Thank God For High School by Orphan

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Michael is 18 and is about to start his album, Thriller. But his mother wants him and Randy to get a good education. How will Michael be able to fit in?

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1. Introduction by Orphan

2. Chapter 1 by Orphan

3. Chapter 2 by Orphan

4. Chapter 3 by Orphan

5. Chapter 4 by Orphan

6. Chapter 5 by Orphan

Introduction by Orphan
Author's Notes:

Just the introduction to the characters.

The Characters( Some may not be introduced in the first chapter.)

Michael JacksonMichael!!

Randy JacksonRandy

Nicole JeffersonNicole

Marisa KennedyMarisa

Sammy RiveraSammy

PrincipalMrs. Garrett( Principal)


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Chapter 1 by Orphan
Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: I only own original characters. No copyright infringement is intended.

(Michael's POV)


Randy and I pulled into the crowded parking of Encino High School in my Rolls Royce.After about 10 minutes, I found a space and parked the car there.We got out and ran to the front entrance of the school.



As Randy and me walked into school's office, the halls emptied. "We must be late."I whispered to my little brother.



A frail women with gray hair sat behind a desk. Randy cleared his throat to get her attention.



She looked at us over tiny eyeglasses."Oh, hello! You two must be new students. I'll take you to principal." She got up and hobbled to a door that said Principal Garrett in bold letters.



Randy looked confused at the old lady." I was not expecting that. I thought she was going to hit with rulers." I rolled my at him, because to tell the truth, he is the strangest person I know. That's saying something because I know Steven Tyler.



We walked into the room and sat in chairs in front of a desk. A moment later , an Asian woman hurried in and sat on the other side of the desk. She smiled and said," Hello boys, I'm Mrs.Garrett and I have your class schedules."Randy stood up and took them.



Suddenly the door opened and a girl walked in." This is Sammy Rivera; she's going to show you two around." We followed Sammy out the room.

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Chapter 2 by Orphan
Author's Notes:

Chp. 2

Gaudeamus Hodie! Dona Nobis Pacem!

Learned that in choir today!!!

"This is the library. You can check out books and research stuff in here."

 Sammy was showing Randy and me around the school.

 I knew he was checking her out, I mean, who wouldn't.

Sammy had light, caramel skin and ebony hair pulled into a sleek ponytail.She had full lips and sparkling auburn eyes.

 Sammy was pretty but I don't like her like that.

                                               10 Minutes Later

Me and Sammy walked Randy to his classes and then continued to walk around the hallways.

"So, what class do you have next?" She asked.

I briefly glanced at the sheet.

"Um, choir and then dance." I replied.

She smiled."So do I."

We hurried to the choir room.

As we walked in, a girl was in the middle of a song.

It was the round "Dona Nobis Pacem."(heeheehee)

This girl had the voice of an angel.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her; I couldn't even blink.

Sammy and I slouched by the door until the girl was finished singing.

She turned around and my mouth dropped.

She was the most gorgeous person I had ever seen.

"She is beautiful." I mumbled to myself.

Sammy heard me and whispered,"What."

I just shook my head. Great, I couldn't blink or talk.

But anyways, this girl was beautiful.

She had tan, smooth skin and smoky, mysterious, gray eyes framed by long, heavy lashes. Her lips were shockingly pink and plump. Her long, golden-brown hair was pinned back on one side, leaving it flowing freely.

I smiled and applauded her, which was bad, because I was the only person to do so.

Everyone in the room turned and stared at me.

Thankfully, the bell rang and everyone clawed to get out into the halls.

I watched the girl with the angelic voice float out of the room.

"Time for dance class!" Sammy shouted, nearly scaring me to death.



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Chapter 3 by Orphan
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Mrs.Peterson, the dance teacher, is crazy!

She made us sit in a circle, indian style, and tell about ourselves.

 She had incense burning and weird music on.

Funny, I thought hippies died with the 70's. Guess Not.

But it was strangely fun.

I met a few people; Stefano Rodriguez, Derick Kowalski, Belize Cook, Derick's girlfriend, and Athens Cook, Belize's step-sister.

also there was one weird girl that stared at me the entire time.

She had bronze skin and alluring haze eyes. Her golden hair fell down to her hips.

For a minute I thought she was using Jedi mind tricks on me.


Sammy walked down to the cafeteria with me.

As we entered the room, my eyes immediately widened. Hundreds of people lined the walls, and more were sitting at small table scattered around the open room.

"Damn, how many people go to this school," I turned to Sammy.

" About 500 or so." She grabbed my arm and dragged me to the lunch line.

I stared at the repulsive looking food."Oh, I'm not hungry."

Sammy laughed,"Okay. Let me get a bottle of water."

She paid for her water and then we went to look for a table.

Every girl had their eyes fixed to me. I quickly averted my eyes to a table; an empty table.

We walked to it and sat down. A moment later we were joined by Belize, Stefano,Athens, and Derick.

Stefano was asking me about my siblings when the girl from dance class came up to me.

She smiled and winked at me, her brilliant eyes locked on mine. Then she walked back to her table, where she was surrounded by her friends.

I looked back to my friends."Seriously, who the hell is that? She was staring at me the entire time in dance class."

Stefano play-punched me in the arm." Her name is Nicole Jefferson. She is the most popular girl in the school. She's smokin' but sometimes she's a bitch. Well, 99% of the time."

I decided to stop talking and study this place. The walls, people, lunch ladies.

Suddenly my eyes met a pair of gray ones. I knew those eyes anywhere.

The girl from choir. And she was coming this way.

I quickly checked my breath and fixed my curls. Belize was balling at me the entire time.

Sammy saw the girl also. She stood up, ran to her, and quickly gathered her into a short hug.

They linked arms and walked back to our table.

