Time Travel challenge by smile4meMJ
Summary: Hey everyone, I have a challenge for you all. Write a fanfic based on the following idea: Michael goes to an old museum and is allowed in the back storage room during the Triumph Tour. He spins a dusty globe, dragging his fingers on it as it spins. When the globe stops it lands on ______. The air warps and waves. An ominous light shines from within the globe. Michael doubles back in shock. The globe begins shaking and falls off it's stand. The ground rumbles and everything goes black. He's transported back in time to _____ in _____. Write a story of his experiences and the challenges he faces as a black man (Jackson's era) in this location during this time. Does he meet important people? What does he experience? How will he get back home? Does he find a lover in this time and decide to settle down and stay? Make this story an adventure, a romance, a thriller, whatever you wish. This was an old story idea of mine that I never got around to writing, so I'm passing the torch on to someone who might be able to create something truely special with it. :) This is my very first challenge on this site, I hope you like it.
Categories: Challenge
Characters: Michael
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