into my life now I had a little one on the way...

Opening the door and seeing Michael in his casual clothes recording a song into the Walkman and he was pouting while he was completely adorable.

He stopped when he heard my voice and looked up smiling eagerly he must have smelt the meal.

"Hey baby I brought us dinner one of these days I will cook" I said to him while dropping the plastic bag on the table and bringing the plastic containers out of the bag.

"I wouldn't mind having your cooking love just not your vision of bean casserole or your burnt mac'cheese" he replied rubbing his head meekly.

"There is nothing wrong with my food you just never eat it" I said while removing the covers and the sweet aroma filling the room.

"You aren't the one who has to eat it" I heard him mumble to himself.
"What was that baby?" I asked him faking sweetness in my tone.

He immediately shut up and I smirked handing him his container for a moment we sat in silence.
Almost half way into our meals I thought bringing up the conversation with Andy would be a good idea.

"Michael I spoke to Andy today" I said casually and continued to dig into the still warm food.
"Oh how did that go love?" He asked curiously laced in his voice.

I gave a short summary of what happened and Michael drinking his coco cola drink and he answered thoughtfully

"I completely understand love why you asked the questions you did, every child would want to know why that one parent left..perhaps when the time is right you can give him a chance to part of your life now..we are expecting"

"You could be right love" I ended the discussion and we finished our meal then spent the rest of the night relaxing till we were tired and we slept off snuggled closely together.
End Notes:

Here you go...Thoughts? 😄

::Ch.11:: by Lorry

Another week passed after my conversation with Andy and behold It was my day off from work and as always I wasn't allowed to do too much extreme exercise thanks to Michael and Doctor Alice those two combined were a deadly force.

Michael tired from his night shift the previous night protested to come along with me to the park but by the bags of shadow under his eyes indicated his fatigue.

I didn't let him out of bed and he complied falling back to sleep without any resistance.

It was another bright sunny day and I was currently wearing a loose baggy striped red and white top with a knee length shorts and navy dolly shoes on my feet.

The weather got me craving a cool treat again and I went straight to the ice-cream van requesting another outrageous combination, the stuff I was craving was beginning to even worry myself but I chalk it up to the little thing in my tum at the moment.

So after paying for my treat and sitting down on the bench to lick my treat.

Afterwards dropping the stick into the bin and relaxing under the shade closing my eyes.

Till I felt something next to my leg, I opened my eyes to look and see a battered old football and just as I was about to pick up the ball a young teenager jogged up asking for the ball.

Just as I was about to bend down and pick the ball he swiftly picked the ball and we both stared at each other silently.

Andy suddenly dropped into the scene breathless and sweaty by the looks of it, he bent down holding his legs and he stood up again wiping the sweat of his smooth forehead.

"Well Junior you run too fast for me kiddo" Andy panted tiredly.
"Well pops just shows you need to work out more and that's what I'm doing" I heard from his mouth a semi deep mellow voice.

I watched their interaction until Andy noticed me there and blinking in surprise exclaimed softly "oh Amber I didn't see you there my apologies..well this is your brother Junior say hello son" he commanded lightly at the end.

"It really is true I am going to be an uncle" he exclaimed excitedly.

I was taken back by his excitement over having a nephew or niece but Andy wasn't pleased and scolded him to give me a proper greeting.

There was a hint of blush on his fair cheeks as he brought out a long slim callused hand and beamed cheerfully "Junior is the name lovely to meet you sis!"

He already slapped on the nickname 'sis' and he barely knew me this kid either was dense or over happily... but who am I to judge?

I shook his hand lightly and responded passively "Eh nice to meet you too Junior"

I couldn't help but observe his features as we shook hands to see we shared the same famailar eyes from Andy, but he had a strong jaw and a ashy brown Afro, he was lanky in frame but I never judge a skinny person..especially when I'm married to one.
Apart from that it seemed we shared the exact toothy grin.

Like a flash of lightening I saw glint of hurt in his hazel eyes but that was quickly covered up by another fake grin on his lips and we withdrew our hands.

Andy seeing that the introduction hadn't gone well between us both, quickly said a goodbye and they both left.

A bang of guilt in my gut telling maybe the way I handled the situation was wrong, he was my little brother and it wasn't his fault on what he's father did in the past.

Ignoring the guilt I spent a little longer in the shade and got up to go back to the hotel where my applehead slept.

Next few days...
Over the next days I didn't have any time to think about any of my new family members but all I did was work at the supermarket store and not lose my temper at any idiotic customers it was such a hard task to do but I tried...

It was now my shift break inbetween and indeed I needed it, my feet and bum were killing me with the changes I felt in my body making room for the little one in my tum.

So I practically waddled to the staff office and snuggle sat on the sofa with my feet propped up and sighed in contentment.

The peace was ruined when I heard the sound of a box falling to the ground and I knew it needed checking out.

If Jacob broke one more glass antique I'm going to kill him myself. I thought irritated.

Opening the door and poking my head out to see Junior of all people outside the door.

"Junior?" I exclaimed stunned.
"Hey sis!" He said brightly in reply, after picking up the box.

"What are you doing here Junior?" I asked ignoring his cheerful response.
"I work here sis, isn't that obvious?" He replied sarcastically.

"Of course I know that, for how long!" I asked now getting irritated.

Junior sensed somehow I was getting annoyed and he answered truthfully "well I got this job three days ago in the stocking department it's fun so far and look at the bright side we can see each other more and get to know each other more"

I sighed this was going to be a long day, I didn't say any more and we both went back to our routines.

After that day Junior found every opportunity during any break to talk and did so till the walls of awkwardness between us evaporated and sadly it worked.

It was another break and Junior decided to eat at a chicken and chips place instead of eating the sandwiches his mother made him (but he obviously shared with me).

So here we were in the semi quite restaurant which was actually a decent place in interior design and workers.

If Michael found out I came to a fried chicken restaurant, he would be pissed off so I made sure I got him a takeaway I wouldn't want a moody husband.

I was munching on my chips because I didn't have the stomach to have chicken, I was pushing the feeling of throwing up down seeing Junior dig into the chicken like it was his last meal.

He finished his piece of chicken and bluntly stated while wiping his mouth "I've always wanted a sister"
"Oh?" I inquired interested.

"Yeah really, pops and mum mentioned when I was a child I always disturbed them for a sister and well after all these years I've found makes me so happy even though we both missed each others growing up I'll be there for you and my nephew" he said eyeing my stomach.

"Aw your so sweet Junior" I didn't fight the urge to ruffle his large Afro and as all younger brothers he protested that I was messing his hair up.

"Also sis even as your younger bro I'm still watching out for your husband, tell him for me I've got my eyes on him." He threatened cutely.

I snorted amused at his threat and we continued to eat, so after our break we went back to work and our shift ended usual six in the evening.

After closing down the shop, I went my way back to the hotel and I hadn't noticed as I was going along Junior was following behind me quietly.
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Ch.12 by Lorry


Since that day I and sis met for the first time, it was awkward between us, we never met till that day and I call it destiny that brought us together.

I was too overly excited that day and letting my mouth talk more than my brain.

But that didn't stop me I wanted to create a connection with my dear sister and well I got the chance when the supermarket she was working at were hiring stockers which I felt would fill my boredom at the moment, boxing got boring for me besides I don't think I was ready to get my head knocked off my shoulders.

So working there for a couple of days we didn't meet which dampened my spirits but I didn't let get that me down.

The day I hoped we would bump into each other came and from that day I talked on and on to the point she had to get used to my presence which somehow worked and now she was comfortable with my presence that made me smile when I think over it.

Now the day had ended as usual, I was always intrigued where she lived, I've always brought it up in our conversations but she always avoided it.

Today I was going to be nosey, if she found out I told her the bond I was desperately trying to build would fizzle out.

She walked down the road minding her business while I followed quietly not far or close to her. Soon she turned down the road and turned left to walk right into a hotel.

I peeked from my view across the road if my eyes weren't deceiving she met a tall lanky dark skinned fella half way in the hallway wearing a janitor uniform by the looks of it, wrapping an arm around her and they walked off.

So this must be the Michael I've heard from pops!..I thought to myself skeptical.

"How their living isn't right, I know pops or mama isn't going to be pleased when they hear this" I mumbled grimacing at the thought.

I spun and made my way home from the area.

One hour later..
I arrived home just in time to smell the sweet smell of mother's cooking. I greeted them, hopped into the shower and came down to the dining room to chow on mother's food.

I walked into the dining room to see both of my parents kissing as usual.
"You guys take your kissy faces to a private place geez don't do it in front of your child" I whined playfully.

Pops scoffed "you certainly aren't a child son but you act like one besides you should be used to it" and mother hit his shoulder while she rolled her eyes.
I grabbed my plate and warmed it in the microwave till I was satisfied.

My meal was warm just the way I liked it, I sat down and ate my food while my parents talked.

Finishing my meal and washing my plate I went back to my seat and we discussed about my day including my progression with Amber.

They were both pleased but pops was hiding the guilt and sadness he felt over the fact she wouldn't accept him, it was heartbreaking to see him so down.

"Mum and pops what would you say if I knew about Amber and Michael's whereabouts?"

Their eyes widened taken back and I saw that as the signal to continue on..

"Well I followed Amber home because I thought it was weird that she never ever mentioned her home I found out her and Michael were living in a hotel I thought it would best to share with you"

They were both speechless at the news and after a few daunting minutes pops spoke up in anger "that isn't the way for them to bring up a child"

Mother intervened swiftly "now Andy you shouldn't get involved in their financial affairs. They both won't be happy if you do"

"I know my darling but I can't stand it, I want to help them" pops replied mournfully.

Mother replied and running her hand though his hair,
"why not talk to them instead of poking your business instead, you don't want her cut us all off look at the bond forming between her and Junior"
Pops pondered silently over her words and he smiled tiredly "your right love, I'll see them tomorrow and hopefully it will turn out right"

I didn't want to intervene in the conversation, I continued to drink my orange juice and ponder over their conversation instead.

After we continued to chat a little later and we all went to bed.

End Notes:

We'll a pov from Juniors side of the you agree or not what he did is wrong..what do you think Amber's answer will be? Enjoy 😊

::Ch.13:: by Lorry


It was a warm Friday afternoon my husband and I decided to spend it relaxing on the bed while the cool breeze from the window graced our heated bodies.

We sat cuddled together on the bed and I could feel the light feathery touch of Michael's hand on my stomach.

I was falling in and out of my consciousness but the sudden banging on the door jolted my conscious back to life.

"Who could be banging so hard at this time?" I snapped to Michael and he quickly rose from our position to check who as at the door.

He opened the door and Andy walked in with Junior by his side.

Michael blinked in surprise and he closed the door behind him.

Andy gazed around the room in silent judgement for a second till he spoke up "this wasn't what I was expecting to see your home..of all places a hotel"

"That doesn't matter Andy the question is how the hell did you get in here?" I snapped at him.

Junior smiled weakly watching us while Michael stood next to him, his eyes glancing between the both of them.
"It doesn't matter Amber" Andy dismissing my question.

"fine so why are you here?" I asked him.
Andy looking between Michael and I responded seriously,
"I heard from my unknown source that you both were living in this place and I have a proposition..I have my old bachelor pad from younger days that I brought several years ago and I was planning to rent it out but I thought you both would need it more now your expecting and all"

Michael to this point stayed quiet listening to Andy's offer decided to speak up.

"Well how big is this your bachelor pad?" He asked casually crossing his arms against his broad chest.

"It's a one apartment with a living room and kitchen attached, the bedroom is big enough to fit at least a crib in there and spacious enough" he replied simply to Michael's question.

"Well that doesn't sound like too bad place if we were to live there, I'd think it'd best to pay rent for the duration we stay in the flat..wouldn't you agree baby?" I said and looking at Michael if he was on board with my suggestion.

He nodded smiling briefly before Andy clapped his hands in final agreement and we discussed it together.

Andy went outside to make a phone call in the phonebox outside the hotel and he'd return momentarily.

So Michael returned to his place beside me and I turned my gaze to now a nervous Junior avoiding my dirty look and pretending that the ceiling was the most interesting thing to him.

"Junior how did you find out we lived here?" I asked him calmly.
Michael watched on and he already knew who Junior was but this was the first time he had ever meet him in person.

"I followed you home one day out of curiosity because you never said anything...I wanted to know" he whined childishly.

"Didn't you think I wanted to tell you for a reason Junior?" I scolded him irritation laced in my tone.

Michael snorted and rubbed his nose while smirking next to me "he reminds me of a certain someone love"

"Whatever boo" rolling my eyes and facing my attention back to Junior whose face looked he wanted to barf any minute.

"You guys are just as bad pops and mum" he groaned in relation.

"I'm not though with you Junior!--" I told him till he asked Michael if he had any great stories from us growing up and

Michael delighted to talk went into a long tale about the day we met and they both were laughing over the tale.

I sighed deeply and went into the mini fridge to grab a soft drink and sat down on the side of the bed where my husband and brother weren't taking space.

Andy walked into the room after his call to see me and the boys separated.

"Oh? I didn't expect to return to see this" Andy said blinking at what he saw.

"Oh Junior roping Michael into a conversation to avoid a scolding from me" I said and gulping down my drink.

Andy chuckled along agreeing and we sat discussing awkwardly for a few more minutes till he called Junior that it was time for them to leave.

"Aw but Michael was getting into a good story" he whined sadly.

"It's alright Junior we can always continue another day" Michael responded kindly.

"Yes agreed son, don't forget your mum wanted us home early to help her move some of the old boxes from the storage"

Junior pouted but listened getting up to fist bump Michael and giving me hug while he pinched my cheek.

I growled at him and he laughed waving and walking out of the room with Andy waving goodbye and they left leaving the quiet atmosphere return to the room.

"You got along quite fast with Junior Mr.Jackson" I said laying on Michael's chest.

He grinned cheekily looking down at me while running his hand up and down my thigh.

"Well I think it's because he reminds me of you" he stated mischievously.

I scoffed at the ridiculous thought and we continued to lay in bed till we got up to get something to eat.

End Notes:

Well that didn't go too badly...Enjoy! 

::Ch.14:: by Lorry
Now one month later after Marlon collected the van from the children, drove around till he was able to finally find the sign going to L.A and now driving into the city.

His eyes scanned around the area to making sure there wasn't a sign of Joseph's crew in sight, luckily for him he didn't see any but his eyes suddenly tuned in on a petite figured woman carrying three heavy bags and struggling by his vision from the car.

The pregnant woman looks exactly like Amber, could that be her?.. Marlon thought puzzled to himself.

He made up his mind before she got away to call out her and hopefully it wouldn't back fire on him.

"Amber!" Marlon hollered to Amber from the driving seat and she paused to tilt her head to the van where she clearly heard her name being called only to look into hazel eyes of Marlon she hasn't seen for over five months.

She gasped comically and waddling as fast she could to him carrying her shopping along with her. Marlon seeing her struggle stepped out of the halfway and quickly took the bags out of her hand.

"Marlon? Is it really you?" Amber asked timidly as she felt the tears began to fall down her face.

"Yep it's me suga don't need to cry Let's get in the van" Marlon replied smirking cheekily to Amber.

Amber speechless nodded and they went into the van and Marlon the gentleman carefully helped Amber into the van.

They sat in the van for several minutes reminiscing about the past and the present till Amber noticed the van was the exact van that was stolen from them months ago and she brought it up.

"How the hell did you find this van Marlon! Micheal and I thought it was gone for good" she said amazed.

"Well I found it in an old town near LA and well I took it back from these brats I wasn't in the mood to mess with, the weather was too damn hot to care..threatened them nicely to give me the van and they did" he explained smirking triumphantly.

Amber rolled her eyes and disagree that Marlon taking the van back nicely was false more like he took it back by force.
Marlon barked a humoured laugh and said he would drop her home.

Amber agreeing to his offer directed him to a tall building for several minutes.
While driving Marlon noticed the ring on Amber's hand, he had noticed ages ago but didn't want to bring it up till now.

"So I see that wedding ring on your finger sister-in-law it breaks my heart either of you invited me to the wedding" Marlon sniffed dramatically to Amber.
She giggled and patted his shoulder spinning a lie in her response "well brother-in-law of mine, blame your brother he wanted a rushed wedding"

"Don't worry sister-in-law I will definitely bring this up with brother he even home today?" Marlon complained.

"Yep he's great seeing you again Marlon" Amber replied warmly and rubbed her stomach gently.

They didn't speak again till they arrived to Micheal and Amber's flat which was on the first floor and Marlon refused to let Amber carry the shopping in her condition that only made her snort in amusement.

So she opened the door and she walked in first then Marlon walked in after.

Marlon gazed around the room seeing simple yet homely furniture placed all over the room.

Amber was now in the kitchen and since Marlon didn't knew the kitchen was he hollered "Suga where's the kitchen?"

"It's to your right Marlon" she shouted back in response.

Marlon pinpointed her voice and strolled into the kitchen to see where she was.

Now Michael awoke from his nap, pulled the duvet away from his body and stood up scratching his disheveled curls to walk to the kitchen to see his brother Marlon and Amber singing a horrible duet of 'endless love' by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.

They stopped immediately when Michael walked in and he rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating.

"Well hello little bro" Marlon singed charmingly.

Michael sighed and rubbed one large palm down his face.

To hear that voice after five months..I'm happy yet aggravated to hear it after so long...Micheal thought to himself.

Amber sensing that the brothers needed to talk, shooed them out of the kitchen and into the living room.

Now both of them standing in front of each other, eyeing each other to see any difference that changed over the long absence.

Marlon could only see that his little brother had cut off his signature Afro that now was a messy mop of curls on his head, apart from that he hadn't made any other changes.

Michael looking into his brother eyes could only see the slight bags under his eyes and apart from that nothing changed.
Marlon not wanting the silence to drag on any further,opened his arms up wide for a hug and grinning stupidly (in Michael's opinion)

"Come give me a hug bro" Marlon crooned sweetly.

"No" Michael responded childishly and shaking his head.

"Fine I'll come and get my hug" Marlon responded simply and immediately tackled Michael to the ground and now two of them were wrestling roughly on the floor.

"Let go of me Marlon" Michael shouted while pulling at Marlon's hair and pushing his face away from his.
Eventually they sat on the floor breathless from there tumble on the floor.

Well Michael was glaring at him thinking how could he have been given such a stupid brother and Marlon sat with his face in his hands smirking.

Amber walking into the room to see both men on the floor, she placed her hands on her hips and ordered firmly to them both.

"what are you two doing on the floor! Get up and wear something more presentable and Marlon sit on the coach I'll be back"
Marlon sniggered when she walked away and Michael mumbled "shut up Marlon" and they obeyed her orders.

Marlon was sitting on the comfortable sofa waiting for his pregnant sister in law and his adorable brother to return.

Amber waddled into the living room carrying a tray of beverages and snacks for their guest. Marlon stood and took the tray off her hands and put it on the table himself.

Amber snorted and sat down carefully mindful of her three month baby bump.

Marlon gazed at her features and smirked "your glowing sugar"

Amber beamed and said her thanks while Marlon leaned in kissing her cheek sweetly.

Michael strolling into the living room to witness his brother kissing his wife's cheek.

"Remove those lips of yours from her who knows where they've been" Michael snapped rudely.

"You missed me bro, admit it" Marlon singed to his brother.

"I missed that I didn't see you does that count bro?" Michael sang back.

Marlon wiped a fake tear off his fake and sniffed dramatically "see what your husband does to me? So cold bro"

Amber chuckled while rubbing her stomach and watching the reunion between the reunited brothers.

It's been several hours since Marlon returned and we agreed he could stay with us for awhile, but in my hearts of heart knew it was going to be longer than a day so I better prepare myself for the stupidity and irritation of Marlon.

It was early evening Amber cuddling next to me, she'd fallen asleep during the catching up with Marlon and running my fingers though her long straight hair while she napped, snoring softly against me.

There was a calm atmosphere until Marlon decided to open up his big mouth.

"Aww look at you lovebirds all snuggled in" he cooed and pretending to swoon like a deranged fangirl.

I rolled my eyes at him and scoffed ignoring his comment and let my focus drift on Amber's peaceful and beautiful face.

Marlon snapped me out of my thoughts when he mentioned in a serious tone we needed to talk. I didn't want Amber to hear what might be said between us for the moment, she was already under enough stress with our little one growing steadily in her growing stomach.

I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up gently to our bedroom and laid her down also covering her with the duvet to keep warm.

I kissed her forehead and she mumbled sleepily but didn't wake up and I closed the door behind quietly making my way back to the living room.

I sat next to Marlon and waited for him to speak, he looked serious yet I could see a layer of fear in his eyes.

"Bro...Joseph is on the look out for all of us my escape has broken the camels back with him, when you left well he held a meeting to find out and he harmed me when he noticed that I held information about your whereabouts..I'm sorry bro I blunted out you both weren't in Gary in my pain but he doesn't know where you both are" Marlon explained in detail.

I held my face in hands and sat still engrossed in the information Marlon had just told me.

I was swimming in a sea of emotions sitting beside him, how was I going to protect my family against a raging bull Joseph on the loose?!

Marlon shaking my shoulder, I recoiled away from his touch and snapped at him cruelly "how are we going to get this sorted Marlon!"

Marlon ignoring my words stated coolly "we will find a way aren't thinking right calm down!"

"I can't stay calm with this kind of news that you told Joseph we were not in the Gary and also did you forget he is after all of our heads! Don't bullshit me!" I hissed venomously to him.

"Now think rationally lil bro..our other brothers might have left him and went to join other gangs so calm down we will get though this" Marlon responded soothingly.

We sat in silence and I could only hear my breathing and his both of lost in our thoughts.

"Sooo my advice definitely helped bro because I can see a pregnant amber" Marlon suddenly said popping the silence between us.

"Really bro? I didn't follow your advice" I said in response scrunching my nose at the horrible thought if Amber heard his advice she'd kill me.

"Well If you didn't follow my advice lil bro, you can tell me how good it was" he suggested and wiggling his eyebrows coyly.

"That is none of your business Marlon" I replied narrowing my eyes at him.
"Oh come on bro! Give me something" Marlon whined like he was five years old again.

"No and stop asking me!" I answered eyeing him annoyed with his persistence.

"I'm beginning to think not seeing you for so long was so peaceful" I snapped at him.

"Well I'm going to be here for awhile lil bro you can't avoid it" he smartly replied smirking.

We continued to chat quietly to ourselves and I felt a the burden on my shouldrs become lighter with Marlon here with I and Amber.
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::Ch. 15:: by Lorry

Joseph's Pov:

Four fucking months, months.

Since the boy and his little slut left makes my blood boil that they left right underneath my nose after months of searching all over this retched town to find out from my wonderful son Marlon who informed me a little late for my taste that they ran far off from this town.

The anger I felt that I thought been under tight wrap for so long looking for those two brats came undone when I received this information and what did I do might you ask? The answer is simple I beat the shit out of Marlon for keeping such information from me..who knows what more he must have hidden.

The taste of punching him felt thrilling and relaxing but I didn't let that show on my face, I continued to do so till he spilled something from his pathetic self on the floor.

A week later he disappeared from sight and it infuriated me, I searched all over the town with my remaining sons until one day a lanky and black haired pale skinned man walks into my office.

He gave me details concerning Marlon and I couldn't contain the urge to rip his head off but I wasn't the type of man who let his emotions control his vision.

So I sat there eyeing the lanky dealer in front of me, he was no use for me with such little information and he expected a sum of cash for this rubbish information? I let the boys roughly push him out the door.

He wasn't worth my money or time.

Now in the present moment I was sitting in my office drinking a large glass of vodka in my hand watching the moving traffic down below from my window.

Sitting here and staring blankly into the distance letting my thoughts consume me, times like this I could sit in peace and break free from my emotionless facade.

When I find all three of those brats, I will break each of their precious necks and bury them several feet into the ground...

Apart from letting my fantasies take me away from my main objective...not letting my dynasty crumble to the ground..

As a result of my sons foolish and reckless rebellion has led his other brothers to start breaking away from me and moving to enemy territory.

It was those blasted brats fault, nothing went right after they split..coward spineless fools! When I get my hands on them..

I mused silently and taking a sip from vodka glass here and there.
A knock on the door jolted me slightly from my musing.

"Enter" I commanded smoothly.

The door opened and my mutualbacquaintance Ryan strolled into the room, the man who in my desperate time of need when the music industry idea backfired he introduced me to this business and out of all my loyal lackeys he was the only one still faithful.

He stood straight in front of me and spoke emotionless "we've found a lead Joseph" but I could detect excitement in his voice.

I could only smirk at him and we continued to discuss details.

The next day we went to enemy territory, I was sitting at the back of the car letting Larry drive the car this time I was not in the mood to drive myself.

It was silent in the car as we drove though the streets until I felt a slim but strong arm wrap around my neck and a soft but lethal voice quietly whisper in my ear "this won't hurt too much Joseph Jackson"

I began to struggle quickly but the hold around my neck only tightened further, I tried pulling the arm around my neck but to my growing dismay it was too difficult.

I felt the prick of something piece into my neck and the voice purred sweetly "well this is goodbye Joseph..." their hold vanished around my neck.

The effects of whatever was pieced into my neck immedality took effect, I could only shake and see the world blurring around me till only darkness consumed me....

Larry was driving in the front ignoring what was happening at the back of the car, he looked in the rear mirror to his belief Joseph asleep and he didn't notice that he wasn't breathing continued to drive on the road.

Suddenly another vehicle crashed into the car and Larry lost control of the wheel and the car fell off the road plummeting into the sea below.

That day their lives were taken and no one came forward to the attack but the police weren't bothered it was just another mafia boss off their hands and they secretly didn't even run an investigation just let it be an unsolved case.

End Notes:

Well just in sight from Joseph and how he felt when his son and girl left...and his untimely demise...what do you think? 😤

Ch.16 by Lorry

It was another day at home waiting for Joseph to return home. As usual Amber's mum was around keeping Katherine company ever since the day Michael and Amber ran away they've became closer as friends over the worry of their children.

Randy and Janet were at their friends place so it was only Grace and Katherine in the house.

They were sitting in the living room chatting over the latest gossip and having homemade treats with a glass of ice tea.

"Kathy? Your daydreaming again come back" Grace's voice bringing her back to the present.

"Oh dear I'm sorry" she replied feeling slightly embarrassed.

Grace chuckled and patted her shoulder in sympathy, continued their chat while eating and drinking.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door, Kathrine looked at Grace for a second and excused herself to open the door.

She opened the door to see a young pale skinned policeman.

"Are you Mrs.Jackson?" He asked.
"Yes I am, any problem officer?" She replied to him concerned.

"Well Mrs.Jackson..we found the body of your husband Joseph In the river yesterday" he said gravely.

She blinked several times letting the information sink in...her legs buckled and the young man quickly grabbed her before she could collapse to the floor.
He quickly carried her by the waist to the living room and Grace seeing what was wrong stood up to help him.

Katherine didn't know what was going on around her she could only hear the muffled voices of Grace and the policeman while she sat in silence staring at the wall.

"Katherine I know your hurting at hearing this devastating news but you still need to be strong for your younger children" Grace pleaded to her.

"I-I know but it hurts so much" she stuttered to her and the tears fall down Katherine's cheeks and Grace feeling pity gave her a long hug.

After that day Katherine placed her energy on the children at home with Grace helping on the side.

Katherine still grieving for Joseph but his presence gone felt that a burden had lifted off her shoulders but she stayed strong for her babies.

Now it was a cool afternoon where Katherine and Grace were sitting outside the lawn enjoying the breeze and sipping orange juice.

"Katherine" Grace called out to Katherine, and she turned gazing at her.

"I have had this idea of us moving to L.A with the children, a fresh new start!" She spoke excited.

"A fresh start...? Isn't what we have here alright Grace?" She asked sceptical.

"This place only holds you back Katherine, with the death of Joseph and haven't you realised none of your other sons haven't come home to see you once?" Grace responded gravelly.

She was right..none of my remaining boys had come to see me and that was heartbreaking to realise if they didn't want to see us there was no point staying in Gary when there was nothing left for us. Katherine thoughtful sadly to herself.

"Yes you are right Grace..let's start packing and be ready to leave Gary soon" she said sniffing slightly and dapping the wetness in her eyes with a hanckerchief.

"Don't worry Katherine everything will be alright..maybe in our trip we could find our missing children" she said reassuring and lightly patting her shoulder.

They continued to chat and make their plans as we watched Randy and Janet play in front of them.

Several weeks later...

Katherine,Grace and the kids were in the taxi coming to L.A as their first stop.
The taxi strolled into the city Inglewood and Katherine seeing her fussy young children complaining for snacks.
She got out of the taxi to stroll into the store to buy a few snacks for herself, Grace and the kids.

As she collected her items and was strolling to the front to pay for her items, she froze when she saw a familiar face she hadn't seen in over five months.
Is that Marlon? Or could I be seeing things? Katherine thought astonished to herself.

Marlon who was at the store buying some groceries for Amber's crazy appetite, he was only doing this because Michael was too damn lazy to do so..making him a delivery boy but he always got his payback eventually.

Marlon was bending down looking though the selection of spreads to put on bread.

Hm peanut butter or Jelly? Ah well I'll take peanut butter..that should be alright!. He thought victorious to himself.

He stood up holding the peanut butter and putting it in the basket, to look up into the misty eyes of his mother staring at him in shock.

"M-mother?! What are you doing here ...?" He exclaimed in complete surprise seeing her face for first time in months.

He walked up slowly to her dropping his basket to the floor and gazing into her eyes.

His mother snapping out of her daze raised trembling hands forgetting the snacks she had in hand while they dropped to the floor.

She raised her hands cupping Marlon's face and smiling tearfully.

"My baby your still alive! I'm so happy to see you" she said while dropping a feathery kiss on his forehead.

"Mother" Marlon whined childishly.

"Oh Marlon don't be like that, can't a mother express her love for her child" she scolded playfully to Marlon.

"Yeah but how comes your here mother? I thought you'd never leave Gary..what happened?" Marlon inquired confused.

The smile on his mother's face dropped to a tight lipped expression.

"I will tell you once we've payed for the items" Katherine replied.
Marlon bending down picked her up forgotten items and they went to the till to pay for them.

Afterwards the reunited mother and son coming together out of the store catching up.

"I can't believe it...Joseph dead? With the way he talked and did his business you'd believe he was invincible" Marlon pointed out until he realised he had a made mistake.

"Uh business I mean mother--" he said.

"Don't worry baby, I knew what he was doing but as much I wanted to get involved I had to play a clueless wife even if it meant seeing my babies get hurt" Katherine interrupted.

"Well at least he isn't around..Michael and Amber will be able to breath now he's gone" Marlon said happily.

"They're here Marlon?! Oh Grace will be so happy to hear this, let's go to the taxi" Katherine said grabbing his hand and they went to the taxi.

Katherine opened the taxi front door where Grace was sitting and waiting for her return.

"Katherine what took you so long?, uh who's that behind you...? She asked eyeing the young man behind her.

"Remember my other son Marlon Grace I told you about in many of our discussions" she replied hoping it would jog Grace's memory.

"Oh I remember of your many sons" she retorted smirking.
Now I see where Amber gets her attitude from... Marlon thought annoyed to himself.

"Enough about that Grace, Marlon knows where our babies are"
"What he knows?! Let's go" Grace exclaimed in excitement.

Katherine quickly went to the back and handed out the snacks to her youngest children. She suggested Marlon to come into the car but he declined.

He went to get the van and he came with the van minutes later. The taxi followed his van to the street where he stayed with his bro and Amber.

The journey overall took thirty minutes where as the children fell asleep. When they arrived the taxi dropped them off in front of the long and building.

Marlon took charge getting their bags out of the taxi while the mothers held the young ones in a protective grip.

Luckily the flat was on the first floor so Marlon getting the bags up the stairs wasn't too much of a task for him.

Now all the bags were up the stairs and placed the near the door.

Marlon shuffling in his pocket for his key, He found the key and opened the door to let his mother and Grace walk into the home.
Now the two mothers walking into the home seeing it for the first time and impressed at what they saw.

"Marlon! Amber is having a nap! Why are you making such a damn racket, dimwit"

Michael called out to his idiotic brother and went into the living room to see what was up.

Katherine held her breath when she heard her lost son's voice.

Michael's footsteps drawing near and near to the living room, when he stopped in his tracks when he saw his mother and Mrs.Bailey standing in front of him.

"Mother! Mrs.Bailey!" Michael shouted in amazement.

"Well hello Michael dear, reduce your voice we don't want to wake your siblings up" she said in a greeting.

"Yes.." he said trailing off still in shock.

"Well let's drop them off in your room to continue their nap." Katherine said and they went to Micheal and Amber's room luckily Amber had gotten up to go to the bathroom.

The young ones were bundled up sleeping next to each other peacefully and they left closing the door quietly behind them.

Now returning to the living room to see Marlon had brought all the luggage in and was sitting on coach relaxing.

"Surprise?" He said cheerfully a hint of nervous in his voice.

"How..?" Michael asked baffled at the chance seeing his mother again.

Katherine couldn't hold back the affection and worry she had inside for her baby. She wrapped her arms around Michael in a loving mothering embrace.

Michael sensing all her emotions though her hug, wrapped his lean arms around tightly to reflect his own emotions back. They weren't the kind to express their emotions outwardly often but this was good enough.

The tender mother and son moment was interrupted by Grace's voice "I love that you both are united, where is my child!"

Katherine and Michael broke apart from their embrace to hear the mutterings of
Amber walk into the room wondering what all the noise was about.

Grace smiled relieved to see her only child was healthy and alive only to look down to see a growing baby bump on her stomach.

"Pre-g-gant?" She stuttered nervously before her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

Marlon being the only one closest to her caught before she banged her head and received a concussion.

"Always gotta be the damn hero dimwit" Michael retorted to his brother.

"What!? She would have banged her head bro..dayum" Marlon snapped back to him.

"Mama!" Amber cried out now fully awake and seeing her limp in Marlon's arms.

"Don't worry she's fine suga she just needs to lie down for now" Marlon reassured her and laying her down on the coach.

"Mrs.Jackson? What are you doing here?" Amber asking the pending question Micheal had in his mind as well.

"Well we can talk about that in a moment now will you both tell me why she's pregnant?" Katherine asked glaring at the married couple who were feeling like a pair of kids who'd had their fair of stealing sweets from the jar.

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Ch.17 by Lorry
Kathrine stood waiting for the couple in front of her to start talking.

"Well um you see..." Michael trailing off and looking at his wifey in desperation.
Amber sighed and rolled her eyes at him to look into the eyes of her in law.

"Well you see I and Michael--" Amber began until she was interrupted by the smug tone of Marlon dropping his own input.

"Well you can tell mother they didn't pay enough attention in school" Marlon stated.

"Dum dum, we are married it's something we do like you'd understand who knows you might have a baby mama all over the world" Michael snapped back smirking at the now glaring Marlon.

"Married and pregnant? I need to seat down" Katherine said in shock and Michael brought a spare chair for her to seat in.

"Well Marlon has said part of it...yes we are married but the little one was conceived in the marriage" Amber explained to a now calm and eased Katherine.

Marlon and Michael equally looking sheepish while Katherine smiled at the news and congratulated them both.

"Well I want us to be remarried again but when we can both afford it" Micheal piped into the conversation.

"I'll be best man of course" Marlon singsonged to Michael.

"We shall see bro" Michael hinted not giving any promises.

"I'm fine not having another wedding love" Amber said.

"But I want you to have the best my key" Michael crooned kissing her forehead and rubbing her slight pump.

"Hm" she mumbled embarrassed at the affectionate kiss shown in front of Katherine.

"You two are adorable, you can call me mother dear" Katherine said smiling kindly to Amber.

Amber smiled feeling a few leaks of tears drip from her eyes. "Ugh hormones..thanks mother" she answered wiping off the tears off her cheeks.

At this moment Grace woke up rubbing her head to see everyone chatting around her. The news of marriage and the child was told to her.

"What?! You both got married and I didn't even get to see my baby in her fairytale wedding?" Grace fumed at the poor couple.
"Don't worry Mrs.Bailey we will get remarried once we can afford it" Michael repeated hoping it will ease her down.

"Call me Grace sweetie we are family, now do you know the sex of my grandchild?" She said dismissing him from calling her Mrs.Bailey.

"Well Mrs.Bail--Grace we want it to be a surprise" Michael told her.
"Well all I know if it's a boy, he's being named after me" Marlon stated arrogantly.

"Who said the kid is being named after you!" Michael said eyeing Marlon like he was most dumbest person he had ever seen.
The conversation continued on about the little one coming, but there was one small detail that wasn't making any sense to Michael.

"Wait a minute, If you found us then that means Joseph can find out us" Michael pondered outloud.

"Ah shit we have to move" forgetting momentarily that Katherine had told him earlier.

"That isn't necessary need to know what happened Michael"

Both of them sat down again and Amber sat nearby wondering what she was about to say.

"Joseph's dead" Katherine bluntly said to the shocked faces of Amber and Michael.
"H-how?" Amber asked timidly.

Katherine went into detail about what the police had told her about his death.
"I need to be alone" Michael responded emotionless and walked out the door to seat by the stairs.

Katherine fought the urge to go and comfort her son but Amber knowing how she felt squeezed her hand in comfort.
"I'll go see to him" she told her calmly and went out the door.

Grace watched her daughter walk out to her find her husband and it made her proud to see she had grown up in this time apart and knew she was going to be a great mother when the time came.

Amber walked out the door to see Michael sitting down the stairs, his head on his large palms sitting still.

She bent down carefully and ran her hands though his hair.

"Michael?" She said softly to him.
Micheal hearing her voice lifting up his head to look into her eyes.

"Yes love?" Michael replied.
"How do you feel about the news....?" Amber asked.

"I don't know what to feel love at all" Michael said biting his bottom lip nervously.

"When your ready to talk about it, I'll be here and the little one too" Amber said while patting her small bump.

"I'll always be here for our child whenever she or he needs me and I will be here to raise it every step of the way..I promise" Michael vowed to Amber and sealed his vow kissing the small bump gently.

"Let's go back inside Hm? I'll know you'll always be there no matter what" Amber responded lovingly and pecking him on the lips.

While that was happening outside the door, Marlon and Grace were squished up next to the door hearing the conversation outside and cooing at the adorableness.
Katherine sat in her chair munching on snacks provided and shaking her head at their behaviour.

The door opened to the unexpected Marlon and Grace tumbling onto the ground. Amber and Michael looking down in his disapproval to their relatives.

"I'm going to kill you Marlon" Michael hissed to a frightened Marlon.

"Michael!" Twin shouts from the living room making everyone look up to see the awakened siblings who tackled Michael to the ground and Amber getting out of the way in time.

Saved by the brats phew! Marlon thought relieved.

But Amber wasn't going to let this go, instead began to scold Marlon and Grace went to sit by her friend snickering at the misfortune of Marlon.

How am I getting scolded and Grace started it all!. Marlon thought annoyed to himself.

He sat there waiting for Amber to finish scolding him and Michael was busy catching up with his youngest siblings.
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Ch.18 by Lorry
It's been three weeks since the entrance of Katherine, Grace and the younger kids have been staying at a hotel for the time being.

It was the first week in fourth semester of Amber's pregnancy and it was also her birthday (June 13th).

Michael wanted to prepare a small birthday party for his beautiful wife and not tell her what he was planning leaving Amber suspicious.

But she didn't let that get to her and went on with her days, until it was the day for the expecting mother's birthday and she woke up to breakfast in bed since the night before Susan told her to have a day off.

"Aww Michael you made me breakfast in bed?" Amber said smiling feeling the tears fall down her cheeks..

"Happy Birthday my beautiful heart" Michael crooned lovingly bending to kiss her forehead softly.

Michael sat down by her side and watched her eat, Amber feeling his eyes on her took a croissant from her plate and fed him.

