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Reviewer: Beatit777 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Oct 13, 2018 09:23 pm Title: Chapter 30

I like stories where the characters speak in foreign languages from time to time :D. Nice touch :)

Mmmmm...the meal Nikita was fixing made ME want :D

I always enjoy the sweet moments between Michael and Nikita ;).

Author's Response:

So do I, it's a nice change :) 




They can be sweet :) 

Reviewer: Badgirl Signed [Report This]
Date: Oct 05, 2018 02:41 pm Title: Chapter 52

Congratulazioni a Sophia e Carter. Prima o poi anche Nikita dovranno  sposare  chi sa cosa deciderà 


Author's Response:

Sì, Nikita deve decidere cosa vuole in questo momento    

Reviewer: Beatit777 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Oct 01, 2018 08:24 pm Title: Chapter 29

It's good to see Nikita taking steps to let go of Andrew, and find closure...

It must be a little awkward for Michael to have Nikita lying so closely to him...though I'm sure he understands her reason for doing so...

Look forward to more :)

Author's Response:

Yes she needs closure to move on 


Yes he understands 

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Sep 28, 2018 12:01 pm Title: Chapter 51

Nikitia and her love of chilli during this pregancy is little worrying but mike can't stop her lool at least the boy will have a chance to be away from his mum and have some peace of mind away from overbearing mother and he will understand the ways of kissing when he is a older not now smh kids these days lol.

Author's Response:

Yes she loves her peppers lol 



IKR? He deserves some fun 



Lol yes kids these days smh lol 

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Sep 21, 2018 01:52 pm Title: Chapter 50

ah baby steps for Nikki and her sister bonding alas I do agree with mike she has had enough chocolate when she goes to the loo it will not be pretty lool. at least the kid is having fun at their house and beat mike at his own game leading to 3 games where he still loses. Mike is a sour loser lol.

Author's Response:

He just learned don't argue with a pregnant woman lol 



He don't like losing anything even if it's just a board game 

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Sep 16, 2018 04:49 pm Title: Chapter 49

Nikki needs to take more care and not go down to cementry alone because Michael was right and poor mike not knowing how to deal with nikki's sister poor thing at least he threw her to Nikki to sort out instead.

Author's Response:

Yes he's right she shouldn't go there alone  



Yes he don't know her well enough to deal with her 

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Sep 09, 2018 06:21 pm Title: Chapter 48

I can clearly tell Mama K is not happy at all with the plans but she can't persuade the pair at this point. At least there will be a marriage down the line when the pair feel it's time to and she knows about the baby as well. Sophia sometimes needs to read the mood and just shut up for everyone's sake thankfully Mike and mama K could not understand a word lol. 

Author's Response:

No she's from the old generation where people get married first and then think about babies but Michael and Nikita are a diffrent generation 




Yes they'll get married when they're both ready for it 




Yes Sophia needs to chill sometimes lol, yes thankfully they didn't understand but they could have their own ideas about what was said lol 

Reviewer: Beatit777 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Sep 09, 2018 03:09 pm Title: Chapter 28

Lol...I imagine the waiter shaking his head at Michael, Nikita, and Janet arguing over who was going to pay the bill...

Oh good grief...the paparazzi and their questions about Nikita and Michael...smh

Lol...I imagine Michael's expression as he finds himself having to make peace between Luca and Xander...

Ik Nikita still loves and needs time to get over her late husband, but I think Luca has good advice :)

Author's Response:

Yeah rich people smh lol 


Yeah smh they're I have no words 






Yes Luca has good advice :) 

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Sep 08, 2018 12:01 pm Title: Chapter 48

HAHA SOPHIA all she does is talk nonstop I agree. Poor Katherine. It’s a good thing Sophia is pretty. It’s about time Katherine found out about the baby but Nikita really shouldn’t go calling her pregnancy a mistake...come on fam. That baby is half Michael’s, she didn’t make the baby herself and therefore shouldn’t assume full responsibility. I understand her guilt, especially since it was totally unplanned, but if she can’t learn to love the foetus inside her, how will she love the baby when he/she is actually born? 

AND OMG not gonna find out the gender til the baby is born?! NOOO I can’t wait that long lol. Michael and Nikita seem pressured about marriage but Katherine made Michael marry Debbie when because of similar reasons so that’s accurate tbh. Personally I think it’s too soon for marriage but we shall see what happens!

