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To the point: this challenge is issued to all beLIEvers on this site. Describe how Michael could have built the hoax and what he is doing now or where he is. No boundaries, use an original girl or someone from Michael's past who's helping him. Rating from PG to R, your choice. BeLIEvers, get this rolling!

UPDATE: I think I'll jump in my own challenge and do a story on this theme. Stay tuned till I announce it :) A big thank you for everyone who contributed to this challenge, I love you all and keep writing, stay inspired!

Categories: Adventure, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, This Is It: 2006-2009 Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I felt like posting another. Here are the requirements!



- Michael is a 3ft man catching a train to go to work.

- Has to meet a girl/guy on the way (of course). Girl/Michael is attracted to one of them, but both can't be attracted to eachother instantly. Gives out his number, arranges date etc.

- Girl must dump him over his height at some stage in the story.


Anything else is your choice. Characters, personalities, plot, era, the girl can be 3ft too if you want, though I think her being normal size like 5'6,5'7 will make it more interesting/ intense. Have fun with it!

Categories: Romance, Adventure Characters: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael, Original Girl

Okay, I'm new to challenges, so forgive me if this sucks. Pretty much, what you have to do is create a story using MICHAEL JACKSON: User Guide and Manual. Here are the rules.

*This must have humor

*As much as you may want an MJ unit, you have to have him ordered by accident

*This must remain T-rated (You can make as many dirty jokes, and cuss as much as you want to, but no further then that please.)

Also, it came to my attention that someone requested a Sexy mode. You can look at the reviews and it should be there. I even came up with a way to get him into that mode. First get Michael into his Flustered mode, and start flirting with him until he feels comfortable. (Note: This may take a day or two. Maybe even a week.) Then he'll start flirting back, and eventually go into his Sexy mode.

This is pretty easy, and I made it pretty loose, so that you can have fun with this. Just keep the manual handy and this should go almost as awesome as Prussia. (If you don't watch Hetalia, don't ask. . .)

Categories: Romance, Adventure, Humor, Parody, Sci Fi Characters: Michael

This one is pretty simple: it has to consist of Michael, in any era you wish, meeting a fan. It can be someone you've imagined in your head, or maybe yourself! 
And if you've ever met him, you can share your own experience here!

It can be just a simple and sweet meeting, or an embarrassing way to meet the King of Pop, they can become friends, they can end up with a kiss, a hug... more, if you want! ;) 

So, I'm pretty much leaving it all up to you. Choose the era, the character, where it happens, how it happens. It can be anything, from PG to rated R. Your choice only.

Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you talented writers got to show! :)

Categories: Romance, Lisa Marie Presley: 1994, Slash, Adult, Horror, Angst, Mystery, Sci Fi, Family, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Adventure Characters: Michael, Original Girl

what if Michael had the opertunity to go back in time to when he was a boy before the jackson five ever became famous meet himself and after everything that happened he tells his younger self who he is and and something he says which won't be much makes his youngerself choose not to pursue his dream of being a entertainer

he is somehow returned to his time and when he does it's drastically differnt

  • Michael is on a bus to the steel mill when he returns
  • he actually was miltary veterin and fighter pilot
  • now works at a steall mill making airplane parts and reparing them
  • but he always whitles music in his head
  • and what happened to his family and the world because he was not in the industry to make the changes that he did

yeah deep I know but I think some is willing to be challenged what michael would have looked like had he not been able to afford to change


Categories: Angst Characters: None

write any kind of love scene about you and michael  you can write it any way


i  really perfer rated r  but if you don't to right it in rated r if you really don't want to

Categories: Romance, Fantasy, Adult Characters: Michael

Haaaiii everyone!! 

So I'd like a story that explains what inspired Mike to write his poem in "In The Closet"

   One thing in life you must understand, the truth of lust woman to man; 

   So open the door and you will see, there are no secrets make your move set me free.

That. =D It has to have an original girl, plz not a lot of cursing but it can have a liiiittle bit, and i want it in the Bad era, i know he hadnt wrote it yet then, but he could have maybe wrote it down and then found it later on! ^_^ 

Thx to whoever responds!

Categories: Humor, Romance Characters: Michael, Original Girl