After sharing breakfast together, Michael getting her out of bed and being kicked out of the room so she could shower and get dressed.

Emerging out of the room thirty minutes later to see Marlon and Michael discussing something quite serious by the expressions on their handsome faces.

"Um guys what are you both discussing that could lead you both to be serious?" Amber questioned suspecting something wasn't right.

"Us? We ain't discussing a party for yo-- I mean we are talking about changing the lightening in here" Marlon lied and almost slipping the surprise to Amber.

Michael seeing his almost slip up slapped his older brother upside the head and Marlon complained about his Afro and being endangered by his younger brother.
"Love don't mind him let's go have a walk hmm?" Michael suggested praying she'd take the bait.

"Well ok" Amber agreed.

Michael getting up and hugging her to his side they walked out of the room while amber wasn't looking he glared at Marlon and he smiled back sweetly.

Now the married couple were out of the room and making sure the door was slammed behind them, Marlon grabbed the phone and dialled the number of the hotel room his mother, Grace and his siblings.

The phone dialled for several minutes until the high pitched childish voice of his little brother picked up the phone.

"Hello! Who's speaking?" Randy asked to the person on the phone.

Marlon sighed knowing this was going to take a while, "little bro it's me give the phone to mother"

"Humph what you gonna give me if I give the phone to her?" Randy said cheekily to his elder brother.

"Nothing but an ass whooping or a flick on the ear your choice little bro" Marlon retorted sweetly.

"Mother! Marlon is being mean" Randy shouted across to the room, changing the tactic to get Marlon into trouble.

Katherine hearing her son sighed, knowing the issue and walked inside from the balcony to see Randy on the phone.

"Now what I have told you about shouting randy? Inside voice" she scolded lightly to Randy and he pouted explaining Marlon was on the other line and scurried off.

Katherine now sitting on the bed and feeling more comfortable.

Phone conversation:

Marlon: hello Mother.
Katherine: hello baby are you calling about the food?

Marlon: yes I am mother, Michael has taken Amber out for the day so we have a few hours to get the cooking done.

Katherine: Ok we shall be on our way see you soon baby.

Marlon: see you mother.

Phone conversation ended.

So while the rest of the family were getting the food and snacks ready for the birthday party, Michael and Amber were walking around the park until Amber's feet were hurting and they sat down underneath the cooling shade.

"So what's going on applehead, I know your hiding something" Amber said eyeing him in distrust.

"Nothing is going on love, your just a little paranoid is all heh" Michael fibbed and laughing nervously.

"Are you sure?" She pushed hoping to crack him open to tell her.

Michael was sweating profusely and the only way to get Amber distracted was to talk about her weight or about the sex of the child in which made a long and heated conversation about biology and their disagreements...Michael decided to go along with the sex of the child.

"I still believe we are having a girl or twins" he said swiftly changing the subject and like a fly in a spider's web Amber fell for it.

"If you want to know the child's sex let's go see Alice about it!" She hissed venomously.

This lead to a long and heated conversation between the young couple, eventually Michael looking down on his watch to see it was past six in the evening.

Hm Everything should be ready by now..he thought to himself.

"Ok love let's go home" Michael said while grabbing her hand and pulling her up gently.

"We've spent most of my birthday outside and I didn't get anything so no I won't go home with you!" Amber snapped at him.

Michael pleaded her to come with him because his gift was at home, Amber gave in and glaring at him heatedly while they walked the short journey back home.

They arrived at the door while Michael let her open the door and she walked in to her surprise everyone shouted in chorus "happy Birthday Amber!"

Amber gasped in shock at all the smiling faces of everyone she loved who was present, she smiled warmly and michael's arms enveloped around her and he whispered in her ear "happy Birthday"

She turned to smack him in the chest and he laughed gleefully knowing why she hit him but Amber couldn't stay mad at him and kissing him on the cheek before going around the room talking to her family.

Until several minutes later a knock on the door was heard, Michael praying it was Andy and Junior at the door.

When he opened the door to reveal the smiling faces of Andy and Junior at the door.

"Yo Mike! How are you? I hope we aren't too late" Junior asked cheerfully.

Michael smiled and replied they just were in time, he let them in and locked the door.

Andy and junior stepping into the living room to see several people they have never seen before and a quiet gasp escaped from someone's lips and that person was Grace.

She hadn't been told that Andy or his son were back in her daughter's life.
Amber seeing Junior quickly walked up to him and gave him a hug and he returned the gesture.

"Happy Birthday sis! Here's a gift from all of us" Junior said happily.

"Aww thanks little bro, looks heavy" Amber said and shook the box wondering what was inside.

"Don't shake it, it will break" junior exclaimed alarmed.

"Oh alright keep your hair on bro" Amber said rolling her eyes and ruffling his Afro just as she wanted to put the box amongst the other presents Michael swiftly came in and took the box out of her hands.

"Happy Birthday Amber" Andy said smiling gently to her.

"Thank you Andy" Amber replied still not exactly on good terms with her father.
"Well who is everyone here sis?" Junior asked looking around the room.

"Well bro there's my mum, Michael's mum--" she responded.

Suddenly Grace stepped into the conversation glaring furiously at Andy and ignoring the two siblings in front of her.

"Hello Andy my how long has it been since we last saw each other?" Grace inquired bitterly.

"Shit" Andy mumbled realising this confrontation wasn't going to end well.

"Shit indeed you asshole" Grace responded nastily to Andy.

"Also why are you here? When you are certainly not needed, do you think coming for my daughter's birthday after all the birthdays and other special occasions you've missed will make up for it?!" Grace sneered scornfully to Andy.

" are you" Andy said ignored her statement and tried to class it off like they were old friends.

"Don't you dare to try act like you don't know me you excuse of a man! Womaniser" Grace snapped back aggravated.

"Please let's not do this here Grace...let's discuss this somewhere else!" Andy said now pleading urgently to her noticing the hushed silence around the room.

"Oh like how you said to all those years ago while you were having me on the side to go stay with your beautiful wife?!" She snarled bitterly.

"Mama!" Amber gasped in shock at her words, she could not believe the words coming out of her usually calm and collected mother.

Grace turning her head to give her daughter a look that said she shouldn't involve herself.

Junior stepping in took hold of his older sister's hand and they went to sit near where the rest of the Jackson family were seated.

Michael immediately pulling his pregnant wife into his arms and began to sooth her mumbling softly for her only to hear.

Junior could only stand in awkward silence next to the remaining Jackson clan.

Marlon feeling pity for the younger kid stood up and brushed off any food crumbs, went to the table cutting a slice of cake on a plastic plate.

"I haven't seen you before" Marlon said to Junior in a friendly tone.

"Oh you must be a relative of Michael's" Junior said observing the looks of Marlon and seeing the family resemblance.

"I'm his brother well one of his brothers" Marlon said smirking.

"Oh he's told me about you quite alot" Junior responded.

"Oh that I'm a devilishly handsome and skillfully cool?" Marlon responded smirking smugly.

"None of what you said all he said was your a pain in the ass and he wishes he could have swapped you for me instead as a brother" Junior bluntly replied.

The smirk was wiped off his face when he heard that and he sulked instead of handing the cake over to Junior, took a bite into the cake and swallowed loudly.

"That's just cold dude, he's always so mean to me" Marlon complained and pouted miserable.

Junior snickered at his sad expression before asking if the cake that had been in his hand was his own.

Marlon snorted unbothered and responded "there's plenty more cake go get yours, by the way, I'm Marlon"

"Nice to meet ya I'm Junior" Junior responded smiling relieved he had a made another friend out of the Jackson family.

"You have the same smile just like your sister" Marlon stated.
Junior rolled his eyes and smirking smugly "we are related so we will share something Marlon"

Now it was Marlon's turn to roll his eyes and he teased "and that same attitude too"

While that conversation was going on Andy and Grace had decided to leave this conversation for another time, hopefully as soon as possible.

The tension still high, Michael thought it would be necessary to get rid of it before consumed everyone and get some life back into the party went up pulling his wife gently by the hand and blushing shyly as he did so.

"My special gift to my gorgeous wife and partner I wrote a song just for you.." Michael said to her a tad nervous with everyone they knew watching them.

Marlon seeing that was his que quickly went to Amber and Michael's room to collect his guitar.

Now carrying his guitar and experimenting at the strings on his electric guitar, he began to play a melodic tune from the guitar and that was Michael's cue to start singing.

"Each time the window blows I call your name..." Michael sang in a heartfelt tune his voice melting the hearts of everyone in the room with his smooth voice.

As Michael continued to sing to his wife, his eyes never leaving hers and Amber falling more in love with each new word Michael sang to her.

Just as the song came to an end, Michael pulled his wife into his arms to sing the last line "I just can't stop" afterwards bending down to kiss her fully on the lips while everyone in the room cheered and applauded Michael's performance.

Andy was amazed at the sheer talent of his son-in-law's musical talent and he walked straight to him while they were still kissing ignoring everyone around them.

"Break it up you two, I need to speak with Mr.singer" Andy said.

The two loved up couple broke apart, both blushing profusely in embarrassment and Amber walking away to speak with someone else in the room.

"You were amazing Michael, where did you learn to sing like that?" Andy asked the amazement hadn't rubbed off him just yet.
"I practiced everyday when I had any free time from being with Amber..just when my voice became deeper I changed my tactics in my singing structure" Michael shyly explained.

"Well your certainly good at it, I'm certainly surprised you haven't been discovered" Andy replied.

"Ah my brothers and I were when I was young were almost scouted but I made a mistake then and it didn't happen so I went on with life" he said shrugging his shoulders leaving out his involvement later on in years about the mafia.

"Well if you truly want to be discovered I have an old friend Frank Dileo, who would love to take you..he might able to get you a music contract with Epic Records"

Michael's eyes widened in astonishment at the news and Andy chuckled lightly while smiling confidently,

"don't you worry about it, why not find me a tape of your talent either a cover of song or an original and this weekend I'll get in contact with Frank"

Michael smiling angelically quickly went back into his shared bedroom and went though his upper closets finding his tapes all labelled differently according to his taste.

He'd been recorded for years hiding away the tapes as he grew older and the chance to bring his songs to life was coming true.

He picked the tape labelled 'Rock with You' which was only an acapella demo of the song and closing the door behind him went back to where Andy was standing and handing the tape over to him.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity Sir" Michael said in gratitude to him.
Andy smiled and told him he shouldn't think nothing of it, they continued to have a little small talk and the party continued on.

Later into the evening when everyone went home leaving Marlon, Amber and Michael left in the house.

Amber was laying on the bed on back while rubbing her three month baby bump and trying to hold back the feeling of throwing up while Michael helped her take off her shoes.

Marlon was in the living room tidying up the mess he could to create space for his makeshift bed on the coach.

Everyone was too tired out to say anything leaving the mess on the floors for another day and sleeping immediately.
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Part II by Lorry

It was a quiet afternoon in the neighborhood for Andy and Cherri who were on a shopping trip for the house.

Andy like any other man did not want to follow his wife on her annual shopping trip while Junior had used the excuse to go to work and leaving his father to the horror of tagging along.

So an hour into the shopping trip Andy was already bored, while holding the shopping bags while Cherri talked on about so and so while he half listened until they bumped into someone by mistake only for Andy to release it was Grace standing in front of them.

"I'll be at the food court" Cherri said while taking the bags off him and walking away knowing this conversation was needed to be discussed for a long time.

"Well never knew you were into white woman Andi" Grace said coolly refereeing back to the old name she used for him.
Andy sighed knowing this was going to take a while, since the party several days he'd wished to avoid this convention as long as possible but it looked like luck was not on his side today.

"Let's discuss this more privately" Andy replies just as calm and ignoring her comment about his preference in women.
Ten minutes later they were both sitting in a cafe near the food court, sitting in front of each other not speaking a word.
Andy wanting to break the ice spoke "you've aged well"

"Flattery won't get you know anywhere Andi" Grace responded.

"Well what do you want me to say?" Andy said now frustrated at her attitude.
"I want you to say your sorry for leaving I and Amber 19 years ago also the lies and promises you said to me all those years before even Amber came into the picture" Grace fired back.

"I'm sorry for all my mistakes and foolishly but I'm here now trying to patch up with my only daughter and she's pushing me that what you want Grace?" Andy said looking Intensely into her eyes.

"Well actions are better than words" Grace spat back the bubble of hurt she'd felt raising her baby on her own, broke down before Andy's eyes.

"You are still bitter about what I did and yet again I will apologize but I'm not here for you I'm here for Amber and my new grandchild on the if you want to stay in the past so be it or not I hope we can try and be friends for our child's sake" Andy said calmly.

"Well this short chat was interesting but I have to leave..think about it Grace" Andy said looking down on his watch.
He stood up looking into the still bitter and resentful eyes of Grace and walked out of the cafe.

Grace sat in her seat pondering over Andy's words and she didn't know what to feel at this moment but she'd think have more time to think about it later on in the hotel. So standing up with her tea, paid for the hot beverage and walked out to find something to do.

Now reunited with his wife and both of them enjoying their meal between them, Cherri knew something must have went down by the lines on his forehead showing and his lips slumped downward like a sad clown in a circus.

She didn't ask any questions knowing when he was ready to talk, he would in his own time. So eating their lunch they left the mall and went home.

End Notes:

An insight between Andy and Grace...Enjoy!

Ch. 20 by Lorry

Several days later....

The days relatively normal for Marlon, Michael and Amber (on the inside the married couple were thinking of Michael's musical career tipping dangerously over the edge) but they didn't let the thought disrupt their daily lives.

At the moment Amber was home sick from work and laying down in front of the coach waiting for the boys to return from their grocery shopping.

A light knock on the door startled Amber, but she stood up a pinched expression appeared on her pretty features. She wasn't expecting anyone.

So callously she went to the door and opened it slowly to view a middle aged man wearing a plain grey suit and a silk tie with a cigar in his mouth.

Which he was chewing when she opened the door and his dark blue eyes landed on her.

"Hello sir, who might you be?" Amber asked politely.

"Hello missy I'm looking for a Mr.Jackson I am Frank Dileo! Did Andy say anything about it?" He said coolly.

Amber paused for a moment thinking over it until she remembered his name and she smiled now politely..the day they had been waiting for finally arrived.

"Oh it's you, unfortunately my husband isn't around at the moments he's out shopping" Amber now smiling sheepishly.
She turned around and strolled back into the living room where as Frank followed her into the living room.

"Could you please not smoke in here Mr.Dileo, cigars make me feel nauseous" Amber said politely.

Frank seeing he had no choice quickly put out his cigar and they sat down talking about music, policitics while waiting for Michael to appear.

Meanwhile at supermarket..

"Marlon put that tube of coffee flavoured ice-cream back!" Michael snapped irritated to his older brother.

"What? All these stuff are for Amber possibly not me" Marlon said innocently.

"Just put everything back that we don't need, we don't have enough cash to spend besides I know what my wife wants" Michael responded irked.

Marlon rolled his eyes at his younger brother and returned half of the items back on the shelf and sneaked in a snack for himself which he was going to pay for.

Now Michael went off to go try and buy some decent quality baggy tops for Amber ever since she started getting larger, she'd wear his old tops instead before leaving he told his brother to go pay for the items in the trolley.

Marlon leaving with the trolley went to the queue and to his lucky chance there was a pretty pale skinned girl with big green eyes and short copper hair.

Marlon strolling up to put all the items on the checkout and he went to end of the checkout and stood there for a millisecond admiring the features of the gorgeous tiller and reading her name tag below before he smirked coyly and said,

"Ashely can I take you out for dinner this evening your choice" he said coyly.

Now Ashely was not in the mood to be flirted with the tenth guy this week, just as she was about to hurl an insult to let the guy know to back off...her gaze fell on a light skinned fella and she was mesmerized by his unique hazel eyes.

Michael returning ten minutes after finding several tops for Amber, went up to the till to see his brother holding up the cue and flirting at the same time.

Really?! This idiot! Why are we related?!.. Michael pondered to himself for the millionth time.

He strolled up to the cue and gave his brother one quick slap upside the head and Marlon held his head in pain to only turn to see the look of disapproval from his younger brother.

"What the hell lil bro!" Marlon complained annoyed to Michael.

"Your wasting everyone's time. let's go" Michael said.
Ashely couldn't help but look at the equally handsome Michael who was glaring at his brother until his eyes snapped to hers and he smiled apologetic on his brothers behalf and Marlon was dragged away. Ashely shrugged her shoulders used to it and went on with her work.

Marlon and Michael made it home without a minute to spare. Marlon opening the door and being the first to walk in, stopped frozen in his tracks seeing the middle aged man sitting beside Amber currently having a pleasant conversation.

"Why hello you just be Michael nice to meet you" Frank greeted warmly to the obviously confused Marlon.

Just as Marlon was about to greet him, Michael shoved him to the side ignoring Marlon's glare and stood with his hand out ready to shake Franks hand.

"Hello Mr.Dileo you must have mistaken my brother over there Marlon as me, I am Michael Jackson" Michael said to him smiling charmingly.

Frank stood up as well and shook Michael's hand firmly and he went immediately into business mode asking for Michael to sing a whatever song comes to his mind.

Which lead Michael to be nervous on the spot but the expression of encouragement on Amber's face made him strong.

So swallowing the spit down his throat, he sang a quick rendition of Upside down by Diana Ross.

Even just hearing some of his talent Frank was floored at the young man's talent and knew the conversation with Andy that he wouldn't make the wrong mistake about scouting was true.

His mind made up Frank stood up adjusting his tie for a second and smiling smugly told a panicking inwardly Michael,

"well my boy, you've definitely got the voice but the star power? We can mold that into to you but your defiantly star quality..I'll arrange a meeting with my other producers about your contract at Epic Records and get back to you asap"

"Thanks so much sir!" Michael exclaimed in uncontrable glee.

That been said Frank giving a quick goodbye to Amber and Marlon swiftly went out the door.

End Notes:

Is it me or Marlon never gets the girl at all? Smh. Comments are loved! Enjoy

Ch. 21 by Lorry
Four days later...

Michael and Amber were relaxing in their shared bed late around eleven in the morning, talking about baby names and yet again the sex of the child.

Also to take their mind off when Frank would call them back for Michael's appointment.

"If the baby is a girl we can name her after my mother how about that love?" Michael suggested.

"Well if it's a boy, he could be named Marlon Junior" Amber sassed back smirking cheekily at her husband.

Michael shook his head at the horrifying suggestion.

"How about just Marlon?" Amber propped again cheekily.

"we aren't naming the little bun if it's..a he after Marlon..this will just make his head swell and its already big enough as it is" Michael said rolling his eyes.

Amber sniggered behind her hand at the thought of naming their child Marlon after the man himself.

"I know y'all are talking about me!" Marlon shouted from the living room to his favourite couple.

"Shut up Marlon!" Michael hollered back to his brother and Marlon laughed evilly and went back to whatever he was doing before.

"Now love, apart from the rude interruption by Marlon, today mother and Grace are house shopping so I thought this could be our chance to have a night out...I've missed being with you alone" Michael said to Amber and running his hands though her hair.

"Mhm, I agree with all the returning family members we haven't had any time to be alone let's do it" she response enjoying the relaxing feel of his large hands through her hair.

"Let's go out this afternoon..?" Michael asked.

Amber felt a slight butterfly touch around her stomach area, she rubbed the small bump lightly and facing Michael said, "someone agrees below with the idea, but for now kiss me" Faith demanded coyly to her husband.

"You have certainly gotten more demanding love" Michael answered raising his eyebrow and bent down to lay a deep kiss on her lips while they spent the remaining time kissing in bed.

Later on in the day..

It was around three in the afternoon Michael and Amber were dressed casually to leave the house for their private night out.

At the moment Amber was looking for one of her best earrings while Michael was in the bathroom combing his hair.

Finally finding the other earring Amber was looking down at the small mirror placed on the small desktop to adjust it correctly.
Marlon wondered what was going on since he hadn't seen either of the two since the morning and poked his head into their room to see Amber putting the finishing touches.
"Oh your going out suga? We going out today?" Marlon asked confused.

"We are, you aren't did you forget your babysitting tonight?" Micheal said walking back into the room and dropping the brush on the table.

"Since when?!" Marlon responded in surprise.

"Since this afternoon, the kids will be coming in twenty minutes or so" Amber said brushing off his surprise and standing up to brush the creases off her outfit.

"Wait hold up, this isn't fair I wasn't warned about this" Marlon complained.
"Well this has been arranged since this morning" Michael said.

"Ok lil bro what does mother say about it?" Marlon asked trying to peel his way out of this arrangement.

"You are babysitting our siblings and you can't stop it" Michael said crossing his arms and eyeing his brother.

Marlon pouted childishly and reluctantly gave in when Amber said she'd make him her coconut pie as a thank you.

"Yea whatever...go have fun you crazy kids don't do anything I won't do" Marlon said smirking and wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Don't corrupt our siblings" Michael said in response and holding Amber's hand, they left the flat and went to their night out together.

"Corrupt my siblings he says" Marlon said mimicking Michael's voice and sat on the coach spread lazily and picking up a book from the small shelf to read.

Thirty minutes later, there was a loud banging on the door to the annoyance of Marlon and he knew it was going to be a long evening.

He briskly went to the door and opened to see his smaller siblings giggling and smirking up at him while his mother and Grace stood there.

"Well we can't stay too long Marlon, we have an appointment with a house estate agent" Katherine said in a rush and told Marlon the details which he shrugged off knowing what to do and letting them go.

Now Marlon and his siblings left alone in the flat, Randy crossing his arms and declaring bored "what we gonna play Marlon?"
"Yea what we doing brother" Janet pipped a in soft and equally bored voice.

"We are going to read a book and be quiet how does that sound" Marlon said to his troublesome siblings.

Randy stomped his foot in refusal and exclaiming once again "that is so boring! I don't want to read"

"Reading can be so much fun you know" Marlon said pleasantly trying to get them to cooperate.

"Is that why mother said you always found books boring"Janet fired sharply back while Randy smiled smugly at Marlon.

Marlon narrowed his eyes and said in a voice full of authority "I am your older bro and you will respect clear?"

"Yes brother" they repeated at once realising their errors.

Marlon after taking a deep breath and already feeling a headache begin to pound in his head, he spoke in a much calmer and kinder tone to them "well brats, since you don't want to read why not draw?"

They both nodded in agreement and Marlon went into Micheal's and Amber's room to pull out a few pages from her sketchbooks and crayons she kept in a box next to the cupboard.

"Alright now kids, I have brought you paper and now you can draw to your heart contents" Marlon said cheerfully and dumping the equipment onto the floor also putting several newspapers as well.

Now they were sitting down on the floor drawing in peace, Marlon went into the kitchen to prepare them peanut butter sandwiches and glasses of milk just in case they decided to get hungry.

An hour later both children stuffed in food and bored out of their minds began to find ways to annoy Marlon even more that he thought it was desperate times to call someone else to help him.

Quickly grabbing the house phone while his siblings were distracted by pulling his hair and poking him he called the only second child hearted person he knew ...Junior.

=Phone conversation=
Phone dialled for several seconds until Junior picked up.
Junior: hello?
Marlon: yo Amber mini, it's me.
Junior sighed immediately knowing who it was: I told you to stop calling me that dude.
Marlon: Yeah well--ouch! Stop doing that Janet!
Junior: I heard from a little birdie you have the kids for the day.

Marlon: yes I do bro and I need a favour...

Junior: you want me to come over and help you? What's in it for me?
Marlon: I'm learning more and more about you mini Amber.

Junior: you do realise I can drop this call right? It's dropping and...!
Marlon: don't drop the call! I'll give you a piece of Amber's coconut cake..

Junior: two pieces and that's my final offer.

Marlon: oh alright just get your butt here!

The conversation was cut off and poor Marlon was left to oversee the kids for a little longer until help arrived.

Junior chuckled amused at the predicament of Marlon and went upstairs to the attic where his parents kept all his old toys and puzzle games which were luckily still in good condition.

Grabbing the few ones he could bring along in a large bag went down the stairs off attic to wipe the toys and boxes clean of any dust. Afterwards carrying the cleaned toys in the bag he went to his room, grabbing his keys and sunshades went out the door.

Arriving at their home an hour later Junior knocked on the door to see Marlon's hair coated in several bows and hairbands while he eyed Junior in hope.

"What happened to you dude?" Junior asked holding back his laughter at the sight of Marlon.

"Don't ask just come in" Marlon grumbled and he turned around walking back into the living room.

When Junior walked into the room Randy and Janet eyed in disgust wondering who the hell this guy was.

"Why you wearing sunshades in door?" Randy asked bluntly.

"Because I'm cool" junior answered smoothly and pocketing his shades to reveal his hazel coloured eyes to the two siblings.

"Well I heard you kids were bored so I came along with my old toys, now if you two behave properly you can play with em now will you?" He said seriously to the two mischievous children.

They nodded eagerly and sat on the floor smiling angelically.

"Alright kids since your seating so nicely, first I have my action figure for Randy and a stuffed toy for Janet then a bag full of puzzles" junior said while handing over the toys to them.

Marlon watched flabbergast at the behaviour of his siblings.

"How are you doing this so well, when I try to get to behave they won't do anything for me" Marlon complained.

"It's all in the fingers dude" Junior said wiggling his fingers and turning back to pay attention to Randy and Janet.
While Marlon went to sit back on the coach to relax in peace.

---Meanwhile with Amber and Michael---

Two hours after stopping at a restaurant for a quick meal, Michael and Amber decided to have a moonlight stroll in the park just enjoying each others company after awhile of walking they went to sit on a bench to enjoy the cool summer breeze.

"This is so nice applehead, we get some time to ourselves" Amber said happily and kissing Michael sweetly.

After sharing their kiss Michael grinned mischievous "we wont be alone for too long when our little one comes and we are having another soon after"

Amber eyed him like he was a mad man "your joking right? Don't be silly acting like your going to be pushing this child out" she snapped hitting him on his chest.
"Ouch" Michael said playfully and rolled his eyes while Amber just glared at him.
They continued to chat amongst themselves and did some more walking around until Michael read the time on his watch to around close to be midnight.

"Alright love let's go home, the kids must have gone home ages ago, let's hope they tired out Marlon" Michael said smirking.

"Don't be so mean Michael to Marlon" amber retorted rolling her eyes.

Now holding hands Michael eyed his cute wife and said to her wearily "it's like Marlon can do no wrong in your eyes love you don't have a crush on him again do you?"

"Oh stop being so paranoid applehead why would I have a crush on your brother when I have the finest Jackson as my husband" Amber replied smirking.

"Oh don't say stuff like that" Michael muttered embarrassed.

Amber stopped walking to face Michael and looked up into his beautiful ebony eyes "now look here Michael, you are a very handsome man alright you have nothing to fear about your looks whether it's your nose or what not you are fine the way you are...that's just how God made you and I'm not complaining when your music finally gets heard there are going to be girls screaming your name..I'll be there to support you"

Michael could only look into his wife's eyes with loving eyes as he watched her speak and listened to her passionate words.
"Thanks for believing in me my heart" Michael said huskily and bent down to give his wife a passionate deep kiss while Amber had to cling to him, her knees weak from his kiss.

After a few seconds they pulled up for air and Amber replied "anytime my key" smiling while they held hands and walked home.

Now the living room left in a decent mess of crayons, food and crumbled newspapers all over the floor after the kids went home with the mums, including Junior leaving an exhausted Marlon on the coach snoring loudly.

The door creaked open to the deep sleeper Marlon is, didn't flinch and the young couple walked into the small flat to see their living littered in a mess which pissed off Amber the most.

Amber furious stomping over to Marlon shaking him awake shouting his name until he opened his eyes.

Marlon yawning tiredly rubbed the sleep out of his eyes to see a furious Amber and silently laughing Michael, he looked at the time to see it was past midnight.

Now Marlon forgetting He was going to be scolded folded his arms and eyed them sternly "now time do you call this Hm?"
"That doesn't matter at the moment! Why are all my papers and art equipment on the floor" Amber snapped back at Marlon.

"we will get there but why you are you both coming so late, you had me worried shit" Marlon continued on ignoring Amber's fury.

Now Michael jumped in before his hormonal wife could do something she'd regret said apologetic "now Marlon we are sorry for making you wait but don't forget we aren't kids so we can go out when we please" ending on a serious note.

"Alright whatever" Marlon said in defeat and unfolding his arms then looking around the mess.

"Whoops" he said now noticing the mess and now taking note of a furious Amber who was being held back by Michael.
"Yes whoops indeed" Amber hissed.

Marlon gulped and immediately went into a rushed story of what happened and he got smacked upside the head by Amber and she stomped yet again to her and Michael's room.

"Ow" Marlon mumbled while rubbing his head in pain.

Michael sat down beside him chuckling evilly while Marlon eyed his brother. "Finding this funny little bro?"

"Yes I am, she sees you as this guy who can do no wrong and for once you get in trouble" Michael replied smirking in delight.

"Whatever" Marlon mumbled to himself.
"Well I'm off to join my wife so I'll see you tomorrow don't forget to clean up, this is a lesson for you bro never touch Amber's stuffs without her permission..good night"

Michael said and standing up to join his wife in the room.

When he entered he saw she had changed into a nightgown and he knew right there then and then he wanted her while she combed her hair.

He walked up to her and placing little kisses on her neck while he bent down to hold her by the waist.

In which Amber didn't even protest and they moved to the bed making love until they were too tired and fell asleep.
End Notes:

Poor Marlon smh lol. Comments are loved..enjoy!

Ch. 22 by Lorry

"Little brother wake up" Michael heard a familiar voice whisper in his ear which had been on repeat for some time. He opened his eyes to see Marlon laying down next to him smirking smugly.

Unfortunately Amber has gone to visit my mother and Grace at the hotel leaving me with stupid Marlon. He thought irritated to himself.

"Ugh you aren't the first person I want to see" he groaned as he yawned sleepily.
"Your breath sticks bro..go get dressed you have your appointment with Epic records today" he said while he held his nose and eyed his brother like he smelt of rotten fish.

"Whatever leave I'll be ready in awhile" Michael said, rolling his eyes and throwing a pillow at him which he dodged and left him alone.

So getting up from the bed he quickly went to have a shower and dressed in a black blazer, red top underneath and navy jeans also penny black loafers on his feet.

Closing the door behind him he went into the living room to see Marlon seating there waiting. He stood up smirking and giving him the thumbs up which Michael presumed was about his outfit.

Rolling his eyes and they left the flat together going to the van.

They hopped into the van where as Michael sat in the passenger beside Marlon. He started the engine after the both of them were strapped in and went on their way to Epic Records.

Two hours later...

They arrived at Epic Records building ignoring the looks received from people around them the van parked, and they strolled into the building.

The busyness of the people rushing down the halls was a little daunting but Marlon patted Michael on the shoulder and they walked to the front desk.

"Hello Ma'am I have an appointment for Mr.Frank Dileo?" He asked the lady at the table, who looked up eyeing him momentarily.

She picked up the phone and asked his name and he replied "Michael Jackson"
She dialled a number on the phone, the quiet shrill of the ringtone playing as she tapped her long manicured nails waiting for someone to pick up.

Marlon stood beside him eyeing the people around them, while Michael stood waiting holding his breath anxiously.

"Yes I have a Mr.Jackson waiting here in the lobby for Mr.Dileo? OK alright thanks" she said and dropped the call.

"Alright Mr.Jackson turn to your left, wait for the elevator and get off floor seven then turn right to get to Mr.Dileo's office"

"Thank you" he replied flashing a quick smile and turned around while Marlon followed.

Following the instructions and pressing the button, they stood there waiting for the elevator to arrive. One minute later the elevator opened and the two brothers stepped in finding space to stand while Marlon pressed the seven floor number.

The room eventually found and to their suprise a Light skinned Latino woman in a burgundy suit was waiting.

"Ah you must be Mr.Jackson, I am Cameron Mr.Dileo's assistant" she said professionally and bringing her hand out to shake his.

"Thank you Miss.Cameron, I'm Michael and beside me is my brother, you wouldn't mind if my brother was allowed to attend the meeting? By the way how many people will be joining the meeting?" He asked and shook her hand.

She opened the door before she answered and stepped into the room to view a long sliver table spread half way into the room.
On the walls platinum records nailed neatly next to the black and white photo frames from different the musical legends beside their records.

Just looking at the musical legends makes me feel queasy about my success.. will my musical career will be as popular as the greats? Michael pondered in his mind.

"Well Mr. Jackson Mr.Dileo will be here in a few minutes with the rest of the board members but I apologize your brother won't be allowed to stay in the meeting" she said sadly.

"Even if I can't stay in the meeting is it possible to get your number so we can chat sometime?" Marlon pipped in trying to flirt.

Michael reeling in the urge to hit Marlon upside the head, instead chose to observe him hoping his stupid flirting won't get them in trouble or kicked out before even having the chance to impress the board members.

"Sorry Mr.Jackson but I'm happily taken" Cameron replied smoothly and showed the diamond ring on her slim hand.

"Oh.. congrats" Marlon replied sheepishly and looking away to look at the photos.
Michael couldn't help but snigger behind his hand witnessing his flirting fail.
"I'm sorry for my brother on my behalf Miss.Cameron"

"No no its fine Mr.Jackson I get it all the time I find it amusing" she replied chuckling as well and waved it off.

A few minutes later Frank arrived with the rest of his board members from what he could see the group of six people a far split between the genders. Marlon wished him good luck and left the room to wait outside.

"Mr.Jackson I hope we didn't make you wait too long!" Mr.Dileo said apologetic.
"No it's fine I didn't want too long Mr.dileo" he replied calmly but inside he was a bundle of nerves.

"Don't stand there Mr.Jackson find a seat so we can start, please call me Frank" Frank said kindly.

So he obliged him and found a seat opposite the board members.
I felt like a fly under a large telescope with their eyes trained on me for the time being. He thought feeling uncomfortable with their straight forward stares.

So to start off the meeting Frank clapped loudly to get everyone's attention on him, "well everyone I called this meeting for this young man who I believe has what it takes to become an international star..we all have heard his original demo?" He paused briefly looking around the room and the board members all nodded their heads in agreement.

"So to make this meeting not drag on, the board members have a few questions before we dive into the contract and royalties" Frank said paused to let one of the members talk.

"If we are going to brand you as a star Mr.Jackson we need to know if you have family?" One of the members pipped in.
"I have my wife and child on the way also my mother and siblings around" Michael answered truthfully.

"Well if we are going to brand you as a solo artist you're going have to lost the ring" he said eyeing my ring.
"What?!?" He exclaimed annoyed.

"Well the reason is why Mr.Jackson is because fans won't accept a married man if we are able to keep your brand as solo act people will be more interested..we want you to be internationally know also it's for her safety as well" another member added while pushing his glasses up on the bridge of his nose.

"Fine but she won't be happy when she hears this" he replied swallowing nervouslyy.

"We know Mr.Jackson but if you explain it more clearly she'll understand now let's continue the rest of the meeting" Frank responded and the meeting went on.

Soon after an hour the meeting finished with the contract signed and checked over for any loop holes as well the fair royalties income checked. Michael made sure to have his own copy of the contract.

Walking out of the meeting seeing Marlon sitting there lost in his thoughts until Michael's approaching footsteps jolted him out of his thoughts and they walked back to the van.

As Marlon drove he explained the details of the meeting but when he got to the part of hiding Amber..things became heated between Marlon and Michael.

"Bullshit bro" Marlon snapped irritated.
"How?! When I want to protect my family against crazy fans? Besides I didn't agree with this discussion either Marlon" he snapped coldly.

"You practically agreed bro when you signed the contract and how long are you hiding Amber from the world?" He asked patiently.

"A while" he replied weakly biting his bottom lip.

"How long is a while might I add?" He asked coolly while he kept his eye on the road driving.

"A year or more..." I mumbled in reply.
He didn't speak any further and they sat in silence for the rest of the journey, Michael looking out of the window at the passing buildings and people also worrying about Amber's reaction to the whole situation.

The van suddenly stopped and Marlon turned his body facing Michael while one arm was on the wheel.
"Get out" he stated calmly.
"For what reason Marlon!" Michael exclaimed in surprise.

"Because you and I know Amber will not be happy with your decision and she might divorce you if I'm lucky she will so I can marry her and look after the baby who will definitely turn out to be a Jackson so no worries on who the father is since we are brothers" he finished off and Michael could see how upset he was by the whole discussion.

Without another word Michael did as he asked and he drove off leaving him to stand near the hotel where he and Amber previously stayed.

Fifteen minutes after Michael opened the door to walk into the living room to lay eyes on a furiously pissed off Amber waiting for him.

She stood up and crossing her arms glaring at him practically fuming if she was a cartoon character steam would be steaming out of her ears.

"I--" he tried to say but she swiftly cut him off "I know what your going to say Michael because Marlon has already told me the news and as you can see I'm clearly not happy about it"

"Its for the better good Amber" he said trying to reason with her.

"How was this discussion you clearly made with the company good? By putting I and our unborn child in the dark while you go off and become famous?! No Michael that is absolutely crap I won't tolerate this shit at all!" She exclaimed hotly.

"Please Amber calm down think about the little one" he pleaded knowing she was getting worked up without hearing his side of the story.

"No I'm the only one clearing thinking about the little one while it's daddy goes off to be a pop star!" She hollered hotly.

"I know your mad but please hear my side of the story, I didn't want to exclude you both at all!" He shouted back at her which seems to be the only way she'd listen.

"Don't you dare scream at me--!" She said before her eyes rolled back and she fell to the ground in a crumbled heap.

"Amber!" Michael screamed seeing her fall to the ground, luckily not on her stomach, he bent down and pulled her to his chest checking her pulse which told him she was breathing.

Marlon stepped into the room and came straight to then where they laid on the floor uttering in panic "what the hell happened?!?"

"No time to explain! call an ambulance" he shouted to him.

Marlon quickly went to the phone and called the ambulance. Luckily after a few minutes they arrived, the crew strappig her in the stretcher and placing it into the ambulance.

"Sir are you her husband?" One of the staff asked gently.

"Yes I am" I told him and he nodded allowing himto step in.

Before he closed the doors, Michael hollered to Marlon to meet him at the hospital and to call the mothers, Andy and junior to inform them about what happened.

Marlon nodded and went back inside while the doors behind him, he bent down to kiss Amber while she laid on the stretcher unconscious.

Eventually at the hospital and given a room. After telling the nurse who their doctor was, Doctor Alice rushed into the room minutes later.

Doctor Alice was a middle aged white woman with long jet black hair always styled in a high pony tail.

"What happened Michael? I know I told you not come back here stressing Amber and it clearly shows you have" she scolded lightly.

He hung his head in shame bothering not to answer, while she fussed around looking for the ultrasound and found it after a few minutes while she set up.

The ultrasound now functioning she rubbed a generous amount of cold jelly on Amber's stomach gently, then picked up the ultrasound transducer and began to move it on her stomach looking for the fetus.

He held his breath looking at the screen waiting until a second later the flutter of a steady heartbeat filled the room.
Just hearing the baby's heartbeat washed all his fears of he can't think like that now that the baby is ok.
"Well the little one is fine, lucky there isn't any bruising around the stomach but please be more careful..I'll just check a little more just in case" doctor Alice said firmly.

He watched her check Amber all over and soon after she gave him a paper of instructions and left leaving the young couple alone.

Twenty minutes later Amber woke up and rubbed her eyes to find out she was in the hospital.

When she spotted her husband, the sleepiness in her eyes vanished into an icy glare. He handed her the paper and let her read it for herself since she was still angry about the earlier discussion.

Fortunately the family arrived including the kids huddling into the room worried over Amber who insisted she was fine.

But Junior wasn't happy seeing his sister in hospital immediately put the blame on his brother-in-law.

"What did you do! She shouldn't be here in the first place" he snarled annoyed.
"This is a discussion between I and Michael thanks for the concern bro" she said gently at Junior who calmed down.

