California Dreaming. by Lorry

Amber and Michael free from the clutches of Gary, head off to the sunny side of L.A hoping to follow their dreams but amongst the mix of finding where they belong...

they are blessed with a child and unknown shores of drama drop into their life which wasn't expected..

How will they cope?

Can they sustain their relationship though it all juggling with a child and their own dreams?
Find out in..

in the sequel to 'I Found that Girl'...

'California Dreaming'

Categories: Off The Wall: 1975-1981, Thriller: 1982-1983, Adventure, Drama, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Romance Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: Mild Violence
Trigger Warnings: None
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Series: A/M Adventures
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Ch. 50 by Lorry

The car stopped by the the front garden near the front door. The trio stepped out of the car strolling to the front door. Amber shuffled though her pockets to find the keys holding little Nevada in one arm.

Latoya saw her struggle offered her assistance to Amber's surprise. She hesitated but handed her over.

Hands free she found the key in her left pocket. Opening the door Amber walked into the living room followed by Latoya.

All manner of conversation between the brothers stopped when they saw who was standing in front of them.

Michael the first to speak immediately stood up to snatch his little sleeping angel out of her hands unfortunately waking up Nevada and she started to cry loudly. Amber quickly took her out of his hands and left the room leaving the reunited siblings.

"What gave you the right to touch my little girl Latoya?! I made it clear that I didn't want to see your face around me or my family again"

"That goes double for me as well Latoya" Marlon sneered at her in disgust.

"I am her aunty and I still have the right to see her and I was holding her to help out your wife! You should be grateful! And you Marlon this isn't any of your business! Stay out of it" she answered.

"Oh Latoya you should use that brain you have in that pretty little head of yours because I am clearly involved in the mess you are a money hungry bitch" Marlon replied shaking his head at her.

"You lost the right to know Nevada when you decided to get a cut which you clearly didn't earn! Let me break it down Latoya everyone in this family makes their own money.. not though me" Michael added.

"You aren't involved in this discussion Marlon! You should keep that mouth of yours shut" she sneered nastily at her younger brother.

"Oh look at the street rat trying to throw blows, I'm quivering in my leather boots" Marlon replied shaking in fake fear to her response.

"You need a slap to the face you imbeciles" she shrieked hotly.

The pair of brothers covered their sensitive ears when her voice reached a new level of high pitch screeching.

"Geez Latoya you're screeching like a damn banshee" Marlon mumbled rubbing his ears.

Michael decided swiftly cut this talk short because he wasn't in the mood to continue this fruitless conversation.

"Latoya I will give you enough money to get home but you are forbidden to come near me or my family. You can see Marlon or mother in your own free time" Michael said firmly glaring icily into her shocked expression.

He turned around to walk out of the living room leaving Marlon and Latoya alone.

"You were always the greedy one" Marlon commented smirking at his sister.

"You are just like should have died with him when he died by the hands of his own business" she replied her voice dripping in acid.

Amber had just walked past the room when she heard Latoya's statement.
She stomped into the room to approach the taller woman with a heated glare.

"how dare you! Why would you say such words to your younger brother!? He has done nothing wrong to deserve your spiteful attitude you--!" She said in absolute fury but was cut off by Marlon's emotionless tone.


Amber swiftly turned around to face him "but Marlon"

Marlon chuckled humourless as he strolled up to pull Amber by the shoulder away from his fuming sister.

He stood infront of his sister giving her the coldest gaze she had ever received from him.

"I don't care what you think of me Latoya because from are dead to me.
You've always never bothered to think first before you speak! don't expect me to answer back in anger. I am clearly the bigger person. I hope you enjoy the money". Marlon replied in a hard time.

"Oh his words apply to me as well Latoya and you can clearly leave" Michael said walking into the room holding a envelope filled with cash.

Latoya was speechless by everything she had witnessed by her words, she couldn't take all she had said back.. the damage was done.

Michael slammed the envelope in her hands and didn't even look her in the eye.

"Leave" Amber stated breaking her silence.

Latoya swallowed loudly before tightening her hand on the envelope. She didn't look at anyone, she briskly left the living room heading to the door. She opened and slammed the door.

The tense atmosphere flew out of the room allowing the trio to breathe.

"I'm glad she will never return .... some things aren't needed I take back everything I said earlier about her!" Amber replied.

"Don't worry we won't blame you" Marlon replied smiling weakly.

"You alright bro?" Michael asked concerned.

"Don't worry about me...Latoya's words won't affect should I leave so you can both bring another Jackson to the world?" Marlon replied changing the subject.

The couple blushed deeply to his amusement as they all bickered back and forth forgetting about the exiled Jackson discussion earlier.

End Notes:

I hope this what was expected Latoya is out of their lives.

Another milestone! 50 chapters more chapters than I wrote for first 😂.


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