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Basically, Michael meets the characters of the TV show Full House.


1) Stories should be G-rated (and adult stuff should be put when the three girls (DJ, Stephanie and Michelle) are twenty-one years old or older).

2) No incest or anything like that.

3) Good use of spelling and grammar are very important.

4) Above all, have fun and let your imaginations go wild!

I would love to see your responses to this challenge... :)

Categories: Family, Fantasy, Romance Characters: Michael
Summary: Hey you guys!!!! I'd like you all to write a story about Michael being your high school crush. The rest of the plot is yours!!!
Categories: Romance, Hurt/Comfort Characters: Michael

Where someone tells Michael Jackson that he is beautiful.

- oneshot as long or short as you want

- a day out of MJ's life, and no longer

- could be a man or a woman, but the person who tells MJ he is beautiful has to be someone MJ was in any way associated with in real life

- could be platonic, romantic, or anything else in between

- could be in any category, but if you can make a tearjerker, that would rock.

- whether Michael BELIEVES the person is up to you


Let's see what comes out!!!

Categories: Hurt/Comfort Characters: Michael

Categories: Romance, Adventure, Adult Characters: Michael, Original Girl

Summary: I challenge someone to write a story about Micheal living the urban life in New York City... not so easy. Here are some things the story must have or convey:>He must be a struggling artist in his twenties trying to make a name for himself>He must be single in the beginning but meet someone and slowly fall in love.>He must have personal issues of his own (get creative)>Also you must properly convey the setting he lives in the nosies, the smells,the people( Use  lots detail)>Listen to "Human Nature" that might give you some inspiration
Categories: Romance, Adventure, Family, Trigger Warning!, Adult Characters: Michael, Original Girl
Summary: If you will, write any kind of story, no matter the plot, and with them two in it, of course. It's a short-story, but it can also obtain chapters as well. But no more than 5, at the most. You can add pictures if you want, I'll leave that up to you to decide. (I issued this challenge because not many Michael and Whitney stories are on here, so this is for anyone that wants to do a Mj/Whitney story.) Oh, by the way, you can also include any steamy scenes that you want to go with the plot that you picked. Whatever you want to do is welcomed. Have fun!
Categories: Adult, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994, Romance, Bad: 1986-1990, Hurt/Comfort Characters: Michael, Original Girl

hi, i wanna challenge everybody to a Moonwalker story it has to have all the following catagories that i listed. enjoy

Categories: Bad: 1986-1990, Adventure, Romance, Song Fics, Hurt/Comfort Characters: Michael

Ok here's the challenge! I want all you writers to make a love story! & it should have these things in it:

  • Sexual Content
  • Drama
  • MUST BE Rated R
  • Can either be during Dangerous or HIStory
  • He's gotta sing to his girl
  • The girl is Ariana Grande
  • Make this story as sexy as you can!

Most importantly...

  • Have fun with it!!! :D

Think you're up for it? ;)



Categories: Fantasy, Romance, Dangerous: 1991-1993, HIStory: 1995-1999, Hurt/Comfort, Adult Characters: Michael

I challenge you to write an mj/prince fic with any of the the following things


  • Anything that paints them as bitter rivals with sexual tension, that ends with one of them declaring their true feelings to the other and make out. You can include sex too of you want.
  • Anything where they have a love/hate relationship filled with sexual tension that either ends with make out or sex or some declaration of love or a mixture of the three.
  • FLUFF! TSUNDRE FLUFF, any one of them can be the tsundre, or they can both be tsundre.
  • A song fic based on the song "I'm just your problem" from adventure time.
  • Some sort of realization that one has feelings for the other (and isn't as straight as they thought), they can both have this realization if you wish.
  • It can take place during the thriller, bad, or dangerous eras.

Also you don't have to put these all in one fic, one story for each bullet at a time is recommended, but if you want, you can combine all or most of these themes in one fic. There aren't enough fics of these two, which is a damn shame because there's so much material to work with.


Categories: Dangerous: 1991-1993, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Slash, Thriller: 1982-1983, Bad: 1986-1990 Characters: Michael

Basically a short story of what probably would have happened if you met Michael honest lol I'm giving an example, hopefully you'll read it!

Categories: None Characters: Original Girl

this is a challenge for new writer to try and give us a short story about other ventures michael would have involved himself with if he had the time to commit

Categories: None Characters: Michael

MJFiction's first OFFICIAL writing contest/challenge!

The challenge: Write a 5 chapter story that features Thriller Era Michael. If you choose to make it a romance, the girl he is paired with has to be an original character. You may use a character you have already created in one of your other stories. Other than those two requirements, everything else is up to you and your imagination!

This contest/challenge will go until October 31st - so you have more than a month to complete your submissions!

Categories: Thriller: 1982-1983 Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I challenge someone  to write a full story in Michael's point of view only. It can be written about anything but has to include a girl and his Invincible CD (My favorite!). Try hard and PRETTY please make sure your grammar and spelling is adequate.

Categories: Lisa Marie Presley: 1994, Romance, Adventure, Horror, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Fantasy, Mystery, Adult, Slash, This Is It: 2006-2009 Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I don't know if you guys have ever heard of this before, but I'm going to do something with your stories if only you post on this challenge.  I'm going to read and I'll review them on my Tumblr blog.  I will review based on this little list:


Story title: (Linked so people on Tumblr can read it as well)

Summery: (Which I'll copy and paste onto the site if you don't mind that)

Plot: (How it is)

Characters: (How they are)

Voice: (How the story is written)

Overall score: (From 1-10)



So please send.  I promise not to bash anyone.

My blog:

Categories: None Characters: None

I want you to write a story about Michaels girlfriend but more about how his girlfriend loves him so much that it drives her to do crazy stuff.Even to the point where she would attempted murder.Also makes that she's ends up pregnant but keeps it.Make their relationship a hectic drama but show the love and the romance that they're not meant to be.Make sure it around the 1990s


Categories: HIStory: 1995-1999 Characters: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael, Original Girl