This just wasn't my day how did such a joyful day turn sour so quickly?.. Michael thought sadly to himself.

Eventually everyone left an hour later and it was only Marlon, Amber and Michael left.

Marlon for once using his brain sensed Michael and Amber still needed to talk, went out of the room to make a phone call.

"Why Michael? Tell me why you would hide me and our baby away from the world..? Do we mean that little to you?" She spoke in a heartbroken voice as she bite on her bottom lip.

Her words tore his heart because he didn't want his music career to halter their relationship or hide their child away from the world.

"You and our little one mean the world to me, I'm only dong this to protect you please see it from my side" he told her praying she'll see this was hurting him just as it was hurting her.

"I don't believe you Michael, I really don't anything else I'd believe but to hide me and our baby is wrong" she replied emotionless and turned her head away.

A silence fell between them and Marlon came back into the room feeling the tension asked if anyone was ready to go.

Returning home was a quite affair and when the door was opened Amber stomped into the room slamming the door behind her.

Before he had the chance to follow Marlon stepped in front of him.

"Lil Bro you've got to give her time when's she ready to talk to you" he said in a reassuring tone.

"Yes your least can you put the contract in my document files box in the room?" He requested kindly.

"Sure thing lil bro" he replied and Michael handed him the document. He watched him knock on the door, He entered the room after several minutes walked back out.

Marlon and Michael spent the rest of the evening talking about various topics until they slept off on the coach.

The next morning....

Michael woke up from his slumber rubbing the sand out of his eyes, looking around to see Marlon wasn't sleeping beside him.
He stretched his tired limbs and hearing the faint poping sound.

Now satisfied he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and have a quick shower.

Awhile later stepping into his and Amber's bedroom with a towel wrapped around his slim waist, to see her laying with her back cushioned in by the pillows.

She looked up when she saw him but thankfully her eyes weren't full of icy resentment.

He choose to ignore her for the meantime and get myself dressed.

Once he was dressed, he headed to the door but her voice stopped him from opening the door.
"We need to talk Michael"

He breathed in three short breaths and mentally prepared himelf for another showdown.

Turning his full body around Michael sat at the edge of the bed staring intensely into Amber's eyes.

"Look yesterday Michael I didn't mean to yell at you losing my temper...I thought I'd managed to rill in my temper but with this pregnancy my hormones are all over the place" she paused running her hands though her now frizzy hair.

"the thought of you hiding us away made me feel worthless..because it's felt like you were hiding us away from the world..I know I promised a while back I'd be there for you just not like this" she continued on and now sat looking into his Brown eyes.

"Oh Amber I would never want to hide you from the world why would I? You are my wife and lover. I want you to be part of my growth in music and where it takes us. I love you and our little miracle too much to leave you alone because I want to keep you both safe from harm" he replied lovingly and placing one large palm on Amber's growing stomach.

Amber breathed out a small sigh while she closed her eyes while he stroked her small bump.

Opening her eyes again she looked into his eyes, forgiveness and love lingering in her big brown eyes.

"I understand Michael forgive me?" She asked pouting sadly.

Michael could only chuckle at her expression and inside he was feeling peaceful that she had accepted the requirements of the contract.

"Always" Michael replied smiling as he stretched himself to kiss Amber's soft lips.
"You can do better than that hubby" she replied smirking coyly.

Michael quickly flying to the door and locking the door while Amber giggled at his behavior. He swiftly walked back to her and kissed her soundly to the point that she moaned quietly.

Which lead to other activities between them and as always made up in their own unique way.

Marlon passing by the door from the bathroom after his shower only in a towel while used another one to dry it as he walked. His feet stopped at the door when he heard muffled noises coming from inside.

He shook his head and went back to the living room to lotion his trimmed figure. After dressing up Marlon couldn't help but smirk at the thought of his brother getting it on also glad to know that his favourite couple were back together.

End Notes:

Longest chapter I've ever written so far this story..

What are your thoughts about the fight between Michael and Amber do You agree with Micheal or Amber on agreement of hiding her and baby from world to get a boost in his music career? Leave a comment! Enjoy!

Oh this story is based in the 70s forget to mention lol.

Ch.23 by Lorry

Two weeks later...

Two weeks later after the argument between Michael and Amber had dissolved during the time Michael has already started recording demos to be chosen for his album that will be released at the end of next year or the beginning of next year.

Michael and Amber were currently looking in the magazines for baby clothes and fighting over the colours of what their little ones colours should be and where the crib should be kept.

"How about grey Michael? Since we don't know the sex of the child just yet" amber suggested pointing at the grey coloured giraffe printed babysuit.

"Or a yellow colour?" He suggested as well flipping the page to the bright coloured sun decorated babysuit.

"That might be a bit too bright Michael, who knows how light or dark our child might turn out to be?" She said rolling her eyes.

"Maybe--" Michael replied before being cut off by Marlon suddenly sitting between them.

"I suggest blue but I have these tickets for a great funfair in the next town if you are both up for it" Marlon said jumping in and ignoring the two piercing glares.

"So?" He inquired causally waving the tickets freely.

"Alright we can go in an hour now can I and my wife go back to baby browsing please?" Michael said calmly.

"I could help since I don't have much to do---" Marlon said but cut off by the combined voices of Michael and Amber "Marlon!"

"Alright I'm leaving keep your fros on" he grumbled annoyed and went to the kitchen to eat.

The young couple alone again continued their conversation as they breezed though the many magazines spread on the table.
An hour later the three of them left the house to take the bus to the fair.

Getting off the bus the three of them walked to the fair entrance.

Michael brought two entrance tickets for himself and Amber, while Marlon looked on rolling his eyes and paid for his.

They walked into the large garden full of different rides ranging from bumper cars to the cute little teacup rides painted in a range of bright and bold colours.

The atmosphere full of laughter and joy amongst the families and couples walking around the park.

"Well I'm going to jump on all the highest rides I can my adorable siblings" Marlon smirking at them.

"I hope somehow your brain gets fixed while your on the rides" Michael replied.
"Michael! Don't say things like that!' Amber gasped smacking Michael on his chest while he laughed and grabbing her hands from continuing her assault.

"I didn't mean it he knows that love" he crooned tenderly to Amber.

"Whatever" she snapped back rolling her eyes and Michael bent down to kiss her firmly on the lips.

"Ok ew I'm going to go and have fun see you in a while lovebirds" Marlon replied in disgust and walked off.

So Marlon rode four rides he could find in the fair that was high enough to fill his Adeline addiction which left him yearning for some hot dogs.

Letting his nose guide him to the sweet aroma of sizzling hot dogs where he found a small food stall cooking row of hot dogs.

Marlon stood in front of the stall holding back the urge to drool, the tubby average height man wearing an apron turned around seeing his first customer.
His rosy cheeks rosy from the heat emitting from the fire in the grill.

"What you want young man?" He asked politely his polish accent lightly peeking though his American accent.

"One large hotdog with onions and mustard spread all over kind sir" Marlon replied.
"Alright sir" the man replied politely and went back to flipping the sausages on the grill.

Marlon waited patiently ignoring the rumble in his belly tapping his feet to pass the time.

After a few minutes of waiting he was handed his hot hotdog in a plastic plate. He held the plastic plate in one hand and used his other hand to shuffle into his pocket looking for change to give to the man. He found the money needed and then walked away with his paid meal.

Marlon stood not too from the stalls munching on his hotdog and moaning in pleasure at the delicious flavours he tasted on his tongue.

Until he was suddenly bumped into by someone and in his dismay he watched his meal drop to the ground in a splat of half eaten sausage.

He wasn't pleased to see his meal wasted on the floor and turned around to looking to find the culprit standing there without any look of remorse.

"Hey you! The girl with the afro" he bellowed angrily.

"Excuse me sir? I have a name and don't get to sad it's just a sausage" the girl he pointed out said sarcastic.

"That wasn't just a sausage! That was my meal bitch" Marlon sneered irritated.
"From that lithe dancer body you got going on a salad won't kill you" she said bluntly.

"Aren't you smug checking out my body but I want a payment for my meal bitch your buying me a new one" he retorted back annoyed.

"Alright fine I will I wonder how your friends cope with you" she said rolling her eyes and going to the same stall where he ordered from his directions.

"Go on" he said and waving her off.
A few seconds later she returned with the fresh sausage in hand and gave it to Marlon who dived into the sausage hungrily once again.

After Marlon finished his sausage and washed it down with a bottle of water, the two strangers decided not to stand in the middle of the way of people walking and went to one of the table and seats spread around.

"So who are you?" Marlon said calmly noticing her looks. She was a an inch shorter than by the flats he saw on her feet. She rocked a smaller Afro on her head covered in a light head tie keeping the Afro neat and tidy, she was ebony coloured and her eyes a dark brown shone brightly in intelligence.

"Why would I tell a complete stranger I don't know my name?" she replied dryly.
"I can name you sausage girl if you know what I mean" Marlon said winking at her.
"You're disgusting" she said in disgust at his words.

"Your choice" he said smirking smugly.
"Michaela" she replied simply.

"Your joking right?" Marlon said blinking in surprise the smirk faded away from his lips.
"Why would I joke about my name?" She said raising an eyebrow and thinking to herself if this guy was insane or stupid.
"Great your name is similar to my lil bro..why me" he groaned sadly.

"Excuse me?" She exclaimed in anger.
"Are you seriously comparing me to your brother" she sneered at him.

"I am not comparing you to my little brother Michaela you have a similar name to him" he said calmly.

"Your insane!" She said irritated.
"Insanely good looking Micky" he replied his expression jumping back to his signature smirk.

"Do not call Micky you big nosed idiot" she snapped back eyeing him.

Marlon like the rest of the Jackson clan were a little sensitive about their looks lashed out at her and they continued arguing madly.

In the distance Amber and Michael were laughing over a joke shared between them, as she held a pink stuffed teddy bear in her hands and he had his arm over her shoulder holding her gently to his side.
"Hey isn't that Marlon arguing with someone?" Amber pointed out.

"Your right love but what could have gotten him to argue with someone and a female isn't he smoothest talker?" Michael answered deadpan.

"Stop being mean MIchael let's go check it out" Amber replied and pulled him along to where the two were sitting at.
The two of them were so caught up in their bickering that they didn't even notice Michael and Amber standing in front of them.

Before this argument could escalate from sarcastic insults to personal ones Michael jumped in cutting them "I'm sorry for whatever my brother has said to you"
Michaela looked up to see a tall but lanky cocoa skinned man bearing similar features to Marlon next to her.

"Hey! Lil bro for once this time it wasn't my fault" Marlon complained.

"I find that hard to believe" Amber dropped in dryly eyeing him suspicious and Marlon grumbled under his breath.

"He's actually right as much as it hurts my pride to say it..why don't you both sit down to let me explain?" She gestured to the other seats while Michael grabbed two chairs for himself and Amber.

They sat for another talking about how Marlon and Michaela met until it was time for her to politely leave.

After departing the three of them stayed in the seats discussing Michaela.
"I like her" Michael announced cheerfully at the expense of Marlon.

"She isn't my type and too down right rude too many times in the time we spent together before you both came I wanted to kick her also your only saying that because she's similar to you" Marlon replied rolling his eyes.

"No Marlon I wouldn't like her because of our similar names, it's because she isn't a brainless girl and she has intelligence to keep up with you" he replied smoothly smirking at Marlon.

"Still don't like her" Marlon mumbled.
"How about you love? What do you think of Marlon's future wife?" Michael said switching his gaze to Amber.

"I don't like her she seems a little too into herself" she replied pausing to talk from drinking from her choice of smoothie consisting of a combination stomach cringe worthy flavours.

"Someone agrees with me halliuia" Marlon exclaimed happily and laid a kiss on her cheek a little close to her mouth in Michael's opinion.

"Remove those lips Marlon we won't have a repeat of what happened last year" Michael snapped to his brother.

"You aren't letting that go! It was an accident" Marlon whined childishly.

"Alright boys calm down, let's go home please" Amber said to stop an argument to break between them.

So getting up from the seats they went back to the front entrance to find where the van was parked and made their way home. Once home they all went to their separate rooms.

End Notes:

A new character introduced she has a mouth on her, I have no sympathy for her but amber doesn't like her. Comments are loved. Enjoy!

Ch.24 by Lorry

The next day...


In the middle of the night Amber was woken up by one extremely powerful kick from the child nested in her womb which landed unfortunately on her rib cage.

"Ouch!" She groaned in pain from the sudden kick.

Michael woke up immediately hearing her groan and sitting up from his side of the bed to see Amber rubbing her stomach gently.

"Love what's wrong?" He asked worried.
"Your child kicked me like I was a football and my rib was the goal..this time wasn't a flutter no this one was a footballers kick" she replied feeling irritated.

"The little one is half of you as well besides the little one could be a dancer" he pointed out smartly.

"Well If the little bun is mine why don't you carry it for nine months!" She snarled to Michael.

"Alright please don't get worked up, I'm helping aren't I?" He answered gently as he sat upright to pull her into his lap and gave her a back massage which made her purr in bliss at his gentle touch.
Michael began to hum a quite melody as he continued to massage her shoulders eventually Amber fell asleep in his arms and he moved her slowly unto her back sleeping beside her.

He fell asleep soon after cradling her in his embrace.

The next morning Amber woke up to find her husband wasn't by her side. She took her time getting up from the bed to notice a small note on the bed.

She opened the note to see Michael's messy writing fortunately she's had years reading his writing to understand in the note that he had gone to the studio at Epic to spend another day of recording demos.

So Amber walking out of their bedroom on her way to the living room stopped when she saw the door was wide open to find Marlon adjusting his red shirt as he looked into the bathroom mirror.

"Looking quite smart Marlon where you heading off? To a date?" Amber asked him curiously.
Marlon snorted when he heard her question and turned around to face Amber smiling cheekily from the door. "To answer your question no I am not going on a date suga I'm off to work"

"You have a job!?" Amber gasped in surprise.

"I do have a job which you never asked about I don't spend all my days here suga" he said raising an eyebrow and went back to looking in the mirror to comb his growing Afro.

"I know it's just a surprise" she replied sheepishly.

"Well I'm working at a popular instrument shop one block away from here to answer your burning questions" he replied smirking smugly.

Dropping the comb onto the table Marlon looked down at his watch to panic slightly to see he was going to be late.
Amber stepping out of his way while she watched him grab his house keys and any other things he needed, rushed out the door shouting a quick goodbye to her.

The silence was quite welcoming to Amber who hadn't had much time to relax on her own, she went back to her room to lay down and take the time to sketch in one of her many unfinished sketchbooks.

Two hours when Amber was almost nodding off a sudden knock on the door awoke her, she grumbled under her breath while the knocking continued on.

She went to the door and to her surprise Junior and Andy were standing there.
"Oh! I didn't expect you both today" Amber exclaimed unexpected to them coming over today.

"Well let's come in and we will explain why we are here" Andy replied smiling calmly.

Amber turned around to walk to the living room and they followed. Once seated Amber asked if they were hungry but they declined.
"Sis as you know Mike called us two hours to come over to come check on you because he had a feeling Marlon would be out of the house today" junior explained cheerfully.

"I knew he would just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm fragile" Amber replied a trace of frustration laced in her tone.

"He doesn't mean that you are Amber he just wants to make sure you and the child is safe" Andy said reassuring.
"Thanks Andy" she replied giving him a small smile in return.

Since her birthday party Amber and Andy's relationship has slowly improved which has made the rest of the family (expect Grace) happy to see the bond growingng gradually between them.

So they continued to chat about various topics ranging from sports to the latest news.

The time inbetween Marlon was running down the block to the shop hopefully not too late he didn't want to lose this job.
He opened the door looking around in case his manager was around but to his great relief she wasn't.

He breathed in deeply but to his dismay a cool voice froze him in his place."Your late marlon"

"Well you see boss--" he tried to say charmingly but he was cut off by her clipped words "your lucky I haven't fired you Marlon but we do have the recruit the one I told you about two or three days ago"
"You can come out" she hollered to the back of the shop. Michaela walked out of the back office not expecting Marlon to be standing there in front of her once again.

"YOU!" They shouted simoustanly.
"Since you both know each other it will be much easier for you to learn the ropes around here" she stated dryly.

Marlon not in the mood to argue with her immediately showed her around the shop where everything was stored, the till and the time schedule.

So one of the many tasks in the shop was to clean the musical instruments every two days to get ride of any child imprints or marks left as well making the instruments shine attractively once more.
So they were in the downstairs basement sitting on separate chairs. Marlon cleaning an electric Ruby coloured guitar and Michaela was cleaning a pale cream flute in her hands.

"So are you stalking me? Because this is weird finding you here working together" Michaela said to break the ice in the room as she used her cloth to slowly clean the inside of the flute.

Marlon pausing his cleaning gazed up into her eyes replied smirking"I don't stalk women I don't like, you could be stalking me for all I know"

"In your dreams Romeo" she replied rolling her eyes.

After cleaning the flute Michaela placed carefully it back into its long box. She stood up to grab another box which contained a silver Harmonia.

She gently brought out the Harmonia viewing it from all angles before she started to clean it. She decided to test it. She placed it on her lips and a shrill but comforting sound arose from the Harmonia as Marlon stopped polishing to listen to her play.

After she finished playing Marlon clapped for her and she couldn't help but beam happily until he said smirking "that was good...for an amateur"

The smile dropped from her lips and swiftly replaced with a look of irritation and anger at his words. She dropped the Harmonia back into its case.

"Oh if your the greatest why not play the guitar on your hands big shot!" She snapped at him.

"Gladly" Marlon replied accepting the challenge, He stood up pulling the guitar strap over his shoulder. He experimented with the strings first before he began to play a rendition of let's groove by Earth, fire.& wind.

"You were saying?" He said smirking smugly and stood in front of her playing expertly.

"Alright you've made your point back up" she said rolling her eyes but inside she was a little jealous at his skill.
"You better not be playing on any of the instruments Marlon! You are here to work!" The manager hollered from upstairs.

Marlon ceased playing going back to cleaning while Michaela chuckled softly.
They spent the rest of the day working on various tasks until it was closing time but the manager had left Marlon in charge as temporary manager for one week while she traveled to Chicago to buy more instruments and equipment.

She trusted Marlon to some point because she was low on staff and he had been working with her for over six months even though he has the tendency to be late.

Marlon arrived home feeling dusty and tired from his day with Michaela. He entered into the house seeing his lil brother wasn't around but Amber wasn't alone from the voices he heard coming from the living room.

He strolled into the living room to see the animated conversation going on between Amber and Junior while Andy sat quietly listening.

"Amber mini me I see your here with Amber..Andy" he hollered to Junior and nodding at Andy.

"Hey Marshmallow!" He replied smiling angelically.
"That awful name bro" he groaned in response.

Amber snickered at the nickname but Junior only shrugged his shoulders unbothered "I did say I'd find a nickname for you"

"How was work?" Amber asked intrigued.
"You won't believe who came to work at the was the chick we meet at the fair!---" He said but was interrupted by Junior.

"Who? Details marshmallow" Junior said interested in the story.

Marlon pinched his nose taking a deep breath in before proceeding to explain the whole story to Junior and Andy then jumping into his day at work.

"You like this chick whoever she is marshmallow" Junior said as he was scratching his cheek.

"I do not like her she's annoying!" He denied shutting down any chance of liking Michaela out of the window.

"If Marlon doesn't like her then so be it" Amber concluded ending the discussion there.

A while later Andy and Junior left to return home leaving Marlon to jump into the shower while she made a late dinner hoping Michael would come home soon.

Amber was still awake when Michael walked into their bedroom waiting for him, she saw his haggard state of clothing and tired expression.

She was about to stand up but Michael beat her to it bending down to lay by her side after changing into a baggy grey top and his black boxers.

"How was the studio recording?" She asked him staring into his sleepily ebony eyes.

"It was fine love We recorded some of the songs to the final stage which I'm really how about" he said while yawning.
"How many songs are going on the album?" She pressed on intrigued about the whole process.

"At the moment it's tired between ten to fifteen songs but I won't know until all of the songs are recorded and chosen" he explained.

"Go to sleep boo we can talk tomorrow" she said noticing him dozing on and off.
She kissed his lips briefly and snugged into his side mindful of her growing bump. She closed her eyes falling asleep almost immediately.

End Notes:

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Ch. 25 by Lorry

Over the next few days Amber had been spending her time split between ordering baby items from the baby magazines and reading parenting books soaking up as much information as she could.

At the moment after placing her last order for the day she sat thinking how she was going to persuade Marlon or Michael to go collect the boxes normally she would have done so herself if she wasn't carrying a baby in her stomach.

A peck to her lips jolted her from racing mind to find Michael sitting beside her.
"Oh hey baby I didn't see you there" she said sheepishly.

"You were lost in your thoughts if I pulled your nose I would have received body harm I didn't want to get a bruise" he teased smiling angelically.

She hit his arm with one of the magazines and he chuckled pretending to rub the painful bruise on his arm.

"Now your home Michael you tend to spend most of your time working or at the studio" she said dropping the magazine on the table.

"I took a break from both of them to spend some time with you since I haven't been around much for you" He replied frowning faintly.

"I've missed you and the little one has missed you too from all the kicks I've received these past few days" Amber replied sadly.

"I'm sorry for that love I don't mean to be away from you both it's just I want to build for our future together" He apologized holding her smaller hand in his.

"It's alright boo now tell me about the recording and everything in between in Epic records" Amber said changing the subject as her eyes shone in interest.
"Why not let me take you there instead so you can see how my day is when I'm not working" he suggested smiling crookedly.
"That will be great but are you sure..?" She replied doubtful.

"No it's fine we can spend a while and come home" he replied.

"Alright let's go!" She replied excited at the prosperity seeing how her husband worked and recorded his music.

Michael stood up helping her up from her chair as she glared at his cheeky smile. They grabbed the necessary items and went to the van after locking the door behind them.

Safely strapped in the van they drove to Epic Records. Holding hands to the entrance Michael showed his ID at the desk as well putting Amber's name down in the guest book.

They arrived at the studio after Michael gave Amber a small tour of the floor and left the studio last in the tour.

Walking into the studio Amber's eyes gazed around looking at the music equipment and recording booth constructed opposite each other.

At the sound mixer an older African American rocking a small Afro and beard sat busy mixing until his beady black coloured eyes fell on them when they entered into the studio.

His lips parted into a beaming smile when he saw Michael.

Michael pulling Amber by the arm to him, Quincy bellowed happily "smelly!"

"Oh come on Quincy don't say it in front of her" he mumbled blushing.

" smelly? How did that name come to pass?" Amber asked barely able to hold her snickering in.

"Another day love" he replied cheerfully avoiding the embarrassing subject.
"I've heard alot about you Mrs.Jackson he talks about you all the time" Quincy stated smirking smugly shifting his gaze onto her.

"what's your name sir?" She asked politely.

"Quincy Jones at your service I'm the producer working on smelly's first studio album" he replied.

"Lovely to meet you" she replied smiling at the older male.

Michael wanted to show her his progress in his selected tracks. Quincy sensing he wasn't needed in the room got up from his chair smacking Michael on his back and wishing farewell to them both as he went on his lunch break.

"So smelly can I hear your tracks from the demo?" Amber asked innocently sitting in Quincy's place.

"Don't call me that love I don't want Marlon to hear it and start calling me that name too" he said glaring at her briefly before looking for the demos.

"I wouldn't do such a thing" she implied innocently tucking a loose strand hair behind her ear.

Michael scoffed knowingly and went on looking for the demos until he brought out tapes labelled in black marker 'demo'
"So this is the first song that might be considered on the album" he said and played the song.

The first few seconds a guitar played until Michael's beautiful voice bleed into the track as he sang the first verse
She's out of my Life,

I don't know whether to laugh or cry
The song continued eventually fading into last part where Michael's cries of anguish.

The room was silent as Amber collected her thoughts, hearing the song made her want to weep at the sheer emotion elaborated in his tone.

"The song was beautiful Michael..what brought so emotion?" She asked sniffing slightly.
"The song wasn't written by me but I sat in sound booth pushing the emotions I felt when you went to relax with Marlon and the time you kicked me out of your room..." He explained grimacing.

"I feel so horrible about how I treated you Michael" she replied blinking back the tears threatening to spill down her cheeks.

Michael moved away from the sound mix and stood in front of her, pulling her seat to him. He stood gazing into her eyes as he replied in a serious tone "that was in the past love it only made us stronger and besides its not my brothers baby your carrying so don't let that memory get to you" bringing her face close to his kissing her lips softly.

Letting go he went back to shuffling though all the demos where it became a game of him playing the demos and Amber giving her own input on the records.

Afterwards they left the studio to return home. Parking the van Michael went to buy Chinese for the house knowing if he didn't buy anything for Marlon he wouldn't have any peace from his whining while Amber went home.

Michael returning home with the warm bags of Chinese food in his hands. He placed the bags on the table as Amber stood up to get the plates and cutlery.

She laid them on the small table as Michael brought out the plastic containers out of the bag. They dung into the shared meal eating quietly until the door opened to reveal a fatigued Marlon walk into the room in his uniform.

His nose smelled the delicious aroma from the Chinese. Without one word he went into the kitchen grabbing a plate for himself sat next to Michael piling his plate with rice, ribs and sauce.

"You can't say hi Marlon? Is food on your mind?" Michael said eyeing his brother.

"Lil bro I'm not in the mood to argue with you today" Marlon replied rolling his eyes then bought a potion of rice to his lips.

"Who annoyed you this time bro?" Michael said cautiously.

"Michaela" he stated after swallowing the food in his mouth.
"Isn't that the girl we meet at the funfair a while ago?" He asked.

"Bingo! She works at my job placement she is a pain in my ass" he answered in an annoyed tone and continued to eat.
Poor marlon Amber thought in her mind as she sat listening to them talk as she ate.

Soon after the Chinese take out was finished between the three of them. The dishes washed the rest of the night was spent talking until the sudden knock on the door alerted the trio wondering who was knocking on the door at this time.

Marlon shared brief eye contact with Michael and Amber as he stood walking to the door. He opened the door to see Michaela standing at the door with his wallet in her hands.

"What the hell are you doing with my damn wallet bitch!" He exclaimed hysterical.
"You left your wallet at the store also your ID had your address out of the kindness of my heart I came around to return it to you" she sneered at him.

Wordlessly she shoved the wallet into his hand and stomped back to the stairs.

Marlon could only blink in surprise shoving the slight feeling of gratitude he had for her and closed the door holding his wallet.

Walking back into the living room to see the expectant faces of Michael and Amber staring back at him.

"Wasn't that the voice of Michaela?" Michael questioned him.

"Yes that was her" he said sitting down dropping his wallet onto the table.
"Didn't sound like a pleasant conversation" Amber added.

"It wasn't I admit I was a jerk to her" he admitted as his cheeks glowed a slight pink.

"How much of a big jerk were you to her?" Michael inquired eyeing him in disapproval.

"Alot.." he mumbled looking away from his hard gaze and looked at the wall where the shelves of books were kept.
"You need to apologize Marlon I might not know Her but she deserves one" Amber said adding her own input.
"What you too suga?" Marlon exclaimed his head whipping back to stare at her flabbergasted.

"I agree you have to apologize to her she did return your wallet for you" Michael said firmly.

"Oh alright you two! I'll do the day after its her day off tomorrow" Marlon replied rubbing his shoulders.

After another short chat Marlon went to have shower while the young couple went to their room to have an early night in.

End Notes:


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Ch. 26 by Lorry

On his way home from another long day of work, He didn't expect to bump into Michaela who had been carrying a cup of ice-cream unfortunately fell to the ground splatting everywhere.

Michaela was not in the mood for Marlon this evening. The treat she had enjoyed so far was now nonexistent on the ground.

She swept up her gaze to look into his eyes a fire blazing in her round eyes. Marlon saw that fire and didn't want to get his head bitten off, decided off the bat to apologize.

"I'm sorry for my behaviour when you bought back my was kind of you to do and sorry for your ice cream." He trailed rubbing his hands into his Afro nervously, a habit he and Michael share.

Michaela was rendered speechless by him uttering 'sorry' twice in one breath. she stared at him wondering if he was sincere but holding eye contact she saw he was.

"I forgive you Marlon" she replied.

Marlon sighed in relief feeling the load from his chest disappear.

"I'll buy you another ice-cream" he offered starting up a conversation.

"Feels like history repeating itself isn't it?" She replied coolly.

"History or not your still a bitch" he replies jokingly.

"Your still an idiot" she replied rolling her eyes.

The unlikely pair went to the nearest ice-cream store and walked out with their own share of ice-cream which they ate on the way back home.
Marlon had invited her back to his home to visit his brother and Amber who were at home.

When Marlon opened the door he was grossed out to see Michael and Amber kissing intensely on the coach.
"Keep it pg you two I sleep on that coach" Marlon said to the couple.
The couple broke away from their kiss to stare at Marlon in mock annoyance.

"They are obviously in love idiot let em be" Michaela said defending them as she walked in after his words.
"Another reason why I like her" Michael said smiling at Michaela in greeting.

"Thanks" Michaela replied chuckling.
Amber and Michael moved aside to create room for them both to seat on the coach.

"Nice to meet you again" Michaela said politely to Amber who nodded at her in reply.

Michaela knew Amber didn't like her but she thought maybe in time they could have some mutual understanding at least.
The two brothers continued to talk about other topics bringing a gap between the two ladies.

"So how far are you in your pregnancy?" Michaela asked Amber hopefully to break the ice between them.

"About six months" she replied.
"Must be great to be pregnant I don't see myself pregnant in the near by future" she responded.

The conversation sizzled out between them and they ended up listening to the conversation between the two brothers which was on the topic of black music pioneers.

"James Brown is the godfather of funk bro he wins hands down" Michael said in relation to Marlon's words.

"I agree but I wouldn't mind me so Diana Ross bro she's a lil too skinny for my taste but I can manage" Marlon replied smirking smugly.
"You are disgusting I hope you know that I wonder if you'll be faithful to the girl you stay with" Michaela said putting into the conversation.

"You've said that so many times I don't care also you don't know me that well if I will stay faithful or not" Marlon replied turning to face her.

"Marlon is a loyal guy if you stopped arguing with him majority of the time you would know" Amber said snapping at Michaela.

"Easy love don't get too worked up" Michael crooned to her sweetly kissing her forehead.

"When did this topic turn to my love life?" Marlon asked slightly annoyed.
"Because Micaela cares for you so much" Michael teased him.
"Hell no bro don't even go there" Marlon complained.

"Well I think it's time for me to go home nice meeting you both again" Michaela announced feeling uncomfortable.

"Oh alright let me walk you to the door" Marlon said.
The two of them stood up walking to the door while amber and Michael sat on the coach talking.

"Why the attitude love to Michaela she might be Marlon's future girlfriend and wife!" Michael said to her baffled.

"I don't like her for now until she proves herself to be a nice person" she replied coolly.

Michael knew her mind was made up for now until she saw something she liked about Michaela who knows when that would happen? So he left the topic aside for the mean time.

Marlon returning from escorting Michaela to the door saw the absence of his siblings to see they had gone to their room. He went to the bathroom to have a shower and rest.

End Notes:

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Ch. 27 by Lorry

The day of Amber's usual monthly check arrived but unfortunately Michael wasn't able to make it due to working that day.

Obvious to the surprise baby shower Amber was coming home to. Michael, and junior were busily decorating the living room while the mums cooked the party food in the kitchen.

Marlon chose to drive her to the hospital so that would give the rest of the family time to plan and get everything prepared.
The two of them strapped and suited in the van drove to the hospital before the appointment.


Thirty minutes later..

Now in the hospital waiting at the desk after talking to the desk lady about the appointment.

Amber and Marlon sat waiting in the chairs provided talking over the child and her pregnancy.

"I'm so fat" she groaned rubbing her large bump.
"You aren't fat suga you've just added a little weight you've always been a little skinny" Marlon replied sweetly.

"Are you calling me a thin stick?!" She exclaimed irritated glaring darkly at him.

Her cheeks fuller due to the pregnancy only made her look more childish then threatening made Marlon chuckle who was used to her weird mood swings.

"You are beautiful just the way you are" he crooned to her.
"Stupid Jackson flirting" she mumbled blushing looking away from him.
"You are a Jackson suga" he reminded her smirking.

Before she could answer Doctor Alice strolled into the waiting room spotting them.

"Jacksons?" She called out and they looked up to see her at the door.
Marlon stood up from his chair helping Amber up carefully from her seat to follow Alice back to her office.

Entering into doctor Alice's office they sat next to each other now facing her look of disappointment.

"Such a shame Amber I didn't expect you to be with another man instead of your baby's father" she said in disapproval.

"Doc I am Michael's brother, I'm here in his place because he wasn't able to make it" Marlon responded.

Doctor Alice's cheeks grew warm in her mistake quickly apologized for her judgement.
She coughed lightly to break the silence and the appointment went along where she asked questions about her health writing the information down in Amber's file.

The Last part of the appointment was smearing the gel onto Amber's stomach as Marlon and Amber watched on the ultrasound screen.

The greyish screen appeared on the screen showing the little one.

Doctor Alice moved around to check if there was any issue concerning the child.
"The baby is healthy as well you can see him or girl has most of the features, feet and hands" doctor Alice said.

"Look at that nose the kid is a Jackson for sure" Marlon mentioned feeling amazed at the new life living in Amber's womb.

Amber snorted rolling her eyes as she replied "I won't be surprised if he comes out looking exactly like Michael"


"You never know the child might come out looking like me, Well we shall see in time I can't wait to get my bet money" Marlon replied smirking.
The appointment finished a little later giving them time to go a little window shopping now that Amber wanted to see if she could find something to buy.

"Now that I think about apart from reading and ordering things from the shop which hasn't even turned up till now..I'm scared Marlon" she said rubbing her balloon sized bump.

"Why are you scared suga?" He questioned gently.
"I don't know if I'll be a good mother to this kid when it comes to the world" she cried out sniffing.

Marlon pulled her into his embrace as she snuggled into his warmth.
"Look suga don't fret over anything alright? You have me, Micheal and our family to help you look after the little Jackson" he responded reassuring her.

Amber reminded that she wasn't alone with her small but knitted family and she will get all the help she needs.

The child kicked brought Marlon's gaze down to her stomach. He grinned entertained from feeling the slight kick near his ribs.

"Like I said that kid is a Jackson already a attention seeker" he bragged playfully.

Amber snorted amused at his words, Slowly moving out of his embrace the two of them went around the stores a little more to browse what selections were there and joking about as they made their own comments as well over some of the most expensive baby items.

Two hours later the two of them returned home.

Amber entered into the living room once more wasn't expecting shouts of 'surprise' by the smiling faces of her family.

"You all have gotta stop with these surprises!" She exclaimed dryly as everyone chuckled.
"Now why would we stop that love?" Michael said smiling tenderly to her as he wrapped her in his arms.

"You and your damn planning Michael" she replied smacking his chest as he kissed her cheeks sweetly.

"Now come on sis we did a pretty good job don't you think?" Junior called out puffing his chest out in pride.

Amber still in Michael's arms gazed around the colourfully decorated room from the banner to the presents sacked on the side.

"It's average" she replied teasing him as she watched him pout sadly.
Grace rolled her eyes at junior's words and pulled her away from Michael's arms to chat with her and Katherine as well as everyone else she met in the room.

The party continued on as Amber spent time talking with her family expect Andy and Cherri stood from afar talking to themselves.

"I just hope she accepts the gifts Cherri.." Andy said hopeful.
"You mean the presents I chose for our grandchild?" She said to him glaring at him playfully.

"I did help pick out some of things Cherri" he reminded her smugly.
"You mean the rainbow coloured tiger toy you wrapped?" She retorted with one brunette coloured eyebrow.

"The store owner said it was a unisex toy" he protested weakly to her.
Cherri giggled and rolled her eyes at his words as they continued to chat.
Cherri's laugh bought Grace's attention to where they were standing near the drink table.

Grace moving swiftly to where they stood. She couldn't help but break into the conversation in a clipped tone "you are busy here Andi while your daughter is talking with everyone while you and her have decided to exclude yourselves in the corner"

"Now Grace we have had our share talking to everyone in the room considering we aren't a large bunch so please stop trying to start an unecessary argument when it's not needed" he replied a lace of annoyance evident in his voice.

Frankly Andy was tired of Grace's harsh words endlessly trying to provoke a fight while he tried to be calm and respectful for Amber's sake and his grandchild.

"Now Grace I still see you have alot of anger still bottled in for my husband which I hope one day you will let go one day I do understand your pain I would have left him years ago...but we both were given two beautiful children out of it" Cherri stepped in solemnly.

Grace stood still digesting Cherri's words knowing she was right decided to not light aflame to another fight backed down leaving them be.
"You are right...enjoy the rest of the party" she replied and walked away.
The two of them sighed in relief now that she had left, the thickening air going along with her.

Eventually it was time for the presents to be opened, everyone sat on the chairs or coach expect Michael and Amber sat on a thick blanket.
"Which one should we open first?" Amber asked Michael excited at what could be hidden underneath the layers of wrapping.

"How about that blue one?" He replied pointing to the one on her left.
Amber grabbed the box and placing it on her stomach began to tear and claw at the wrapping until she opened the box.

Inside personalised set of building blocks in pastel colours of orange, blue and green.
"Wow who is this from?" She asked smiling.

"It's from the kids" Katherine answered smiling happily.
But the children knocked out from the food and cake slept peacefully in Michael and Amber's room.

The present opening continued as Michael and Amber shared the task of opening the gifts from everyone one at a time.

Until one gift was left between them Michael pushed it to her to open.
Wrappings flying all over the place the present turned out to be Andy's personal gift for his grandchild where as the other presents were mostly from Cherri and junior.

"Oh who gave me this?" She said waving the rainbow coloured tiger in the air.
"It was me.." Andy admitted meekly.

"Are you trying to buy my affections??" She asked narrowing her eyes at him.

"No I'm not I just thought the little one would like it" he protested weakly.
"Well thanks.." she said swallowing her pride and dropped it to the ground.

Before anymore could be said the door bell rung. Michael rose from his place on the floor and went to the door.

He came back with Michaela following behind. She was surprised to see more than people than she expected to see but she saw the reason and didn't let the several eyes gazing at her distract from the reason why she came over.

"Here's a small token from me for you and your little bundle of joy" Michaela said handing the gift card to Michael who thanked her and went back to sit by Amber.

"Wow thanks Michaela but how did you find out about this party?" she said nicely inwardly shocked that she was giving them something.
"Marlon was bragging about it at work that he was planning it for you and your husband" she replied rolling her eyes.

"Sounds like something he would do when all he did was get Amber away from the house" Michael added eyeing his brother from the corner of his eyes.
"I did a pretty good job so be grateful little brother" he replied smirking arrogantly.

As every mother with a spider sense for trouble, Katherine jumped in scolding them in her soft but deadly voice that held no room for argument "boys! Do not argue"

The two stubborn brothers grumbled at each other while everyone snickered themselves at them.

Katherine now turning her softening gaze to Michaela asked her if she wanted something to take along with her.

"No I'm fine no thank you ma'am" she replied.

"Not even some cake? I wouldn't want Marlon's girlfriend to not leave without anything" she said in a sad tone.

"We are not together!" Marlon and Michaela answered at the same time.
"Oh what a shame I didn't know would you at least take some cake?" Katherine replied in a mock tone of surprise but she was secretly enjoying the teasing couple.

"I'll take some cake then" she replied defeated.
"Wonderful" she replied enthusiastic and stood from her seat to get some cake wrapped up in a cloth to give to Michaela.

While that was being done Michaela and Marlon refused to look at each other. Michael enjoyed teasing his brother as Amber listened along.
Michaela stood waiting patiently until Katherine returned back with her cake which was taking too long for her. She wasn't a fan of crowds no matter how big or small was.

