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Hey again MJFictioners. Another wacky challenge here for you!


- Story must take place on a random island, real or not.

- This time, Carly Rae Jepsen must be in the story and be with/see a pink-thonged Princess Diana (from my last challenge XD); Carly can be dressed in any clothes.

- Michael Jackson has to be in the story (duh!). He must be painfully stupid or incredibly bright.

- A creepy Barney must appear in the story.

- Celebrity of your choice has to wax Michael's balls.

- Oprah and Doctor Phil are related to Michael, in whatever way.

- A wish must be granted.

- Bondage of some sort must take place.

Anything else can be made up. Length of story, plot etc is to your own imagination.

Categories: None Characters: Lisa Marie Presley, Michael, Original Girl
Summary: Write a story with an original female character named Katelyn, Danielle or Isabella (you choose) who meets Michael backstage after one of his concerts and he somehow ends up getting her phone number. It can be any era and the rest of the plot is up to you!
Categories: None Characters: Michael, Original Girl
Summary: To get use of this new feature... I'm issuing a challenge to all writers here to write a one-shot Bad era short story!
Categories: Bad: 1986-1990 Characters: None

I challenge you to muster up the best love scene you can.


  • It has to be a one-shot though you can make it as long as you want.
  • Any era of MJ is fine.
  • Has to be an actual love scene and not pure smut, but the characters involved don't necessarily have to be in love.  Basically I'm trying to see who would be the best at writing a well thought out sex scene and not something that was cheaply made.
  • You can have multiple characters, fantasy elements, angst, horror, drama, etc. Basically anything goes!

Categories: Trigger Warning!, Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Lyrics, Adventure, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Sci Fi, Mystery Characters: Michael

Mpreg= Male pregnancy

The method of this challenge is intended for slash writers only. You must publish a story that involves Michael Jackson getting pregnant. The headcanon for your story is that everyone partakes in an alternate reality where males can breed with each other. Winner shall get a requested story.


-It can be real world (where Michael is still famous) or AU

-You decide whether Michael should carry a love child or a bastard child

-Featuring abortion in your story is up to you

-When in a male and male relationship, Michael shall only be the bottom, thus him the one getting pregnant -

Other males can get pregnant in your story too

-Sex scenes must be graphic (I know my stupid little pervy self XD)

-You can include teen pregnancy

-Show Michael having mood swings and cravings (just for the humor)

Categories: Pre-Fame: 1958-1964, Jackson 5: 1965-1975, Off The Wall: 1975-1981, Thriller: 1982-1983, Bad: 1986-1990, Dangerous: 1991-1993, 1993-1994, HIStory: 1995-1999, Adult, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Romance, Slash, Trigger Warning! Characters: Michael
Summary: A challenge where Michael is bisexual and has many secret lovers left and right.
Categories: None Characters: None

this challege is very simple, do you think Michaels carreer would have been effected in any way if his skin had never turned white

  • would he have been as popular
  • if he was as popular would any of the scandals have been any worse
  • do you still see him being with a white woman or a black
  • would he still have become The King of Pop
  • would he have been better able to be himself and not have have press and fans following him 24/7
  • would his fame ben as powerful or less powerful


Categories: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Family Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I challenge you to write a story (short or multichaptered, whatever you like) that brings us back to June 25th, 2009. Yes, the unfortunate day that tore our hears apart. In your story, you're gonna have to deal not exactly with Michael himself, but with the people he left behind. His fans, his family, his friends, or even a lover, whatever you prefer. It's a very open challenge.

It does have to be rather sad, and reflect Michael's beautiful life. Think back to that day and relive all the turbulent emotions that you felt when you found out the tragic truth.

Try to express your characters' feelings and thoughts in a clear and deep manner, making the readers identify themselves with them.

I think it's pretty clear. If you have any doubts, hit me up!

Much love,



Categories: This Is It: 2006-2009, Romance, Suspense, Angst, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort Characters: Michael

If you're participating in the 2011 MJFiction Christmas Short Story Contest, submit your stories to this challenge!

Categories: None Characters: Michael

what if michael was a twin (for all intents and purpuse for this yes he is adal twin) but his identical twin was a savont of clasical music, fully and completley know classical music in and out on a level even he doesn't know of regular music but because of this he has a mind of a child he's severly delayedand only when they speak of clasicall music he can carry on straight informative conversation only when in that mode

Michael on the other hand is into music as he was in reality, but is a severe busness man, but he realizes his brother really wants to be a clasical concert it think the word is director, so he hatches a plan with the help of (a female friend) to get his bother exactly what he wants but at a risk because if he gets caught it could be the biggest scandal in music history.


  • Michael having an identcal twin
  • Michael deally witha mentally disable brother
  • Michael meets the woman due to there care for his brother
  • working with a woman that becaomes a close friend
  • the romance blem before the end of the story (not a focus)
  • big clasical concert at the end
  • does the public find out you decide
  • it could end where his brother just gets his wish
  • it could end where Michael does a press conference and tells all

again you decide

how Michael looks


michaeals brother looks like he dos in the dangerous picture but this is how his aperance is if you understand

Michaels brother (you name him)

michaeals brother looks like he dos in the dangerous picture but this is how his aperance is if you understand


Categories: Angst, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Romance Characters: Michael, Original Girl
Summary: In 2000 words or less, write the smuttiest sex scene with Michael that you can, without cursing...AND without technical descriptions of body parts. This includes both the textbook and the more crude names for cooters and disco sticks. LOL Think new creative descriptions. Naughtiest wins.
Categories: Adult Characters: None

I have posted the document which is in here first so that it can be promoted more easily. This here is the place where all your stories made from the prompts can go into and be posted here! 

I don't mind what era, how many characters you have to create or what categories your story goes in, but as long it is a crossover with any one or more of the fandoms listed below (in case you didn't catch them on the document):

Back To The Future

Doctor Who 

Captain EO


Have fun!

Categories: Romance, Adventure, Suspense Characters: Michael, Original Girl

I just simply want anyone to do a story featuring les twins in it , you can make the plot anything you want : ) and if you could incorporate some comedy in there , please and thank you ^_^

Categories: None Characters: Michael, Original Girl

Haha I guess my last challenge was too difficult.'s one you might like! It has to be a sex scene with Michael. The dirtest, most nasty one you can make up;) Dirty Launguage, stuff like that can be included;) Have fun ladies! 

Categories: Adult Characters: Michael, Original Girl

First challenge, please do excuse me if it sucks. So I had posted up a oneshot named "When a TARDIS and a Winged Tin-Can Collide", and asked there if anyone wanted to continue it into their own story, even though I might continue it myself. 

So I'm challenging you to take up this Doctor Who/Captain EO oneshot and use what imagination you have to create it into a story. I don't mind what category it goes into, Slash, horror, or something, just go for it. You all have my permission. The oneshot should be in this challenge, and that will be your starting point.

By the way, haven't heard of Doctor Who? Just look it up in netflix or search Doctor Who for Dummies on YouTube. Good luck!

Categories: Sci Fi Characters: None