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Reviewer: lifeislife Signed [Report This]
Date: Apr 30, 2020 05:39 pm Title: Chapter 1

Man this story so will put together

Reviewer: Rell gargala Signed [Report This]
Date: Nov 02, 2016 06:48 pm Title: Chapter 1

Very intriguing, got to read more.

Reviewer: WritingConquersAll Signed [Report This]
Date: Aug 31, 2016 07:01 am Title: Chapter 70C

Awwe , my heart just melted.

Reviewer: WritingConquersAll Signed [Report This]
Date: Aug 31, 2016 05:44 am Title: Chapter 70B

Michael to the rescue. I really do think she's pregnant as well. Finally!!

Reviewer: WritingConquersAll Signed [Report This]
Date: Aug 31, 2016 05:23 am Title: Chapter 69

Michaels definitly in the doghouse :)

Reviewer: WritingConquersAll Signed [Report This]
Date: Aug 31, 2016 04:35 am Title: Chapter 65

It's great that he finally realized his problem.

Reviewer: WritingConquersAll Signed [Report This]
Date: Aug 30, 2016 09:30 pm Title: Chapter 59

Wow, that medicine made him sound kind of creepy.

Reviewer: WritingConquersAll Signed [Report This]
Date: Aug 30, 2016 09:24 pm Title: Chapter 58

Remi loves him so much she wants to give him a child, how sweet!

Reviewer: WritingConquersAll Signed [Report This]
Date: Aug 30, 2016 08:15 pm Title: Chapter 54

Their chemistry is unremarkable!

Reviewer: WritingConquersAll Signed [Report This]
Date: Aug 30, 2016 07:54 pm Title: Chapter 53

Awe , the advice from Naomi :)

Reviewer: Annies_NOTokmj Signed [Report This]
Date: May 28, 2015 07:00 pm Title: Chapter 130

Hey girl! Hope everything is ok for you. Just checking in for an update. See you soon, hopefully. :)

Reviewer: giveintothefire Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 30, 2014 12:48 am Title: Chapter 130

Michael at the Jackson Family Honors special will always be the greatest. He was so adorable even with his somewhat "lack of interest" in being there lol. And Berry's speech to him always makes me teary eyed. The words that he gave to Michael were very much needed for him at that time.

That was nice of Remi to stay to the meeting with Michael in it's entirety. But oh at this Kevin guy subtly shading Remi. She should mention that to Michael when she gets the chance.

And I just knew that something bad was going to happen to Calvin and Timmy. Of course racial profiling was a big part of that. But even with Calvin being innocent he could still get off regardless because the cops didn't even state his rights. Either way, I know it's about to go down now that Remi's about to handle her business.

And I don't blame Michael for firing the guy who was supposed to be looking after the car in the first place. He completely undermineded Michael's authority so he deserved that punishment. Anyway, great chapter honey a86;a039;

Author's Response:

Hahahaha!! Berry's speech was too sweet! Michael really needed that and it was adorable seeing him being so shy. Now that Kevin manager...gurrrrl I dont know. He is a very shady character and I think Remi needs to look into him. Just keep a look at for this guy ya'll...

Now Calvin and Timmy getting pulled over was bound to happen, especially with a young black guy behind the wheel in a nice neighborhood. *sigh* 

And yes it was nessasary for Mike to fire that guy. With kids involved and just a whole lot of Jackson low-keyness, its not wise to have people working for you who messes about with your cars. Whether or not Calvin begged him, he shouldnt have handed the vehicle. Its about being professional.

Thank you for liking the chapter!

;p xxx

Reviewer: Annies_NOTokmj Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 25, 2014 03:54 pm Title: Chapter 130

Hey! I'm glad to see Nicole, Calvin and the crew are back! Um, Remi needs to tell Michael about Kevin. He needs to go NOW. How do you try to tell an artist their wife is pulling them down? He basically said that to Remi.

Aww...Sky is getting bigger and bigger.

Now, Calvin and Timmy were wrong, but the discrimination Calvin faced is one that we black people know and still experience today. If you're black and in a nice car or neighborhood, you're automatically "suspicious"...only because you're black. Calvin should sue, but probably won't because he doesn't want to bring any extra drama or heat to Remi and Michael.

Glad to see you back, btw! ;)

Author's Response:

Kevin is mean! There is something way off about Kevin and Remi needs to explore that. She'll find out...

Skye is just too cuuuuuuuute! *___*

The Calvin situation was toooo unfair, its injustice! but yeah I agree with you, when you're a black guy in a nice neighborhood with a flashy car, 9/10 you look suspect, especially with how Calvin dresses. Its sad...

and I'll be writting sooon. SO MUCH had happened in the summer, I'll defo start updating soon. 

;p xxx

Reviewer: giveintothefire Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 08, 2014 10:45 am Title: Chapter 129B

Oh lord lol Remi should've known that taking music advice from Janet would result in explicit content 😂 I'm mad that the song leaked without Remi even knowing about it though. But I'm glad that Michael was able to hear her out and actually listen to her explanation for the songs and also her suggestions for what he should do with his music. Can't wait to see if he's actually going to take her advice into consideration which I'm sure that he may. Great chapter, girlie!

Author's Response:

Hahahaha you're right!! anything with missss Nasty would result to mature stuff...

Its really nice for them to talk about music because other than their family, music is a common ground of love that they both share. Especially with him working on his album and going through his problems with the media. This is the perfect time for him to express himself.

Thank you for liking the chaptaaaah!!

;p xxx

Reviewer: Annies_NOTokmj Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: Jul 07, 2014 04:00 pm Title: Chapter 129B

Lmao at Janet with her freaky self! She's just what Remi needed to get her to find her more sensuous side and be brave enough to embrace it and sing about it.

Lol at those songs and Mike's reaction to them! He needs to loosen up because once again, he reacted without hearing the whole story from the source itself-his wife. I personally don't like the "Bow Down" ish, but hey, its true; Michael did need to make these fools recognize who they messing with! Remi put those heifers in check too! I still want Remi to karate chop that desperate heaux in the throat! Just catch her out somewhere and WHAM! Give her something to remember honey! ;)

Author's Response:

Janet is freaaakaaaay! Its lovely that they had a song writting session to get out all those love making experiences. Sometimes its hard to keep in all the good things about your man, Remi just needed a platform to express herself. I personally didnt like the song too when it came out, but I warmed up to it afterwards. Hahahaha at you saying that she had to put those heifers in check! hahaha! She defo does need to throw those hands at someone...not saying names. 

Thank you hunnnny!

;p xxx

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