Katherine came back into the living room with the cake. Michaela took the wrapped cake from her hands as she thanked her and wished everyone farewell leaving hurriedly out the door.

The party continued late into the evening until the three residents remained.

Marlon who'd fallen asleep on the floor due to the amount of beer he consumed snored loudly to Michael's disgust.
The couple retreated back to their room with the gifts left near the wardrobe.

Amber pulled Michael closer to her and tugging him down to kiss her. She kissed deeply to the point he growled lowly.
"Make love to me please" she pleaded sweetly to him after they both came up for air.

"But the little one love" he replied worriedly.
"I will be fine" she replied calmly.

Taking her word for it Michael lead her to the bed and they made love enjoying each others warmth.

End Notes:

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Ch.28 by Lorry

After the baby shower the summer days slowly begun to dry out as the leaves fell little by little from the trees in the area.


Summer clothes swapped for warmer clothing that everyone was not looking forward to.

Marlon went to work as usual enjoying the peaceful and calmer days when the shop wasn't filled with rude or overconfident customers who knew their ‘musical instruments’.

Currently he was cleaning the windows from the outside while Michaela sat on a stool behind the front counter counting bills and recorded how much the shop made each day.

Ten minutes he walked back into the shop wiping his brow with his hand.

"The weather is bipolar today" he complained to Michaela.

She looked up from her counting to nod at him and resumed what she was doing.

"Look Michaela thanks for the work you've put it in your likely the only worker I know who does so...also your kind of sweet" he said mumbling the last part and looking away from her.

Michaela's snapped up when she heard his appreciation about her effort and him using the word 'sweet' which wasn't usually in his vocabulary.

She accepted the feelings she had for him, because she knew underneath the cocky, rude and mean front he put up underneath was a sensitive and loyal guy she'd witnessed it in the love he expressed for his family.

She felt her heart flutter at his words; she decided to play a little clueless to see if maybe he felt the same way too.

"Are you drunk??" She asked him in a fake concerned voice.

"What?! No I'm not! Why would I be drunk when I'm telling you something" he replied rolling his eyes.

"What are you trying to say then??" She pressed trying to get him to open up.

Marlon breathed in a large deep of air before he gazed into her eyes as he stated honestly "I like you…. for how long I don't know but it's been on my mind for some time when I truly like someone I am faithful if you remember the discussion at my place about my love-life"

"I don't believe you..y-your crazy" she stuttered slightly feeling flushed now that his feelings were out in the open and she felt uncertain about his feelings.

Marlon fed up of her denial strolled up to her behind the counter and pulled her into his arms.

Now in his arms Michaela never knew from afar how light his hazel coloured eyes were she could even spot a flicker of green floating amongst the swirl of colours mixed in his eyes.

Just as Michaela was looking into his face he was observing her as well seeing the pimples scattered here and there on her ebony coloured skin but she was still beautiful to him.

Swallowing Marlon bravely took the chance he's dreamed about. He bent his head down meeting her half way making sure his nose wasn't in the way.

He placed his lips on her briefly before dividing into length the kiss, her lips felt soft and smooth just the way he imagined it.

As his eyes closed Michaela's eyes were opened in surprise until her eyes begun to close as she lost herself in his sweet kiss. His breath smelled of mint and bubble gum.

Before Michaela could lose any more air she pulled away from his lip as the two of them panted breathless from the unexpected kiss they shared.


An air of awkwardness sat between them, they didn’t know how to address the kiss or feelings now out in the open.

"Well I'll just go see what needs to be taken care" Michaela said and quickly left Marlon to ponder what happened.

The evening came and Michaela left for home as Marlon did the same. Marlon went home feeling depressed that his plan hadn't worked.

Now arriving home to see Amber sitting on the coach eating from a small bowl of popcorn watching an old western movie on the TV.

"How was work Marlon?" She asked looking at him briefly before shifting her attention back to the TV.

"I kissed Michaela" he replied as he sat next to her and munching on popcorn to hide his pain.

Amber's hand froze in mid-air as she was about to take a potion of popcorn from the bowl and dropped to her side.

"You kissed her?!" She uttered astounded.

He went onto explain what went on during the day now feeling depressed thinking Michaela must not feel the same.

 "No I don't think so Marlon don't jump to conclusions she might have been taken back by the kiss" she said in response to the story.

"You might be right suga but let's watch this movie shall we? Where is my adorable little brother??" Marlon asked flashing her a weak smile.


"Your brother is sleeping he returned from another day of recording he better spend some time with me soon because the little one will be here soon" she replied wiping a few tears from her cheeks.


Marlon kissed her forehead tenderly as he distracted her, telling jokes to get her to laugh that worked to his relief, to take her mind off Michael and her coming future.


The next day....


It was an awkward affair between Marlon and Michaela when they both strolled into work.


Marlon decided to be frank and straight forward to her about the mutual feelings they shared for each other.


"Look I know kissing you was out of line yesterday...but that's the only way I'm able to show you how I feel" he said licking his lips as he spoke.


"For a jerk you don't kiss too badly even if it was my first kiss" she replied timidly.


"I've heard better words to my kissing skills but I'll take that as a compliment" he replied smirking smugly.


"That wasn't a compliment" she snapped back at him.


"I'll take it as a compliment but I'm asking you this are either my girl or not from now" he said holding eye contact with her to show how serious he was.


"I'll be your girl but we are taking it slow" she replied coolly.


Marlon's lips split into a wide smile hearing her declare that she would be his girl was sweet music to his ears.


Michaela witnessed his genuine smile for the first time blushed hotly as he strolled up to her bending down to lay a feathery kiss on her cheek.



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Ch. 29 by Lorry


It was another day from in the studio for our upcoming star unfortunately was putting a strain on his marriage with Amber.


The early morning was spent recording the final touches on the songs that he and Quincy had chosen to be on his first studio album ' Off the Wall'.

After two hours of recording Quincy declared that they should take a lunch break, Michael didn’t fuss not allowing his perfectionist nature to get in his way of getting food, he knew when to take a break (I.e. Amber would force him to do so).


Pulling off the headphones he hopped off the stool and went out of the room to grab a hot meal from a small diner down the street.

He strolled leisurely down the streets looking at the busy scenes around him until he made it to a diner named 'Minnie’s'.

This place became his go-to-go place when he didn't want to eat the dry food sometimes given at the Epic Building.

He strolled into the diner feeling the cool tiles beneath his feet and was greeted by the bubbly waitress Martha dressed in a fifties styled candy cane striped dress and her jet-black hair sitting comfortably between her ears.


"Hello Michael back again for my cooking?" She said greeting him happily with a smile and laugh.

Michael grinned to her cheekily as he made his way to seat at one of the stools. Once seated they chatted for a few minutes until Martha plucked the notebook and pencil she had in her front pocket to take his order.

"Now what you want Michael?" She asked smiling kindly at him ready to take his order.

Michael looked at the menu and decided he didn't want his usual meal but wanted something different.

"Can I have the jumbo shrimp with a side of fries and onions please with a glass of Pepsi also can I order a doughnut to go when I'm ready to leave" he replied.

"Of course your food is on its way" she replied winking at him and walked away to get his food ordered.

A while later after eating his filing meal and holding a bag of custard flavoured doughnut which was Amber's favourite treat at the moment.

Her cravings become weirder and weirder every day...

He thought laughing to himself.

Now back at the studio after thirty minutes Michael didn't see Quincy anywhere so he presumed he was still on his break.

To inhabit his boredom he decided to experiment more with his voice testing new heights on how he could change his voice, which he recorded and tinkled around with on the sound mixer.


Over the last months Michael and Quincy have become close to  now openly share part of their personal stories. Since Quincy was divorced he gave Michael advice for some certain aspects he faces in his marriage.

"Now Michael you've had this look of sadness in your eyes as you sang today what's up?" He asked gently.

Michael bite into his bottom lip momentarily before he replied "It's just the studio and my other job has kept me away from Amber..I'm happy she understands but I feel I'm missing so much in her pregnancy"

"Look Michael I know your trying to give yourself and her a better life but don't let it get to you she's still with you right? That shows she cares that much" he replied calmly.

"I know I feel so helpless Quincy" he replied sniffing slightly.

Quincy brought out his handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to him to wipe his tears.

"Now don't fret she's still with you just make sure when the time for you to blow up in your music that you don't end up leaving her behind which will anger her don't end up in my situation divorced and alone" he advised calmly.

"Your right"

"Well let's get to recording so we can get you home early today smelly" Quincy said switching the subject, smacking Michael hard on his back.

Michael huffed and rolled his eyes as he stood up and returned to the booth where they spent the next several hours into the evening recording.

Evening hit Michael was pleased to have know the music  was recorded and ready. All what was left now to was do the photography and promote the album song.

Meanwhile at home...

Amber lying on her back as she watched TV with her mum above her whale sized stomach.

Grace had the bowl of popcorn in her lap as her daughter laid beside her. Amber clawed at the popcorn in her hand but before she could move it anywhere near her mouth, the little one in her stomach gave one might kick stilling any movement she wanted to do previously.

The popcorn in her hand fell carelessly back into the bowl as Amber groaned in pain.

Through out the day the unborn Jackson kicked and shoved to not be ignored by it’s mother and grandma who could look on in amusment.

"When will he give me a break this kicking mum" she moaned to her mum who only chuckled.

"Don't worry hun you were just the same so you could leave my grandchild alone" she replied sweetly to her daughter who only scoffed.

"Well all this aggressive kicking this kid is hurting me why won't you stop for mummy Hm?" She replied rubbing the area the child kicked.

Grace looked on seeing the fond look on her daughter's face only made her reminisce that she wasn't her little girl anymore.

"I'm so proud Hun you married your childhood sweetheart and now your married with my grandchild on the way" she suddenly said.

Amber blinked in surprise and squeezed her mum's hand in thanks. They smiled at each other and focused back on the TV.



Now early in the evening Quincy was driving in the car with Michael on their way to Michael's home. The two of them cracked jokes and talked about various topics until the car pulled up at his building.


Walking up the stairs because the lift was out of service. The two of them trekked up the stairs to Michael's flat.

Just as Michael was about to insert his key the door opened to reveal Grave glaring at him for being late.

"Your late Michael" she said in a clipped tone.

Michael scratched his neck embarrassed and replied sheepish "traffic was bad on the way home"

"Well---" before Grace could scold him lightly Quincy standing behind him shoved him aside, apologizing charmingly "I'm sorry for keeping Michael away from Amber sometimes time tends to fly by miss..?"

"Grace Bailey and you are?" She replied turning on the charm.

"Quincy Jones Mrs.grace" he replied briefly looking down at her hands before he looked up.

Grace gigged flirtatiously "I'm not married".

"Why not come in for dinner? I think I made too much" she replied smirking sexily at him.

"I wouldn't mind Grace" he purred to her.

The more they talked Michael felt weirded out by the whole flirting situation. He chose to make his presence known "Eh guys shouldn't we go inside?"

The flirting moment popped the two adults who flushed bright red and proceeded to walk into the flat. Michael being the last to come in locked the door.

Amber sitting on the coach waiting for them looked up to see them enter.

"What took you guys so long??" She demanded highly emotional.

"Calm down love it was Quincy and your mum who were flirting" he replied and Quincy smacked him upside the head.

"Ow!" He yelped holding the back of his head in pain.

Amber rolled her eyes and spoke to Quincy as Grace and Michaelwent into the kitchen to microwave the food.

Minutes later they both walked out with the dishes and put them on the small table.

"As you can see we don't have a proper table hope you don't mind eating from your lap" Michael told him as he handed the plate over to him.

"No problem smelly" he replied grinning and Michael rolled his eyes.

Marlon was at Michaela's place eating dinner with her, because she was home alone and she called him to come keep her company.

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Ch.30 by Lorry

At eight in the morning Amber woke up from the usual kick from little one she wasn’t feeling sleepy, chose to stare at Michael as he snored quietly.


His long lashes fluttering back and forth as he slept. Amber's eyes drew to his lips slightly parted as he breathed in and out.


She couldn't resist dropping a kiss on his lips briefly as he slept. He immediately woke up kissing her back and she pulled away as he looked at her sleepily.


"Morning applehead" she greeted him cheekily.


Michael yawned barely awake and rubbed his right eye with his large hand.

Now fully awake now he grinned hearing the irritating nickname for the first time in a long time.


"That was a nice way to wake up love why are you awake??" He asked.

Amber snorted as she replied "your child woke me up"


"Don't blame it on the little one she doesn't mean it" he cooed at her and bent down to kiss her navel.


"Its a boy we are having" she replied smirking.


"We shall see love" he replied smirking before a memory flashed in his mind.


"Oh love epic company suggested we move to a house until you give birth is that alright? I don't want to move you but they said it was paid for" he told her nervously fearing she would snap.


"That's fine Michael but we should move gradually Hm? What about Marlon?" She said surprising him how calm she was to the subject of moving.


"Oh damn can't we leave him here without telling?" He whined, her glare being her answer to his whine.


He huffed and pouted childishly but they got up to get dressed and have breakfast.


Now dressed and eating their own various choice of meals. Michael with his bowl of yogurts and fruit while Amber had peanut butter and chocolate on her five slices of bread.


As they ate quietly the young couple suddenly remembered the most important item they had forgotten to buy for the little one.


"We forget to buy the crib!" They yelled together.


"How did we forget that??" Amber complained biting into her fourth piece of bread.


Chewing and swallowing he replied sheepish "maybe due to the surprise party I forget"


Amber continued eating and finished her meal. "Well let's go to the city and see if we can find a nice crib" she replied wiping off the breadcrumbs.


Plates washed the young couple left home and took the bus to the busy and bustling city to find the right crib as well as some more clothes for little one.


Off the bus and now in the city looking for a baby shop till they spotted one on the other side of the road.


The shop wasn't too busy with too many people this mid-morning. The shop coloured in a light cream with rows of baby items scattered across the floor and baby items handwritten in swirly text above displaying each section.


A caramel skinned woman in a semi causal outfit spotted the nervous couple near the door confused on where to look first.


She walked over to where they were standing and asked causally "are you alright? Do you help with anything??"


Michael explained for the both of them "my wife and I are a little clueless on what type of crib for our little one since we chose to keep the sex hidden"


"Oh my! Don't worry we have a lovely section over here, follow me please" she said smiling genuinely and walked away.


The couple followed behind until they stopped to a section where several cribs of different patterns and colours with beddings matching the theme.


"I hope you find what your looking for we have a sale today for our cribs and beddings if you have any issues the till is just five feet away" she said pointing to where the till was and left them alone.


Now left alone the young couple began to browse the section looking for the crib that would fit their unborn baby.


"How about that one? The white one with the swirly bedding in the white crib?" She asked him.


Michael gazed at the crib briefly before answering, "love it's a little too sophisticated for the little one perhaps the one with the elephants scattered all over?"


It was now Amber's turn to look at the crib and she liked what she saw until her gaze fell to the price.


"We can't afford it Michael for such a great looking crib it's highly over priced" she replied irritated.


"Now love I can avoid it my money from the janitor work I've saved up some of it" he replied.


"But it's too much Michael maybe we can buy something else?" She protested.


"No I will buy it anything for our child to feel safe and secure" he said to her firmly.


Amber gave in knowing arguing with him would be fruitless. Michael looked at the tag number and they went to the desk to pay for the crib, which luckily was on sale.


The long box placed on his shoulder and his other hand holding Amber's hand as they made their out of the store.


Amber held onto his left hand while she carried the bag of clothes with her wallet as they continued window-shopping until the rumble of Amber's stomach alerted them that it was time for lunch.


They went to a small local restaurant that served Italian which at the moment was Amber was craving.


Now tucked into a medium sized plate of spaghetti and meatballs seasoned for her and for him a small portion of lasagna.


Amber looked up feeling Michael's deep stare.

"Do I have something on my face?" She asked him patting her cheeks.


"No love you don't I'm just admiring your beauty" he crooned smirking inwardly when he saw the blush rise on her brown cheeks.


Amber turned away from his intense stare even from childhood to now being married to him; sometimes she couldn't stare back when he complimented her.


Ignoring his chuckling she continued to eat her meal and once they finished they sat there talking generally about his music and how it was going along.


"This might be the last time properly you and I will be able to go out like this love" he said solemnly tightly grasping the glass in his hand.


"Don't worry Michael we will be fine I believe I did say I would support you besides you have Quincy coaching you right?" She said.


Michael nodded at her words and he felt so glad that she agreed and she still supported him.


The married couple continued to talk a little longer before Michael paid for the meal and they made their way home.


The bus driver dropped them off near Marlon's workplace.

"Now let's go see how Marlon and Michaela are doing" she suggested.

Michael shrugged his shoulders and they made their way to the shop. Amber opening the door gasped when she saw Michaela sitting on the counter as Marlon kissed her deeply.


"Well well this is something I never wanted to walk into see" Amber said in disgust.


The two of them broke apart as Marlon stepped back to let her jump off to arrange her clothes. The two of them were worried if a customer or the boss caught them doing something they shouldn’t be doing on the job.


At the corner of his eye Marlon saw it was Michael and Amber breathed a sigh of relief.


"Don't worry it's only them" he told her as Michaela visibly relaxed.

"What I saw would need to be gotten rid of maybe by soap” Michael said in mock horror.


Marlon rolled his eyes at his brother and replied, "as if you and Amber don't get it on like that when I'm around the walls aren't thin"

"Ok I don't want to hear this ... talk to you guys later" Michaela said not wanting to hear any further arguments that would ensue between the brothers. She walked away back to into the office.


Marlon's eyes watched her as she walked until Michael tapped his shoulder to bring him back to earth.

"Look Marlon we have something to tell you when you get home" Amber said to Marlon.

"Alright I'll see you at home" he replied uncertain.

They bid farewell and went home to spend the rest of the day relaxing until Marlon came home.

Late in the evening when Marlon returned home, Michael explained what Epic records had offered and Marlon at first was a little hurt but he got over it knowing they would be alright without him. (He hoped they would be).

"Hate to break it to you but I'm just going to stay here, don't worry you'll see my face often I won't miss seeing my nephew or niece for the world" he said in a smug tone.

Michael and Amber laughed at him glad that the sad and dreary atmosphere air between them cleared away.


The rest of the family was going to be informed about it over the next coming weeks.

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Ch.31 by Lorry

Two months Later…

 October 17th 1978

The sweethearts were settling into their new home and getting everything in-between prepared for the arrival of their little one.

They weren't alone in preparing the rest of the family when they had time would come over to help to ease the burden on their backs.

Apart from getting the house ready Michael spent his mornings in meetings and promotions for his single such as press conferences, appearing in commercials to get his face known and to get people talking.

Now he couldn't walk on his own anymore without a bodyguard to be extra careful in case the single released was an instant hit people would recognize his face instantly.
It was a day or two before Amber's delivery so Michael had the chance to go to his promotional party since the company wanted to celebrate his first record jumping to the no.1 in only it's first week of release on the Billboard 100 chart which happened about two weeks ago.

He promised before he left that he would be back hopefully before midnight, Amber waved him away as she sat watching TV in their bedroom.

Twenty minutes into watching the film she felt a sharp pain around her lower back. She thought maybe a soak in the long and spacious bathtub would help reduce the pain.

She carefully stood from the coach and made her way to the bathroom; opening the door she walked in and stripped from the dress and grabbing a few towels to lay by the side of the tub. She carefully lowered herself into the tub and stretched her arm to turn the tap on.

She watched the water rush down the tape and waited till the water was levelled to her shoulders and used her toe to turn the tap off.

Sitting back comfortably back into the pool she closed her eyes as the water moved gently back and forth around her.

Until another stinging pain spammed her body, Amber whimpered at the pain but when she tried to move another intense pain consumed her yet again.

Oh hell no not now! Could this kid come at any time after Michael came home?! She thought panicking in her mind momentarily.

She breathed in several deep breaths to try and calm herself down which only helped a little.

Now a little calmer she thought that she might just have to deliver this child without Michael since there was no medical help around to help her.

Quickly grabbing the phone that was on the bathroom counter next to where she laid.

Dialling the number she quickly received a quick answer from the medical team.

"Hello whom might I be speaking to?" A female voice said emotionless to Amber.

"Amber Jackson can you please send someone to come help me I'm about to go into labour" she replied breathlessly.

The woman caught the word 'labour' and begun to give instructions to Amber and how long the medic team will be. Amber didn't have time for what they said ended the call and threw the phone away.

She hoped she was prepared she had read so many books on the different types of birth.

She chose to get it on with now the contractions started to kick in hard and heavy. Since she wasn't at the hospital there was no medication to help ease the pain so she had to stick through it.

Now holding onto the handles Amber begun to push with all her might. She could feel the sweat build on her body as she pushed and pushed until she saw the head appear.

She gave one more agonising push and the little Jackson slipped out of her crying for all its worth.

She gently pulled the child from the water mindful of the umbilical cord; She placed the bloody child on her bosom as she wiped the child to the best of her capabilities with one of the towels.

Afterwards she wrapped the cooing child in another towel, as she looked down in-between the legs to see she had given birth to a girl.

Now sitting in the pool mentally and physically exhausted from giving birth. She gazed down properly to look at her daughter who was almost a splitting image of her daddy.

It seemed she had a full head of hair with Michael's nose and eye shape but she wouldn't know until the little one opened her eyes. Currently her skin was light but eventually she would darken in complexion.

Amber could only stare at the bundle of joy she had waited to see for so long to see.
The newest Jackson yawned adorable blinking before she opened her eyes revealing Coca coloured doe like eyes looking back at her before she snuggled back into her mummy's chest.

Amber chuckled softly at her little girl and felt annoyed that she lost the bet that she would be having a boy but she was too tired to continue having any angry thoughts. She fell asleep almost immediately holding onto her little in her arms.


Michael was at the party with his co-workers and other celebrity friends he had made in his time so far in the company came together to celebrate with him.
But he wasn't focused solely on the party his mind drifted constantly back to how Amber was doing at home.

Quincy walking over slightly tipsy to Michael, smacked him hard on the back jolting him out of his thoughts.

Michael almost fell over from the force of the slap but he sidestepped his body in time.
Now glaring into Quincy's smiling eyes he could smell the alcohol on his breath.
"How drunk are you Quincy?" He asked impatiently.

"Slightly tipsy smelly" he replied slurring.

Before Michael could say anymore he felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned around to face an employee who looked winded by the heavy panting.

"Mr.Jackson you have a telephone call about Eh about a woman called Amber?" She told him.

A pool of dread quickly formed in his stomach, leaving a tipsy Quincy behind he followed after the woman back to the office away from the party.
Now on the phone he spoke to the medical team he had hired from Doctor Alice who assured him they were the best at what they do.

"Mr. Jackson we received a call several hours by your wife who told us she was going into labour so we tried instructing her but she cut the call before--"

Michael swiftly cut her off calm "did you even bother to start going to my home to check on her immediately when she cut the call?"

Silence consumed the call shortly before the woman on the other line admitted that they hadn't.

"Well you better start making your way down now or so help me I will ruin your business if anything happens to my wife and baby" he threatened icily.

He heard the loud gulp from the woman and she answered stuttering "W-We are on our way sir"

Michael cut the call quickly thanking the assistant who left to give him privacy on his way out. Finding one of the bodyguards he gave him instructions that he obeyed immediately gathering the rest of the men.

Michael announced a quick thank you speech before he left the party luckily no cared too much because they were all too intoxicated to care.

An hour later he arrived back home he banged the front door open and went into the bathroom to find Amber and their child sleeping in the blood-stained tub.

His loud footsteps woke up her from her slumber she didn’t recognise where she was until her blurry vision cleared up to see Michael standing there gazing with mixed emotions expressed freely in his eyes.

Amber's eyes narrowed as she glared at him whispering heatedly "look who finally turned up when the show ended how lucky of you to miss the birth of the child I carried for nine months because of you! If you couldn't make it for her birth then this shows will you able to for the rest?! Take her"

"I'm sorry I truly am.. no one told me until the last minute till you gave birth but you weren't even supposed to be two early days early" he said trying to apologize.

"You can shove that apology up your ass! Please just take her away" she replied hissing venomously ignoring his attempt at an apology.

Michael eyes widened in shock, all the years he's known Amber as his friend and now wife, she has never used that type of language towards him.

Wordlessly he obeyed her taking the new-born child wrapped in the towel to her bedroom.

He held her gently in his arms as he walked to her bedroom, he gently dropped her on the changing table and bent down to grab the baby tub then filled it with warm water.

He held her in his large palm as he washed her, talking to her as she cried at the feel of the warm water splashing on her sensitive skin.

She continued to whimper in her daddy's arms until he placed her on the changing table with a fresh set of clothes.

As the newest Jackson looked up into the same brown eyes looking down at her smiling tenderly.

"You look so much like me I thought you'd come out look liking your mother my little buttercup at least I won the bet" he crooned to her lovingly as he put her in the grey and giraffe printed onsie.

He bent down cradling her fragile head and laid her head on his strong lean shoulder as she cooed cutely on her daddy's back.

He held her body and head with both arms as he made his way back into the living room to hear the doorbell ring. He slowly made his way to the door but a bodyguard who saw he was struggling opened the door for him.

He stepped back to see the medical team walk into his home.

"She's in the bathroom on the right and here she is check her quickly she needs to eat" he said to them coolly.

He hesitated to hand her over to them but the woman's eyes showed she could be trusted, he handed her over reluctantly.

The lady went to the coach where she laid the child on the coach seat and begun her check-up while the other medic went to check on Amber.

Thirty minutes later the medics were finished, Michael had gone back and forth checking.
The last ten minutes he sensed his little girl needed something to eat she had been deprived long enough.

He walked back into the room with a warm bottle in hand as the female medic finished with her examination.

"Mr.Jackson your little girl is healthy no symptoms to be concerned apart from keeping her warm also I removed the umbilical cord” she responded.

"Thanks" he replied politely.

The woman moved away to give him room to sit down and he sat holding her carefully in his lap, her fragile head spotted by his long arms.

He placed the bottle in her mouth that silenced her whimpering the only sound in the room was the loud suckling from her. He pulled away every now and then to allow her breath.

The last medic came out of the bathroom and roughly told him the same thing, he nodded at them and without any excuses they let themselves out.

Michael looked down to see his sweet angel had fallen asleep in his arms. As she slept he hummed an old Stevie song to her as he carried back to her room where he laid her down for the night and placing a semi thick blanket over her body.
He made sure the baby monitors were switched on all over the house just in case she woke up.

Now he was scared to go back and face his emotional wife but he had to suck it up and be a man (as Joseph always told him to stop acting like a wimp)

He steadily went to their bedroom where she now sat on their bed relatively cleaner then previously before.

Amber’s distance gaze drifted from the wall to look into the concerned eyes of her husband. She stared into his eyes while Michael tried not to fidget under her frosty stare.

“how are you love?” Michael said in attempt to try and get her to say something he felt unnerved about her current state of mind she only gave birth sometime ago.

“How about I’m feeling just peachy hm? PEACHY is what you want to hear Michael? I gave birth to your apple sized child should I be rejoicing? oh whoopee do!” she replied sarcastic.

Why was she acting this way? What could have changed roughly several hours ago? What happened to the excitement we both shared to see our little one? Where did it all go? The questions buzzing around in his mind taken back by her attitude.

He swallowed nervously before replying “I understand you gave birth love but---“ but she cut him off swiftly replying “NO you will never understand what I went through on my own to give birth… which I never want to go through again!” the volume of her voice raising with every breath she took in.

“but please im sorry love! Please find it in your heart to forgive me” Michael begged his voice cracking in despair.

“I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR APOLOGY GET OUT OF MY FACE!” she replied screaming at him.

The noise woke up the youngest Jackson whose cries of fear rose from the baby monitors alerting the new parents and stopping the argument momentarily.

“Go..” she replied and turned away from him.

With a heavy heart Michael walked away to attend to their child and went to stay with her until she fell asleep in his arms thirty minutes later, when he returned he saw Amber had fallen asleep, he chose to sleep in the guest room next to the little one’s.

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Ch 32 by Lorry

.:.Three weeks later.:.

The relationship between the young parents grew uneasy day by day from the accounts Michael told his mother over the phone who could only try and advice her weary son who nearly broke down in tears when he told her what he went though with his distant and closed off wife.

From the objects Amber threw to him on the daily bases when she was in her crying fits and her hateful words which felt like a punch to the stomach with every new spiteful word she said. Not to mention ignoring the little one leaving him to struggle nightly looking after her as well as promoting his next single with the positive feedback he received from the music critics from his first single.

Michael didn’t want to leave his daughter nameless christened her ‘Nevada’ to his mother thought was a strange name to give a little girl but she didn't argue.

But Katherine wasn’t pleased about what was going on between her son and his wife she didn’t respect the way the young woman was treating her baby it wasn’t right. She decided to get herself involved to settle the conflict between them for the sake of her first grandchild.

The new mission on her mind to help the young couple, Katherine went to their home to confront her daughter-in-law who was in serious need of a motherly talk and who else better to give it to her then Katherine?

After gaining access into the gates of their home Katherine knocked on the door repeatedly until Michael opened the door holding a bottle in his hand.

“Mother what are you doing here?” Michael asked surprised to see her for the first time in weeks.

“I’m here to see my first grandchild baby and talk to Amber” she replied smiling at him as he stepped aside to allow her entry.

Her gaze swept around the halls as they walked further into the beautiful home as Michael chatted animatedly about Nevada and her little quirks.

Till her cries were heard from her room from the down the corridor, Michael excused himself and went to attend to his hungry little angel. Katherine didn’t know where their room was. She chose to go on a wild goose chase by turning left and walking down until she found a door ajar.

She pushed the door further to walk into the room to see Amber laying on the bed staring at the wall airily obviously day-dreaming.

As she walked closer to the bed she felt a sharp prick under her shoe. Removing her foot she looked below to see the sparkling silver wedding ring on the floor. She sighed softly before bending down to grab the ring to place it gently on the counter table.

The sound jolted Amber out of her daydreaming to see Michael’s mother standing in front of her.

“mum what are you doing here?” she asked perplexed.

“child you aren’t in the right mind to call me mum at the moment don’t you realise what you are doing to yourself and your family who need you?” Katherine said to her in a stern voice.

“what family? The man you call son who left me to bare this child all on my own and become this fat thing instead also how about my mother who has decided to go out with a producer?!” she replied sneering at the older woman who only looked on calmly at her.

“you are forgetting that you and my son got yourselves into this situation having a child, so you should blame yourself as well because that little girl is going to be growing without a mother by the attitude your throwing around at this point” she replied sharply to her stubborn daughter in law.
“you don’t know what it was like to give birth on my own!” she answered pinning a fiery glare on Katherine who looked on clearly unbothered.

“child are you forgetting I gave birth to nine children? Six of them I gave birth to in the hospital on my own while my husband was too busy to see the birth of his children sleeping with other woman and trying to make it in the mafia business? Is that what your talking about?” she answered her brown eyes full of anger and fire remembering her late husband’s deeds.

“I-I didn’t know” she stuttered speechless.

Katherine shook her head to shake away the old memories and sighed softly to release the building tension in the room between the both of them.

She stated plainly to try and get into the thick-skulled head of her daughter-in-law "Amber you need to pick yourself up and be here for your family. Didn't you say so yourself that you would support Michael but you haven’t up till now after his success what happened to the vows you both made to each other on your wedding? Are you going to let that go all to waste, because he impregnated you. He has been trying to help you but all you do is push him away?! I will make sure he moves on with your little girl and find someone who will love him and be there for him” she finished on a threatening tone to the now flabbergasted Amber.

“you can’t do that!” she replied hastily as the tears of frustration and realization flooded down her cheeks while Katherine stared on passively to the now emotional Amber.

“I can dear because if it makes my baby not suffer any longer from your hold on him I will do everything in my power to make sure he’s happy even if it means getting him to divcore you and take my little grandchild away with him” she replied a warning hinted in her voice.

“I will never allow it! I love Michael and my little one I-I” she declared trailing off rubbing her eyes to clear her vision from the tears pooling over her eyes.

The corner of Katherine’s lips twitched upward hearing her statement inwardly overjoyed that some sense had returned to her but she didn’t allow it show too lightly and stayed firm.

Katherine stood up from her place on the chair and dusted off her dress as she and Amber chatted a little longer before she walked out of the door to meet her first grandchild.

Several hours later…

After Katherine left the home. Which gave Amber plenty of time to think over her behaviour during the last three weeks.

Finally she realised the way she treated Michael and her little one allowing her temper to control her which wasn’t fair on either of them.

She kicked herself mentally for her behaviour and hoped her selfish acts hadn’t destroyed the relationship she and Michael had built on up to this point. The thought of him divorcing her sent a cold shiver down her back.

She didn’t want to think about such a thought but the overpowering stench of her body odour made her gag out involuntarily.

When was the last time I had a shower?! This is just nasty! She thought to herself disgusted at her own careless hygiene.

First of all she was going to take a long shower then find something to eat before she went to seek her husband and child who she hoped would forgive her.

An hour later after refreshing up and eating one of the leftover food from Katherine’s many plastic covered foods. She felt the rush of butterflies flutter at the thought of seeing him.

She peeked through the door to see Michael smiling sweetly down at their child cooing at her as he replaced the dirty pastel green sock with a clean one.

Creak .

The sound from the door alerted Michael to the presence at the door. “I know your there” he called out to her pausing from his current task to look at the door warily.

Amber opened the door and walked in smiling nervously to see her husband fully changing their child.

Neveda continued to look around the room in wonder completely ignoring her parent’s stare down and wiggled slightly.

Michael let go of her foot as he stared at his wife who now after so long came back to him.

Michael was wary expecting her usual reactions. To drop into tears at the slightest flinch or hale abuse at him.

Amber stared back seeing the flicker of emotions jump back and forth in his expressive ebony eyes.

Michael’s gaze lingered on the ring that glittered against her hand and in response Amber twisted her left hand feeling his stare.

“your wearing it” he stated simply.

“yes im wearing it… you prospered when we were in Vegas..our first stop finding our way to L.A” she said giving him a half smile.

“which you ended up throwing back at me a while ago” he pointed out bitterly.

The smile slipped off her lips and she turned away trying to blink away the tears. She breathed in and out slowly until she felt slightly composed. She faced him once more only to see, he was holding the little one in his arms.

“I- I – know what I did was wrong Michael…. “ she trailed off pausing before she continued.

“what’s her name?” she prompted asking him changing the subject.

“Nevada” he replied as he laid her down gently in the crib and draped the blanket over her before kissing her forehead softly.

Standing up to his full stature he turned around to face Amber and said to her coolly “listen I have a very busy day tomorrow looking after our child and making sure the press doesn’t find about us”

He didn’t say anything furthermore and left the room leaving Amber to hold back in another sob, holding her hand to mouth hurriedly leaving the room after him to go their room where she flung herself on the bed.

She weeped and heaved in pure pain knowing her behaviour had bought a rift between them.

Michael slept not too far from Neveda’s room but he could hear Amber’s heartbroken sobs from their previous room. His brusied heart told him to comfort her but his mind was stubborn. He always followed his heart but this time his mind won the battle.

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Ch. 33 by Lorry

Unknowingly to the rest of the family Michael began to notice the small patches of pink appear on his skin. He shrugged it off to stress at first when he noticed it several days before but now it was spreading slowly from his chest to his lower arms.

But due to his busy schedule he wouldn’t be able to see a doctor. for now he received makeup to cover the discoloured spots anywhere they appeared.

The next day..

Michael arose early to change Nevada into a new outfit as well as give her morning bottle.

The little Jackson snuggled up in her father's arms while he rocked back and forth humming to hopefully get her to fall asleep again in the living room.

A few minutes later Amber quietly stepped in and sat on the coach holding a cup of tea in her hands as she watched the father/daughter moment unfold.

Michael feeling her gaze stopped rocking her to look into his wife's eyes and decided she would look after Neveda for the day since she insisted she was sorry about what she did.

"I won't be able to take her with me today since I have a meeting so I'm leaving Nevada in your care Amber" he mentioned to her strictly.

"I'll be fine with her Michael nothing will happen" she said dropping her cup on the small table beside her.

Michael didn't have much time to sit and talk to her. Immediately stood in front of her bending down to place her in Amber's arms.

Amber sat with her little one in her arms surprised to see the little one staring back at her.

"Be good for daddy buttercup" Michael cooed before standing up to kiss her small forehead.

He rose up and quickly left to have a quick shower.

Amber gazed down at her daughter who blinked repeatedly looking into the strangers face.

Nevada yawned opening her little mouth widely before closing it to fall asleep soundly in her mother's arms unknowingly.

Amber chuckled softly at her and gently swept her finger along her soft cheek.

"I lost the bet damn I knew I should have waited instead of betting that you would come out looking like me than him" she giggled dryly gazing down lovingly into her beautiful daughters face.

She slowly stood up careful not to awaken sleeping beauty strolled back to her room and laid her down to rest comfortably in her bed.

Around two o'clock in the afternoon Amber was struggling to feed Nevada crying and wondered who this strange woman was.

Amber was at her wits end trying to feed her but the doorbell rang in the nick of time.

Holding the small child to her chest she walked up to the door using one hand, opened the door to see her mother and Michaela at the door.

She stepped aside to allow them both enter.

"Mama ..Michaela? What are you guys doing here?" She asked curious at the sudden visit from them both.

"I was in the neighborhood and I wanted to see how you and my baby are doing" Grace replied smiling happily.

"I stopped by to say hello and warn you Marlon is coming over in the evening to see his little niece and collect his bet money" she replied rollng her eyes.

"Well come in" Amber said and turned around to walk back to the living room.

Now back in the room Amber tried yet again to feed Nevada who kept on fussing.

"I don't know what to do she won't eat" Amber said getting irritated.

"Now calm down Amber let me have her" Grace said calmly and Amber handed her over.

Now sat in her grandmother's arms Nevada saw the bottle in her hand and began to whimper quietly to which Grace immediately placed the bottle in her mouth.

"how??" Amber asked slightly jealous and awed at her mother's technique.

"Well you didn't have a calm aura hun that is why she cried instead wanting Michael instead of you besides I had experience with you once upon time" Grace explained looking up briefly at her daughter.

"I'm a bad mother" Amber sniffed feeling the pool of tears drip down her eyes.

Michaela kept quiet for most of the talk but chose to speak up in Amber's defence before her mother could do so.

"You aren't a bad mother Amber you will learn in time on how to respond and take care of her...since you did have some time away from her" She said encouraging to hopefully lift her downcast spirit.

"She's right hun it will take time but you will eventually know what to do and how to tackle it so don't cry" Her added gently.

Michaela left a few minutes later due coming out on her lunchbreak gave her farewells and returned back to work.

Leaving Grace and Amber to have a long talk while Nevada fell sleep again from her feeding.

The evening arrived quickly for the trio when Grace was just about to leave the home Michael and Marlon walked in bickering which wasn't nothing unusual.

Michael strolled into the living room to see Grace, rocking her grandchild and humming to her.

"I see you've met her mum" Michael said in greeting to Grace completely ignoring Amber who felt the tug of pain at him not acknowledging her.

"Yes she's beautiful Michael she looks just like you I don't see much from my side at all damn Jackson genetics" she teased playfully at him.

Marlon pushed his brother aside making his entrance known to see his mother-in-law and Amber sitting side by side with Nevada nestled in Grace's gentle embrace.

"Suga! missed your number one man?" Marlon said smirking and wiggling his eyebrows at her suggestively earning a smack from Michael.

"Ouch! Always with the hits" Marlon mumbled to himself.

"I've missed you too Marlon" she replied cracking a small smile.

"OK kids I have to go home someone take her" Grace said standing up and Marlon graciously offered to take Neveda.

He stood still looking down into her chubby face and marveled at her angelic face.

