Titanic - Michael' s Story by DaizyfreeMJ

This challenge is for anyone who wants to make their own version of Titanic with Michael. This requires: - Michael just meeting the woman on the Titanic - They must make love - Has to be over 7 chapters ( I highly encourage more. ) - Facts of the Titanic must be correct. (Date it sailed from dock, how many people were aboard, the day it sank, etc.) - Michael and the lady must have some type of inter action with Jack and Rose from the movie. (Example, when Jack and Rose were at the 3rd class party, or when Jack and Rose were running together from the other man.) - The story cannot be Jack and Roses story, in your own version. Use your own events.

Categories: Parody, Romance, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Adult
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
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Summary: Past Featured Story

Masks, feathers, corsets and fishnet stockings; Welcome to the sinfully beautiful world of Burlesque.
When the Titanic set sail in April 1912, little did anyone know that there were gorgeous beauties on board, ready to lure the wealthy and the privileged in to their webs of sin.
They were the best kept secret aboard the Titanic.
But how badly can you desire one man? So badly that it would make you defy all rules and norms that bound you to this world and the one you own? So badly that it would leave yourself give in to deception of all those around you? How long can one girl battle against an all-consuming desire, greed, a passion and lust?


Categories: Adult, Adventure, Romance
Characters: Original Girl
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Challenges: Titanic - Michael' s Story
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[Report This] Published: Jul 04, 2012 Updated: Apr 12, 2013