The girl sat next to Sammy and looked at me.

"Hi! I'm Marisa Kennedy.What's your name?"

I hesitated."Um, I'm Michael. Michael Jackson."

She smiled. After a second, she got a weird look on her face.

"Wait, aren't you the person that clapped for me in choir?"

Stefano snorted and mubbled"Embarassing!"

I shot him a glare that meant 'Shut The Hell UP'

Then I turned my attention back to Marisa.

" Yes, I was. You have a really amazing voice. I've never heard anyone sound like that. Ever."

She blushed a deep red." Thank you, Michael."

End Notes:

I will introduce the 4 newest characters. (They are minor characters.)

Stefano Rodriguez

Derick Kowalski

Belize Cook

Athens Cook

Chapter 4 by Orphan
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Lunchtime was soon over and we all went our seperate ways.

Sammy didn't have the same class as me either, so I was on my own.

It took me 20 minutes to find my class, which meant I was late.

Finally I found it; Room 307, Mrs.Borden, Biology.

I opened the classroom door and stepped inside.

A small lady with long, gray, wispy hair and glistening reen eyes greeted me.

"Class, this is our newest student, Mr. Michael Jackson," she chirped in a sing-song voice.

She dragged me to the center of the classroom.

"Now, who would like to be Mr.Jacksons lab partner."

Every hand in the room instantly shot up, causing me to sigh dramatically.

"Oh my," shouted Mrs. Borden."Someone's popular! Ms. Kennedy, you and Michael will be partner's."

I walked to Marisa's lab table and sat down.

She smiled at me and said,"Michael, you need to put on a lab coat and your safety goggles."

I quickly put them on and sat back down.

Marisa softly chuckled.

"What,"I whispered.

She just shook her head and turned her attention back to Mrs.Borden.

For the rest of the class, all I could do was stare at her.

Even with those goggles on she looked like gorgeous.

I knew then that I wanted to get her to like me like I like her.

a few minutes later, the bell rang, which meant school was over and we could go home.

I walked to my locker, threw my books inside, and grabbed my backpack, slinging it over my shoulder.

I felt someone tap my shoulder.

I turned around to find Belize and Derick.

"Hey guys," I said.

"Hi Michael," Belize said, obviously trying to conceal something.

"What did you two do," I asked them.

Derick grinned."Oh, we didn't do anything.But you did. We saw Marisa in the hallway and she told how you kept staring at her in Biology class."

Belize chuckled over-dramatically."Awwww.Our little Mikey has a crush on our little Meesa!"

Then she began singing."Mikey and Meesa sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage."

She stopped and Derick continued,"That's not all. That's not all. Then comes a baby drinking alcohol, playing basketball."

I immediately turned away and started walking towards the exit.

But the two caught up with me.

Derick pulled me to the side.

"Look Mike, it's fine that you like Marisa.I mean, she is really, really, really beaut.."

Belize smacked in the back of the head and stormed off.

"Anyways, just be aware of Nicole," He continued. "Now, I have to get flowers for my pissed of girlfriend."

With that, Derick ran out of the building.

I followed his lead and also left, making my way to my Rolls Royce.

Randy was laying on the hood of the car, snoring.

I quietly got in the drivers seat and started the car.

Randy rolled off the hood and fell onto the pavement.

He ran to the passenger door and got in.

"Well, good morning sunshine!"

He growled at me and then decided to ignore me.

I laughed and pulled the car onto the busy road.


End Notes:

By the, Meesa is Marisa's nickname.(It's also my nickname!!)

Chapter 5 by Orphan
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As soon as we got home, I went to my room.


I got out my homework and rushed to complete.


At 10:15, when everyone except me was asleep, the phone in my room rang.


I picked it up and put it to my ear.


"Hello," came a voice from the other end.


It was Stefano.


"Hey Mike. Wanna go to an awesome party?"


I smiled."Yeah, sure!"


                                                 MARISA'S POV


I can't wait!


The first party of the school year is tonight.


And it's gonna BIG!


It starts at 10:30, so I have 15 to get ready.


I'm going with Stefano, Derick, Athens, Belize, and, of course, Michael!


Oh my God, he is is cute.


I'm surprised he was staring at ME, it should be the other way around.


But, nevermind him right now, I gotta get ready.


First, I curled my hair so it had dozens of beautiful little ringlets in it.


Then I put a thick line of black eyeliner on each eye, followed by mascara.


The last touch to my face was shiny lipgloss.


Lastly, I needed to change my clothes and I knew exactly what to wear.


I put on black skinny jeans, a purple tank top, and a mint green jacket.


I threw on big, silver hoop earrings, some black stilettos, and looked at myself in the mirror.


I smiled and suddenly heard a car horn.


I rushed to my window and saw Stefano's car parked next to the curb.


I hurried out of my room, down to the front door, and snuck out.


I walked to car and got in.


Stefano was driving, with Derick in the passenger seat and Belize sitting on Derick's lap, which probably isn't legal.


I sat in the backseat between Athens and Michael.


Stefano turned up the radio so it was blasting throughout the car.


After a few seconds, of disc jockeys blabbering on about who know's what, 867-5309/ Jenny came on.


"Oh my God," squealed Athens."I love this song."


I smiled at her and sang the song with her, followed by everyone else in the car.


When the song was over, everyone went to asking Michael random questions.


"What's your favorite animal," asked Belize.


"Who's your favorite actor," asked Derick.


"Hey," said Stefano."Is your sister Latoya single?"


Michael shot him daggers through the rear-view mirror.


Stefano instantly quieted, as did the rest of us.


After a minute, Derick spoke up.


"So Mike.Care to tell Stefano and Athens what you did during Biology?"


Michael and I both froze into place at the sam time.


God, I thought, I shouldn't have told them anything.

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