He smirked to Amber telling her proudly "good job suga you made a Jackson and still owe me"

"No words to explain how idiotic you are..I still wonder why we are related" Michael retorted reentering into the room after escorting Grace out of the house.

"Blah blah bro you've said that so many times you need to find something else to talk about besides you can't change blood" Marlon replied smirking smugly at him before drawing his attention back to the now awake Nevada who stared up at Marlon in awe.

Marlon and the rest of the family knew what happened between the young parents from his mother, but witnessing their distance showed things weren't exactly right between them.

But Marlon wasn't going to get involved it was their problem.
He didn't stay for longer than hour gushing over his little niece and getting his bet money from pouting Amber all the while the pair didn't speak or hold eye contact.

Just as Michael laid Nevada down to bed, feeling his wife's stare on his back. He turned around to face her eyeing her in distrust before he walked past her.

Amber couldn't take the rejection from Michael any longer, called out to him just as he was about to leave the room.

"Michael wait!"

"What...?" He asked coolly.

"Please Michael we need to talk please" she pleaded to him.

"Fine what do you want to talk about? Let's move this to my bedroom" he replied before turning around to walk to his room.

Seconds later they walked into the room where Michael sat on on the bed where as Amber stood a feet away in front of him.

"So what do you want to talk about?" He asked glaring intensely into her eyes waiting for her to speak.

"Look Michael I know I've hurt you time and time again with my temper...I know I've been moody and over the top I found out from the mothering books..I'm suffering from postal depression. I just miss us.. I miss your arms around me and the fun we had and the joy we had planned for our little girl" she told him sadly.

Michael ran his hands through his thick curly hair as he sat there thinking over what she said before he replied
"I miss you too ...but you've stepped too far this time! You have said words that hurt me physically and emotionally Amber do you remember those words you said to me? That I'm a coward? A punk for everything I've done for you and I to get this far?" His words becoming heated the more he spoke staring into her eyes icily.

"I know Michael I've said things that I completely beat myself up inside day in and out! I'm truly sorry! I said all those things in my own pitiful anguish over everything! It wasn't easy Michael to give birth alone.." Amber replied to him.

"Do you know how hard it is to look after a baby on my own without your help when it's meant to be the both of us looking after her since we both bought her to this world" He answered back hotly.

"Michael! I've been under the influence of postal depression. We both know I wouldn't say those things usually we were friends before I became your wife" she replied dejected.

"I's just I don't know where we stand and if we can make this work" he suggested subtly hinting at divorce.

Amber's heart stopped beating for a millisecond at his suggestion but she wouldn't give up without a fight.

"I refuse to divorce Michael! You hear me? I will not leave our child in a broken home we will make this work because I know what it's like to grow up in a broken home I don't want the same thing for our child" she said matching up to him and bending down to look him in the eye.

He saw the burning determination in her chocolate eyes couldn't help but get lost in her gaze.

They sat in that position for a few minutes which felt like a century for the couple.

But Michael snapped out of the memorising stare down to chuckle humourlessly.

"Let's see what you can do but I have to sleep early tonight" he replied hinting for her to leave him be.

"Oh alright I'll see you tomorrow" she blushed at the closeness they hadn't shared in quite awhile. She slowly stood up from her bent position to walk to the door feeling his hard gaze on her back.

Just as she was about to leave the room she turned to face him smiling gently "good night Michael..I'm glad we had this talk"

"I did too..good night" he replied nodding his head at her.

The smile on his lips growing steadily feeling the warmth and happiness in his heart that he and Amber had spoken which was the first step in many steps to come.

The two of them unknowingly slept with a smile on their lips.

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Ch.34 by Lorry

It's been a few days since Michael and Amber spoke that night, the young couple slowly rekindling their love step by step.

During the past few days it took a some patience and time for the little girl to get used to her mother's arms around her but with Michael guiding along to understand their child made it easier.

Michael wouldn't say they were officially back together but they were slowing taking their time to becoming the united couple they once were.

Secretly he couldn't wait till the day he got the chance to kiss her again he did miss her warm lips against his.

It was late in the afternoon when the couple were pleasantly chanting over the cuteness of Nevada who slept soundly in her mother's arms.

The doorbell suddenly rung and Michael rose up to see who was at the door.
He chuckled when he opened the door to see Junior and Andy standing there in front of him.

Junior immediately pulled his brother-in-law into a brotherly embrace which lasted only a second.

"Hello junior and Andy what's brought you both here?" Michael asked innocently to them.

"You know why we are here I want to see my little granddaughter" Andy replied smirking at the pure innocent Michael tried to portray.

"What dad said!" junior chirped cheerfully.

Michael's innocent face melted into a bashful smile and rolled his eyes.

"Follow me" he replied and walked away hearing the footsteps follow behind him.

They arrived shortly to the living room to see Nevada grasping her mother's hand in her tiny fist and not letting go by any chance.

"Aww isn't that sweet sis!" Junior whispered at the adorable picture painted in front of him as he and his father quietly made their way to her side.

"Thanks she truly is breathtaking" Amber replied looking up and smiling at them.

"She really didn't inherit any of our family's looks she took all of the Jackson trait" Andy huffed pretending to be annoyed as he eyed his granddaughter.

"Mama mentioned that when she came here a few days ago" she mentioned wittily.
"I agree with her she really didn't dad such a shame she'll be missing the epic looks department" Junior bragged arrogantly.

"Well don't worry the next child we have will look like Amber" Michael added in smiling at Amber who grinned as a dust of blush appeared lightly on her dark skin.

"That's what we said about this little one" Junior said snorting quietly mindful to not wake Nevada.

"Like Michael said the next one" Amber replied rolling her eyes.

The father and son duo noticed from the pair, tbey looked and sounded genuinely happier.

The four of them sat quietly chatting while Nevada as always slept on. Eventually Amber asked if Junior wanted to hold her.

"I'm not good with fragile adorable babies even if Nevada is my niece" he replied nervously.

"Oh hush bro I'll show how to support her" she replied and handed her over to him gently and gave him instructions.

After a few seconds of readjusting her to seat in Junior's lanky arms, she sat correctly in his arms. A dopey grin expressed on his thin lips as he looked down at the innocent face of his niece.

"Now let grandpa hold her son don't keep her to yourself" Andy said and gently pulled Nevada from his hold.

His eyes brightened up and a large smile stretched across his lips as he gazed down at her in wonder.

"Why the hell did you name her Nevada? Was it a drunken mistake?" Junior asked completely skeptical.

"Well she was made at one of our stops points and it's a memorable time for the both of us" Michael answered smiling sweetly to Amber who looked away embarrassed.

"I didn't need to know any more information ew" Junior replied scrunching his nose in disgust.

"It takes two to make a child bro" Michael added sweetly.

"Aw did you not go for the sex education classes baby bro?" Amber asked cooing at him.

Junior glared at them as they sat giggling at his sour expression. Andy snorted quietly and continued to gaze down at his granddaughter.

Eventually the duo left the home happy to see the pair were together again easing their minds.

Nevada asleep in her bedroom under the watchful eyes of her parents. The young couple sat in the living room, laughing over a funny joke an actor said on the TV as they indulged in popcorn and soda pop.

"With all the food you eat where does it go applehead?" Amber asked him refereeing back to his old nickname.

Michael swallowed the popcorn in his mouth before he answered "I'm just naturally skinny Amber you should know that"

"Mark my words I'll fatten you up eventually" she vowed smirking at him stuffing popcorn into her mouth.

"Is that a threat?" He sassed back flirtatiously.

Amber swallowed the popcorn in her mouth loudly. She blushed looking away from his intense gaze.

I've missed her blushing seeing her it after so long gives me joy. He thought to himself happily.

Michael couldn't resist sitting closer and planted a small kiss on the corner of her lips enjoying the hitch he felt.

He pulled away slowly and Amber whimpered at the lost of his touch.
"I'm your wife Michael don't do this to me!"

"Do what?" He implied innocently.

"Tease me!" She replied breathless.

"I would never do such a thing to you" he replied innocently once more.

Amber pouted and chose to stuff her face with more popcorn while Michael sniggered at her expression.

They spent the rest of the night flicking through the channels until they chose to go to their separate rooms.

At midnight Michael rose from his bed finding it impossible to fall asleep. He found Amber making herself hot cocoa in a lime coloured mug in the kitchen.

Michael couldn't help but silently make his way towards her and scare her.
He bent down to whisper lowly "boo!" In her left ear.

Amber nearly jumped out of her skin from the scare, turning around to face a chuckling Michael.

"Michael!" She whispered glaring at him.

He wasn't bothered by her glare which only made him chuckle even more before he stopped to please her.

"You've always been easy to scare" he mentioned sweetly.

Amber scoffed at him and went back to stirring her coca.

"Why are you up?" He asked.

"I couldn't sleep..why are you up?" she replied as she dropped the spoon on the counter and faced him sipping from the large mug.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you" he admitted rubbing the back of his head.

"Neither can I" she admitted taking a slow slip from the mug.

"Want some? I can make you another cup" she asked him sweetly.

"Please" he replied.

The sound of the kettle boiling brought a soothing silence. Their eyes met unconsciously lost in a sea of emotions.

Till the kettle furious fumes popped the couple out of their stupor. Amber looked away to get his mug ready. Once the hot beverage was made she handed it to him. He smiled in thanks and stepped closer to kiss her cheek before walking away back to his room.

After finishing the coco, she washed the mug and left the kitchen to sleep in her room.

End Notes:

Aw they are rekindling little by little isn't it precious? 😍. comments are loved  enjoy!

Ch. 35 by Lorry

Marlon was soundly snoring on his bed sprawled all over the place. Michaela opened the front door to his flat and walked in quietly to his bedroom.

She opened the door to see his relatively clean room (due to her nagging him) she avoided the clothes thrown on the floor and went to his bed.

She shook him by his shoulders to wake him for work. They were opening the shop, an hour later because Roxie was going to be late.

"I'm up" Marlon mumbled sleepily opening his eyes.

"Good get up I bought breakfast" Michaela replied shortly before leaving.

"No morning kiss?" He mumbled sleepily.

"When your dressed and ready you might get one" she shouted from the living room.

Marlon yawned loudly and stretched his arms before scratching his messy Afro before getting up to get ready.

The old flat that was previously shared between the trio was occupied by Marlon who chose to stay and look after the place.

The only addition added was his collection of guitars lined up in a row of colours and size.

Twenty minutes later Marlon walked out of the room in a warm navy blue jumper and jeans with leather shoes on his feet holding his jacket in his hand. He met Michaela sitting in the living room eating her share of breakfast.

"Morning sexy" he crooned smoothly to his girl.

"Morning Marlon" Michaela replied rolling her eyes at him. She was used to the pet names.

Marlon sat beside her grabbing a blueberry muffin and tearing a large chunk of it with his teeth.

"So messy" she said eyeing him from the corner of her eye in disgust.

"Whatever I'm hungry so don't complain girl" he replied wiping off the crumbs and continued to eat his share.

After eating they cleaned up after themselves before leaving Marlon reminded her about his kiss.

Michaela rolled her eyes and tiptoed to lay a feathery kiss on his lips but it wasn't enough for the passionate Marlon.

He kissed her deeply in return and Michaela clutched his shirt to keep herself steady. She pulled away to breath and they went out the door grabbing everything they needed before locking up.

The next few hours went by slowly due to the weather and the day being a Monday.

Currently Marlon was strolling down the road holding a box of Walkman's to the shop to sell.

He almost walked past a lanky young man when he heard that godforsaken nickname he hated with all his heart.

"Marshmallow!" A familiar voice called to him.

Marlon knew he was going to regret this decision when he stepped back with the box in his hand, to see Junior handing out trays of sugary treats in a brown and pink uniform.

"Why?! You couldn't just say my name brat?!" Marlon mumbled to Junior who only smirked slyly.

"You could have just ignored me and moved on but you responded" he pointed sweetly.

"Whatever" Marlon mumbled to the amusement of Junior.

"Anyway why are you here? What happened to the market job? Your suddenly working at a sweet shop?" He asked narrowing his eyes in suspicious.

"Pft I got bored off lifting and what better place to come work then at a sweet shop?" He explained shrugging his shoulders.

"You get bored too easily" Marlon said rolling his eyes.

Junior shrugged his shoulders again and offered him a free sample.

"I made em myself" Junior boasted proudly.

Marlon eyed the delicious treats and figured if he was going to die from food poisoning what better way to go then by his baking.

Pushing the box to one hand briefly Marlon napped two pieces and threw em into his mouth.
He chewed slowly expecting a foul taste but instead he felt flavours of chocolate and vanilla flood his tongue.

He swallowed the surprisingly tasty treats and smirked at Junior. "Not bad I'm surprised..I was expecting to cave in and receive my ticket to heaven but damn you did a good job"

Junior snorted and rolled his eyes at his response. "I keep you on your toes marshmallow for a reason this might be my true calling" he bragged.

"How many times did it take you to get to this level hm?" Marlon couldn't resist pointing out.

"Five times" Junior admitted sheepish.

Marlon chuckled deeply before, realising he had spent too much time chatting with Junior. He quickly left with his box wishing him farewell until Junior shouted from his position that he would come see him in awhile.

Marlon continued walking back to the shop. He noticed the short distance between him and Junior, he groaned at the thought of the pest coming to annoying whenever he pleased.

He sighed and used one arm to push the door open and went inside.

The evening arrived leaving Marlon, Michaela and Roxie the manager around to close the shop.

"Before you guys pack up I have amazing news to tell you" she said to them and they stood waiting for her to talk.

"Oh what could this amazing news be?" Marlon questioned, raising an eyebrow in suspicion.

"I've decided to leave this place in your hands Marlon as head manager. I feel it's time for me to go see my family and spend time with them but it won't mean I'll won't be back to check on you and the shop" she finished sternly.

"Well this is a surprise..thanks boss" Marlon responded with gratitude clear in his voice.

Roxie nodded and they went back to closing the shop for the night.


Amber was laying down the sleeping Nevada to bed, as her husband watched from the door. Once she was settled, she stood up and turned around to nearly jump out of her skin when she saw Michael watching her from the door.

"Michael! Would you stop that?" She hissed at him clutching her shirt tightly.

"Stop what?" He asked from the door innocently.

Amber ran to the door where as Michael saw her coming and ran the other way in a hurry. Amber opened the door and gently closed it.

Before giving chase to her husband who had the advantage of his long legs. She ran after him until she was close enough, to jump on his back leading him to topple to the ground with the both of them on the floor.

Amber clung to his back as he wiggled feverishly from her hands tickling his sides until he begged her to get off him.

His hyena laughter boomed out loudly in the empty room as Amber, continued to tickle him for a few minutes until she got off his back and watched him flip himself around to now face her.

She smirked up from above him, Michael hated it when he was on the receiving end of her smug look.

He immediately pulled himself up to grab her by the waist and pulled her down to sit on his lap.

Amber didn't resist his touch and fell into his lap. She crossed her arms smirking down at the flustered look on his face.

"You can never run from me applehead" she replied triumphant.

"Which seems to always end up in this situation" he answered rolling his eyes.

" you always complain but you and I both know you secretly enjoy it" she replied smugly.

"Yes because you always end up tackling me its unladylike and no I don't like it" he replied snorting.

"I don't care if I'm not ladylike you married me and you do like it" she retorted rolling her eyes.

Michael chuckled at her words and the urge he held in to kiss her all this time melted away. Seeing the peace and love in her eyes only made the urge to kiss her stronger.

The hands he held by her hips moved up her waist and he pushed her to fall on his chest, earned him a squeal but he quickly silenced her protest with a soft and sensual kiss.

Until Michael's little friend broke the kiss between them leading to Amber pull away breathless and bashful.

"Um" she fumbled on what to say about the kiss as she and Michael stared into each others eyes.

"I've missed kissing you" he replied sweetly.

"I've missed it too" she replied as her lips broke into a smile.

The two of them sat in that position alittle longer before they rose up and held each others hands.

When they arrived to their separate bedrooms. Amber began to pull her hand away from his but he tugged her back to him.

"What's wrong Michael?" She asked concerned.

"I..want us to share our bed tonight" he said in a timid tone.

"Are you sure?" She asked uncertain.

The confirmation was a nod from him and he pulled her to his hard chest and bent down to kiss her before opening the door and they went inside into the room.

End Notes:

Finally the couple are back together! about damn time eh? lool.

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Ch.36 by Lorry

Amber woke up to her husband's arms around her, She yawned quietly not to wake him up. She blinked sleepily til her sight adjusted to see they were naked under the covers. She felt slightly sore but confined in his arms from their night of passion.

It was a heavenly feeling to be in his embrace again. She decided to snuggle back into his warmth. The quiet only lasted for several minutes until the cries of Nevada rung out from the baby monitors waking the young parents up.

"Good morning love" Michael crooned to her lovingly. He stared tenderly into her eyes and she held the same look for him as well.

"Our little girl needs to eat I'll get up" she replied smiling at him and pulled away from his embrace to get up.

Michael grabbed her back to the bed which only made her huff in his arms while he turned her head to face him and pecked her lips lovingly.

"Michael I have to see to our child" she whined at him.

"Oh alright but hurry back" he replied chuckling deeply.

Amber stood up from his arms but Michael couldn't help but pinch her large behind and she yelled at the sudden pinch of pain.

"Michael!" She shrieked a look of horror plastered on her face as she held her bum with two hands.

Michael was laughing too hard to communicate. The look of horror switched to a glare but she quickly left ignoring his booming laughter as she made her way to their daughters room.

Amber walked into her daughters room to see her one month old baby wiggling and crying her eyes out.

"There there baby mummy's here" Amber cooed at her before lifting the restless girl into her arms.

She chose to sit at the rocking chair (a gift from Marlon).

Once settled she placed her bosom near Nevada's mouth. She automatically launched on and begun to suck. Amber winced at the feel of her daughters pull on her breast but she was getting used to the sensation.

Ten minutes later when she felt Nevada had taken her fill, she pulled her breast away and stood up holding the little one to her shoulder as she rubbed her back to get her to burp.

A small burp erupted from her lips and Amber praised her little muffin for her hardwork.

She continued to pat her back softly back and forth until she fell asleep.

She immediately placed the young child back into her crib and laid her down under a blanket. She kissed her forehead before leaving to get payback at her husband.

She strolled quickly to their bedroom where Michael still laid in bed waiting for her.

"I'm back" she said as she walked into the room arms crossed.

Michael yawned from his position on bed eyeing her body like it was a piece of art.

"I will get you back for pinching my behind Michael" she said in a challenging tone.

"Oh how will you my love?" He crooned silky, his voice growing deeper at her challenge.

He did love a good challenge especially when she became competitive. It was a turn on for him when she did so.

Amber swayed her hips slowly to the torture of her husband who stared intensely at her body.

During the night when they reunited, Amber had been insecure about her weight but Michael embraced and loved her either way. He showed her how much he did through the night.

Amber felt empowered by his stare brushing away her nerves as she walked to the bed and went to sit by him.

Amber looked into his beautiful big brown eyes and she couldn't help but fall in love all over again by the amount of devotion expressed in his eyes.

She pulled his face closer to her and they shared a slow burning kiss, which lead to a deeper kiss as Michael brushed his fingers across her thighs.

Which lead to another round of lovemaking for the couple.

A few hours later...

The young couple were laying on the bed side by side. Nevada sat comfortably on her mother's knees as she stared blankly at the cooing face of her parents who could only stare in awe at their little girl.

"She's going to be a heartbreaker when she grows up" Amber mentioned while waving Nevada's arms in the air.

Michael scoffed at her words and replied "she won't be near any boys under my watch love"

Amber rolled her eyes at his response and continued to coo at their daughter.

Michael mentioned he needed to make a quick call to the company and left their side to go to his office where he had his private phone calls.

Amber nodded and he stepped away from her side to walk to his office which was only three doors away from their bedroom.

Michael rung the private number of Frank who answered immediately on the first dial.

"Michael son! This a surprise! What could your call be about?" Frank said a layer of surprise evident in his smokey toned voice.

"I have a request" Michael said to him.

"What could be the request be?" He asked curiously.

"I've decided it's time to expose Amber to the world now that my singles are getting me acknowledged" he replied.

On the other line Frank rolled his cigarette in his mouth at the request of his best client and thought it was pretty darn ridiculous. He hadn't even released his first album yet and he wanted to ruin this chance of becoming a huge star by exposing his secret? That would certainly not work.

"Look son..this request can't be done why would you want to expose and destroy the effort the company has taken to make you single with your growing fanbase?" He replied after a paused silence.

Michael was flabbergasted by the denial to his request. He had taken the consideration of hiding his little family away from the media but now that he had a steady music career he wasn't given a chance to catch a break!

"Fine instead how about a date between I and her instead?" He said in a clipped voice.

"I'm sorry son that won't work either" Frank said shooting down his second request.

"Why not?" Michael hissed at him.

"Because you and I know the hard work you've been doing so far will go down the drain if the media see you with her not to mention to spring questions unneeded" Frank replied calmly.

"Fine" Michael said in a defeated tone and pinched his nose to try and ease the flames of anger, he felt towards Frank.

"I'm glad we've had this talk son..I'm sorry things have to be this way.. Maybe try again when the album is released..goodbye Michael" Frank responded coolly.

Michael didn't reply and cut the call slamming the phone down in his anger at the sheer foolishness of Frank and the men who worked in the music business.

Maybe calling Quincy would ease his anger down. He picked up the phone once and dialled Quincy's phone number.

On fifth dial Quincy picked up but his voice was breathless from what he could hear on the phone.

"Quincy! I spoke to the company about spending a day with Amber and they wouldn't even bother considering so I thought--" he ranted before he was cut off by Quincy.

"I hate to cut of your rant eh smelly but I'm busy with a lady friend" he said in all honestly.

"Grace?" He guessed right off the bat.

The pause on the end clearly gave him his answer.

Michael sighed and Quincy felt bad about cutting him off and promised to speak to him later in the evening.

A quick farewell and Michael cut the call.

He rubbed one large palm down his face.

When did making music become so exhausting? He thought tiredly in his mind.

Michael walked away from the room to return to his wife and child. When he walked into the room Amber looked up smiling, until she saw his downcast expression and the smile fell from her lips.

"What happened?" She asked concerned.

"Oh I wasn't told to spend time with my wife outside our home" he spat out furious.

"Michael calm down let me go pit Nevada down and then we can talk properly" she told him holding the sleeping infant in her arms.

She quickly got off the bed and went out the room. Returning seconds later Michael explained the conversation he had on the phone with Frank.

"They can jump off a bridge for all I care with the oh don't spend time foolishness away, I won't be coped up in this house forever!" She replied crossing her arms and huffing.

"I know love let's play around with them hm? Let's go on this date. I've missed spending time with you" he crooned lovingly.

"Let's shall this evening be perfect?" She replied grinning cheekily.

"Perfect" he crooned and he pulled her to his waist and they stood kissing momentarily before Amber pulled away remembering his brief mention of Quincy.

"Wait Michael your telling me that Quincy was busy too with my mum to talk to you? That isn't a thought I want to think about" she said in complete disgust.

Michael laughed at her words quietly and she smacked his chest for laughing.

"Oh hush you" she mumbled to him.

"Let's call mother to come look after Nevada while we go on our date" he said to her.

"How about Marlon and Michaela or even junior to come look after her?" She said smirking.

"Neither of them will be able to look after her...I don't trust them to look after my princess as a group or as individuals I love them but no.." he mentioned deadpan to the smug look from his wife.

"You love Marlon! Oh how happy will he be to hear such words" she mentioned in a sing song voice.

"You will never tell him what I said besides I can always deny I said so" he replied glaring down at her.

"We will see" she replied mock serious.

The pair glared at each other before bursting into laughter at the sheer ridiculous and chose to get ready.

End Notes:

Well that didn't go well with Frank on the phone. the pair don't care they will go on their date either way lool.

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Ch.37 by Lorry

Around seven in the evening the couple dressed elegantly in dazzling blue and white matching outfits were ready for their first outing together in months. But their mind lingered over their one month old little girl.
Katherine stood in front of them holding her little grandchild expertly.

"Now mother she likes her milk semi warm--" Michael tittered to his amused mother.

"Now Michael I know what I'm doing I did raise you and your siblings" she pointed out.

"I know" he replied sheepish and she chuckled.

"Enjoy yourselves everything will be fine if I need to call you I will" she said to them.

Katherine smiled warmly at the couple, truly happily to see them together again. Amber walked up to her princess dropping a small kiss on her forehead and Michael did the same on her soft cheek.

The couple shooed out by Katherine, left their home, worries pushed aside for themselves.

Once sat in the backseat together, Amber couldn't help but ask where they were going.

"It's a surprise love" Michael replied not giving any hints.

"Again with the surprises applehead?" She huffed at him.

"You aren't patience love" he replied teasingly.

"Whatever" she mumbled and Michael snickered.

Hearing his giggles Amber wiggled her hands at him, shutting up his snickering but they continued to talk until they arrived at the restaurant.

Walking into the restaurant the couple saw the restaurant was divided into two sections.

The first side was the restaurant where chairs and tables were laid out nicely.

The other side of the restaurant was decorated in squares of black and white on the spacious floor. A band of players stood before the floor playing a remedy of soul jazz to the enjoyment of their customers swaying and grooving to the melody.

The couple ignored the stares they received from the onlookers and sat at a table reserved for them.

Michael and Amber sat down across from each other holding hands, while a waitress in a complete black outfit and a top hat walked up to the table.

She stood politely asking what they they wanted to eat from the menus she handed to them.

They said their orders and she scribbled them down and walked away to their kitchen.

As they sat waiting for their meals Amber couldn't help but stare at the place enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.

"Are you enjoying the scenery love?" Michael asked.

"I am applehead but where did you find such a place?" She inquired colour of surprise present.

"Oh I found this spot with Quincy when we ducked from a greet and meet with the CEO at a sushi bar..the man can talk for hours while the other men laughed forcefully at his awful jokes it wasn't our thing besides they didn't even have chicken love! Imagine that!" He explained in horror shaking his head.

"It was a sushi bar Michael they wouldn't cater to your tastes" she replied laughing at the story.

"Don't laugh love you'd do the same thing in my position" he replied smirking at her.

Shrugging her shoulders confirmed her agreement. The food arrived a few minutes later to their delight and they ate the delicious meal.

After the meal and dessert Michael suggested they slow dance but Amber wasn't having it. She wasn't a dancer like her husband besides her pride won't allow her admit she lost almost every match when they battled against each other in high school.

"Come dance with me love" he crooned sweetly to Amber.

"No Michael you and I both know I'm not a good dancer" she replied as she sipped her drink.

"One dance? A tiny one?" He pleading holding one digit upwards.

"No" she said ignoring him as he stared at her.

Michael decided to take matter into his own hands. He dragged her out of the chair, causing a yelp to erupt from her lips and leave the cooling drink on the table.

He pulled her to the dance floor and she fell into his waiting arms.

She growled at his smirking face which only made his confidence grow more.

"I don't like dancing dummy!" She whispered to him heatedly.

"Oh come on love it's fine follow the groove" he assured her.

Michael pulled her closer to him and swayed her hips against his playfully until she gave in.

They danced together on the dance floor until Amber protested she was too tired but as always Michael was still full of energy.

On the table the bill waited and Michael brought out his wallet leaving enough money and a small tip.

The young parents left the restaurant with high spirits unaware the paparazzi waited in the shadows snapping pictures of a potential story.

Returning home around to twelve in the morning, Grandma Katherine left telling them that Nevada was asleep in her crib.

Michael still high on energy grabbed Amber by the waist in their bedroom, pinned her to the bed kissing her neck and slowly making his way back to her lips.

But she didn't want to get to lost in his kisses pulled away to Michael's dismay but she had something to say and it needed to be said for both of their sakes.

"Look Michael before you attempt to try to get me pregnant again... at the restaurant I saw something on your arm"

"What did you notice?" He asked patiently before pulling her into another kiss.

"Your arm had a discolouring--" she said before his lips pressed harder onto hers to distract her.

She placed a hand between their lips to create a bridge between making him groan at her stubbornness.

"Love your ruining the peaceful moment we have before Nevada chooses to wake up" he whined to her.

"No Michael this is serious!" She semi yelled at him folding her arms in front of her chest.

Michael knowing the moment was gone, got off her to lay by her side.

"But it's nothing of a concern" he said in a dismissive tone.

Amber tired of his denial grabbed his arm and pulled his sleeve up to reveal the pink patches on his coca skin.

"This is serious! How is this not of a concern?! You better tell me what's going on Michael" she told him firmly.

Michael sighed knowing he couldn't deny his skin patches for long begun to tell her everything. She drank in the information becoming more and more alarmed.

"Michael please you need to see a doctor before this becomes any worse" she pleaded to him.

"I will don't worry love" he assured her.

"Promise me Michael you will see a doctor see a doctor in near few days" she said giving him a hard stare.

"Yes I will love let's watch TV shall we?" He pleaded to her wanting the conversation to end.

They chose to watch a sitcom on TV to pass away the time until they fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning they woke up to whimpering of Nevada crying out for her parents. Amber being the first to wake up went to attend to her while she let michael lay in bed a little longer.

A few minutes later she walked back into the room to see Michael undressing for a shower.

"What's the rush?" She asked concerned.

"Love epic called and they wanted to see me in an hour" he said rolling his eyes.

"Lemme guess they saw us together? With their spy glasses" she replied a tad sarcastic.

"I wish love Frank said it was all over the news so please stay inside for now love" he pleaded to her softly.

"Don't worry worryfart Nevada and I will be fine also go see the doctor afterwards" she said to him before pecking his lips sweetly.

He nodded and returned the kiss before rushing to the bathroom to get ready.

No longer than thirty minutes he was dressed and ready to leave the house with breakfast in his stomach and a warm kiss from his little family..

Michael wasn't looking forward to having a talk with Frank or any of the CEO's. But he didn't care his family was more important than his mark in the music industry.

End Notes:


A special character is returning to the series! you'll see soon 😂.

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Ch.38 by Lorry

Michael arrived to the company with his held high and an air of confidence surrounding him as he passed coworkers making his way to Frank's office.

Arriving at the office he faced the solemn faces of Frank and the Ceo's. A bodyguard closed the door and the meeting begun.

Once Michael sat down the meeting started.

Frank spoke in a ridged voice laced heavily in vexation "Michael do you know what you've done? You clearly went against our demands that you shouldn't take your wife out in you know how much effort and money it has taken to get the newspapersquiet?! No you wouldn't know instead they've demanded a interview instead of publishing the story"

Michael wasn't fazed about the whole ordeal. He loved spending time with his wife and he clearly wasn't going to be stopped because of the disapproval stares he received from the board members.

"A day wasn't set when I could take my wife out of the house when this was discussed months ago Frank besides she isn't doing any harm" he pointed out in a clipped tone.

A brief silence fell in the room, the board members realising that he was right but Frank didn't want to give up either way.

"We all did this for your safety Michael" he reminded him sternly.

"Also nothing was discussed on how long the hiding of my family would take and I do not mind doing an interview because I will tell my side of the story and the truth will be bought out in the open"

"You will not mention your family to the public Michael we will not waste any more money" said a olive skinned middle aged fellow sitting two seats from Frank.

Michael fixed his gaze on the older man "I won't be stopped from mentioning my family on TV either way it's your fault for not planning further on in the future"

"Look Michael this discussion isn't getting anywhere..let's have a deal you don't mention her or your little girl and we won't cut you off your contract with us" Frank replied in a smooth tone but underneath the tone a threat was evident.

"You can cut me off hell you can kick us out of our home my family matters more" he replied icily, as his eyes swept at each individual in the room.

He didn't say another word but chose instead stood up from his seat leaving, the astounded board members and shouting Frank demanding he return.


Chris Tucker was in town with his girl looking for a place to rent. After spending the whole morning trying to ask for directions and only receiving dirty looks.

The brother was fed up and just wanted to give up but he remembered Danni asked him to buy new strings for her guitar. He didn't expect to pop into the nearest music store to see Marlon of all people.

"Marlon brother is that you?!" He yelled in surprise.

Marlon was stacking more records on the shelfs on a ladder. Pausing from his task to hear that similar voice he hasn't heard in over a year.

"Chris? What the hell are you doing here?" He said as he dropped the record on the floor and quickly went down the ladder.

"Brother you should be answering my question! I'm here to look for a home for me and my girl what are you doing? Thought you and Michael were still back in Gary...!" He rambled in a fast flow.

"Fool it's a long story ..shit too long to tell ya here" Marlon replied shaking his head.

"Who you calling fool I can still whoop your ass!" He answered jokely.

Marlon smirked and told him to get out of his store but Chris mentioned he was here to buy guitar strings.

After paying for the strings Marlon told Chris his address to his place, where he'd explain everything.

Marlon choosing to close the shop around five and made sure everything was in place.

He went home in the purple van and found Chris waiting at the entrance of the door.

The two of them strolled into his flat and rekindled over chilled beers where as Marlon spinned an elaborate tale of what went down in Gary up-to this point.

"Shit didn't expect all of this information brother damn!" He exclaimed after taking a swing from his beer.

"Yep alot has happened and I bet you can't wait to see the two lovebirds eh?" Marlon replied smirking at him.

"Hell yes I'll be glad to see them. Can't believe they actually went and had a kid! Who'd thought my words would come true brother I should get a damn check for my predication I'm physic" he replied smirking.

"Physic is a word used likely for you Chris" Marlon implying he was a little airheaded.

Chris's round eyes narrowed at the grinning Marlon.

Marlon finished his beer and looked up at the clock to see it was after six in the evening.

"If you still want to catch Michael at the company now is the best time" he replied.

"Well was nice seeing you brother even if I still want to whoop you for being an ass" he replied as he downed his last drop of beer and stood up.

"Smart-ass" Marlon corrected cheekily.

"Man whatever" Chris exclaimed hotly.

Marlon gave him the address to the studio and walked him to the door whereas he couldn't wait to hear about Amber's reaction when she saw someone very special.

He wished he was there to see it in person but he could be only dream.

Chris followed the address after a few turns in the cab, finally found the building and walked in.

Just as Chris finally found where Michael was held (after a few threats of kicking some ass) his best friend stomped out of the room flying past him.

Chris didn't recognize his buddy without the Afro for a moment as he passed. Trying his luck he shouted freely "Mike!"

Michael spun around all the anger he felt disappear, once he saw who was standing in front of him.

"Chris-s?" He stuttered seeing his tall friend he hadn't seen in over a year.

"What did I tell you! You went and gone get yourself a record deal where's my cut brother?" He bellowed to his friend cheekily.

Michael grinned back in return and opened his arms to indicate a hug from his taller friend.

Chris walked into the hug and they hugged briefly until they pulled apart. The pair spotting identical grins.

"Now you looked angry as hell Mike last time I saw you that angry was when Amber was bullied last year cousin what's going on?" Chris asked curiously.

In response Michael winced at the past memory and chose for the both of them to go back to his place instead of talking outside of the office.

Once they left the floor the bodyguards, stood in attention and surrounded the brothers as they walked back to Michael's car.

Chris couldn't help but let out a low whistle at his friends stardom while Michael grinned sheepish.

An hour later...

Amber laid down her sleeping baby with her blankets and dummy in her mouth. She slept only twitching slightly beneath the blanket.

Rest assured that she was asleep Amber left the room. Heading straight to the kitchen but she stopped when she heard a familiar voice she hadn't heard in some time.

Making sure she wasn't hallucinating she walked to the living room to see...him.

Chris was lounging in the living while he waited for his best bud to return from seeing his little princess and blushing bright red from Chris's teasing.

He heard the approaching footsteps to see Amber for the first time in over a year. He smirked arrogantly to the horror in Amber's sight.

She rubbed her eyes thinking she'd seen a ghost of the pest she detested in school but here he was in front of her.

Chris sensed she didn't believe her eyes decided to use his old nickname to get her fired up.

"Shrimp! How you doing?!" He yelled in greeting to her.

Amber immediately jumping outt of her stupor responded bitingly "helium why are you here and don't call me that you---"

She gasped before she could continue and realised yes it was Chris in front of her

"Why me! I thought I got rid of you in Gary!" She groaned rubbing her forehead feeling a headache.

"Shrimp you'll never get rid of me I am always here" he replied smirking cheekily.

"Oh how I wish you weren't here!" She snapped back at him.

Chris feeling annoyed and was just about to give back his respond. Michael walked holding Nevada in his arms, just in the neck of time before a shouting match could start before the two of them.

"Now please both of you don't start Nevada is half asleep" the young father pleaded to the both of them.

"Weren't you going to tell why he's here boo?" Amber said giving him a glare as he chuckled nervously.

"He's a surprise eh.. love?" Michael replied avoiding her gaze.

"Well he isn't going to be staying any longer than today! You know I never liked him from the damn start" she replied hotly.

"I never liked you either bitch!" He hissed back at her.

"Look here helium this is my home and I can throw you out" she threatened.

Michael swiftly sat next to Chris before he could reply shoved little Nevada in his face.

He exclaimed quickly "hold her Chris she is your niece" distracting him before he could explode.

Chris's mouth hung open but he quickly shut it, once he saw a pair of sleepily familiar eyes look back at him.

Michael pulled her away from his face inwardly sighing that Nevada distracted him and cradling her in his arms.

"She looks just like you Mike down to her little nose..nothing like her banshee mother" he said to Michael muttering the last part.

Which Amber clearly heard and growled at him as Michael scolded him "Chris!"

"What brother? It's true" he replied skeptical.

"Please restrain from saying things about my wife" he replied sternly.

"Bah whatever brother lemme hold my niece" Chris replied shrugging his shoulders and Michael handed her over to him.

To their surprise he knew what he was doing as he cradled the little girl in his arms who seemed to have already gelled quite quickly with Chris.

"So helium where's Danni? Are you even with her by any chance?" She inquired intrigued.

"Yes Danni and I are still together she's flying in a few days she'll be sooo glad to see you" he replied dryly.

"Wow aren't you a cheerful?" She replied sarcastic.

Chris ignoring her chose to focus his attention on the little girl in his arms, poking her cheek.

Thankfully the tense reunion between the reunited friends was demolished by Nevada's cuteness.

Two hours passed by and Michael realised it was getting late where as Nevada had already been put to bed a while back.

Amber noticed Chris hadn't moved from his spot on the coach and she wondered why the hell he hadn't left.

Michael sensed a bubbling question beneath her lips and quickly stood up to pull her along to their bedroom.

"Michael you are wearing your guilty look what have you planned?" She asked him eyeing him suspicious.

"Well uh you see love..chris is staying with us for a few days until Danni arrives" he replied in a fast flow.

"Would you like to repeat that again?" She replied in eerily calm voice.

"Chris is staying with us for a few days?" He repeated nervously.

"Michael! Why would you allow this?! You know I feel about that overgrown idiot!" She shrieked loosing her cool.

"Love please it's only a few days and besides Danni will be here soon" he pleaded as he stepped to her and swept her into his arms.

"Fine just let me go! Your sleeping on the coach tonight" she replied glaring up at him.

Amber struggled from his hold, leading to her tripping him and they fell on the floor in a cluster of limps.

"We aren't ten years old Michael! Get off" she yelled under him as Michael continued to hold onto her waist.

The shouts lead the bored Chris from his place on the coach to their bedroom. He flung the door open to see them on the floor. The look of worry switching to a smug smile instead.

"You want to get it on and make another kid? Get it on you lil nasties but before you start Mike come take me to a room"

Michael ignoring her look of irritation quickly got up and went to the door. A few minutes later he returned from guiding Chris to one of their spare bedrooms.

When he came back to the room to see Amber holding a pillow and blanket in her hands. It was his turn to pout but she wasn't swayed by his pout, shoved him out of the room.

Michael sighed softly when the door closed behind him. Carrying his sleeping gear in his hands he made his way to another spare room.

End Notes:

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Ch. 39 by Lorry

The next day..