Author's Response:

Lmao good thing she's pretty 😂😂😂



She didn't plan it and is/was grieving that's why she explained it like that 




You gotta wait tho lol 




Yes it's too soon for Michael and Nikita to get married right now it's not gonna work with Nikita in her mind still being married to her late husband 


Reviewer: Beatit777 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Sep 01, 2018 07:52 pm Title: Chapter 27

Cool the way Michael filled in for Janet's dancer at the last minute :D...Nobody else would have done that :).

Nice how Janet and Michael had the time to catch up...Hope Michael takes Janet's advice and tells Nikita how he feels :)

Janet and Michael sure don't have love for Joseph at this point...which is understandable.

Look forward to more :)

Author's Response:

Nobody else could've done it :) and the best part is nobody in the crowd noticed a thing 


Let's hope he takes her advice  :) 



Yeah can't blame them 

Reviewer: Lorry Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Sep 01, 2018 03:59 pm Title: Chapter 47

At least nikki is resting and realising she needs to take care of herself so she won't have any more spells and be back in hospital alongside her sister is still pushing for their relationship to be restored between em. 

Author's Response:

Yes she realized she needs to take care of herself to prevent going back to the hospital 



Yes Amparo is pushing for their relationship to be restored 

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Aug 31, 2018 03:02 pm Title: Chapter 47

I think it’s very real that fans of Michael would hate on Nikita because it’s kinda happened with other women in his life (e.g. Debbie/Lisa/Diana...) 

Not sure how I feel about Michael talking so directly with the media. He shouldn’t give them anything. It’s not their business to know and they’ll prob twist Michael’s words anyway. Okay Amparo - glad you’re trying to be there for you sis but...I still find you sketchy af! Lmao she always wants to get her way *rolls eyes* like with the diaper story. It’s cute tho. She’s a bit like Nikita but not that much. Hahaaa if it’s not a girl, Michael is going to be one disappointed daddy. I can’t wait til a gender is revealed pea!! 

Author's Response:

And Nikita is already hated for killing her husband that died of old age something she couldn't do anything about  


He felt like saying something about it  


Lol 'I still find u sketchy af' lol yeah that's an older sister for you lol (I think since I dont have a older sister) 



They're sisters so they're kinda the same but not really the same (does that make sense? Lol) 


If its not a girl he'll try again for a girl lol 

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Aug 24, 2018 09:31 am Title: Chapter 46

Michael is like a big-event coordinator; he knows where everyone is, what they’re supposed to be doing and stuff. Good he’s in charge of it all because we all know he was a little bossy-boots *ahem behind the scenes of Speed Demon*. 

“It’s in her belly but how it got there, I don’t know” omg do you have a lesson or two to learn in school, Emilio 

Uh-oh I think Nikita passed out because she didn’t eat anything and therefore has no energy. Luckily she’s okay since they got her help at the hospital but she needs to take better care of herself and Michael should be as attentive to her as he possibly can be, to make sure it won’t happen again. And damn that nurse was shady af BYE. Hopefully James, Carter and Sophia arrive at the hospital ASAP!!

Author's Response:

Someone has to be the boss lol 



He might be good at other things like math lol 


Yes Michael is making sure she's going to take care of herself from now on. Yeah smh shady people everywhere  




Let's hope so 

Reviewer: NeelzLovesMJ Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Aug 17, 2018 12:57 pm Title: Chapter 45

I’m glad Michael is there to support her. Her speech was beautiful! And yikes her pregnancy is steady progressing meaning her bump will only start to get bigger and more noticeable. I don’t think she will be able to hide it from the media much longer now...oh well we’ll see! 

Author's Response:

Yes he's there for her 



She truly loved him but it's at the same time moving on too 



Yes it's growing bigger now and will be hard to hide for the media 

Reviewer: Beatit777 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Aug 16, 2018 06:37 pm Title: Chapter 26

Janet is probably just being protective of her brother, but it's good to hear her willingness to be open minded toward Nikita.

Am just picturing the reactions to Sophia's star struck :D

Author's Response:

Yes Janet is protective over her brother but open-minded tho 




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