"We could just smother him with a pillow no one will know he died"

"Suga! Where did this thought come from? you do realise you can go to prison"

"You were in the mafia so you really can't talk"

"Touche but I don't have the connections I had a year ago to bail you out so let's not eh kill him...I don't want Michael's anger to rain down on me he never believes a word I say"

"Don't worry I can distract him from Chris and you can stash away the body"

"You watch too many CSI sitcoms suga I have a better plan"

Marlon and Amber stood beside Chris's bed, watching him snore loudly as he slept on his back in a tangled mess of blankets and pillows.

Marlon wasn't meant to come over specifically on his day off. He could have spent the day relaxing at home with Michaela or visiting his siblings but Michael practically begging him on the phone to be a peacemaker between his wife and Chris.

Once he heard that Chris was staying over he laughed long and hard for a good five minutes. He agreed to do so just to see the quarreling pair argue.

Approaching the sleeping lion, he silently crept to his bed. Ever so lightly he pressed Chris's nose.

Amber watched from the door sensing this wasn't going to end well stayed there for her safety.

Marlon sniggered to himself watching Chris struggle for air until his eyes snapped open and Marlon let go of his nose.

Chris breathed in deeply until his eyes adjusted to see a smirking Marlon standing by his bedside.

He shouted vexed "I will kick your ass you damn afro walking fool! No one disturbs my sleep!"

Marlon sensing this was his cue to leave quickly turned around and ran to the door. Quickly Amber twisted her body around backing herself into the wall.

Chris stumbled after him in hot pursuit to kick his ass.

Watching them run down the hall Amber rolled her eyes and sniggered quietly to herself. She went to check on her baby to see if she had been woken up.

To her luck the little Jackson princess hadn't woken up. Amber retucked her blanket around her fragile body and left the room.

She heard yells of pain coming from the living room.

"Let go of my Afro! That fuckin hurts!" She heard Marlon yell.

"Of course it's mean to dumbass!" She heard Chris shout back at him.

Amber strolled into the room and her eyes witnessed the two fools wrestling on the floor.

Just as she was about to try and stop them, Michael suddenly walked into the room bumping into Amber.

Michael sighed seeing his brother and friend fight on the floor. He pecked Amber's lips before jumping into the fight.

A few seconds later he had the two of them separately held by their ears.

"Now can you both behave you are not kids" Michael said giving them both a look of disdain before letting go of their ears.

They rubbed their ears from his painful grip, but that didn't stop from wondering why Michael was home early.

"Your wondering why I'm here? I came home to pick Amber up" he explained answering the question on their minds.

"Why?" She asked skeptical.

"The interview is today and I want you to come see me in action besides I have another appointment with the docto" he explained.

Marlon and Chris chose not to speak about the doctor issue, leaving it to another time.

"Who's going to look after Nevada?" Marlon asked in a worried tone.

Michael faced his brother and replied smirking "you and Chris will look after don't worry you'll be fine..I hope"

"What?!" They exclaimed simoustanly.

"You heard me your both looking after her be careful I do not want to return to see her dead or starved" he replied a layer of warning in his words.

All they could do was nod stupidly.
Michael clapped his hands and said "Marlon knows the place better so he can show you where anything is"

Afterwards he turned around to face Amber, grabbing her hand and leaving them alone.
The door slammed and a shrill cry jolted them out of their thoughts.

It was going to be a long day..

The two friends quickly followed the loud cries coming from Nevada's room.

"You pick her up Marlon she's your niece!" Chris told him.

"She's your niece too brother" Marlon pointed out.

"Not by blood! Alright fine I'll carry her you damn fool" Chris muttered in response.

He quickly picked the crying baby and held her next to his warm chest and hummed quietly.

Marlon watched in shock as he watched the loudmouth cradle the little one gently in his arms.

Chris met his surprised gaze. He whispered "what you staring at fool?"

"I'm wondering how you were able to do all that" Marlon replied skeptical.

"Brother I have several cousins enough to get some experience around babies I've been dumped with babies since I was a kid nothing new" he replied umbothered and sensing she fell asleep gently placed her back into the crib.

They quietly left the room and made their way back to the living room and sat down with a beer in hand.

"A baby whisperer" Marlon teased smirking at him.

"Marlon I will kick your ass again but I don't want the little one to be on our asses so soon" he replied irritated.

Marlon snorted in response but Chris wasn't finished.

"And how the hell do you have so little experience with babies! Eight siblings brother! Eight!" Chris asked in a low voice.

"I left the baby handling to my older sisters and mother when they were a little older I took control" Marlon explained.

"your still a damn fool can't even do what I did" he relied barking in laughter.

Marlon glared at his laughing body and eyed a pillow at the corner of his eye and ended up throwing it at him in retaliation.

A pillow fight rose between the pair for a few minutes before they fell to the ground hungry.

An hour passed and the duo was feeling even more hungry were arguing over what to order.


"Stake and ribs!"

"Thai food!"

"Soul food!"

"I don't want no rice and veggies I want wholesome food! Soul food will fill me up more than all those food shit no I'm having it" Chris argued frustrated.

"Fine you overgrown Negro! We will order your soul food and I'll order Chinese" Marlon responded in loosing his cool.

Chris nodded and Marlon quickly ordered the food on the phone and both restaurants replied the food would take fifteen to twenty minutes arrive.

They agreed to spilt the bill between them.

They waited in silence for their food until Marlon stood up clutching his Afro in worry.

"Shit! We forget to prepare food for Nevada" he yelled in panic.

"Well go look for milk! There should be some in the kitchen!" Chris replied panicking as well at their combined forgetfulness.

Marlon obeyed and rushed to the kitchen returning a few seconds later.

"Chris there isn't any milk and I don't know the brand the lovebirds feed her or breastfeed" Marlon responded.

"Ah fuck we are screwed Michael is going to kill us" Chris answered scared for his life.

"Indeed he don't want to see how he was for Amber when your cousin went crazy brother..he's never looked so sinister this is going to be our grave...was nice knowing you" Marlon said gravely.

"Maybe we can find a brand and feed her that?" He suggested on a whim.

"That might work" Marlon replied scratching his cheek.

"You go buy it man I'll watch for the food and Nevada" Chris replied.

Marlon quickly left to find the formula not forgetting to leave money aside for the food.

Thirty minutes later Marlon walked back into the room with a formula in a small bag. He saw Chris chowing down and sat beside him to eat his take.

"Which one did you buy?" Chris asked after swallowing the mac and cheese.

"I found a formula with lactose intolerant" he mentioned before opening his bag of food.

"She should be alright with it...or we will die" he replied ominous.

A silence fell upon them but they continued to chow down enjoying the delicious food.

It wasn't long before Nevada began to cry once more, in fit of hunger.

Standing up with the bottle warm and ready they went to her room once more.
This time carrying her into the living room to feed her.

Marlon took control (after Chris showed him how to feed her). The look of pure awe plastered on his face feeding his niece.

But things turned sour once they removed the bottle from her lips noticing her shallow breathing and her cheeks flushed pink.

"What the hell is wrong with her? She's flushed" Chris exclaimed in a panic touching her reddening cjeek.

"Shit! She must be allergic to lactose! We need to take her to the hospital" Marlon replied.

The duo quickly grabbed a blanket and the spare house keys, with Nevada in Marlon's arms quickly hopped into the van and headed straight to the hospital.

End Notes:


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Ch. 40 by Lorry


The interview done and out of his hair Michael could relax now that the magazine company was pleased.

Currently in the car on their way to the hospital for his checkup. Michael couldn't help but rub his wide spread nose feeling self conscious about his looks.

Amber smacked his hard away from his nose and pulled his hand to sit on her lap instead.

"Leave your nose alone Michael it's fine just way the way it is! what exactly happened in the interview I wasn't close by to hear the conversation but I did feel your gaze piece though me every now and then" she mentioned smiling sweetly at him.

Michael chuckled amused and replied "well some of the questions were abit over the top but I did mention you were my girlfriend and the lady mentioned I had broken all my fans hearts but I responded that how could I? As my fans they should cherish you and be happy that I have a certain woman in my life"

Amber snorted at his words and poked his cheek "you've always been a smooth talker oh husband of mine"

"Only to you" he crooned lovingly enjoying the way (as always) when Amber turned away bashful from his sincere words.

They continued to bicker and joke about until the car stopped signalling their arrival.

Before they got out of the car Michael bought out a spare pair of RayBans, he kept hidden in his pocket.

He had on him handing them over to Amber to wear. He didn't want any drama knowing a swarm of paparazzii will be at the hospital.

The door slowly opened and Michael held her hand as they came out of the car.

They both ignored the buzz of questions and moved forward to the hospital entrance as the bodyguards surrounded them. Michael pulled her to his side tightly as they speed walked to the entrance.

The doors closed behind the paparazzi luckily knowing they weren't allowed in the hospital.

The white walls and silent chatter of conversations blurred around them as they made their way to the front desk where a blushing brunette informed them they had to go though set of doors on their right to get to the Dermatology Ward.

Just as they were walking past the entrance of the children ward. Amber peered into one of the children's rooms to see a small girl resembling her baby and the two knuckleheads idiots sitting by her bedside.

Before Michael walked away from the window, she pulled him back and showed him what she saw.

Michael's eyes drank what he saw in horror at seeing his little girl flushed from her cheeks to the tips of her delicate feet covered in a blanket.

Once he saw who sat by her side, his nose flared and he swallowed deeply. Opening the door ward he walked into the ward, immediately heading to his brother and friend.

As he made his way towards the pair, Amber followed behind him.

The duo sensed a figure approaching them. Looking up they didn't expect to see none other Michael appear in front of them like a zombie from hell.

His ebony eyes burning furiously in fatherly devotion.

Fear pounded in the hearts of Marlon and Chris feeling the angry emotions radiating from the couple.

Marlon and Chris gazed at the hulking form of Michael walking nearer and nearer until he stood in front of them.

You both havebave five seconds to tell Amber and I why our baby girl is in the hospital before I kill you!" He sneered nastily.

"We are waiting" Amber chipped in helpfully.

Marlon being the braver of the two stepped up and told the whole story from start to finish.

In the nick of time a doctor walked into the room before Michael could either strangle or yell at the sheer stupidity of his brother and friend.

The doctor strolled into the room in a white coat, his snow coloured hair pulled back in a ponytail.

His sea coloured eyes noted the number of people in the room doubled. He asked politely who they were.

"I and Michael are the parents of the little girl" she responded.

"Good afternoon I am doctor Ivan Mr and Mrs Jackson your little one was bought in by her uncles two hours ago but have no fear she's fine, we found out she's lactose intolerant"

"But breastmilk contains lactose how is she not allergic to my milk?" Amber asked bluntly.

Michael sighed quietly at her question. The doctor wasn't bothered He wouldn't in this profession, if he hadn't heard variations of the question over the years.

"No your a rare case Mrs your little girl isn't allergic to your milk luckily for you this is a lesson learnt to the two men" he replied coolly eyeing the two of them in disapproval.

They looked away ashamed as Doctor Ivan explained more about lactose to the listening parents. Before he departed he gave them prescription meds.

After bidding farewell to the doctor and leaving the room.
Amber rushed to her baby's side and gently picking her up held her close to her chest. She felt beyond glad and relived that Nevada wasn't in critical danger.

But that wouldn't stop neither of the still angry parents ripping, into the pair of idiots they thought they could trust.

"Love I still have to go to my appointment can you still come with me?" Michael asked sounding calmer ignoring the sad and depressed faces of Chris and Marlon.

"I want to but who's going to look after Nevada?" She responded.

"She can come with us?" He suggested.

"Sure and we can head home afterwards" she replied.

She slowly got off the bed holding Nevada in her arms who only yawned and cuddled back into the familiar warmth.

Amber faced Marlon and Chris giving them both equally frosty glares "when we get home the both of you are in trouble. The whole family will know what you both did including Michaela and Danni"

Their faces grew pale at the thought of their girlfriends hearing about what they did wasn't going to end well.

They left with Nevada for Michael's appointment while the two went home guilty and depressed.

End Notes:

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Ch.41 by Lorry

They walked into the Dermatology ward and directed to medical doctor room. They strolled down the empty hall until they saw the name plate of 'Dr Rose'

Stepping into the room Doctor Rose looked up to see her 2:0 afternoon appointment. She recognized Michael's face from his music played all over the radio in her car or at home.

She found it catchy but not exactly her kind of music.

She greeted them as well cooing over Nevada who slept on peacefully. Once the introductions were dome she began explaining what was going on.

"So your telling me my husband skin is losing it's skin pigment and he's becoming paler is that correct?" Amber repeated feeling overwhelmed by the information.

"Yes Mrs Jackson the medical term is Vitiligo" she said to the worried couple.

"What areas are affected? I need to check since I wasn't able to check in the first appointment. so please remove your shirt" she asked kindly.

Amber nodded at him to reassure him that it was ok. He swallowed thickly before quickly removing the shirt leaving his chest bare.

From what Dr.Rose spotted the pink patches spread from the back of his neck, to his bellybutton finishing at his impressive hands.

"Hm does anyone have vitilogo in your family?" She asked concerned.

"If I recall from my father's side" he replied.

"This must have skipped a generation then Mr Jackson but... this is worse far than you described to me Mr Jackson..your case is a serious one"

"Can it be cured?" Michael asked in a hopeful voice.

Doctors roses crystal coloured eyes reflected grief when she uttered "no I'm sorry there isn't a cure at the moment but it doesn't mean you can't live your life freely it just means you need to take more care. Some parts of your hair on your head and groin will change to white due to loss of pigment"

Michael's heart deflated at the words and Amber saw his crushed expression wishing she could help somehow.

"How about our little girl? Will she be affected?" Amber asked concerned.

"There is a fifty chance the skin condition will appear in your child or next but it's best to check as she grows" Dr. Rose replied politely.

Either parent weren't happy about the news but it just showed they needed to keep an eye on Nevada as she grew.

Dr. Rose carried on with the appointment while Michael put his shirt back on. She informed them of the dos and don't to do now that he was diagnosed.

The appointment hadn't lasted long but it was enough for the young couple to leave feeling depressed.

Michael who hadn't always liked his looks now felt even more dispirited knowing he was going to lose parts of his pigment and his hair growing white due to this stupid condition.

Unfortunately when they came out of the car they were obvious to fact that a paparazzi laid hidden behind a bush snapping pictures silently.

They decided on the way to see their families and spread the news separately.

End Notes:

I know it's a little short but the next is longer so at least wait for that at least! Lol.

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Ch. 42 by Lorry

Instead of returning home they decided to visit their close knit family to get space and time away.

The car stopped first at Andy's home.

Before she opened the door Michael's lips brushed against Amber's lips.
He smiled weakly at the both of them and she gave him the same smile.

Coming out of car holding Nevada in her arms and her bag slug on her shoulder.

She watched the car drive off instantly the smile on her lips, dropped as tears begun to form around her eyes.

She turned around with Nevada's head carefully held in her arms, she walked into the neighborhood to find Andy's doorstep.

She found the number seeing the cherry coloured door and neatly cut front porch.

She walked up to the door and knocked three times, she stood patiently waiting.

Inside the home Junior paused his TV show surprised to hear the knock on the door.

It was just himself and his father in the house while his mother was out and about shopping.

Better not be those damn kid Scouts again. He thought annoyed to himself.

Standing up from his seat he went to the door and to his astonishment revealed Amber standing there but he quickly got over the feeling.

"Sis? What's wrong come in" he greeted, pulling her into the home.

She noticed the homely and comfortable aura around the home seeing the family portraits and trophies lined up on a long oak table sitting by the wall.

Guiding his sister to the living room and fleeing the room momentarily up the stairs to find his father.

"Dad! Where are you?!" He yelled up the stairs in panic.

Andy heard the shouts of panic from his son, rose from his place on the bed. He left the room meeting junior half way.

Junior stopped in time and immediately went into rant " Amber's here in the living room..I'm sensing depression and sadness I didn't think I can make the situation better with my big mouth...she needs you pops"

Luckily Andy was used to his speedy ramblings heard everything that he said.

Patting his shoulder and smiling sympathetic at his son before going downstairs.

Andy saw her sitting on the coach rocking his little grandchild back and forth. He sensed she was holding it together solely for the little girl in her arms.

Thankfully Junior followed him after him and bent down to look into Amber's eyes.

"sis how about I take my adorable little niece to my room where my old crib is set up? I promise no harm will come near her while you and pops talk" he asked in a soothing tone noticing her unwillingness to let go of the little girl.

Her shoulders shagged in defeat and Junior gently took the little princess out of her hands. Standing to his full height with little girl laying on his chest gently.

Leaving the room Junior babbled to his little niece about when she was a little older he'd get her a pair of snazzy sunglasses and they'd go on awesome adventures together.

Amber hearing that chuckled dryly as Andy noticed the unshed tears brewing from her eyes.

Once junior left with his grandchild Andy sat next to his daughter, squeezing her to his side.

Now all he could was wait until she was ready to call him dad or daddy which would only warm his heart.

"Sweetheart what's wrong? Seems something has happened" he probed gently.

"So much has happened all in one baby was hospitalized thanks to my idiotic brother in law and Michael's so called friend! I told him not to allow him stay over and now...just when Michael and I rekindled over our issues this strange skin condition he didn't know he was developing sprung on us and this time I don't know how to comfort him...I'm just tired of it all everything is going to hell!" Amber pushed his hand away standing up as she ranted furious at the whole situation.

She felt her heart bang heavily in her chest and her hands clammed in sweat. She tried to rub her eyes but the tears flowed endlessly.

Crumbling to the ground in despair, Amber shed bitter tears. Andy hated seeing his usually aloof daughter break down before his eyes. He stood up from his seat approaching her caustically.

He sat next to her on the floor and pulled her into his arms feeling her tears stain his shirt as she clung to him.

Andy swayed her back and forth in his embrace momentarily. The sounds of Amber's sniffing filling the room.

"This is just a rainy day in your marriage Sweetheart..not everything will be rainbows and butterflies. This trail your facing will only help you both grow as a couple and you don't have to go far to to comfort Michael all you can do is be there for him! Speak to him this is the time you both need each other" he replied in a unfaltering tone

"Oh by the way remind me to kill those idiots when I see them next or better yet get Cherri to kill them" he added jokingly.

Giggling slightly from his joke she slowly pulled away from his embrace. He grabbed the box of tissues from the table, she dappwd the tissue around her eyes as she gave him a watery smile.

Till Junior reappeared with a wailing Nevada in his arms.

"She needs milk" he stated scared for his life.

Amber opened her arms as he bent down gently handing her over to her.

Father and son left the room to give her privacy.

Cherri came home early to see Amber sitting on the coach with Nevada. She couldn't hold back the girlish squeal, rushing forward to see the little one. This being the first time she had the chance to see her.

She commented that she looked more like her mother but Amber laughed and thanked her for the compliment.

Cherri stood up mentioning she needed to prepare dinner declining Amber's help saying she was a guest.

The day dwelled on the heavy load on Amber's shoulders lifted slightly feeling she belonged in their close knit family.


Michael headed straight to his mother's home to finally receive the answers to the questions, pondering on his mind since the appointment.

When Katherine opened the door she sensed something had happened from his downcast expression.

She pulled him into the house thankfully noticing that Grace wasn't home and the kids were busy napping at the moment giving them plenty of time to chat in privacy.

She sat across from Michael offering him a snack and tea but to her dismay he wasn't up for food.

"Baby what's wrong?" She inquired worried.

He ran one hand though his curls before he started.

"Mother Nevada has an allergic reaction to lactose intolerant thanks to my brother and friend for their combined effects of ruin the day even more I found out I have skin's just not my day I don't even know how I can get though this with Amber and our little girl I don't want to lash out at them" he said sadly.

Katherine's shaking hands flew to her mouth in regards to hearing the skin condition appear in her baby. Out of all of her 9 children the skin disease revealed itself in Michael and who knows if appears in Nevada or any other grandchildren in the future!?

Grasping Michael's hand tightly Katherine confessed, the condition was from Joseph's side of family but she didn't believe it would pass down to him.

"Great something I inherited from him..he must be laughing in his grave" he spat cruelly.


"It's true mother!"

"It does not matter you do not speak about the deas. Don't let this condition ruin you!.. I want you to continue your music and keep pushing forward and be able to create joy for your fans. Your family will be fine every marriage goes though their tribulations so please baby don't push Amber way when you guys have just patched things up" Katherine replied wisely.

Michael nodded in agreement and Katherine patted his hand softly before standing up to get him some snacks completely ignoring his protest.

Michael ended up spending the rest of the day with his mother and mother-in-law including his siblings joking and chatting together.

He felt lighthearted from the change of pace and felt he could talk to his wife from the strong advice given to him by his wise mothers.

The evening arrived for the couple realising it was time to return home. The car drove up to where Amber stood with Nevada a few feet away from Andy's home. Opening the door she stepped in and sat next to her husband.

She was relived to see that he wasn't depressed but seemed sound in mind and body at the moment. She couldn't help but lay a deep kiss on his lips.

He pulled away quickly from her lips to gaze down to see their little girl sleeping soundly.

"How you feeling Michael?" She asked as the car drove on.

"I'm feeling abit better I received good advice from my mother and the kids" he replied.

"That's good news don't ever forget I and our baby will always be here for you so please don't be depressed" she said.

"I know you will it's just going to take time to get used to it...I found out as well from mother that this skin disease was from Joseph's side but Epic won't be happy when they hear this" he pondered outloud.

"Nothing can stop you now boo you are stronger than this condition so don't let anything stop you. Don't worry about those idiots achieve your dream and forget them if they bug you they will answer to me" she replied determined.

"What will you do? Bite them love?" He teased playfully smirking.

"You are lucky I'm holding Nevada" she mumbled to herself.

The pair continued to banter lightly until they arrived home. They remembered Chris was still around and decided tomorrow they would kick him out.

Amber couldn't wait to see that overgrown fool get kicked out. He deserved it for his stupidity for harming their little angel.

End Notes:


Ch. 43 by Lorry


The next morning Michael being the first to rise from the bed, quietly left the room to go to Chris's room.

He opened the door to his surprise to see Chris laying on the bed with one hand over his face..

"Chris" Michael called out to him.

He peeked from his view across the bed to see Michael standing by his bed. He quickly removed his hand and sat up gazing into his eyes.

"Morning Mike" he greeted blandly.

"Morning..look I have news to tell can't stay here anymore from what you and Marlon did endangering my baby isn't acceptable" he replied serious.

Chris didn't think he'd be kicked out but he didn't disagree with his best bud. He understood his reason and it was for the best.

"I know what I and Marlon did was messed up and I'm sorry for what we did but I get what ya mean I'll go"

Michael's mouth dropped down in disbelief at the calm display.

"Close your mouth brother you don't want flies to fly in...we still best buddies?" he said uncertain running his shoulder nervously.

Michael quickly closed his mouth answering him with a small smile on his lips "of course Chris that won't change just be glad Amber didn't come and kick you out"

"Man I'm glad she didn't knowing her she'd be jumping with glee" Chris replied smirking at the imagery in his mind.

"Well it's better than nothing you have to the late afternoon, isn't Dani arriving today?" He asked curiously.

Chris smacked one hand down his face at his forgetfulness. He'd completely forgotten Dani was arriving today.

"Shit shit shit! This isn't good" he muttered loudly to himself.

Sensing his inner turmoil Michael suggested, taking him to the airport to help pick her up this evening and get them to a hotel.

Chris grinned in relief at his suggestion.
"Thanks Mike! I'll pay you back some day" he exclaimed in gratitude.

"I'll just let Dani know what went wrong and she'll handle you" he replied smirking.

Chris shivered knowing what his girlfriend was going to do and he wasn't looking forward to it.

Michael chuckled at his expression before leaving to check up on his little girl.

Around the late afternoon the pair left the house heading straight to the airport.

During the journey to the airport, the pair planned that Chris would get her and bring her back to the car since Michael couldn't leave the car without being recognized.

An hour and half later they arrived at the busy and bustling airport. Chris stepped out of the car walking into the airport.

Michael sat waiting patiently for them to return. He was feeling a tad nervous it's been almost a year since he last saw her.

Eventually Micheal heard the boot slam down by Chris and a feminine voice as they made their way into the car.

Soon enough the couple were sitting in front of him.

From what he saw Danni hadn't changed apart from her braids he last saw was replaced by her natural hair styled upwards in a big bun.

"Michael is that you??" She asked in unconcealed surprise.

"That was my reaction when he passed by me baby" Chris barked in laughter.

Danni rolled her eyes at him before focusing her attention on the nervous man in front of her.

"Wow who would think my amberbee would have you as a boyfriend and you become a sensation in the music industry" she stated proudly.

"Married and we have a baby girl" Michael answered sheepish.

Danni gasped at hearing marriage and baby together in one sentence. She couldn't believe in her absence the pair had eloped and had a baby. In her absence she missed so much.

"I didn't think you both would be married I recall you both argued like a married couple" she teased as Chris snickered loudly.

"The same would be said for you and Chris when's the wedding?" Michael responded smirking at the now blushing and speechless couple.

1- Michael.

"When did you become so outspoken!" She coughed into her hand brushing his topic about marriage.

"I've always been outspoken" Michael commented grinning cheekily.

The trio kept the conversation going as the car drove on. Eventually Michael bought up the topic of what happened yesterday which pissed off Dani to no end.

Sparking off an argument, between the pair to the point that Michael stopped the car and left to seat in front seat next to the driver, to give himself space from their arguing. But this unfortunately lasted to the point when Michael dropped them off at a local three star hotel.

Once the bags were taken up to their hotel room, Danni hurried out of the hotel to tell Michael she would be visiting without Chris in the next few days and he shouldn't tell Amber to not give the surprise away.
Which he happily agreed to and wished her farewell giving her the address before driving off.

A few minutes later he walked back into the living room to see his wife feeding Nevada.

Michael felt a tad aroused at the tender moment. Amber looked up from hearing his footsteps and his darkened eyes baring hotly down on her.

She knew they shouldn't do the deed so fast after his appointment but she could see he needed affection and attention which she knew was her duty to shower on him. The spell broke when little Nevada burped cutely announcing she had finished her meal pulling away from her mummy's breast.

Covering her breast Amber feeling his burning gaze quickly went to put Nevada down for the night.

She hurriedly ran back to the living room, immediately flinging herself at Michael. Using his reflexes in time, he held her tightly to him gripping her bum tightly.

He quickly made his way to their bedroom where they made love for hours.

After round three the exhausted couple laid by each others side.

"That was amazing" Amber said in awe as she stroked his hair.

He hummed in response at the feel of her hand in his hair until she popped the question she had been thinking about since he came home.

"Did you drop Chris off at a hotel?" She asked sweetly.

"Of course love don't worry he won't be staying with us again" he replied rolling his eyes.

"Why do I get the funny suspicion your hiding something Michael" her eyes narrowing sensing something fishy was going on.

"Nothing is going on my love" Michael implied innocently.

Amber snorted in response and Michael pulled her hand away from his hair, dragging her to his side.

End Notes:


Ch. 44 by Lorry

All the while Marlon felt the laden weight on his chest.

His mother came over two days later scolding him over his foolish act, leading him to spend the next few days drinking away his shame.

He mused over memories from the music to the mafia days, especially when he did some sickening shit to be relevant and worthy in his eyes.

Everyone was worried when Marlon disappeared, it wasn't in his nature to vanish.

On late Tuesday evening Michaela sat by her bedside, on the phone with Michael.

"I'm worried Michaela it's not like Marlon to disappear for days on end..I hope he hasn't gotten back into his old habit because of what he and Chris did" Michael lamented to Michaela.

"Habit?" She inquired curious.

Michael stayed silent momentarily before continuing "well Marlon has a habit of drinking when he feels guilty over something he couldn't control or he did..I wouldn't say he's an alcoholic but it still worries me"

"I didn't know about this" she replied skeptical.

"Your learning Michaela as Amber did for my family...we have dark secrets we keep hidden this is just one of them...please see him and tell him amber and I forgive him we just want that fool back" Michael pleaded to her.

"I will don't worry good night"

"Good night"

She hung up the phone and sat on her bed, rubbing her forehead trying to sooth the roaring headache.

She sat there for a while before getting up to take paracetamol and a glass of water. She had an early night in.

The next morning Michaela was ready to leave her small flat to see Marlon at his place.

Thirty minutes later she arrived at his flat after taking the stairs. Expecting the door to be locked, to her surprise the door was opened.

She walked into the flat closing the door behind her. She strolled into the room to see Marlon sat on the floor holding a bottle of wine in his hand and a bunch of bottles scattered around him. She pinched her nose smelling the gasly odor in the room.

This place is a mess! She thought to herself in disgust.

Her eyes flickered around the chaotic mess around the room. She sighed quietly before, carefully making her way to him. She trended lightly stepping over the bottles as she made her way to Marlon on the floor.

She knelt down in front of him noticing his distangled hair, his top ruined by the huge brown stain spread over his cream top.
She knew he hadn't had a bath in days by the smell.

She chose first of all to take the bottle out of his hand, waking him from his slumber. His bloodshot eyes snapped open and he found Michaela staring down at him pitifully.

"Hello" he croaked.

"Hey" she replied gently.

"Marlon you have to stop drinking this isn't the dumbass I know" she teased jokingly.

"How can I..from what I did??" He replied on the verge of tears.

"Look Marlon.. Michael and Amber forgive you..he told me himself so please for your nieces sake and everyone including me stop this before it becomes an addiction" she begged him on the verge of tears herself.

She hated seeing this watered down version of himself. This wasn't the overconfident loveable fool she grew to like and fall for slowly.

"I - I'm so glad" he stuttered rubbing his eyes.

"I admit Marlon I was mad at first but then I saw it from your side on why you did it to feed Nevada and take care of her but this is something we all learn you made a mistake you shouldn't let your body suffer because of it" she replied pulling out a tissue to rub her eyes.

Michaela could tell he was trying to fight an inward battle but the tears he tried to hold back, gushed down his cheeks.

He wept for everything he had held bottled up inside. The tears representing every emotion he wasn't allowed in the presence of Joseph.

Michaela watched him cry in front of her. Her heart went out for him, knowing why he was crying the guilt he felt for his crimes and so much more.

They had discussed his old life back in Gary one night as they slept side by side after the first night together.

A few minutes later, the tears stopped flowing down his cheeks, Marlon sniffed and gave her a tiny smile.

"You need a bath Marlon go spend some time in the shower I'll help you clean this place up then I'll order take out" Michaela said as she stood up.

"You just want to see this body" he chirped jokingly chuckling gruffly.

"Just go" she replied ignoring his statement but glad to see some light return in his dulled eyes.

Marlon slowly stood up and nodded at her silently in thanks for everything and did as he was told.

Michaela sighed softly to herself before she began picking up the bottles and piling them in a corner. She went to the kitchen to find it in the same state as the living room meaning everywhere was in a complete chaos.

She groaned at the mess and tried to not cringe at the stacked plates in the sink and she rambled though the cupboard till she found an empty plastic bag.

"The floor has never looked so clean didn't even know it was a cream colour" he mentioned as he walked to where she sat on the coach.

"you have the cleaning supplies because you didn't bother to try and clean the place idiot" she replied scoffing at him.

Marlon sighed not in the mood to bicker sat combing though his hair. The comb getting stuck in his hair.

Michaela fed up of seeing his Afro in a state suggested she plait his hair for him.

"You can plait?!" He stated flabbergasted.

"I have several cousins and siblings it's no big deal" she explained shrugging her shoulderz.


"You want me to plait your hair or not?" She said coolly.

"Sure just promise you won't put bows ..I'll explain another time" he pleaded.

"Bows?? Just go get your hair cream and a tail comb" she replied not bothering to let curiosity get in the way.

Marlon nodded and left the room returning a few minutes later with the hair cream and tail comb in hand.

Michaela spread her legs and instructed him to seat with his back facing her. He obliged without any comment and she begun her work.

Roughly an hour later she finished her masterpiece. Marlon quickly stood up feeling the tiny balls of hair flank his head. It felt good in a strange way.

He quickly went to the bathroom and saw her work. He was impressed by detail and time she took in plaiting each part.

He ran out of the room and bent down to kiss her softly in thanks.

Pushing him away Michaela mentioned he should see his siblings.

He shrugged his shoulders proceeded to bend down and kiss her slowly enjoying the feel of her lips against his.

They spent the rest of the day kissing and hugging until Michaela had to leave early in the evening to go home.

Marlon sat on his bed feeling overwhelmed by the support from his girlfriend and family. He knew he had his family but he never felt so much love, radiating from all of them about his well being.

He always thought he was the babysitter, to look after his younger siblings and the joker in the family. But he still had his moments when he broke down turning to hisfriend ...alcohol.

Basking in positive feelings he fell into a exhausted dreamless sleep.

End Notes:


Ch.45 by Lorry

Two days later...

Michael kept his promise to Dani. Not mentioning one word about her arrival.

Amber still suspicious chose to shrug the feeling off, chalking it up to one of Michael's many games.

Currently the mom of one was busy changing her precious almost two month old daughter in her bedroom.

She cooed at her wide eyed baby who couldn't help but kick feverishly while her mummy changed her wet nappy.

Gently removing the wet nappy then wrapping it up into a ball, chucked it into the bin next to her.

Amber spoke to her little one as she started to put a new nappy on her. Nevada blinked up in response appearing to be listening to her mummy's voice.

Unaware that Danni and Michael were watching behind her. Danni watched in awe seeing her younger cousin bond beautifully bought tears to her eyes.

Michael noticing her look pulled the handkerchief out of his front pocket. She blew quietly to his amusement and she glared up at him.

He titled his head for her to go in quietly while he left the room.

Danni creeped slowly to Amber's side quietly. She slithered her hands upwards slowly before slamming down on her shoulders.

Startled from the jolt Amber flung the baby powder bottle in the air. The powder rained down on her and the culprit behind her.

"Michael if this is your plan!--" but she cut was off by a voice she hadn't heard in quite some time.

"Now don't blame him.. amberbee it was my fault"

Amber spun around in haste to gawk at her cousin before she flung her arms around her cousin as she stumbled back from the sudden weight. The pair hugged tightly before Danni let go to allow her to finish changing the little girl.

A few minutes later the pair walked back into the living room. Michael sat on the coach watching an advert on food.

Amber sat next to him crossing her arms against her chest eyeing him irritated.

"Another surprise Michael! You always do this" she whined to him.

"You never expect it love it's funnier when you least expect it" he cooed sweetly pulling her to his side and kissing her deeply.

Danni interrupted their kiss before it could escalate any further.

"Baby watching guys I'm not planning to see you both have another child in front of me keep it PG" she stated smirking.

They pulled apart flushing at her words. Michael sensing they needed time together, He decided to hang out at the studio.

"You both enjoy a day without me I'm off to studio..on my way I will drag Marlon out of the house to come with me" he mentioned to the pair.

"Let's hope he will" Amber replied concerned for Marlon.

"He will love don't worry" Michael answered determined.

He stood up dusting himself before walking out of the door in a disguise.

Now that Michael was out of the picture Amber glared at her innocent cousin rocking Nevada in her arms.

"Did I forget to mention she looks like you Amber?" she contributed smiling sweetly.

Amber rolled her eyes at her as they shared a hearty laugh together.

They continued to chat and gossip over everything she'd missed.

In the meantime Michael was in the car on his way to Marlon's place to drag him along to the studio.

Marlon heard the knocking on his door and dashed towards the door. He flung the door open to his bewilderment to see his baby bro stood there.

"Eh lil bro..what you doing here and in that ridiculous outfit?!" He gawked at him biting back the urge to laugh.

"You're calling my outfit ridiculous when you have cheese puffs on your head? We are going to the studio" he responded eagerly.

"I'm not going out with you bro don't worry I'm not drinking" Marlon replied shaking his head.

"You can either be dragged or pulled along which one bro" he threatened sweetly.

"Fine just this once" Marlon mumbled in defeat.

He closed the door for a moment before stepping out a few minutes later in his coat. The two brothers strolled back to the car bickering as usual.

A while later they were in the studio listening to Michael's final cut demos.

"The demos sound amazing lil bro I knew you could do it" Marlon sat next to him facing the sound mixer deck.

"Thank you. You want to record something I can provide vocal back up" Michael suggested.

An opportunity to record in a studio? Hell yes!
Marlon thought to himself.

Marlon nodded eagerly.

He stood up going into the studio booth, and sat on the small stool and placing the large headphones on his head.

"Don't laugh lil bro this song I'm going to sing was something I wrote before I met michaela" Marlon mentioned eyeing his brother.

Michael smirked and they begun the studio session. Roughly an hour later the session finished and Michael couldn't help ask why he never tried go into the music business.

"I have the looks lil bro but my vocal range isn't as strong as yours besides its your dream not mine. I don't see myself on stage..Joseph wouldn't have allowed if I left the family to try the show business... solo" he replied pulling the headphones off his head.

The mention of their late father soured the light banter between them.

"You know Michael...Joseph wasn't always a cold hearted bastard before the mafia corrupted him.. sure he didn't smile often but you could tell he cared by his actions" Marlon mentioned sitting across his brother.

Michael turned to eye his brother and said coldly " all I have are memories of his threats and his cold shoulder"

"All right lil bro I'll share a quick story of how the bastard we call sperm donor came to hate long ago" Marlon spoke in a whismperical voice.

Michael groaned at his voice knowing that tone but Marlon ignored him and continued on.

Eight year old Marlon ran home from the school bus ahead of his brothers who only chuckled at the speed he was running towards the house.

He went to find his father Joseph who luckily was in the living room drinking a beer. The breathless boy placed the paper onto his lap and waited for him to speak.

Joseph saw the paper noticing the 'term report' written on the top. He picked up the paper and read over the report.

His lips twitched at the *A star grades, he looked above the paper giving him an approving look.

He dropped his beer on the table beside him and patted his head lightly. He returned the paper back to him, telling him to run off and show his mother his grades. (F)

"Where did all the grades go Marlon?" Michael smirked at him once the story ended.

"I still maintained the grades even when I was still in the mafia" Marlon replied smirking smugly.

Michael rolled his eyes at him in response suggesting that they get a bite to eat and then head back to see Nevada and Amber at home.

Marlon hesitated at the suggestion..he didn't want to see either of them. The feeling of guilt beginning to wash over him.

"Don't worry Marlon she isn't mad. She's concerned is all, she just wants to see your alive and well" he replied sensing his discomfort.

Marlon sighed and closed his eyes before shaking his head in disagreement.

"Please big bro she loves you either way and you did say you were the first Jackson she ever loved" he admitted.

"I am the most loveable...I'll do it for you if she kicks me out I don't know what I'll do" Marlon replied nibbling his bottom lip hastily.

"Everything will be fine" Michael assured him calmly.

After taking a few breathes in Marlon smirked "your right but we are eating chicken and your paying lil bro"

"Why can't you pay?" Michael asked changing the subject.

"Because you have the cash and I've always paid for your lunch at school see this as you paying me back for all those years" he claimed smiling innocently.

"Fair point" Michael mumbled.

So the two brothers left the studio to walk to the local diner down the street.

The pair walked into the small diner and saw Martha on duty.

Once she saw Michael a huge grin bloomed on her painted red lips but a puzzled expression took over when she saw who was beside him.

"Hello Michael welcome back I haven't seen you in awhile! Who's your friend?" She greeted confused at the pair.

"Marlon Jackson at your service" Marlon chirped charmingly bringing her sun kissed hand into his dropping a feathery kiss.

"Oh my! What a charmer..didn't expect you to have a brother" she crooned at him quickly removing her hand from his hand.

Marlon dodged the attempted hit upside the head ignoring the look of annoyance written all over Michael's face.

"Well both of you sit down and I'll get you both the menu" she mentioned walking away to front desk.

Michael and Marlon went to sit at one of the empty tables by the window. Martha returned a few seconds later with the menus and handed them over.

The food eventually arrived to Marlon's delight and they both dug into the hearty meals.

The meals finished and their bellies full, Michael paid for the meal as Marlon smirked smugly at his sour expression.

Arriving to the mansion Marlon felt his heart in his throat (metaphorically) to see his two favorite people after his mistake.

Amber looked up from reading her book to see Michael followed by Marlon walk in.

Michael chose to leave quietly to check up on Nevada leaving the two alone to talk.


"I forgive you was a mistake and all you can do is be careful next time" she jumped in swiftly cutting him off.

"Th-thanks" he stuttered feeling the hallow space in his heart overflow from her sincere words.

"Now come here and give me a big hug I've missed my favourite Jackson" she crooned grinning cheekily at him. Her arms open inviting him.

"I knew I was right Michael can't get over me being your favourite" he replied grinning before he sat by her side and hugged her warmly.

"Are you always going to mention that Marlon?" Michael said walking back into the room holding Nevada. She wore a blue band across her head and matching dress with long white socks on her tiny feet.

"Always" he replied as he and Amber broke apart from their hug.

"Well someone is eager to see you"

Michael bent down gently handing Nevada over to him. Marlon held her in his large hands looking into her ebony coloured eyes.

Little Nevada gazed back at him transfixed by his hazel coloured eyes and couldn't help but kick her foot right into his chin.

Marlon winced at the sudden blow choosing to cradle her in his arms, he didn't want another kick from her powerful tiny foot.

"Your raising a footballer she's got a mean kick I blame you Michael" Marlon scoffed at him.

"She gave you that kick I bet to remind you who's boss and not my fault she's intelligent" he smirked.

"Aw she kicked cause she loves you Marlon" Amber cooed at her baby who only had eyes for her uncle.

He pulled at her little feet gently, the feeling of relief and gladness in his heart now that he was reunited once more with his siblings.

He vowed silently that he wouldn't make the same mistake ever again.

The rest of the evening was spent rekindling the bond and Marlon stayed over for the night.
Michael wasn't pleased but he couldn't win against her argument.

Michael was glad everything was slowly going back to normal (excluding his skin) at least some of it was.

End Notes:

Beware a time skip is coming lol.


Ch. 46 by Lorry

Six months have passed for everyone. For starters Michael released his anticipated album to the world gaining fans across the globe and becoming even more famous.

Between the album release the news spread about his hidden family to the world. A bodyguard had unfortunately leaked this information to the press and was fired the next day when Michael found out.

The fans felt betrayed by his lie stopped vouching for him, his career became standstill. Overall Amber was glad she could finally walk out in the open with their child and be outside without any fear.

She was his rock when Michael faced the bosses of CEO. They were not pleased by the drop of numbers in sales.

It was stressful time period for Michael trying to fight off being depressed having his career lay on thin ice but at the same time he didn't care if he lost the contract.

Taking his mind off his career, he spent time with his little family enjoying their together out in the open.

The public began to see slowly lose their grudge for him when they saw how much he cared and loved his little family.

Eventually his fans returned in ten fold when one fan came up to him one day, telling Amber and Michael how much they admired them for sticking together though the negativity slammed down on them by the media.

They were humble enough to give the man a light hug thanking him for the support.
This act kind of kindness lead to the return of his fans and a demand for his album to be released as soon as possible.

Once Epic noticed what was going agreed to let the past go and fully get the ball rolling.

Michael also agreed and things moved forward.

Early in the month of November 1979 his album was released. Obviously the public went into a frenzy to buy his album in the shops.

It was a Beatles melt down revived all over again from people shoving and kicking in lines to buy the album.

Major music publications hailed his album a phenomenon of elegance and style of combining different genres of music which they hadn't heard before. They didn't forget either to give him props for his writing abilties. They couldn't wait to hear what he could bring to the world next.

The rest of the family were equally proud and happy for Michael who'd accomplished his childhood dream of becoming a musician.

Marlon stayed clear from alcohol only occasionally taking a beer or vodka when he needed it.

He enjoyed the income from his brothers fame as more people and more people came to the music shop to try and buy an instrument or buy copy of his vinyl.

Junior found himself a girlfriend (to the delight of Amber who teased so often about it).

Michael asked his mother if she wanted to take care of the growing fan base. She happily agreed to the task with Grace creating a business between themselves to keep busy.

Unfortunately outside of their bubble of happiness, The Jackson family had forgotten their lost sister from Gary...Latoya Jackson.

Since Latoya had returned home a year to her shock to find out her family home was sold and on the market after a recent break up with Bobby.

She ended up staying at a friends place until she was able to get back on her feet. But she hadn't forgotten her family.

She followed their lives though the media and viewed, how much they were prospering in L.A, she certainly earned a cut as well.

To be frank She never expected her little brother to become the star, he wanted to be when he was a young boy. At the time she felt he had been talking too big for his little body but he had achieved it all.

Still she wanted her cut either way and she was going to get it. For months now she had been saving the little income she made from her job working at the local supermarket saving to buy herself a ticket.

After a long and straining last few months she'd finally saved enough for a ticket and booked her flight two days from now.

She switched off the TV to snap her negative words running freely in her mind. She stood and went to her room start to packing for flight to L.A.

:. Two days Later :.

Michael sat on the floor with his legs spread apart watching his eight month old Nevada, sat on the floor playing with her building blocks.

One minute pilling the boxes on top of each other and a spilt second later, she swung her chubby hand to her delight the blocks tumbled down.

Michael cooed at his little princess she was turning out day by day to be an intelligent and just equally as adorable.

Nevada's doe like eyes identical to her daddy's looked up and gave him a large toothless grin. She opened her gumless mouth and began to ramble words as if she was holding a conversation with her daddy.

Michael indulged her by nodding his head occassionaly as she prattled on. Michael felt the flash of the camera near the corner of his eye. Amber stood holding a camera in her hand clearly amused by the picture she saw in front of her.

"Love not again" he sighed.

Over time Amber was fed up of drawing and having nothing better moaned to her husband about her boredom.

Michael bought her an expensive camera and film to hopefully spark her interest in another hobby. At first she was a little put off but she slowly began taking pictures of things around the house until she felt confident to take more of her small family finding moments snap worthy.

"It's because you're both so adorable" she replied smirking evilly.

Nevada didn't like that her daddy's attention wasn't focused on her, she grabbed a white building box and flung it at Michael's nose.

"Ow!" He shrieked at the sudden blow to the nose.

"Nevada do not do that!" He scolded his little girl who could only clap her chubby hands in relation.

"That picture will be great for the family photo" Amber crooned happily.

Michael could only groan and focus back on his little girl who looked ready once more to throw another block at him.

"I'll leave you both to it I'll go make us some lunch then we can go for a walk" Amber laughed as she walked out of the room.

Lunch passed with Nevada happily throwing her food around as her mummy feed her bananas. A lesson learnt for Amber always wore an old top of Michael's when feeding her baby knowing that to feed her would be a messy affair.

The wary parents always worried about Nevada's health read all the information they could about lactose intolerant and used that to change her diet and made sure to add anything from the books they read were harmful to her.

They mutually agreed it was good to start her on small foods until they found out which ones she wasn't used to for the future and it wouldn't hurt in the long run.

Feeling fresh in a new set of clothing Amber strapped Nevada tightly into her buggy, the young couple walked out of the house surrounded by black suited bodyguards.

They left the home strolling down the street stopping here and to talk to a few fans. Some jealous girls and some over eager fans were the agenda but she brushed her disgust aside.

They continued to walk around till suddenly someone stood blocking their way.

"Excuse ma'am but you are not authorised to talk to Mr. Jackson without his permission" a baritone voice said in a collected voice.

"I am his sister don't you understand I need to speak to him. If you could just allow me though---"

"We cannot do that" the same bodyguard cut in.

Amber and Michael looked at each momentarily before it clicked in his mind who was talking.

It was Latoya Jackson...

"Let her though!" Michael jumped in disturbing the conversation.

The bodyguards obeyed and spilt apart to reveal Latoya Jackson in all her beauty.

Her curly hair fell a little below her shoulders chubby face. She wore a black and white outfit consisting of black trousers matched with a white baggy cotton top with black heels on her feet.

Amber stood watching the pair glare each down and suspected that another sibling of Michael didn't get along by the hostel glares they were giving each other.

She hadn't been formerly introduced to most of his extended family but she could sense an argument could break out between the two.

She didn't want the media to find out and cook up a stupid story as well seeing people around stare without any shame.

"Let's go home we can discuss in privacy" Amber declared quietly.

The reunited siblings broke their staring match, Latoya chose to walk beside Amber with her small suitcase. The group strolled quickly back home.

Amber had a bad feeling this wouldn't end so positively.

End Notes:

As promised a time skip and another family member returns 😱. Comments are loved..enjoy!

Ch. 47 by Lorry

Now in the privacy of their own home Michael chose to confront his older sister while Amber unstrapped Nevada from the buggy sensing her fussiness.

She carried her out of the living room to the bedroom, she sat on the bed spreading her legs watching Nevada slap her legs in fascination.

She quickly picked up the phone and called Marlon to inform him what was going on.

Luckily Marlon was on his break when he heard the office phone ring. He stood up wiping his mouth with a cloth and answered the call.


"Marlon something has happened and I don't know if you'll like it" she mentioned nervously.

"Your pregnant again?" He guessed on the bat.

"No! It's a woman" she replied rolling her eyes at such a suggestion.

"Look suga if your trying to match make Michaela won't be too happy" he replied cheekily.

Amber could feel him smirking on the other end rolled her eyes.

"No I believe she's fair skinned has big eyes like Michael and likes fashion?" She replied wndeirng if he'd get it.

"Big eyes...big eyes" he grumbled to himself thinking of who fit the description until it dawned on him that it was his sister.

"Latoya! Fucking hell what is she doing here?!" He asked in a furious tone.

"From what I hear in the living room it's not sounding good" Amber replied concerned hearing the shouting match from the living room.

"Michael and I have never gotten along with Latoya she always pushed our dreams down for her own shitty needs and forget about us. She must be back to try and get some cut for being Michael's family" he explained in irritated voice remembering his self absorbed sister.

"Is it possible for you to come over?" She asked him.

"I would love to suga but I can't leave the staff or Michaela on their own but I can come over tomorrow to see it...a family union just what I didn't need" he replied darkly.

"Can you still talk for a while?

"You're in luck suga my break doesn't end for another forty minutes but from what I hear it might turn physical"

Amber continued to chat with Marlon on the phone and keep an eye on her playful baby crawling all over the bed.

Meanwhile as Amber stayed in the room Michael faced his older sister he hadn't seen in almost two years.

"What do you want Latoya after almost two years? Why?!" He demanded bluntly wanting answers.

"I've missed my baby siblings and mother" she sniffed faking sadness.

"You had all the chances to come find us all this time..was your boyfriend not able to give you the money to pay for a ticket?" He sneered.

"Don't you dare mention Bobby Michael! For your information we broke up awhile back!" She replied.

"So? You still had chances to come find us but no you chose to run away with him and look where it's left you poor unfortunate Latoya" he replied sarcastic rolling his eyes at her.

Latoya itched to slap the authority back into her baby brother but that wouldn't help her cause for travelling all the way here to speak to him.

"I want my cut" she snapped at him.

"A cut for your self indulgent and expensive tastes? No we don't do that here" Michael answered smirking.

"I want my flipping cut! I am part of this family" she yelled at him.

"You aren't getting a dime from me or Marlon don't you are try to get guilt trap mother into giving you money either how have you survived all this while? Prostituting?" He shouted back at her.

That was the last straw and Michael didn't see the flying fist collide with his cheek. Michael's hand flew to his cheek feeling the slight pain from the blow to his cheek.

"You hit me!? Get out Latoya before I change my morals about hitting a woman!" He yelled at her, his eyes ablaze in fiery towards his older sister.

Latoya blinked out of her rage to see Michael glaring. Anger in his eyes and his tight stance clearing showed holding himself back from hitting her in return.

She picked up her own suitcase quickly walking away before he could erupt like a volcano.

She was guided by a pale skinned maid to the main entrance where she stood outside the gate thinking shamefully of her actions.

In all her years of living she had never hit any of her siblings. Michael and Latoya were not close, their mother always stopped their bickering from becaming violent. Now look where it lead her without mother's interference.

She wondered if she had any money left in her account to book a hotel room for the night.

Katherine sat in the expensive car with Grace by her side. The pair of mothers decided to visit their children and grandchild to catch up.

Katherine looked out of the window to see another child of hers she never expected to see again.

"Katherine what's wrong? You look you've seen a ghost?" Grace pipped in worriedly seeing her chocolate skin become ashy.

"No i haven't Grace it's my daughter! Driver please stop the car in front of that young girl!" She said answering her before telling the driver her instructions.

The driver followed her instructions and drove slowly in front of a wary Latoya seeing a black tinted car in front of her.

Katherine quickly got out of the car and Latoya gasped seeing her mother in front of her.

"Mother?!" She gasped one hand flying to her mouth.

"Baby I am so glad to see you but let's drive to my place so we can discuss why you're here out of the blue put your suitcase in the boot" she replied smiling warmly at her daughter.

Latoya obeyed her mother and put her luggage into the boot. She chose to sit with the driver in front.

The drive to the house was quiet but when they got home, Latoya explained everything including why she was here and her discussion with Michael to her annoyed mother.

"Latoya Yvonne Jackson! I know I raised you better to not let arguments between you and your brother escalate to violence! You know better! You shouldn't have hit him in first place" she lectured.

"Mother! Your always defending Michael how about me!? He called me a prostitute! A heifer off the streets!" She replied raising her voice.

"I heard child but you shouldn't have punched him. You are both in the wrong for your actions. Why would you go to your brother for a cut? How dare you Latoya! He has worked his butt off to become what he is today! you think returning to try and get a smudge of his earned money for yourself is selfish! Where did I go wrong?" She scolded her daughter as she looked away in shame from her wrath.

"You and I will return later tomorrow because I know he's going to need all night to calm down tomorrow you will apologize to him for punching him AND never ask for a cut again" she said calmly.

"Mother but--"

"Is that clear Latoya!" She cut in icily.

"Yes mother" she replied grinding her teeth.

"Now let's eat some snacks I prepared this morning" she said in a chipper voice changing the topic.

Latoya could only nod in slight fear of her usually cool and collected mother's change of attitude.

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Ch. 48 by Lorry

"I'm done with her selfish attitude suga she's done this too many damn times you better calm down little bro before he hurts himself" Marlon said over the phone hearing the conversation.

"Your right and don't let that to get your head Marlon but I'll see you tomorrow" Amber replied sighing softly.

Marlon chuckled lightly and put the phone down to run his hands though his hair as he sat down taking a deep breath to calm his nerves.

Amber stood up with Nevada who had tired herself out from playing to put her down for a nap before she went to confront her husband.

She walked into the living room to see Michael's back facing the wall, his fist clenched tightly.

"Michael?" She called out softly.

"Yes love?" He replied huskily in response.

"Turn around" she prompted gently.

Michael turns around fully, his expression pinched in anger. Amber sensed he was still furious about his sisters sudden appearance.

She approached him slowly until she stood in front of him clasping his large hands in hers tightly.

She stared into his eyes intensely "look Michael..Latoya is your sister whether you like it or not that can't be stopped but it doesn't mean you have to let her put you in a bad mood you'll have to talk to her eventually another day"

"Excuse me? Why would I talk to her after what she's done to me and asked from me? Did you hear the argument between us??" He replied outrage present in his voice.

"I heard the shouting so did Marlon on the phone he wasn't pleased about hearing Latoya was back" she replied calmly counting to ten in her mind before she lost her temper.

"At the moment all I hear is Marlon and I don't care if he isn't happy he isn't one who was slapped by her!" He snapped tearing his hands out of her hold.

"Are you really getting angry with me because I mentioned your brother Michael?! He isn't happy about it either! I care about the both of you" she sneered at him.

"Right now I don't need your opinion..I need to be alone" he replied glaring down at her and walked away from her stomping away to their room.

Amber immediately followed after him and to her surprise he had actually locked the door!

Did Michael lock me out of our room?! She thought angrily to herself.

Instead of fighting the urge to kick the damn door down Amber breathed in deeply as she let go of the door handle and went to check on their daughter instead giving Michael his space.

Michael came out of the room an hour later feeling emotionally drained to see Amber holding their daughter tightly in her arms as the nearly year one old giggled loudly at her mother.

Amber sensed his presence turning around to face her husband with a guarded look.

"Love I'm sorry for talking to you in such a way... I didn't mean to push my pent up anger on you from seeing Latoya after such a long time" he apologized sadly.

Amber sighed before she answered "I understand but you have to remember your not the only one in shock from the return of your sister besides what if she came back to rekindle and her wanting a cut was just a cry for help?"

"Love that wasn't a cry for help she's a selfish person and I don't want her around our little angel unless she changes her attitude" he replied irritated.

She didn't want to stir up another argument wisely chose, to change the subject handing Nevada over to her daddy.

The littlest Jackson latched onto his curly locks and began to pull painfully to his dismay. Gently he cupped her small hand away from his head. He quickly distracted her by blowing a raspberry on her hand, luckily grabbing her attention.

Michael spent the rest of the day with his small knitted family almost forgetting about his sister..almost.

End Notes:

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Ch. 49 by Lorry

The next day....

Marlon sat drinking a beer as he watched his brother pace back and forth holding his hand to his chin.

"Bro chill and stop that damn pacing your making me feel dizzy over here" Marlon complained.

Michael paused his pacing to snort at his brother and continued to pace.

"If you don't stop pacing I will stop you bro" Marlon threatened.

"Alright Marlon not in the mood for you" he grumbled in response.

"By the way little bro where's Amber and my little cutie?" Marlon pondered outloud.

"The girls are at Andy's at the moment she did say she'd be back some in the mid evening which means I'm stuck with you" Michael explained ending with an eye roll.

"Oh hush bro you love me and you can't deny it behind that cold front you put up for me I practically raised you" he replied smirking.

Michael snorted and rolled his eyes once more. The brothers continued to chat along waiting for the girls to return.


Around five thirty in the afternoon Amber, walked out of her father's home waiting for the older man to bring out her daughter, she was amused by his attempts to try and make them stay longer.

"Come on dad hurry up! I and Nevada don't have all day" Amber responded.

"Alright sweetheart I'm coming" he huffed in response holding his granddaughter.

"I'm here" he replied smiling at his daughter who could roll her eyes.

"Now hand me my baby please" she asked teasingly.

"I would but--! Ow! Precious you shouldn't claw people" he calmly stated gently pulling the eager eight month old sharp little hands from his cheek.

He handed his favourite little granddaughter over to his first baby and watched her cuddle her sweetly.

"Now Amber please for my heart don't get pregnant oh I don't know for another several years" he spoke up in a pleasant tone.

"You sound just like junior dad" she mumbled to his amusement.

"He is my son love and your brother" he replied grinning cheekily, his smile adding a younger shine to his age.

"Whatever dad well I'm off to see mother Katherine now so many places I'm jealous of my little chubby cheeks she has all these admirers" Amber replied as she kissed her restless princess who only blew a bubble at her in response.

"Well aren't you a busy bee well go off you don't want to be with me all day" he answered cheerfully.

Amber scoffed as she said farewell holding Nevada's chubby hand giving her own wave too.

Andy watched his little girls (they will always be girls in his heart) get into the car and drive off to their next destination. Once the car was far away he went back inside and closed the door.

Amber and Nevada stepped out of the car an hour later to Katherine's home where she and her mother lived together with Michael's siblings.

She knocked the door twice, she heard the approaching footsteps and to her surprise Randy opened the door. The young boy had grown inch or so over the last eight months. He was now more than two feet taller than Amber.

"Amber! How are you?" He greeted to his sister.

"Randy is that Amber? Let her in" Janet yelled from the stairs to annoyance of Randy.

Amber chuckled at his annoyed expression and he turned around allowing her entry. They walked to the living room where Grace sat engrossed watching a movie.

"Mama! Guess who came to visit" Amber announced happily as Nevada squealed in her arms.

Grace pulled her gaze away from the TV to see her babies in front of her. She immediately stood up and gently took Nevada out of her mother's arms. She laid her in her arms as she tickled her tummy, the excited baby kicked her plump feet in the air.

"No love for me mama? I thought I was your first baby" Amber asked pouting sadly.

Grace rolled her eyes at her only daughter and gave her a kiss on the cheek as her response. They chose to sit on the coach as little Nevada stood in between them clinging to the sofa as she grinned toothless at the woman in front of her.

"Baby so when will I get another grandchild? Maybe a boy who looks just like you! Nevada is already her father's splitting image" Grace inquired smirking at now her blushing daughter.

"Mama! At the moment we are fine with just us..we haven't discovered having another baby since he's so busy with his career" Amber replied flustered.

Grace loved embarrassing her only daughter but she wondered apart from looking after her grandchild and staying at home what else would she be doing?

"Baby I have to ask what about your career you've always wanted to do something in the art industry what will you do?" She asked her daughter.

Amber's eyebrows ferried together lost in thought.

The thought of going back to education or going back to work always drifted back and forth in her mind..

"I don't exactly know when I will mother I thought maybe Nevada is a year old and more I'll decide" she replied not giving a definite answer.

The woman continued to chat until the voices from the corridor paused their conversation.
Latoya walked into the room first holding two bags between her. Her look of annoyance changed to indifference when she saw the trio relaxing.

"The news didn't lie my baby brother did impregnate a girl" she drawled.

"For your information I have known Michael for several years before I was his girlfriend now wife and yes we created our little girl your niece in this marriage" she replied coolly from her place on the coach.

Katherine walked in a few seconds later bumping into her daughter. She moved aside for her and followed her, obediently without breaking eyeing Amber at the corner of her eye.

"Must be fun living with her mother" Amber said sarcastic facing her mother.

Grace sighed and smiled proudly at her daughter "I'm so proud of you baby you didn't snap back like you usually would do in your short temper you didn't let it effect with her is a chore but I can't say anything since she's your sister in law"

"The anger management classes worked...I don't think I'd be able to live with her for too long and not loose my temper "she replied smirking.

Latoya walked back into the room minutes later to see Grace had left with Nevada to spend time with the older kids.

The unrelated in-laws locked gazes until Amber chose to break the icy silence.

"Look Latoya you need to sort this feud you have with my husband and Marlon this bad blood will continue to grow if nothing is done besides if you and them can't get along at least apologize for your actions which mother must have given you one of her talks" Amber said keeping quiet waiting for the female Jackson to absorb her statement.

Latoya let the words from Amber's mouth stew in her mind momentarily as she went back and forth over her actions.

Sighing softly the young female Jackson looked at Amber as she admitted "I've spent the night before thinking over it and I'm..sorry for my actions"

"You shouldn't be saying this apology to me but your brothers which means you're coming over today with me I'll just collect my baby from my mother's clutches" Amber replied as she stood up leaving a jaw slacked Latoya in her wake.

A few minutes later she walked out with little Nevada tucked in her arms fast asleep. Amber grabbed the bag and put it on her shoulder while holding one arm to balance her baby.

"Let's go" she called out quietly not wanting to wake up the sleeping princess.

Latoya chose to go either to way get the burning guilt resting on her shoulders to hopefully rekindle her new and past mistakes with her siblings.

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Ch. 50 by Lorry

The car stopped by the the front garden near the front door. The trio stepped out of the car strolling to the front door. Amber shuffled though her pockets to find the keys holding little Nevada in one arm.

Latoya saw her struggle offered her assistance to Amber's surprise. She hesitated but handed her over.

Hands free she found the key in her left pocket. Opening the door Amber walked into the living room followed by Latoya.

All manner of conversation between the brothers stopped when they saw who was standing in front of them.

Michael the first to speak immediately stood up to snatch his little sleeping angel out of her hands unfortunately waking up Nevada and she started to cry loudly. Amber quickly took her out of his hands and left the room leaving the reunited siblings.

"What gave you the right to touch my little girl Latoya?! I made it clear that I didn't want to see your face around me or my family again"

"That goes double for me as well Latoya" Marlon sneered at her in disgust.

"I am her aunty and I still have the right to see her and I was holding her to help out your wife! You should be grateful! And you Marlon this isn't any of your business! Stay out of it" she answered.

"Oh Latoya you should use that brain you have in that pretty little head of yours because I am clearly involved in the mess you are a money hungry bitch" Marlon replied shaking his head at her.

"You lost the right to know Nevada when you decided to get a cut which you clearly didn't earn! Let me break it down Latoya everyone in this family makes their own money.. not though me" Michael added.

"You aren't involved in this discussion Marlon! You should keep that mouth of yours shut" she sneered nastily at her younger brother.

"Oh look at the street rat trying to throw blows, I'm quivering in my leather boots" Marlon replied shaking in fake fear to her response.

"You need a slap to the face you imbeciles" she shrieked hotly.

The pair of brothers covered their sensitive ears when her voice reached a new level of high pitch screeching.

"Geez Latoya you're screeching like a damn banshee" Marlon mumbled rubbing his ears.

Michael decided swiftly cut this talk short because he wasn't in the mood to continue this fruitless conversation.

"Latoya I will give you enough money to get home but you are forbidden to come near me or my family. You can see Marlon or mother in your own free time" Michael said firmly glaring icily into her shocked expression.

He turned around to walk out of the living room leaving Marlon and Latoya alone.

"You were always the greedy one" Marlon commented smirking at his sister.

"You are just like should have died with him when he died by the hands of his own business" she replied her voice dripping in acid.

Amber had just walked past the room when she heard Latoya's statement.
She stomped into the room to approach the taller woman with a heated glare.

"how dare you! Why would you say such words to your younger brother!? He has done nothing wrong to deserve your spiteful attitude you--!" She said in absolute fury but was cut off by Marlon's emotionless tone.


Amber swiftly turned around to face him "but Marlon"

Marlon chuckled humourless as he strolled up to pull Amber by the shoulder away from his fuming sister.

He stood infront of his sister giving her the coldest gaze she had ever received from him.

"I don't care what you think of me Latoya because from are dead to me.
You've always never bothered to think first before you speak! don't expect me to answer back in anger. I am clearly the bigger person. I hope you enjoy the money". Marlon replied in a hard time.

"Oh his words apply to me as well Latoya and you can clearly leave" Michael said walking into the room holding a envelope filled with cash.

Latoya was speechless by everything she had witnessed by her words, she couldn't take all she had said back.. the damage was done.

Michael slammed the envelope in her hands and didn't even look her in the eye.

"Leave" Amber stated breaking her silence.

Latoya swallowed loudly before tightening her hand on the envelope. She didn't look at anyone, she briskly left the living room heading to the door. She opened and slammed the door.

The tense atmosphere flew out of the room allowing the trio to breathe.

"I'm glad she will never return .... some things aren't needed I take back everything I said earlier about her!" Amber replied.

"Don't worry we won't blame you" Marlon replied smiling weakly.

"You alright bro?" Michael asked concerned.

"Don't worry about me...Latoya's words won't affect should I leave so you can both bring another Jackson to the world?" Marlon replied changing the subject.

The couple blushed deeply to his amusement as they all bickered back and forth forgetting about the exiled Jackson discussion earlier.

End Notes:

I hope this what was expected Latoya is out of their lives.

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Ch. 51 by Lorry

Katherine alarmed at the sight of seeing eldest daughter in tears, she didn't give her any explanation. She stomped past her into the living room where she spent the rest of the evening trying to calm her down and hear what went down at Michael's.

Around half past nine in the evening, Latoya finally calmed down well enough to eat and have a early night in.

Emotionally exhausted Katherine went to her bedroom tostart her nightly routines lasting up to an hour. She felt calmer after a soothing bath. She changed into a nightgown and took her Bible from the table to read.

She pulled the covers aside and laid down, once the covers readjusted on her body she picked up the leather bound Bible and began to read a verse.

The sudden ringing from the bed startled her slightly from reading. She placed the leather bound Bible beside her and picked up the phone from its hook.

"Hello?" She asked politely.

"Mother it's me did Latoya come back to you?" Michael replied cautiously.

"Yes dear and she mentioned about her side of the story. Now I am not biased about it I would prefer to still hear everyone's side" She answered wisely

"Of course she would try and spin her a lie..typical so" he trailed explaining the whole side of his story to his mother.

Katherine sat listening quietly piecing together the pieces missing in Latoya's story. She noticed that most of things said by Layota didn't add up. She realised the story was made up in her benefit to get an alley on her side.

"Oh that girl! I thought her coming to you both would soothe your disagreements and perhaps rekindle your relationship...I'm so disappointed" Katherine replied sadly at the gist of everything Michael had just explained.

"I wish she hadn't turned out be selfish and money hungry...if she'd bothered to try she might have been able to create the bond back with us yet again but she isn't a Jackson to me or Marlon" he replied serious.

"I understand baby I'll have to talk to her tomorrow. I'll speak to you tomorrow I need to rest" she replied yawning tiredly.

"Of course mother if you need any assistance call me I will be there...good night" he replied.

"Yes I will good night baby" she replied as well.

They both went to their individual beds allowing sleep to plunge them into darkness.

The next day...

Katherine woke up bright and early dressing quickly and making sure breakfast was ready in time before everyone arrived from their rooms.

Breakfast passed by in a blur of faces and food. She waited till after breakfast, when the children rushed out to catch the school bus. Grace left to spend the day with Quincy.

Now Latoya and Katherine were the only two left in the house. They sat in the living room.

"Mother I sense you have something on your chest to say" Latoya said her eyes narrowed sharply at her.

"Yes we need to talk Latoya...Michael called and told his side of the story of what happened last night and frankly I am disappointed. You went behind my wishes and don't look away I saw that white envelope peeking out from your bag last night!" Katherine declared in disapproval.

"Mother fine I took money alright?! Is that what you want me to say?! I need money to live ! I am part of this family whether my brothers like it or not" she admitted unashamed of last night's actions.

"You let money rule above you Latoya that isn't the right way to live. Haven't I thought you and your siblings time and time again money is the rough of all evil! will leave this house and go back to LA with the money your brother gave you! This family isn't money hungry and I won't let you destroy it with your greed" Katherine answered in a chilling tone.

Latoya gasped in shock over her mother's banishment. She couldn't believe her own mother would banish her too! Of all the people she thought she could rely had brushed her aside.

She couldn't hold back the tears dripping down her face, ruining her mascara. She chose to grab her bag and suitcase from the guest room and leave for good. She wasn't needed then so be It.

She didn't even spare a glance at her mother who could only look on emotionless but inside she was breaking inside over the decision.

.: On the train back to Gary .:

Once Latoya sat on the train home with her suitcase by her side. She hadn't opened the envelope. She thought now she was sitting in a secluded area would be best to check. She shuffled though her bag to find it.

Once found the envelop she used a pen in her bag. She took the notes out of the envelope and began to count them she gasped at the amount she had calucated coming up to 1,000.

She couldn't believe the money came up to that total she thought he'd only give her 100 dollars but 1,000??.

He still cared Latoya thought guilty in her mind. She shoved the money back into the envelope and sat back in her seat for rest of the journey lost on her thoughts..

End Notes:

Welp even mother Katherine rejected her. –.


Ch. 52 by Lorry

Three weeks later..

Michael was chilling at home alone enjoying some time to himself without his little family.He needed days like this to be away from the demands of Epic, his fans and his family.

He felt he could unwind it was just himself and his juice...

Until the banging on the front door startled him to drop his plastic glass and juice spilt on the floor.

Michael groaned wondering who was at the door. Standing up and walking up to the door. He opened it to reveal Chris's legs and upper body hidden behind a tall stack of boxes.

"Chris what are you doing here!? Let me help you before you hurt yourself" Michael said as he stood up to help his friend avoiding the spillage on the floor.

Once the items were on the coach Michael grabbed the tissue box off the coffee table. He used a bunch of tissue to clean the orange spill.

"Why the sudden appearance Chris I haven't seen you in awhile" Michael said to his friend, throwing the wet tissue in a near by bin.

"Well buddy you've been so busy you forget about me but never mind about that man! I decided to come over and spend time with my homie" Chris replied smirking at guilt stricken michael.

The smirk on Chris's lips falted slightly at his best friend's guilty expression.
"Hey man don't sweat it I'm here today and your bit--I mean woman" he replied correcting himself.

Michael scolded him for almost using that term, Chris waved it off clearly unbothered.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in each company's cracking jokes, eating and drinking beers together till they both fell asleep in separate rooms.

Michael slept off in master bedroom, while Chris dozed off on the coach drooling and snoring for all his worth.

Around five in the afternoon Amber unlocked the front door, little Nevada nested in her arms as she slowly walked into the living room to see Chris of all people in her home.

She felt anger slowly sip inside her seeing this damn fool drool freely on her coach.

She counted to ten in her mind before she went to put Nevada down for a small nap.

After laying the littlest Jackson inside her crib and putting a light blanket to keep her warm. The mother of one left the room to confront the idiot she despises.

At the sound of approaching footsteps, Chris woke up from his deep sleep. He rose to seat upfront scratching his head.

Amber walked back into the room to glare heatedly into the surprised eyes of chris.

"Shit" he mumbled lowly.

Amber's sharp ears heard his mumble, "shit indeed! You were banned to never step a foot in this still walk in like I've forgotten what you did!

"Look that was a mistake bitch! I apologized for my fucking mistake! You can't get over a damn grudge?! You didn't put a damn restraining order! I have the freedom to come and go where I please" he yelled at her infuriated.

"Maybe it's time I get that done for you to stay away! You are such a pain in the ass you walking tank of helium!" She sneered back at him.

"You low down ass whining bitch! You're the pain in the ass!" He snapped back.

Michael had woken up when he heard muffled voices from the living room. He sluggishly got up from the bed. He walked towards the living room, he recognized Amber and Chris's voice talking at once and he truly hoped the discussion hadn't resulted in physical blows.

He rushed into the living room to see his buddy and his wife locked in a fiery Lockdown.

"What on earth is going on here?" Michael cried out breaking the glare between the pair.

Chris spoke up first "this bitch you call a wife insulted me calling a no good life inbred and thinks I broke in to your house Mike she don't pay the damn bills! she's leeching off you!"

"Excuse me?! Sure I called you that but I won't deny it because your actions prove so!" She replied coolly.

"You little-" Chris was about to start before Michael jumped in. His mellow vice laced in irritation.

"Frankly I'm sick of you jumping down each others throats act like the adults you both are! Now Chris I'll talk to you later I need to talk to my wife" Michael concluded snapping at the pair of them.

The pair of enemies shared a guilty and ashamed expression staring into his Bambi like eyes.

Chris turned around picking up his things and left with a swift goodbye to his buddy ignoring Amber (nothing new).

Michael gave her a long piercing glare to which Amber looking away, not able to face his stare head on.

He kept glaring at her but she didn't look his way paying close attention to the wall.

Sighing softly Michael decided to ask her a question instead.

"Love why do you hate Chris?"

"The Nevada accident" she replied calmly.

"I hardly believe you love. You forgive Marlon in instant" he pointed out to her.

"Because I love him besides Marlon is family and I'll always forgive his dumb decisions" she replied shrugging her shoulders.

"But you can't forgive Chris as fast you forgive Marlon? Isn't that being slightly selfish love? We all make mistakes and Chris made one which he hasn't repeated" he retorted.

"Well Chris is a different case" she insisted but Michael wasn't having it today.

"Love I truly think you should give Chris a chance one of these days he's one of my closest friends and that doesn't stop me from being his friend when he does something stupid...for my sake give him a chance" Michael replied playing the puppy eyes expression on Amber.

"Alright I'll give him a chance just stop with that expression on your face!" She promised looking away from him.

"What look love?" He implied innocently.

"The kicked puppy expression you always do!" She protested weakly to her now smirking husband.

"That is a lie and you know it love" he cooed to his amusement when she huffed to his response.

Before she could speak any further Michael bent down to grab her by the waist and flung her over his shoulder. She wasn't giving any chance to quickly dodge him found herself on his shoulder.

"Michael put me down!" She hissed at him.

"I won't love till we get to the bedroom" he replied smirking at her and smacked her round bottom.

"Eek!" She squeaked from his touch.

Unbothered by the threats spilling from her mouth, Michael walked into the direction of their bedroom.

Dropping her on bed he didn't give her anytime to relate. He began to kiss her roughly as she wrapped her arms around pulling him closer.

They didn't come out of the room luckily Nevada was fast asleep to care what her parents were doing.

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Ch.53 by Lorry
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Amber was on her knees with her arms stretched out to her little girl in hopes she would toddle towards her.

"Come to mummy princess! I'll let you have a tiny lick of ice cream" Amber cooed to her hoping she'd be persuaded.

Sadly little Nevada didn't even move from the spot, she continued to stare at her mummy helpless and stubborn expecting her to come pick her up.

Amber saw she wasn't going to move an inch wondered what else she could. She sighed dropping her hands down in defeat. Nothing she did would get her baby to move away from the coach.

Seconds later Michael walked into the room returning home from a press conference with the media conceding his next album and tour. Which reminded him he needed to actually talk to Amber about. That would be on his check list.

The father of one blinked in surprise to see his wife on the floor and Nevada stuck like glue the coach.

"Eh love what are you doing?" Michael inquired lost on what was going on.

"Oh baby your home well our stubborn little princess hasn't moved an inch from that coach and I've been trying all afternoon to get her to move ever since" she replied.

"She reminds me of a certain someone that stubbornness" he sang cheekily.

"She's just like you Michael but can you do better!" She challenged him picking herself from the ground and dusting herself off.

"Of course but what do I get in return?" He replied smirking confidently.

"Your favourite meals and dessert for the whole week" she replied folding her arms across her chest meeting his gaze.

"I rather have you love but I accept all of it" he cooed knowing she's look away in embarrassment.

Amber groaned avoiding his gaze. He chuckled at her usual reaction. Snapping out of her embarrassment she told him to not try anything while she went to grab the camera to capture the moment.

She returned back a few minutes holding the camera in hand.

Michael bent down a few metres away from Nevada who'd noticed her daddy and mummy talk continuously. She was glad to see her daddy had his focus on her now.

"My little princess come to daddy! That's it take those little steps daddywill never let you fall" he said in encouragement.

Nevada encouraged by her daddy's soft words boldly took the first step and the next till she was away from the coach. She wobbled slightly on her feet and fell on her bum.

She whimpered ready to burst into tears but Michael's continuous support pushed her to get up again. She walked shakily to him getting closer and closer till she fell into his arms.

Michael watched his baby girl take her first steps and couldn't help but feel tears form in his eyes.

He could barely hear the faint clicks from Amber's camera and her loud sniffles witnessing this precious moment.

Michael scooped her up in his arms as she wailed happily in her daddy's arms grinning a gumless smile.

Amber holding the camera went to stand by them. A breathtaking smile blooming on her lips in sheer delight.

" She walked for you Michael. I'm so glad I managed to catch it on camera and you won" she replied happily.

"She's a daddy girl aren't you princess" he replied blowing a raspberry on her smooth cheek.

Nevada giggled happily in her daddy's arms at the attention and blew a spit bubble in thanks.

"Next time the little one is mine" Amber scoffed at him.

"Is there another one I don't know about love?" Michael asked raising an eyebrow.

"What?! No there isn't you idiot!" She protested hotly.

"Ouch love it's been awhile since you last called me one" he replied faking his hurt. Tired of standing in one spot Michael went to sit on the coach, Amber following after.

"Your still one to me but a loveable one" Amber teased him as he rolled his eyes.

Michael gently rocked Nevada in his arms watching as her eyes fluttered sleepily til she fell asleep soundly in his arms.
Now that she had fallen asleep Michael remembered the promise he had made to Amber about having a better wedding one day and felt it was time.

"Love remember when I promised almost about a year ago that I would remarry you in a better time? I think now is best now that my music is doing well in the charts and we have the money to. I want to give you the wedding you deserve nothing less" he said in a serious tone.

"You still remember that promise Michael? The Vegas reception was enough" She marvelled at his great memory.

"Love I don't break my promises and I truly want to do this for you. Will you allow me treat you like the princess you are" he replied in a pleading tone along with his ebony pools making it harder for her to say 'no'.

"Fine I'll do it but don't go over board I want a simple wedding nothing too expensive" she replied wagging her finger at him mockingly.

"Great that means I'll get the rings replaced first thing tomorrow. You can call the other ladies in our lives and you girls can go bridal and bridesmaid shopping chose wisely love" he replied smirking and stood up to put Nevada down for her afternoon nap.

Amber rolled her eyes and waited for his return.

Michael came back into the room whistling happily till Amber said mischievously "boo it won't be too hard for me but who you will you choose between junior, Marlon AND Chris to be your best man. Also we should book a wedding planner I have no clue on how to plan for a wedding heck a small one"

Michael's face went pale momentarily about who to choose to be his best men.

"Love I'll think about it but let's start planning first how many people we want to invite and somehow avoid the media" he replied bending down to sit by her side.

"I don't want a drop of media in my wedding..." leading to a discussion of who would be invited. They made a quick list before deciding to have an early night in.

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Ch. 54 by Lorry

Over the next few days Michael and Amber spent their time planning the wedding with the appointed wedding planner. Once everything in their desired plan and budget was set out all was left now was to buy the suit and dresses.

It was decided that Michael and the guys will go first to get their suits first, then the next day the ladies will go.

This left the ladies to talk excitedly over the phone discussing the dress designs leaving the wedding planner to find a room to fit over 20 guests.

Michael stepped out of the car followed by Andy, Marlon, Chris and Junior into the exclusive Armani Suit collection store.

Once inside the store they couldn't hold back their 'awe' at the expensive decoration, surrendering them as they trailed into the store. The walls painted in a rich blood with silver seats clashing nicely together.

The suit racks were organized in rows separated by three feet. Beside the racks were the changing rooms with black tinted curtains.

"Well damn Michael this place is off the fucking charts" Chris hollered as his eyes swept around the room.

"I agree with him without extensive words" Andy agreed breaking out of his trance.

"I wouldn't mind living in a place this big at all Mike" Junior added in smirking cheekily.

"Look at all this wealth lil bro damn I bet it would cost a fortune to live heck rent" Marlon mentioned a smirk tugging at his lips.

"Heh I'm glad you like this place if you find any suits we can find something in here to match my suit" Michael said chuckling.

Everyone nodded and began their search bringing several different colours and designs up to Michael who also did his own share of searching and trying on the suggestions.

This continued on for another thirty minutes till Marlon found a blue grey tailored suit with a white top and blue inside jacket to match.

"Lil bro what about this? Try this" Marlon called out to his brother from two rows down with Junior.

Michael strolled out of his section to where they were and saw the suit Marlon held up.

"I like the shade of blue I'll try it" Michael replied taking the hanging line from Marlon and going to one of the several changing rooms.

A few seconds later Michael pulled back the curtain revealing himself in the suit. The suit tailored to his slim but muscular build. It fit perfectly like a glove.

"Well damn brother your girl won't mind taking those clothes off! Is the one?!" Chris yelled smirking.

Michael stretched lightly to his delight he didn't feel restricted in the fitting suit.

"it's perfect just to find your suits" Michael replied sighing in relief. This task wouldn't take them too long.

It didn't take long for them to find a similar suit in black, only thing missing was the matching ties. They placed an order for the specific tie to the payment area.

There was only one suit to try on so the guys gave the chance to Andy who was surprised at the offer. He pulled back the curtain wearing the suit and the men all wolf whistled to the older man's embarrassment.

"Your woman will want another baby with you sir" Marlon crooned to the disgust of Junior who happily smacked him upside the head.

"Ow!" Marlon mumbled in pain.

"Don't mention my parents like that marshmallow! That isn't something I want to see in my head"

"Now behave boys" Andy scolded jokingly.

Everyone else chuckled at the scene while Andy finished changing.

Junior had been pondering since the day Michael had informed them about his decision to remarry Amber about who would be his best man.

"So Michael who's going to be your best man?" junior asked him innocently.

"Well I uh--" Michael stuttered till Marlon cut him off.

"of course it's going to be me. I've know since he was that skinny little shit with the afro" Chris joked to the amusement of everyone.

"You say that Chris but I've know this little brother of mine since the day he was born and don't forget blood is thicker than water brother" Marlon said in whimsical tone.

"When did you become wise oh wise sir do tell us more meaning of life" Junior added in using a fake British accent dripping in sarcasm.

"I don't care if he has word of Zeus coming out of his ass kid I will be mikes best man" Chris responded loudly.

"Now both of you don't start an argument over this, you both will be my best man to save us all a headache. No offence to Junior or Andy I haven't known you both as long as them" Michael added in to defuse any chance of arguments between Marlon and Chris.

"None taken" father and son responded simoustanly.

"Now the suits are ordered, we can get some food I'm starving" Michael said in a cheerful voice. All of their stomachs growled as one in agreement.

"Man brother you don't have to tell me twice let's eat!" Chris said rubbing his flat stomach.

The rest of the men chucked and they all made their way to the front of the shop. Michael went to pay for their items as well making sure the measurements were also taken down just in case.

Once everything was up to scratch the fellas left to find somewhere to eat and relax for the remainder of the day.

Amber was laying on the bed reading a wedding magazine, when the door opened to reveal an exhausted Michael.

Wordlessly Michael flopped onto the bed in a heap jolting the magazine out of her hands. She sighed at his sleepy expression.

"Come Michael tell me how did the day go? Was everything sorted out?" She asked Curiously.

Michael yawned before he responded tiredly "thankfully love we did it wasn't an extremely long task getting the right one and suit measurements but all the food I ate has made sleepy but how about the place.. did you find?" He trailed off yawning again.

"I'll tell you tomorrow boo change and brush your teeth" she told him.

Michael groaned at the thought of getting up from the warm bed, he slowly rises from the bed and to do as she asked.
Amber threw the wedding magazine on the table counter and snuggle into the duvet.

Michael stepped out of the bathroom a few minutes later pulling back the covers and laid down beside his wonderful wife. Amber snuggled to his side, burying her face into his warm chest

They both drifted off to sleep content in each others arms.

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Ch. 55 by Lorry

The next morning Amber woke up bright and early with a sleepy Nevada cuddled in her arms dressed and fed for the morning. She didn't bother to wake up her sleeping husband and left a note for him to read when he woke up.

She left the house quietly with Nevada to pick up everyone from their homes.

An hour later they arrived at a small shop named 'Bridal bouquet'. They all stepped out of the car one by one to stand in front of the shop.

Amber opens the door and they all walk in admiring the peach coloured walls surrendering them and the stylish 50s deco around them.

Once checked in the women all scattered around the spacious room where a medium sized circle stood in the centre of the room. Next to it was a row of dress arranged neatly side by side.

Amber held Nevada in her arms showing her little princess the dresses. She also made sure she didn't grab onto any of them.

"Th dresses are gorgeous! A bit too high for my prices but hey Michael's paying" Dani yelled jokingly from across the room.

"Indeed it's a sight there wasn't any of these dresses in my day when I married Joseph" Katherine fondly remembered.

They continued to chat and look though the dress selections till they found the perfect dress and bridesmaids dresses to match each other to everyone's delight.

An hour later once everything was paid for by Amber's master card. They left the boutique with bags full. Grace held Nevada as they walked back into the car to find somewhere to eat and relax.

Several hours later once the day was over Amber returned home with Nevada wide awake and babbling happily to her mummy.

She walked with Nevada in her arms to the bedroom where she met Michael laid in bed writing in his notebook.

Michael's eyes snapped up when he saw his beautiful little family returning back from their trip.

"hey love how was your trip? Did you get everyone especially something to match me?" He asked smiling cheekily.

Amber scoffed at him as she handed over Nevada who was happy to see her daddy as she stretched out her chubby hands towards him.

"You only gave me the hint of finding something blue and grey which wasn't a clear description to work with but yes I did find something" Amber replied as she moved to the other aide of the bed removing the duvet cover to lay down.

Now comfortably snugged beside him with Nevada sitting in the middle gurgling cutely.

"How about the bridesmaids?" He asked curiously.

"Well it wasn't easy finding a dress to match mine but luckily we were able to find this nice green dress that compliments mine. Don't worry Nevada will get her own little dress too" Amber explained.

"I'm glad this planning is almost done love. I know weddings are expensive, but I never expected it would take this long to be planned. It's only a few people" Michael said sighed, brushing his hand gently though Nevada's wisps of hair.

"Me either boo. Let's not plan another wedding for many years maybe till when Nevada is grown" Amber replied happily.

"I don't want to see my little princess grown up or married either. I want her to stay smaller forever" Michael responded looking down at his little girl.

"She'll have to grow up eventually Peter Pan" Amber jested rolling her eyes.

"It don't matter love but I can't wait to marry you again properly and maybe we can make another little one" Michael reminded her smirking slyly.

"Michael! Don't stay that in front of Neveda" Amber hissed at him smacking upside the head while Nevada watched clueless at what was going on between her parents.

"Ow! Love you didn't have to hit me" Michael whined childishly.

"You'll get over it" Amber replied giving him a pointed glare.

"I think it's time for this little one to get some sleep" Michael replied in sing song tone. He gently picked up his little girl and left the room.

He returned back to the bedroom a few seconds later, pushing back the covers he laid down beside her again.

"Let's get some sleep we have two days till the wedding and we still have things to plan" Amber said.

"I agree love" Michael replied before laying a sweet kiss on her lips.

The couple snuggled together falling asleep almost instantly.

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Ch. 56 by Lorry

The day of the wedding had finally arrived for everyone. The morning was spent making sure everything was in place at the wedding venue with help from Cheri and fifteen year old Janet while everyone else excluding the bride and groom helpedout (including a grumpy Randy and Junior).

Fours hours remained till Micheal and Amber had to leave. Grace had arrived earlier to take Nevada home with her to get changed and dressed giving the couple to change in peace.
Also Katherine and Andy arrived minutes after Grave left with Nevada.

Amber knew he was avoiding her to follow tradition.she found it foolish to follow since their family wasn't traditional in anyway. She decided it wasn't worth the wait, she rose up from the bed glancing at the dress laid on the bed, before leaving the room to find her wayward husband.

Michael stood in his vest and long trousers fiddling with his tousled curls gelled down to perfection.

The door opened and he turned around wide eyed to see Amber standing in a bright red lingerie and matching stockings.

"Amber we aren't meant to see each other till the altar!" Michael blurted out.

"Baby we didn't follow tradition did we? Why bother? Besides I'm half ready" Amber replied smirking cheekily at him.

"But-- your right we aren't traditional" Michael sighed giving up to try and find a fault with her statement.

"I'm always right" Amber sang horribly in a fake falessto.

"Love leave the singing to me" Michael teased.

"I didn't say I'd be ever be a musician. I'll see you at the alter but first let me have my departing kiss" Amber said swaying her hips as she made her way to Michael.

Michael's eyes followed her swaying hips till she stood in front of her. Michael tugged her into his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck as they shared a slow burning kiss.

The kiss began to become more heated till they heard a quiet gasp from the front door "oh my!"

The couple sprung apart both of them falling to the ground, to see mother Katherine standing in front of them. Her face glowing in amusement.

"Now isn't the time for the both of you to be doing this. get dressed while I help Michael" Katherine ordered gently to the pair.

"Uh yes mother" Amber answered quickly getting up avoiding her stare. She quickly walked out of the room to finish dressing.

"Now baby get off the floor" Katherine scolded fondly.

"Yes mother" he replied sheepishly. He scrambled off the floor to now stand in front of his mother.

Michael grabbed the tie off the bed and started to button it up slowly, while his mother sat on the bedside watching him dress.

Watching him dress in front of the mirror reminded her that he wasn't the little boy she used to give kisses when he had his fair share of bruises. Instead now a man stood in his place. A young man who now had a family of his own as well achieving his goal of becoming a musician

"Baby let me help you with your tie" Katherine offered to him standing up from her seat.

"That would be much helpful" Michael replied in gratitude.

He turned around to face his mother as she stepped forward. She quietly began to adjust his tie as Michael watched her do so.

Michael wondered what his father would have done the same thing if he had been alive this very moment. Would he have given him a pat on the back? Or still be the cold bastard to him?

"Would Joseph be proud of me?" Michael pondered outloud.

Katherine's hands stilled when she heard his question. She sighed at the thought of her deceased husband and thought carefully before she answered Michael.

"I do believe he would have been proud son in his own way baby" she responded smiling lightly before continuing to fix his tie.

Katherine finished a second later fixing his tie and patted his chest fondly.

"Thank you mother" Michael said to her stepping aside to look in the mirror and turning around to give her a peck on the cheek.

"No thanks needed" she replied smiling warmly at him.

"Mother!" The door suddenly opened to reveal Marlon in his holding his bow tie.

"Marlon what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the venue?" Michael asked his brother confused.

"Mother is an expert at tie fixing bro! Besides I helped Amber into her dress a few mins to you later" Marlon rambled off in a rush before shutting the door behind him.

Katherine chuckled at Michael's expression before she left the room to help her clueless son. She didn't let the sudden pang in her thought remind her of the absence of her children.

Michael grumbled to himself now that he was alone going back to adding the finishing touches.

Roughly an hour later everyone had departed to the venue expect Andy and Amber who were busy arguing in the living room.

"What? You want to drive to the venue in a car? By yourself?!" Andy exclaimed in shock.

"Yes! Why is that an issue dad? I won't get lost you don't trust me?" She protested.

Andy sighed already feeling a slight migraine cloud his mind at his only daughter's pure stubbornness.

"I do trust you sweetheart it's just your a famous face and everyone knows who you are as well there isn't any car available" Andy replied calmly.

"They won't know I persuaded Michael to buy me a small black window tinted car last year that I use when I want to go shopping and we can't chat all day dad.I have a wedding to go for" she responded in a determined voice.

"Now I know where you inherited your stubbornness. sadly from me. Just be careful and I'll write the address for you" he sighed in defeat. He wrote the address down on a piece of paper using the pocket pen he had in his front pocket.

"don't be late sweetheart we don't want Michael having a panic and anxiety attack" Andy warned teasingly.

"I won't be go dad. Everyone will be waiting" she replied shrugging her shoulders.

Andy could only shush her playfully and squeeze her shoulder lightly before making his way to the door.

Once the door banged behind him Amber held her purse in hand. She rushed out of the living room to go the back house where the cars were parked and ready to be used at any time.

She opened the back door of the home before racing towards the Mercedes black tinted windows car.

She opened the driving side of the car and sat down to start the engine. The engine purred to life to Amber's relief and she began her journey to the wedding venue.

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Ch. 57 by Lorry

Meanwhile at the venue..

Michael stood leaning heavily on his right leg. He gazed over the heads of the guests trying to see if he could see any approaching cars.

Marlon sensed Michael's inner aniexty a mile away. He knew his brother needed a slight distraction and what better way than to scare him?

"Take it easy lil bro" Marlon urged him as he slapped his palm down his shoulder.

Michael didn't let the sudden movement from Marlon show in front of everyone. He sighed softly before responding to his brother.

"Why did you do that Marlon" Michael said smiling tightly at his grinning brother.

"Because you were staring beyond where we stand to magically hope Amber and Andy will somewhat appear but they hasn't. Relax little bro" Marlon replied grinning cheekily.

Chris wondered what their conversation was about from muttering back and forth between the brothers.

"What are y'all talking about?" He questioned in a normal volume.
Which lead to a conversation distracting Michael away from his troubles with his brother and friend Chris.

Half an hour later Andy strolled on the grainy sand in his matching slippers and in his hands were his leather shoes. As he approached the wedding venue he saw Michael waiting for him.

Michael looked behind Andy hoping to see Amber behind but she wasn't anywhere in sight.

"Andy? Where is Amber?!" He inquired nervously.

"She's going to be slightly late. She decided to come on her own in a car" he replied sheepish.

"You allowed her?! Oh Amber" Michael groaned at the possibilities of what could happen to her on the way here.

"Let's not worry son she will be fine I did try to stop her but she's stubborn as I am. she won't be long hopefully" Andy reassured in a soothing tone.

"Just wait till she gets here. Great" Michael mumbled.

"Let's tell everyone the news like I said all we can do is wait" Andy advised him. He threw one arm around his sons-in-law shoulder stirring him to face the crowd and tell them of the latest news. Not everyone found the news slightly comforting but nonetheless all they could do was wait.

As that was happening poor Amber was lost in the sea of rush hour traffic praying she would eventually get out of it.

Forty five minutes later and counting Amber parked the car near the beach sidewalk. She quickly stumbled out of the car slamming the door behind her. The sound altered the guests of her presence as all eyes zoomed on her.

The look of sheepish regret was written all over face. Michael didn't hold back the relief he felt in a sigh, now that she was here at last.

Andy chose to stand up quickly from his seat and make his way to Amber, he wanted to get the ball rolling. He held out his hand towards her smiling warmly.

Smiling back at her father Amber grasped his outstretched hand. As she did so Andy loped her hand on his arm and they began the walk down the aisle.

Amber held her breath feeling butterflies flutter inside her seeing all the people gazing at her in wonder, she caught her mother's teary gaze blowing into cream handkerchief in hand.

Her gaze drifted between the many faces of everyone including her baby who squealed eagerly at seeing her mummy from grandmother Katherine's lap.

Amber felt one stare out of all of them burn though her. She focused her gaze upwards to see Michael's look of wonder at the sheer elegance and beauty of Amber walking towards him.

All his previous worries of her not coming washed away at the breathtaking smile she wore on her beautiful face.

He stood rigid till she stood in front of him as Andy placed her hand in his before stepped away returning to his seat.

Amber eagerly grabbed his hand as he tightened his grip on hers. They stood now facing each other as the priest spoke on about the union between them.

The young lovers shared their memories of their first vows earning a few chuckles from the crowd before giving each other a more heartfelt vow once more.

"You may now kiss the bride" the baritone voice from the priest spoke.

Michael gently bought Amber's face to meet his lips as they shared a deep but sweet kiss ignoring the roar of the crowd around them they pulled apart for air.

The rest of the wedding was continued at the wedding venue. A few minutes away from the beach to everyone's delight.

Once inside the spacious and decorative hall decorated in a lush green and baby blue colours on the chairs and tables where as the ceiling lights twinkled above them.

Everyone settled down once more to tuck into the different selections of food and drink given.

The after party was hosted by Marlon who cracked jokes and funny embarrassing stories at the suspense of his little brother. He avoided the glare from his mother when he went a little far and brushed it off to switch to another conversation.

Soon it was close to midnight and the party had finished for many people that went home. All that were left were a few people sipping wine and quietly chatting while the music from the loud speakers played quietly.

Amongst the remaining crowd Marlon slumped into his seat drinking a tall of glass vodka, the table located near the back doors where the ladies and gents toilets.

As Marlon took another swig of from his chilled vodka he choked from the sudden from the yelling he heard from outside the door.

Banging on his chest to clear his throat. Once his throat was cleared. He listened to the voices recognizing the two voices yelling for all their worth.

He sat silently listening further on to hear what the argument is about.

"So you think I will fucking let you play me like a fool Daniella? I ain't that type of Negro! I ain't stupid" Chris yelled at Dani.

"I didn't think you were Chris! You've been away for how many months touring on your damn comedian shows and you expected me to wait?!" She screeched at him.

"What I expected from you girl was faithfulness! I didn't expect to come home from my latest gig to see you kissing another fucking man! I stayed faithful to you! I promised to do that and all you did was go and become a hoe behind my back!" He shouted in unfiltered anger.r


Marlon heard the sound of a slap resound in his ears. Without a thought he gulped down the last part of vodka in hand and quickly rose up heading to the door just in time to wrap his arms around Chris's middle tightly pulling him back. He didn't want the fool to make a stupid mistake.

"What?! Marlon get off me! This hoe deserves a beating how dare she fucking slap me for telling the truth and she knows I'm right!" Chris shouted as he stood trying to get himself out Marlon's arms around him.

"Fool I know you feel don't attack her jail ain't worth it" Marlon reasoned.

Dani pushed herself to the wall watching as her man struggled in Marlon's grip trying to set himself free.

"What the heck is going on?!" Suddenly Amber's voice jumped in from the door opened by Michael.

"Tell your skank of a cousin bitch! We though! She can pack her shit out of my house!" Chris shouted at Amber who was about to say something before Michael interrupted her trail of thought.

"Wait what happened? Chris? What did Dani do please calm down brother" Michael blurted out confused on the whole situation.

"I cheated!" Dani screeched holding herself against the wall.

Amber gasped at the sudden revelation as Michael's eyes widened in shock.

"Everyone needs to calm down mostly everyone is has left the venue. Suga take care of your cousin while I and Michael take care of trying to calm Chris down" Marlon pointed in a serious tone.

The renewed married couple could only nod and follow his instructions. Amber immediately took charge to guide her cousin elsewhere in the building to talk to her about what went down.

Once the girls were out of sight Marlon loosened his hold on Chris who couldn't back the still pent up fury punched the wall over and over for sometime. The pent up anger drained him emotionally.

Marlon and Michael wordlessly watched him till he felt ready to stop. Once he was done they saw his knuckles covered in blood oozing from his inflicted wounds.

"Let's get you cleaned Chris and we can talk about this" Michael told him in a gentle tone.

"I'll get us all a beer" Marlon said before walking back into the venue.
Marlon held the tray of beers in hand as he walked to the back door entrance. A hand on his arm stopping him in his tracks.

"Marlon?" The quiet voice of his girlfriend Michaela spoke up.

"Yes?" He answered turning around to face her.

"There is something I need to tell you---" she said before Marlon cut her off politely.

"Look babe can this wait? A sticky situation has just happened of all places. Tomorrow we can chat to your heart's content."

"Don't make me wait too long Jackson" she joked lightly.

"Why would I do that?" Marlon responded with a slight wiggle of his eyebrows and a tight smile.

He left Michaela standing there not seeing the smile drop from her lips and her hand graze her flat stomach briefly before walking away.

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Ch. 58 by Lorry


Michael and Chris strolled to the one of the empty rooms in the venue. the room decorated with cream coloured walls and brown furitnure.

Chris entered after Michael choosing to sit on the coach with his hands clasped together ignoring the stinging pain from the open wounds.

Michael went though the cupboards till he found first aid kit, he pulled the box out of the cupboard he found it in. Once in his hand he went to sit by his brother (all not in blood) to help patch up his hands.

"Chris what happened" Michael questioned gently to his brother watching the flickering emotions on his face.

"She..cheated Mike..after all the shit she put me though to be faithful brother--" Chris responded before he was cut off by the entrance of Marlon holding the beers in hand.

"Don't start just yet Chris took me a while to find you both" Marlon jesters humourless.

"She ended up doing the same shit. I always made sure to call her everyday..fuck when I was tired I made sure I called to find out how her day was when I was on tour! What do I come home to find? Some light skinned little fucker kissing her? I thought ok I can forgive her for that I did same stupid crap when we were on and off but the next time I come?! The same little shit was bedding her right in front of me!" Chris ranted in one breath passing to take in a deep breath.

"I didn't let the fuckery slide I banged the fucking door open and ran up to the fool punching and kicking the fool in a mad frenzy. All I felt was my negative emotions man. I didn't hear her agonized screaming from my back till he was thrown out of my house. To think this shit happened before your day Mike" he concluded choking on air and clenching his teeth together holding the urge to break down.

Micheal and Marlon felt sorrow and pity for their brother and friend. Why did Chris have to go though all this crazy drama? He was a good guy beneath his loud and arrogant personality. He didn't deserve it.

"Chris don't let this shit get you down she cheated so what? There are other women in this world who want you. She will regret her actions once she sees another woman on your arm" Marlon said I'm respond before taking down another gulp from his drink.

"I never usually agree with Marlon because of his lack of brain cells but he is right Chris. Don't let this drama get to you. You will move on and be better" Michael added in ignoring the glare from Marlon.

"Better yet Chris think of this as comedic gold you'll get to use from this experience" Marlon added smirking slyly.

Chris chuckled softly at the pair of brothers feedback and he didn't blame them for trying to cheer him up. What better way to drown his anguish in alcohol and a good set of friends?

"Your right man! This fuckering hoe broke my heart but I ain't no clown. I'll be better than fuckering ever!" Chris vowed solmely raising his beer.

"I agree to that brother" Michael agreed raising his bottle and Marlon joined as well.

The rest of the half and hour was spent finishing their beers and having a general chat before they stood up and left to find everyone else before going home.


At the same time the trio were talking Amber had dragged Danielle to the empty ladies room to have a serious discussion on what the hell was going on.

"I want to know what on earth is going on Dani! What did you do to Chris that had him so riled up?" Amber questioned crossing her arms giving her cousin a stern glare.

"I-I cheated on Chris with another man" she confessed stuttering forced to look away from Amber.

Amber processed the line of information in her mind before deciding to jumping conclusions.

"Cheated though Kisses or sex? Because those two are the only things that come to mind" she responded calmly.

"I slept with the guy" she admitted.

Amber wanted to let loose the anger she knew was raising about this crazy mess her cousin had gotten herself into.

"I can't believe you did this to Chris of all people! You and I know I will never see eye to eye with Chris. But this guy changed his player ways for you and this is how you stab him in the back! By sleeping with someone else. To be frank I'm disgusted and disappointed by your actions I really am" Amber confessed seeing the tears brimming in Dani's chestnut coloured eyes.

"I know what I did was wrong the only reason I did it ambee was because I was lonely and depressed without Chris for being so far from home and the pull I couldn't resist I know he won't forgive me but but" she replied dissolving into tears at the shame she felt weighing heavily on her shoulders.

"I'm sorry Dani but that sounds like an a pitiful excuse didn't he call you everyday to cheer you up!" Amber retorted.

"He did all that and I still couldn't resist ambee I feel terrible for what I did to Chris. Will he ever forgive me for my idiotic mistake?" She asked genuinely guilty from all the mess she started.

"I believe he will in his own time but for now let's get you cleaned up. I still have to check on my baby"Amber responded neutral.

Wordlessly Amber and Dani cleaned themselves up in front of the ladies mirror before stepping out.

Dani stepped out of the toilet first and Amber followed her after. The cousins walked in silence back to the front entrance.

Just as the pair had reached the front door they heard behind the laughter from upcoming voices, they recognized were Michael, Marlon and Chris.

Their laughter stopped when they saw who stood at the door. Dani and Chris shared an intense stare before Michael was about to speak to the break the silence. Chris to everyone's surprise spoke up in a cool voice "ladies after you"

Dani feeling that Chris was actually calm and level headed chose to try and give her apology stepped forward.

"Chris I was stupid for hurting you I--" she spoke till she was interrupted by Chris's booming voice.

"Don't come near me hoe. You can save all your apologize for another sucker. Don't forget what I said earlier pack your shit out of my house. I'll give you a few days to do so because I'll be benching it with Marlon till your out and don't forget to leave my fucking keys"

He brushed past Dani opening the door for himself leaving everyone with wide mouths at Chris's unusual calm demeanor.

"The fool is staying with me?! Couldn't he stay with one of his other comedian friends?!" Marlon spoke up breaking the awkward silence.

"That's all you got out of it? Marlon you are impossible" Amber chuckled rolling her eyes.

"We might as well start going home love since I know mother has taken Nevada home with her till tomorrow for us. Dani your riding with us. I'm not happy with the mess you bought to my special day" Michael said holding eye contact with Dani who sniffed sadly as he walked past her.

"And to think I almost thought you were a decent girl but still your a bitch. I can't wait to hear how Chris puts this into his comedy show" Marlon added in chuckling darkly following after his brother.

"Marlon!" Amber scolded him but he shrugged his shoulders in response.

Amber was left to try and calm down her cousin down before they left the building to go home in separate cars.

Marlon sat in the driver seat with Junior sitting in the seat beside him in the car. He explained some of the stuation to him while Chris snored away in the back seat.

Amber sat cuddled in Michael's arms fast asleep to his soft hums as he ran his hand though her hair.

Dani gazed from the front seat next to the driver seeing the couple exhausted from the day's activities and drama.

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THE END by Lorry

‘Three days after the wedding’


It's been a few days since the drama of Chris and Daniella at Michael and Amber's wedding. They had seen footage of their wedding on the news but we're glad that none of the drama had been found out


Everything had settled down for the moment as Michael had spent the remainder of the day helping pack Dani's things out of Chris's flat.


He didn't want to help but couldn't change Amber's stubborn mind.


Marlon was at home helping Chris to lament and get his frustrations out by writing it down into his work, thankfully to his relief it had helped and the brother had somewhat calmed down.


Currently he was laid down for a nap in his bedroom sleeping off the huge amount of soul food they shared from a spilt bill.

Marlon lounged on the couch tuning his guitar quietly basking in the silence.






Michaela knocked on the door of Katherine Jackson hoping she was home.

She had become a mother figure over last several months and she felt she could talk about the constant throwing up in the middle of the night these last few days.


Katherine walked to the front door drying her hands with a cloth. She wondered who was at the door, she didn't remember ordering anything for Michael's fan club store till tomorrow.


When she was close enough to the door handle, she opened it to reveal Michaela standing there with her hands behind her back.


Katherine gave a warm smile to the young woman. She hadn't seen the girl since the wedding and didn’t have the chance to really talk to her during the day or before since everyone had been so busy.


"Michaela dear come in! It's been quite some time since I last saw you" Katherine smiled before turning around to walk back into the house with Michaela following behind her.


Once sat down Katherine stood up to get refreshments but Michaela's hand on her arm stopped her from going to the kitchen.


"Michaela what is the matter?" Katherine coaxed to Michaela as she slowly sat back down next to her.


"I've been feeling ill these last few days towards the wedding and I've been throwing up my food like no man's business. I wondered is there something wrong with me? Or was it something I ate?" She answered pressing her lips together in thoughtfulness.


Katherine's mother senses were tingling knowing exactly what the issue was and decided to let the young girl know.


"Listen Michaela as a mother who has had her fair share of children you are pregnant. There isn't any other way to say it" Katherine blurted in an honest tone.


"Pregnant-t?" Michaela stuttered in a hushed tone.


"once I return from my phone call I bring you something to eat'" Katherine told the young girl soothingly. She patted her thigh gently before getting up to walk out of the living room.


Just as Katherine was about to make the call on the land phone when Grace walked down the last flight of stairs to see her friend near the phone.


"who are you calling?" Grace questioned as she stepped down the last stair.


"I'm going to call Marlon he's gotten himself into a predicament but can you please check on Michaela for me? She's in the living room" she replied smiling weakly at Grace.


"Let me guess she's pregnant" Grace responded with one eye brow raised.


The pair of friends shared a deep sigh knowing that was the answer. Grace went to the living room to give some motherly advice to Michaela.


Now alone Katherine dialed Marlon's house phone to her relief he responded after the first dial.


Marlon: hello?


Kathrine: Marlon baby how is it sharing with Chris?


Marlon: terrible mother I truly miss my bed but he won't be here for long I'll manage.


Katherine giggled in amusement from his complaints but didn't want to dwell too long on the matter.


Katherine: now I have a reason to call you baby. Michaela is over here and I feel she'd need you here.


Marlon: is she sick mother? I haven't seen her due to the wedding and now looking after Chris's drunk as-- butt.


Katherine: sick to the point that she could be having your baby?


It took Marlon a second to register what the information his mother just said to him.


Marlon: pre-gnant?! Ah-she!


Katherine: for your own sake Marlon please start making your way over now. She needs you here and we as a family need to figure out how to help you.


Marlon: ye-es mother.


The phone conversation ended with Katherine returning the phone back in its place. She gently massaged her temples wondering how she was going to figure out this sticky situation.


She mediated briefly thinking of positive thoughts to focus her thoughts to the situation at hand. Now feeling mentally ready Katherine made her way back to the living room.


She walked into the room to see Grace hugging Michaela to her side. Katherine was glad the situation wasn't too bad but all they could do was wait.


"Marlon should be arriving soon. when he arrives, we will discuss what can be done for the both of you. Now I think we all need a cool glass of Ice tea" Katherine chirped kindly.


She spun around to walk out of the door to the kitchen seconds later returning with a tray of glasses of ice tea and freshly made tart truffles.




Marlon drove to his brother’s place allowing his thoughts to wonder.

His mind recalled the down cast expression on Michaela’s on the day of Michael and Amber’s revamped wedding day.


It didn’t take him long to get to his brother’s mansion. With quick access, he drove into the open gates. He parked his car in the one empty parking space strolling up to the mansion.


He quietly opened the door pausing briefly to hear loud thumping coming from a of the many rooms. He walked on silently wondering if his little niece was around. To his relief, she wasn’t in her room to hear her parents happily bring another child into the world.


Thankfully she’s at Andy’s place away from finding out she has another sibling on the way.  Marlon smirked inwardly to himself at the thought that crossed his mind.


He decided to sit head to the kitchen and grab himself a beer to drink while he waited for the couple to finish their round of sex.


Half an hour later Marlon was awarded by michael’s high pitched shout once he saw who was seating on his couch.


“why hello little brother enjoyed your round of baby making?” Marlon asked as he gulped down the last of his drink.


“you are impossible… Amber is sleeping now” Michael sighed at his brother before strolling to where he sat to seat by his side.


“one of these days you will tell how you knock out Amber out but I’m not here for that little brother” Marlon sighed running one hand though his afro.


Michael immediately sensed his brother’s nervousness and couldn’t help but blurt out why his usually sassy and annoying brother was nervous “why what happened?”

“Michaela is pregnant and the kid is mine” he responded rubbing his neck avoiding eye contact with his little brother.


“I can’t stay I am not surprised Marlon you do have your shares of girls but at least you didn’t impregnate a brainless one. I know you’ll be a great daddy. Congrats idiot” Michael answered after a small silence.


“thanks, little brother I’m glad I have your back” Marlon scoffed in response before clapping his little brother on the back.


“how did mother find it? Did she freak out?” Michael questioned his brother with a beaming smile.


“actually, she sounded quite calm on the phone” Marlon pointed smiling wickedly at his brother.


“not fair” Michael mumbled while Marlon snickered behind his hand.


“well little brother I can’t stay any longer I have to face the music and all” Marlon said standing up.


“good luck Marlon” Michael said in farewell.


Marlon didn’t look back as he walked out of his brother’s house to make his way to his mother’s home.


He arrived at her place in a nick of time just as the door was opened by Randy rushing out of the door for an errand for aunty Grace. Marlon skipped to the side in the time before his brat of a brother could knock him over.


“RANDY!” Marlon bellowed after his brother.


Randy didn’t bother looking back knowing he was a mission for aunt grace and didn’t want her wrath on him if he got the list of things clutched in his hand wrong.


Marlon walked into his mother’s home closing the door behind him. He didn’t waste heading straight to hushed voices he heard coming from the living room.


“looks like a party and I wasn’t invited” He said dryly innocent his presence.


The trio of women paused the conversation to look up to see the man they had been waiting for.


Grace chose to leave this family matter for themselves and went to get herself a drink and spend time with her man on the phone.


The trio sat down amongst themselves discussing what they could do help and it was decided Michaela would keep the baby with Marlon. Marlon wasn’t too thrilled to have a child but he didn’t let that show on his face knowing his mother could sense his uneasy emotions. But he understood it was unavoidable and he had to take responsibility.





A decade later or more (into the early 90s)


Nevada the oldest Jackson child of the superstar family didn’t like that she had to babysit her siblings and cousins before the twins had their surprise birthday in the family garden.


I am not paid enough for this!

Nevada thought to herself with her younger siblings under her arms while the the rest of her cousins were pilled around her legs clutching on for dear life.


Grandpa Andy strolled into the room to see his eldest grandchild stuck in a tight pickle, because of the younger children clinging to her like she was a jungle gym.


He decided to help her from the bambi eyes she sent him in pleading to help get  the munchkins off her.


“kids I believe grandma Katherine has some fresh cookies waiting in the kitchen” Andy mentioned out loud.


The children immediately rushing forward to the kitchen in hopes of the delicious sweet treats. Once the rest of the children were off her. She set down the wiggling set of sisters who as well ran after their cousins.


“thanks grandpa looking after them all is exhausting why did mum and dad have more kids? They could have just stuck with me!” the young woman complained to her amused grandpa.


“what about the rest of your cousins? No complaints about them?” he mentioned grinning at his reluctant grandchild.


“they don’t deserve a mention but I am your favourite grandchild right that you’ll get me a car right for my birthday next month?” Nevada mentioned blinking innocently at her favourite grandad.


“we shall see sweetie I can’t decide if your parents don’t want you near the wheel just yet” he replied chuckling taking a hold of her smaller hand to swing their hands together.


“they won’t allow it unless you, grandma Katherine or grandma grace helps” she pointed out grinning widely looking every inch of her father’s copy.


Andy chuckled at her words before the duo left the room to head to the kitchen in hopes there would be some cookies left but nonetheless grandma Katherine always had enough to spare.


Later in the day the sounds of the Jackson clan and their guests’ laughter and chatting was heard scattered all over the spacious garden.


The men were standing not too far away from the pool gossiping with a cool drink or alcohol in hand.


“I can’t believe you went and bought a damn lion brother! How has Amber not kicked your ass?” Chris barked in laughter.


“this is the last pregnancy she would allow me have and she knew the deal was to get another exotic animal every time she became pregnant after Nevada” Michael responded smirking slyly to the amusement of Marlon, Chris, Junior, Andy and Quincy.


“ooh don’t let sis hear you say that brother she won’t be happy!” Junior chipped in cheekily.


“did I hear my name?” Amber drawled announcing her presence waddling towards them holding her round six-month bump.


“Michael was saying you allowed him have that beautiful tiger not too from here” Marlon responded grinning at his little sister.


“sadly I agreed to his stupid deal but I’ll leave you men to have your fun” she responded rolling her eyes.


“Love please rest don’t go overboard” Michael pleaded to her kissing her forehead tenderly.


“how many pregnancies will it take for you to see I won’t go overboard” she huffed in response looking away from the smirking faces of the guys.


Amber stepped aside to walk somewhere else to rest her aching feet. But that didn’t last long till her she was ambushed by her babies all chatting endlessly taa once.


Later in the Evening,


Everyone began to leave with their families one by one, finally leaving Michael and his family alone in peace.


Michael and Amber cuddled together in bed remaining over everything that happened in the last decade.


Danielle and Chris didn’t get back together because Chris felt it was best to go their separate ways. Chris used his current heartache into his comedic stands up earning him more recognition in the comedian world.


Daniella had decided to return home to stay with her family till she was back on her feet again. Amber and Michael eventually forgave her and they still talked on the phone from time to time.


Marlon and Michaela worked out the sudden pregnancy news deciding to keep the child and raise it together. A year later Marlon propersed to Michaela surpising everyone that he would settle down. They are still together with three children and their owned chains of music stores.


Andy and Cherri are still happily married with Junior working in a top notch bakery making a nice decent amount of dough. He has a steady relationship with a girl his age, he met outside the bakery.

. Randy with his skill of writing great scripts found his chance in Hollywood (with his brother’s connections) to be a script writer. He didn’t leave out his younger sister getting her decent roles. She became a hit sensation on the TV because of her talent to portray any emotion.


Grace and Quincy ended up marrying a year after the Marlon and Michaela drama with good wishes by the whole family. Andy was relieved that she was over him and happy with another man.

Amber gave birth to another set of twins to michael's amusement (one boy and a girl)


End Notes:

I've decided to end this story on a short note. I feel the story has run it's course. Thank you to everyone who commented, favourited, and silent read. I had fun writing this story and I will surely miss A/M they were my first couple to write.

Any favourite moments? see you in the next story!

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